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Asda Deep Cleansing Medicated Shampoo

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4 Reviews
  • It is not so harsh as Head & Shoulders
  • It stops my husband from suffering with dandruff
  • It does not work instant
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    4 Reviews
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      08.07.2015 13:09
      Very helpful


      • "It is not so harsh as Head & Shoulders"
      • "It stops my husband from suffering with dandruff"


      • "It does not work instant"

      Asda Anti-Dandruff medicated shampoo

      WHAT IS IT?

      This is medicated shampoo that is sold by Asda. The name and packaging has changed but it is still the same product and it is now called Anti-Dandruff shampoo.


      You can use this shampoo all of the time or just if you have dandruff. I do not suffer with dandruff but my husband does and he said that Head & Shoulders made his head feel like it was burning but he liked the results of less dandruff and less itching of his scalp, he has tried quite a lot of cheaper medicated shampoos but said this one is his favourite so we have been buying this for him. It is easy to use and all you have to do is wet your hair like you would usually and apply the shampoo.


      I can see that this makes alot of difference to the dandruff my husband suffers with and even though he does not get dandruff all the time he usually buys this shampoo to use for himself. I would not use it for my children because I think it is quite harsh on the scalp but not as bad like this as Head & Shoulders.

      It makes the hair clean and shine and does stop my husband from suffering from dandruff. The results of using this are not very fast and you have to use it for quite a lot of times before it makes a difference. I think that is why my husband continues with the use of it when he does not have dandruff, it is not because the dandruff will come back straightaway but because he wants to remain free of flakes and this embarrassing problem.


      This shampoo costs only £1 in Asda and I think that is value because it works good and makes my husband feel more confident when he has not got dandruff.

      4 Dooyoo Hearts.


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      13.07.2012 13:20
      Very helpful



      Great stuff

      Between us, my dear other half and I do suffer from scalp problems. My wife has a greasy head of hair but she suffers from an itchy scalp and I have dry hair with an itchy scalp. It flares up when I am stressed or under the weather. We both like to use a good medicated shampoo for our respective problems. We were using Vosene but lately have switched to Asda's own brand of medicated shampoo, which so far, appears to be really good.

      This shampoo only costs £1 and it's a good decent size and comes in a plainly packaged plastic bottle with a flip top in dark green. The shampoo is simple and easy to get out of the bottle, even when you are standing in the shower with wet hands. This shampoo is as thick as tar and looks like golden syrup. It is dark brown in colour and comes out of the bottle slowly. The smell is really strong and powerful and I love it!

      It lathers exceptionally well on my head and I also use it all over my beard on my face as that is also prone to itchiness and flaking of the skin. There is nothing worse than having dandruff on your beard, it looks like you have eaten and forgotten to brush off the crumbs - not a great look!

      Despite it's being so thick, this shampoo rinses out really well and you don't have to stand there for ages underneath the showerhead waiting for all the bubbles to go. Afterwards, I smell a little 'clinical', but it's a great fresh smell and I think I smell 'extra clean'.

      As well as helping my itchy / flaky problem, this shampoo definitely also makes my hair in great condition and far more manageable than it was before. It makes my hair feel more voluminous and it shines with health. No more little white flakes on my beard. Overall, I have nothing negative to say about this shampoo. Expect it to be strong smelling though and it you are not 'into' strong smelling medicated shampoos, then I suggest you steer well clear of this because it is VERY strong smelling.

      Love the stuff!


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      27.09.2011 20:36
      Very helpful



      Better than the rest!

      During the winter, I suffer terribly with an itchy scalp and have to wash my hair with medicated shampoo to relieve the itching. I normally use T Gel but found that the shampoo is too thick and the bottle does not last long.

      So when I saw ASDA's own brand medicated shampoo at £1 or a large bottle, I thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a go.

      == Packaging ==

      The shampoo comes in a light green bottle and has a dark green flip cap. Although the bottle clearly advertises that this is an ASDA brand shampoo, it looks clinical and expensive. On the front is a green drop with the '+' medication sign inside.

      The information given on the bottle is very limited and basically states what the product is and its claims, with some contact information for the producer.

      == The Shampoo ==

      ASDA make the same claims about this shampoo as all other medicated shampoos. It is designed to 'relieve hair and scalp whilst leaving hair soft and manageable'.

      The shampoo itself is a dark brown colour and smells very strongly of Dettol. However, unlike most medicated shampoos, this one is not thick, flows out of the bottle easily and lathers well.

      == Is it as good? ==

      Despite being ASDA's own brand and only being £1, I found that this shampoo was better than any that I have tried before, including T Gel. It still had that amazing Dettol smell that sticks to my hair and makes me feel stupidly clean, but the shampoo wasn't so thick that I has to use gallons of it and waste the whole bottle.

      As well as this, the shampoo left my hair soft, knot free and easy to manage, which I have never found with medicated shampoos before!

      I will never splash out on expensive medicated shampoos for as long as ASDA sell this and will be proud to have my ASDA brand shampoo on show! If you suffer with dry, itchy scalp, I would definitely recommend giving this a go before splashing out on the more expensive brands. I strongly believe you will not be disappointed!


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      10.03.2011 02:43
      Very helpful



      A so so product!

      The other day I was in Asda with my bestmate/flatmate when she turned to me out of the blue and said if I was you I'd get some Head & Shoulders! A bit staggered I asked why an earth did I want that and she started picking out bits of dandruff from the back of my head.

      Never really have I given much throught to dandruff. I have plenty of other issues on my head like frizz and split ends and basically very naughty hair with greasy roots that usually appear like I've wiped a chip pan through it and a very dry birds nest style mid section but up until she told me I did not know I had dandruff (and plenty of it at the back of my hair!).

      I have very dark brown hair at the moment and I have been using a treatment strip the colour out of the hair as I want to get rid of the black in preparation to re-colour it lighter. I have also been using a shampoo that has made my hair a little too dry as well but I simply used copius amounts of conditioner after each time I used it just to use it up basically what I had left and to not be wasteful. These things of course, in hindsight could be contributing factors to getting dandruff in the first place!

      So I picked this up in Asda at the much lower price than Head & Shoulders costing only £1.00 per bottle. It didn't spell out it was anti-dandruff or anything on the front of it but being medicated and meant to help give healthy hair and scalp (according to the information given on the front of the bottle) I thought it would probably do the trick....well least I hoped so!

      The Packaging:

      I only saw this in one size on the shelves and that is a 300ml bottle. The plastic bottle is a sort of oblong shape and light green in colour with a dark green flip-top lid to the top of it concealing a small hole. On the front of the bottle we are told that it is Asda Essential Care Deep Cleansing Shampoo and there is a dark green swirl sort of pattern on there with a first aid cross on it. On the back of the bottle other information listed includes being told a bit about the product and how to use it, the ingredients are given as are warnings, the size is stated (as I've listed already for your benefit), we are told that it is suitable for Vegetarians and contact details for Asda are given. This is a very plain looking bottle but still, informative enough and easy enough to handle and squeeze the product out of.

      A Bit About The Product According To The Information Listed On The Back Of The Bottle:

      Specially formulated to cleanse the hair and scalp.
      Leaves hair feeling soft, shiny and healthy.
      Suitable for frequent use.
      For all of the family.

      Using It:

      Well this liquid is rather runny, dark brown and smells like a fresh medicinal sort of smell. The smell isn't all that strong and once used the smell does disappear after an hour or so completely anyway and it is a fresh fragrance so I agree with Asda completely that it is suitable for all the family to use if they want to.

      You only need a small amount of this indeed and it lathers up into a light brownish lather and it rinses out with ease and of course you can rinse and repeat if required. I find that I really don't need to use a huge amount of this per application and the smell is fresh and it doesn't tingle my head or make it feel uncomfortable or anything else whilst its on it. We are not advised to use a conditioner and as I was trying to combat a scalp problem I didn't every time I used it.


      I used this every day for just over a couple of weeks and although I liked its fragrance well enough and the fact it was an economical buy it made my hair feel a little dried out though saying that, that helped keep my greasy roots under control for longer. However the majority of my hair just felt to the touch too coarse and a bit harder to manage than usual and certainly not as soft as I'm used to.

      My hair was shiny enough and felt strong but like I say felt dried out although my hair always felt clean and for a good while too after using it.

      However did it help with dandruff problem? Well not really! My friend who noticed that I had dandruff in the first place did mention it looked slightly better but pointed out it hadn't gone sadly and I had just assumed with it being at the back of my head it had done but to be fair to it the bottle never promised to get rid of dandruff anyway just to promote health and vitality.

      This isn't an awful shampoo, it is econical however for dandruff forget it and you have dry hair I wouldn't touch it either.

      Only available from Asda stores.


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