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Asus EAH4850/HTDI/512M

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    5 Reviews
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      15.09.2010 03:15
      Very helpful



      Fast and Hot, Cheap but Good

      This Asus ATi 4850 512 MB gfx card is a solid performer in the upper mid range of 4000 series cards. It can play all of the newest games as of 2009, with most at respectable framerates even with higher detail. You'll notice that, however, because of the memory - very high resolutions and textures will result in a performance hit. So far I've only experienced this playing games with extensive modding and customisation though (Oblivion/Fallout 3/UT3). If you are thinking of buying this card it is worth mentioning that is comes "highly strung" out of the box and runs quite hot. Headroom for overclocking isnt great, and add-in card manufacturers like ASUS have added bigger fans and heatsinks out of necessity, rather than to allow greater headroom for overclockers. This cards runs at 74 C in my micro atx case at load (usually playing fallout 3 at 1080p and 4x AA with no OC).

      As for the drivers and software, Catalyst Control Centre can be downloaded easily and updated every few months if need be from the ATi website. There are in built overclocking options (10% is the best i can get without corruption), but more importantly there is a manual fan speed slider to give you more cooling or a quieter fan as you see fit. You can also use the profile creator to store settings for when you play different games and change profile from the tray icon. As for the next generation of cards, unless power consumption is important, i wouldnt swap this for anything less than the 5850.


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      06.09.2010 18:47
      Very helpful



      For the price this is a good buy.

      Basically I fried my desktop computer by not having a surge protector, so with lessons learned (an upcoming surge protecter review is iminent), I set out to replaces all my smokey hardward.

      I was initialy drawn to the Asus EAH4850/HTDI/512M as it was within my budget price range and met the requirement I needed to run my software. In the box there was a Manual, driver CD, component output cables, DVI-to-analog converter, DVI-to-HDMI converter, composite adaptor, crossfire cable as well as the card itself. Basically the crossfire cable allows you to us this with multimple graphic cards in the same machine, also becasue the card only takes up a single card slot means you can have more hardware in your machine in comparison to the more bulky cards. There are two DVI slots so you can hook up 2 moniters/projectors if you so wished and one can be convered to HDMI using the converter, which also supports 7.1 audio. I have found the image quality to be good and obviously even better using the HDMI adapter although this can only be as good as your moniter! Note: max resolution is 3840 x 2400 but for some reason CRT is lower at 2048 x 1536.

      I have found that all my games work on medium graphic settings with this card and it has never overheated. The unit has an inbuilt fan which along with my internal pc fan has kept the whole thing ticking over nicely.

      I didn't install this myself as I had an enginer fit it, but he didn't have any problems. All the drivers needed were included on the CD and this all installed nice quick and easy.

      This isn't by any means the flashest card on the market and it is just over a year old, but for £150 you can have a competent graphics card which happily handles most games on the market in HD quality.

      Some Specifications:




      PCI Express 2.0 x16

      Chipset Manufacturer

      Radeon HD 4850

      Core Clock

      Stream Processors
      800 Stream Processing Units

      Effective Memory Clock
      1986MHz (993 MHz DDR3)

      Memory Size

      Memory Interface

      Memory Type

      3D API

      DirectX 10.1

      OpenGL 2.1

      1 x HDMI (via Adapter)

      2 x DVI

      HDTV / S-Video Out


      400 MHz

      Max Resolution
      2560 x 1600

      CrossFireX Support

      With Fan

      Power Connector
      6 Pin

      Dual-Link DVI Supported

      Windows Vista
      Certified for Windows Vista

      HDCP Ready


      2nd Generation 55nm GPU Solution
      512 DDR3 Memory on board
      HDMI Output

      Manufacturer Warranty

      3 years limited

      3 years limited


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      24.09.2009 23:05


      • Reliability


      A great graphics card for most modern games- dramatically improved my gaming experience!

      I bought the EAH4850 to try and play so modernish games, such as GTA IV, and it doesn't disappoint. Previously, while using the internal graphics card on my pc, GTA IV was unplayable and other most other games could only be run on minimum settings.

      With the 4850 I can increase the settings on those games almost up to maximum. I can only run GTA IV on medium settings as the rest of my computer isn't up to the specs, but if I upgrade the rest of my computer I can simply transfer the 4850 to my new computer (as long as it has a PCI E socket which is becoming standard on most motherboards).

      The 4850 seems an excellent graphics card to use in most games, but in GTA IV there seemed to be some compatibility issues, such as shadows seem to flicker around a lot, which is a little irritating. The problem seems to be reduced by the latest ATI 4850 drivers, but its not perfect. I think GTA IV is partly to blame, as there are so many reports of similar problems.

      I've had no problems when using the 4850 with my TV. It can output to HDMI, with the supplier DVI adaptor, or s video/ composite.

      The 4850, like similar spec graphics cards, requires an extra 6 pin PCI E power connector. Modern good power supplys have one of these built it, but there is a 6 pin to 2xmolex connector supplier, if your power supply is older like mine. The recommend power supply is at least 450w but it seems to run fine on my 400w power supply (although might not be pushing the graphics card to its limits!).

      I would recommend the Asus EAH4850 to anyone hoping to play modern games on medium/ high settings, although can't guarantee this as it is game specific and the rest of your computer needs to be quite good.


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      23.08.2009 20:49


      • Reliability


      Good card, especially for the price.

      When time came to replace my graphics card I asked around my friends, and read reviews and consistently heard good things about the ATI HD4850. At around £110 it was a low-mid range price, with many sources reporting that it was performing similarly to £500+ cards.

      Once I had settled on the HD4850, I used dabs.com to search for a card. Although there were cheaper cards, I chose the ASUS as it is a brand I am familiar with and trust to give good quality.

      When it arrived and I installed it in my machine I was suprised at how much better than my old card (ATI x1950 Pro) it was. It can happily run almost anything I throw at it on full settings.

      I have used it to run:

      Call of Duty 4
      Call of Duty 5
      Assassins Creed
      Sims 2
      Guitar Hero III
      3D Max

      All without any problems at all.

      A really good card, at a really good price.


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      02.03.2009 15:13
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • Reliability


      having played games with other cards and then this one you can certainly tell the difference

      When I bought my husband Flight Simulator X for his birthday it turned out even more expensive as, to get it to play at its best he would need a better Graphics card!

      After looking at every Graphics card in shops and more so on the internet he decided that the best one for the job would be the ASUS EAH4850/HTDI.
      This was because the other one was a cheap qand chearful one no really for good games.

      The original price of this one on the internet was £130 and every item he read about it raved about it.
      So we got it.

      Some Specifications
      Interface PCI express 2.0 x 16
      Core clock speed 625mhz
      TV interface hd tv out
      interfaces 2x dvi, vga via adaptor and hdmi with an adaptor and hd tv output on supply cable
      Also included is one crossfire cable just incase you want to run two of these through ati crossfire X.
      Maximum resolution exteral is 3840 x 2400

      Software you get with it
      DDR3 SDRAM 256-bit
      ASUS Video security online, ASUS Splendid video enhancing technology
      Smart Doctor, integrated HD Audio controller,
      ASUS GameOSD, ATI CrossFireX technology
      Graphic processor/vendor ATI Radeon HD4850
      RAMDAC Clock speed 400 mhz
      Memory clock speed 1.986 Ghz
      Video memory installed 512 mb

      You will notice in the picture it has an enormous fan fitted to it. This is because when it first came out it only had a small fan and ran incredibly hot which is not good. With the large fan it runs quite cool.
      You can monitor the temperature by using the supplied software (ASUS Smart Doctor)

      Its a PCi express x 2.0 card and is very big so if you only have a small form factor PC forget getting this as it wont fit as it is 9" long by 4 and a half inches high.
      It also requires at least a 450w power supply as it draws a lot of power.

      To Fit
      Make sure that it is not going to be close to other cards as it does require room to keep cool.

      Fitting though is quite easy, just take off the blanking plate at the back of the PC that lines up with the PCi express slot. Make sure and I cannot express this enough that you are earthed as it is quite easy to fry electronic cards by static.
      Line up with slot and push into place. Connect the 6 pin cable (supplied) and plug into a spare molex connector.

      Before you install the software uninstall any software that relates to your old graphics card.
      Although its got 2 DVI connectors it does come with an AGP adaptor and a HDMI adaptor. As the HD and the name signifies it is easily capable of playing high definition DVDs if you have a blueray disc player in your computer.
      Once I had this fitted you could immediately tell the difference. Smell the coffee!

      The graphics is awesome now and so very clear and makes a big difference to any game played.
      I would truely recommend this card to anyone.

      Thank you for reading
      also on ciao.


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