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Nintendo Wii Remote Plus

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    2 Reviews
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      05.01.2012 19:20
      Very helpful



      Great controller that does every thing it says and more

      For Christmas this year we invested in a Wii for the family. As the Wii only came with one remote we found out that we would need another one. With only one remote you can not play with other players making it a boring game playing with the computer. Not being very good at games I thought that the only way I would ever be able to win was if I played against my husband so off to the store we went to get another Wii remote.

      The remote comes in many colors, black, white, blue and pink we choose the blue one as that's my daughters favorite color. So its official she is now the one that uses the blue remote and we get to use the black one that came with the console.

      Included with the remote is a protective case as well as the wrist strap. When we opened the box up we were initially thinking that we would have to purchase the protective case lucky for us Wii thought ahead as far as that goes and includes a protective case with each remote you purchase. The case for this remote is a clear rubber type material the same as the one that came with the game but just in a different color. I was also happy to see that they put on the wrist strap for us. When we got the game console opened Christmas morning we had to do all that before we could play the game. Needless to say I suck and putting the case on and it was quite hard to force it around the remote. So I was thrilled that I would not have to fight with this one. As for the wrist strap it was hard to feed the part of the strap through the tiny hole that they want you to put it through thank goodness I have my trusty sewing kit and was able to use my threaded to get the wrist strap on, thank goodness that was not an issue with this one as it was already put on the remote. The wrist strap is white in color on this model and is the same as the one that came with the console.

      Now I am fully aware that you can get cheaper remotes that are not official Wii products but in the fine print of your Wii it states that if you use any other products that are not official Wii products it will void your warranty as I have the worst luck with that I opted to keep it simple with official Wii products just incase anything goes wrong I am covered, and so is my new Wii.

      For game play with this new remote I was worried so many times we have had consoles and when you buy a new piece of equipment it's some times a fiasco to get it hooked up and playing. With this remote it is virtually plug and play with out the plug. When you put the batteries in that are included by the way and turn it on the console immediately recognizes it and it's ready to go and be played with. I was really impressed as I have said before buying new controllers that will not work or require something else just to get them working. So when we got this remote home I was prepared to run back out and find out what we would need to make it work. I was super shocked to hear my daughter and husband playing and laughing right out of the box.

      So now we have 2 remotes one blue and one black. I thought that this would make it easier for us to play games as a family. However now all we do is fight over who is going to use the blue remote to play with. Seems that the black remote has now become the red headed step child of Wii remotes. I must have a heart as that's the one I choose to play with when I play. For me they are both the same and do a great job, but for my daughter and husband they want to play with the new one they think its better.

      Would I recommend this remote you better believe it not only is it used to play the games on the Wii but it has brought my family closer together. Who would have ever thought that a bunch of wires and buttons would bring a family back together? This is a product that really does what it says and more.


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      15.06.2011 04:09
      Very helpful



      worth the extra pennies!

      My mum bought the family the new Wii for Christmas, this was black (unlike the classic white version) and its only new feature was that it contained one of the new Wii remote plus controller, which contains motion plus.

      As the box only contained one controller and we are a family of five this was an issue. These controllers can set you back £40 as they are relatively new. As we can't afford to splash this kind of money out on an accessory we put up with one remote for a while. However my dad decided to treat us to a new controller recently with his nectar points. He unfortunately bought an unofficial Wii controller not created by Nintendo.

      Don't get me wrong, it still works on the Wii but it is not as good. My dad was really disappointed when he found this out. So as a quick warning to you all, when you are buying a controller if it says 'controller for Wii' and not 'Nintendo Wii controller' then it is probably unofficial (although I bet no one is as concerned about this as my family is).

      However as I have two different controllers I thought a comparison would be in order:


      As I stated earlier, the Nintendo motion plus controller will most likely set you back around £40 however I believe you can buy non official controllers for just under £15. However, if you do have the extra money I would recommend getting the real deal as in my opinion they are worth the extra pennies because they are that much better and more sensitive (with the motion plus).

      NINTENDO MOTION PLUS: 2 out of 5


      In my opinion the new motion plus Nintendo controllers do not look that different to the old Wii remotes except for the fact that written on the bottom of the controller (in white on my black remote, although I'm guessing that it would be in black font on the white remote) in a semi-circle are the words 'motion plus inside'.

      The Unofficial Wii looks rather different. The best way I can describe it is to say that it looks cheaper. I know this sounds rather snobbish but it is true. Whereas the Nintendo controller has a sleek design (with its curved edges) and a glossy finish to it, our unofficial controller is rather matte black with a rectangular body (no curved edges).

      Also, our Motion plus (Nintendo) remote came with a rubber jacket to put over it. This rubber jacket has gripping on it making it harder for the controller to slip out of the hand. This may sound like a silly thing but when you have to fling your wrist about you need the extra gripping to hold on. I am sure you have guessed that the unofficial controller did not come with such a luxury item as a jacket attached. This would not be an issue except for the fact that the controller has slipped out of my hand before when I was trying to cut vegetables (this is a mini-challenge on Wii party where you are racing to see who finishes chopping their carrot first). As you can guess this was rather annoying as this meant I lost the game.

      With all Nintendo Wii controllers you get the safety strap included. This was not true of the unofficial controller, so my dad had to purchase these straps separately (straps are not essential for play, just safer as if the remote does slip out your hand, like it did for me, it can't go flying into anything!)

      NINTENDO MOTION PLUS: 5 out of 5


      With the motion plus controller your moves are noticed more by the sensor and so you do not have to do much for the Wii to register what you did. This is totally different for the unofficial controller where you very much have to exaggerate your moves.

      The performance time (how long the batteries last) for the Wii motion plus lasts around 60 hours (rough estimation, and this may vary for different game play or batteries used) and the unofficial one lasted around 40 hours (again this may differ for different branded makes of the controller).

      NINTENDO MOTION PLUS: 5 out of 5
      ----------------------------- -------------------------------


      The Wii Remote Plus controller combines the intuitive motion controls of the original Wii Remote with the precision technology of the Wii MotionPlus accessory, all built-in to a single unit. The Wii Remote Plus also packs a speaker, rumble feature, and external connector for other input devices, like the Nunchuk controller and the Classic Controller.


      This remote comes in four separate colours: Black, White, Pink and Blue.
      The pink and blues are very light and can be described as baby pink (perfect for girly girls) and sky blue. If you have noticed on the adverts for Nintendo Wii they have given the young girl a pink remote and the boy the blue one. This is clever marketing by the Nintendo Company as most children will want a different coloured Wii remote to their parents/siblings. However, as far as I'm concerned the blue and pink are not the nicest of colours and Id stick to the black controller as it looks sleek and classy.

      The original Wii remote had the option of being motion plus with an add on that you would slot into the hole where you connect other input devices. However, after using one with this added motion plus feature, I would recommend forking out the extra pennies for the new remote. My reasoning for this is that this add on makes the original controller kind of heavy and also longer.

      I hope from my comparison above you can see that I would definitely recommend buying the Wii motion plus controller as it is so much better than the fake controllers and with technology constantly changing, soon the price will be nicer. Take it from someone who has experience with a bad controller, it's better to spend the extra pennies for quality rather than save money on second-rate goods.

      I give the Wii remote plus five out of five stars!

      Thank you for reading my review.


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