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JML Mini Max Kitchen Mill

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Brand: JML / Super fast grating action / Super-sharp stainless steel rotary cylinders / Included: Mini Max Kitchen Mill unit, coarse grating & grinding cylinder, fine grating & grinding cylinder, fresh storage container x 2 and handle

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    3 Reviews
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      10.11.2011 12:47



      great little gadget

      Whilst on a family holiday to Wales we visited a Cookware shop and were impressed to find this great little gadget - a JML Kitchen Mill. It was on sale for just £6 so we decided to snap it up as we thought it was a great bargain and we could add it to our supply of other kitchen gadgets. Regular readers of my reviews will be aware that we are gadget freaks in our house and we love to collect odd and unique things for around the family home and especially the kitchen.

      This is made from sturdy plastic and it basically does what a cheese grater would do, only you place your food of choice inside the cylinder in the mill, press down and then turn the handle. If you are grating cheese, the results are fantastic and we think it is much safer to use than a conventional grater as you are far less likley to hurt your self by grating your fingers.

      Our little lad loves to use it too (under supervsion) and it given him a lot of fun to watch the cheese popping out - which he then pops straight into his mouth.

      It is dishwasher safe and very easy to keep clean - usually we just wash ours with hot soapy water and then leave out to dry on the draining board.

      You can also use it for other foods, apart from cheese, such as carrot and cucumber etc and there is the facility to change the cyliner to allow for this.

      Great product and easy to store and really recommended. ..

      This review is also published on Ciao under name of sorehead.


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      19.08.2011 10:39
      Very helpful



      JML Kitchen Mill

      A kitchen mill makes grating vegetables/cheeses and all sorts of foods in your fridge fun and easy and quite an interesting way to serve them.

      The JML kitchen kill is very simple to use. It is basically a grater but in a simpler form which makes it very easy to grate without having to use one of those flat metal ones which is always awkward and ends up catching your fingers time and time again. The mill is a hand held cylindrical mill that you often see them use in restaurants for the parmasean cheese. In order to use it you place your food item into the grater section, press it down with the handle that you hold with one hand to keep the food in place and then turn the handle on the side with your other hand. This gives quite a good steady grip. Now, I though with harder food items as carrot etc that this would be quite hard but no, obviously the blades are so sharp that it cuts through them really well. Of course, I would say cheese is a lot easier to turn and does take less arm muscle but the fact that the handle is doing most of the work for you really helps.

      The mill actually comes with two interchangeable cylinders, a big on so you can get large gratings and a smaller one for finer gratings. I use the smaller one to grate things like lemon peel onto a cake I have just made and the bigger one for more of my vegetable items. I eat a lot of salads and to make them interesting I usually grate carrots and cucumber into them to give them a bit of texture and something different. Cheese is really the best thing to use with this grater though as it works wonders for jackets potatoes, pizzas, on top of pasta, etc.

      Once you have done grating the machine is very easy to clean, I rinse it out straight away to make sure I get the bits of out the grating mechanism so they don't get stuck and then give it a proper wash later. I think I paid in the £5-£10 region for this good little kitchen invention.


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      23.11.2007 21:33
      Very helpful



      No more cut fingers and perfect grated cheese! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

      JML was set up 40 years ago by John Mills. Back then products were demonstrated live in store, but now you can find many products advertised on the TV and on small televisions throughout stores such as Woolworths, Wilkinsons and Boots.
      There TV adverts always seem to get me interested in their products such items as bag sealers, magic erasers and the kitchen meal have all appealed to me.

      I hate grating cheese I often end up with small cuts and grazed knuckles. They really hurt and are always in an irritating place. Also the up and down action of grating can be tiring. When I saw the advert about the JML Mini Max Kitchen Mill I was very impressed.

      The cheese or other product is placed inside a cylindrical grater. The kitchen mill has an arm that turns manually. While you turn the handle the cheese comes out of the cylinder. You can grate the cheese direct onto a meal or you can store it in one of the plastic air-tight containers provided and stored in the fridge.

      The JML Kitchen Mill is provided with two cylinders a coarse one producing large gratings and a fine one producing fine gratings. I like to use the fine one for grating chocolate for over deserts and hot chocolate drinks and the coarse one for pizzas and food toppings.

      JML Kitchen Mill also comes with two containers making food preparation easy, if you are very busy you can make a few containers of cheese, carrots etc and place them in the fridge so that you don't have to dirty the appliance each time.

      The JML Kitchen Mill is very easy to use as it is suited to both left and right hand users. The handle is easy to rotate so I have not had aching arms or grated knuckles. The JML Kitchen Mill is easy to piece together and although the instructions are provided there is no need to use them.

      The JML Kitchen Mill can be used on both hard and soft substances such as nuts, bread, cheese and chocolate. At Christmas time the grater was very helpful for making breadcrumbs and grating nuts for the stuffing.

      The JML Kitchen Mill is very easy to clean, it is dishwasher safe so can be placed in and will clean very well. I am a little cautious of this however and prefer to wash it by hand. This is a little tricky as it is has lots of 'hard to reach' areas.

      You can't help but get excited at all the amazing products offered by JML. In fact, whenever I see an advert on the TV now, I rush off to buy it as JML have really earned my trust. I know that all the products I have purchased in the past have been very reliable and have saved me time and money in some way.

      Some of the other products I have and am very pleased with are:
      >>>The mini bag sealer (very useful for fresh sarnies and for placing loose meat in the freezer)

      >>>The Super Slicer (great for perfect chips and making great salads)
      >>>The new Clari Tweeze (with magnifier and light to see what your plucking, great for eyebrows)

      All of these have been shown on television at some point and they have always attracted me.

      JML products can be purchased online and in the following stores.
      * ASDA
      * Woolworths
      * Wilkinsons
      * Boots
      & #149; Focus
      * Homebase
      * Debenhams
      * Makro
      * Rober Dyer
      * Poundstretcher

      There is bound to be one of these places in each town and city so the products are very easy to buy. I found however after the advert for the JML Kitchen Mill the shops (Wilkinsons, Woolworths and Debenhams) sold out within 3 hours of opening. Unaware that there had been an advert the night before the staff were all very puzzled about the 'craze'. It obviously goes to show that I am not the only one attracted by these adverts.

      The JML Kitchen Mill costs £9.99 and is available from all JML stockists. I managed to get mine in Wilkinsons for £9.99 however it is also available on the jmldirect.com website.

      Overall now that I have this product I couldn't cope without it. I love the fact that grating is so effortless and the end product looks professional rather than my crushed effort with a normal grater.

      The fact that I can get very fine particles from this grater is amazing; people ask how my chocolate particles are so perfect. I would say that a small initial outlay of £9.99 is worth it for an effortless session in the kitchen.


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