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Brylcreem Strong Gel

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2 Reviews

Brand: Brylcreem / Gender: Men / Type: Styling Gel / Subcategory: Styling Products

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    2 Reviews
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      15.11.2010 12:59
      Very helpful



      A solid gel.


      Having taken advantage a while ago of an offer in Boots I found that whilst using The Wet Look Gel I had bought I had not really used the Strong Gel much and having recently had a hair cut and having enough hair to work with again I decided to try this one as the Wet Look is getting a little low. When my hair has grown back a little after a hair cut I like to spike it up and spend a few minutes before going out on a night out just sorting out my hair. So how did this particular Gel stack up compared to it's excellent stable mate Which I reviewed a while ago now.


      With all Brylcreem Gels you don't really need as much of it as some other gels. It spreads well with a couple of small dollops of the gel spread through your fingers. Having said that It really depends on the style you want to how much you use in one application. You get a 150ml tube which will last quite a while as long as you don't use loads at a time. I find the best way to apply the gel is after you have washed your hair and have towel dried it but again this can depend on the style you want. The dampness of the towel dried hair will allow the gel to spread more evenly and easily so bear that in mind for most styles.


      This is an excellent hair gel with the ability to create a number of different styles and looks. You can pretty much style your hair in a wide range of different looks without too much trouble. I find it particularly good for a little spikey look which is usually my preference. However it does have a slightly hard feel once it has set although you shouldn't experience any flakes and your hold should last a while, certainly a little longer than the majority of it's rivals. obviously the more you need depends on the style you go for but you shouldn't need to much gel to make the style work.


      This is an excellent gel which gives you a wide range of styles quite easily, However there are a couple of minor points which I feel I need to pick up on. One is that it's not as good as the Wet Look gel which I reviewed previously as I find this one to be a little too hard on ocassions and the wet look just feels better to use. You can find this Hair Gel available for anything around £3 which isn't too bad for the quality of results you get but when on sale it's worth taking advantage. So overall It's a recommended Gel which is another excellent Hair Product from Brylcreem.


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      03.05.2010 02:37
      Very helpful



      A good product

      ---Fruit and Fibre---

      Forever falling out of the way of reviewing is becoming a rather bad habit for myself, so here I am again trying to kid yourself and myself that I'm going to be regular again (ooft) but we all know the magical computer Gods can't be having that and will most likely send a messenger from the deepest darkest depth of Real Life to whisk my laptop away as soon as I begin typing on a semi regular basis. Oh well, you'll just have to accept my apologies and let me get on with it.

      ---Hairy Beast---

      Something that DOES remain constant (unlike my rather sporadic reviewing) is hair. Namely the fact that I own some of that stuff. I keep most of it on my head and occasionally it is fabulously awesome colours. For those of you who also own hair, you will know all about the trials and tribulations of getting it to do what you want and keeping it doing what you want all day. On that note, I decided to take a jaunt to Pound land (not quite the land of plenty that Tesco always is but a damn sight kinder to my wallet)

      ---Mmm Bulky---

      During this jaunt (avoiding the condom isle for all I'm worth thanks to the mental scarring of seeing the inhabitants of Pound land shopping for condoms, though I suppose it's a small mercy that they won't be procreating any time soon) I realised that this magical land of bulk buying also liked to present me with hair product. Hair product??? In Pound land? "How much is that?" I hear you ask (especially if you are my father, who just can't grasp the concept of POUND land). I, being me, will not even dignify your question with an answer. If you are still stuck on that, stop reading now; there is a nice brick wall for you to POUND your head off of just over there!

      ---Car anyone?---

      Brylcreem have been operating since 1928 and yet no one has told them how obnoxious the spelling of their name is to anyone with even a slight education. They started off with line of pomade (essentially Vaseline for your head...yep) and, after a slight downturn in business due to that shiny-haired greasy car salesman look going out of style, later graduated into hair products that don't take a million and five washes to get out. If you've ever used pomade (or Vaseline) you'll know what I mean. Their logo is a red... something. I can only assume it's supposed to be a lion but looks more to me like a five year olds' crayon representation of the sphinx on a cold dull day.

      ---Green with Envy---

      The particular product I found tumbling off the ever so neatly stacked shelves at Pound land (ha) is Brylcreem's (said through gritted teeth) 150ml StongGel (No space. Can I PLEASE write to them about their English? Just a little?? PLEASE?!?) for long lasting hold. It comes in a weird shaped black tube with a green bands round it and a red lid and the packaging ever so politely informs me that this mystical goop contains Provitamin B5! "Oh em gee!" you will gasp if you are the type who really does let your hair style dictate your entire day. The rest of us will be left saying "what the eff does that mean?" Have a quick Google and you'll soon realise that this is just a fancy way of saying it conditions your hair. Why they can't just say that I don't know.

      ---The Tube---

      The fact that this stuff comes in a tube is one downfall. Having covered your hands in Gel to style your hair and realising you now need to squeeze more from a very smooth plastic tube is not the best situation to find yourself in. To add to this, you will usually be presented with this ordeal in the morning before you are awake enough to really deal with it. What results is a rather messy tube and a lot of careful gripping. Not cool.


      The Gel you will find inside your annoying tube is otherwise fantastic. It smells great and I even had about four people comment on how nice my new aftershave was when I was wearing this. Little did they know I wasn't wearing any aftershave! Or underwear for that matter. Awesome.

      ---Five colours in her hair---

      The Gel is clear so there are no issues with it leaving a weird colour on your hair (some white products leave your head looking dusty if you don't rub it in properly and I don't want it messing with my purple hair!) and the hold is brilliant once it's had a chance to dry. In fact, the hold is about as strong as the grip religious fanaticism has on the mid regions of America! Almost as painful too, but only if you try and run your fingers through it once it's dried. The hair, not America. As for the look, you can create both a wet look and a dry look with this stuff depending on how you apply it. Use less and ruffle it a bit more and you have a dry bushy look; More Gel and less ruffles will look a tad more damp. I won't make any more underwear comments.


      Having stupendously thick hair, I need an absolute tonne of product if I want my hair to look like it's doing something other than crawling slowly out of my scalp, so the 150ML doesn't really last me too long. Those of you with thinner or shorter hair might find it lasting you quite a bit longer. My boyfriend, for example, could probably go through less than a tube a month. I went through three in a fortnight. Damn him. This is less of a problem when you find the stuff piled high for cheap, but considering that the normal price of this product is around about £3 - £4 it can end up getting a bit steep.

      ---Time for bed---

      Overall the stuff is fairly decent and will save you a tonne on aftershave. Once you're hair is in place there's no chance it's moving till you shower (and even then it takes a little bit of coaxing with shampoo). You can now go about your day worrying about other fantastically boring things! Just make sure you grab it when it's on offer or your wallet will punch you in the face.


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