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Active Products 3 LED Dynamo Wind Up Torch

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Type: Torch

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    5 Reviews
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      06.01.2012 17:47
      Very helpful



      No more dead batteries or uncharged torches just wind it up and it's ready to go

      Torches are a thing I don't use too often and if there's one guarantee in our house it's the fact there
      will be no batteries in it when you need it and the large rechargeable torch will have been left
      unplugged at some point and therefore out of charge.

      After a power cut last year when we were left in the dark for several hours trying to use our mobile
      phones as a light source to navigate round the house in the dark a friend told me about these wind
      up torches so I decided to buy a couple to have around the house just in case.

      The torch itself is made of plastic with a rubberised grip and a lanyard so you can wrap it around
      your wrist. While it's not the most robust looking torch I've seen it's tough enough to survive the odd knock or drop. The winding handle folds back into the body of the torch so the torch is still compact
      and will easily fit in a pocket or bag. The torch has 3 bright LEDs and works by releasing the handle
      from the body of the torch and winding the handle for a minute then the torch will stay lit for around
      half an hour although it only stays at full brightness for around 10-15 minutes before starting to dim slowly. The LEDs give off a very bright white light and although it starts to dim as the charge goes
      down then you just wind it up again.

      The torches proved their worth during a recent storm when we had several power cuts leaving us
      without power for several hours. I'm not too keen on having candles burning with kids and a dog
      around so these torches are a safer option and perfect for times like this. The torches were bright
      enough to read with and as we had 2 of my nephews staying with us we were able to play board
      games to keep them amused by using the couch.cushions to hold the torches in place pointing onto
      the game and the kids came in handy for winding them up!

      These torches are also handy as a back up torch for camping trips and I've also bought one to keep
      in my car glove box as it's better than the interior light in the car for reading maps after dark and also
      really handy to have in the event of a breakdown at night.

      The downside of these torches is they don't last too long with regular use after a while they seem to
      take longer to wind and don't stay brightly lit as long as they do when they are new. Our original one
      is probably around a year old and even though it doesn't keep it's charge it does still work and will give you enough light if you keep winding it up. On the plus side they only cost a couple of quid so they're cheap enough to replace when they start to fail.

      These are a great thing to have around it's safer than using candles in the event of a power cut
      and you don't have to worry about charging it or replacing the batteries so it's always ready to use
      when you need it.

      The wind up torches can be bought from Amazon or Ebay for around £2-£3 and from many high street
      shops and supermarkets. The cheapest one I've bought cost me £1 at Poundland although they don't
      always have them in stock.


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        07.06.2011 01:41
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A worth while item for any home

        ==Dynamo LED wind Up Torch==

        When Woolworth's was still about they used to do some great deals and at the time I came across this LED as one of them. They were a relatively new thing out onto the market and they were being sold at the time I purchased mine at half price at £5 and I felt such a bargain I picked one up for mum and dad as well.

        This LED torch is different from other torches because it is wind up and has no need for batteries at all. The charge works on turning round an arm which is situated on the topside (or underside depending on how you hold it!). The arm can be fitted away snugly when you have charged it up enough which means that it is comfortable to hold and easy to use.

        There are three LED lights in the front of the torch and these let out a blue bright light and you can choose to have all three lights illuminated at once or have a lesser light by opting for just the single LED. This can easily be changed by pressing in the rubber type of button that is located on the opposite side to the wind up arm. Apart from choosing the light settings this button will also turn the torch off when not in use.

        The look of the torch is really rather good and the silver effect makes it look modern and up to date. The slight curvature of the design means it is comfortable to use and to wind up also. It doesn't take that long to charge the torch up for use and a few turns will give it enough juice to light the LEDs for a couple of minutes. To get a good charge that will last up to 20 minutes you only need to keep turning the arm for a mere 30 minutes which is easy to do and quite fun too!

        The lights of the LED are large which means that the beam of light that the torch gives out is really rather impressive. The fact that you don't need batteries makes this torch a super hand one and ideal for in the home, in the car or out camping. I keep mine in the kitchen "junk draw" so that if the fuse flicks I can find my way to the mains without too much trouble or when Hammy the hamster decides to escape down behind the kitchen cabinets and I need to haul them all out to rescue him (even though he doesn't want to be rescued!).

        The torch works really well and has lasted many years already and I can see it lasting plenty to come! Not needing batteries means it is a great item although perhaps the light is not as bright as a light bulb and a battery torch but for small general use it is perfect. The price I paid was cheap but I imagine you can pick this up for a bit of a cheaper price now as they are not a new idea.

        All in all apart from not being the best torch you can get I can't find fault with it. The real selling point of this torch has got to be the fact that it is wind up and means that it can be used anywhere any time and there is no worry it will die out. It is affordable and really a must have for any home. For these reasons I feel a top score of 5 out of 5 stars and a high recommendation is well deserved!

        I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you

        Many thanks for taking the time to read.


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          09.09.2010 02:41
          Very helpful



          Great for an emergency light, wind it before bedtime if camping

          What a product! I expected when i picked up this torch to be disappointed by the output but the three super bright LED bulbs really light up a room. The lens is well designed to give an even light and although fairly large the torch is very comfortable to hold.

          The claim is that one minute of winding with the fold out handle provides 30 minutes of full 3 LED use (or 90 minutes of the weaker single LED mode). This may be so but what it doesn't tell you is how fast you must wind to achieve this.

          Either way, the torch does last a long time, dimming slightly when its time for a recharge. Not a problem when at home, but if you are on a crowded campsite at night be prepared for complaints as the winding mechanism is extremely loud. Fortunately the battery seems to hold charge for a long time, I have left it for days to find it still has plenty of charge for the last use.

          The construction is chunky and strong with rubber grip along the sides, the winding handle folds out from underneath with a rotating end to grip. Under vigorous winding the grip can come loose, which is annoying but probably my fault.

          All in all you cant go wrong with this, it'll never need a new battery and its pretty good for the planet too.


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          02.12.2009 14:21
          Very helpful



          ok to help you out

          Now there is nothing worse than having a power cut and hunting around for a torch and finding that the batteries are dead.

          Well now you don't have to as all you need is a wind up torch.

          Ok they sound great but to be honest they are no where as good as a normal torch. You need to wind it up for quite a long time if you want to use it for more than a few minutes. After a while you will see the light starting to go dim which is your key to start winding it again.

          But n the practical side it can be a great as a torch for in the car or for tacking the dog for a walk.

          This torch seems to be robust plus having the rubber grips on the side make it easier to hold onto.

          Yes it is a great gadget but does not give as much power life as it says on the box.


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          19.08.2009 10:14
          Very helpful



          Great device to have in your house, car and bag.

          I have been fed up with 'normal' battery run torches for a while now. Either I have forgotten to buy new batteries or the children have 'borrowed' the batteries for something far more important, like a toy!

          I recently purchased the Dynamo Wind up Torch. Actually my son found it, and as he is fascinated by anything scientific and technical, he decided to buy one with his own pocket money, and I bought a second one for me.

          There are many different types of dynamo torches available. You can either wind them, shake them or even squeeze them. My torch is a wind up, so I can only review on this type.

          To look at and to feel the torch is certainly not the most elegant or slimline on the market. It is bulky, but sturdy, and looks, on profile, like the front carriage of a express train. It is silver and black in colour, made from metal and plastic respectively. Size wise it will fill an adults grip. At the front are the three LED lights, which are moulded into the torch. On top is the on/off button. The winding handle, also known as crank, is tucked into the base of the torch.

          The torch does not, and never will, require batteries. Inside it has a rechargeable battery. To use, you need to pull the crank handle out of the base of the torch. This can be quite stiff. Then holding the crank rotate it continuously, either clockwise or anti clockwise, for a minute or more. After you have finished winding, and your wrist is sore, it is ready to use. It is claimed that one minute of winding up gives 90 minutes of single light.

          The LED lights are great, they consume only 10% the power of an equivalent bulb. They are not replaceable, as they are moulded into the torch. They promise to give the minimum of 10,000 hours of use. They are extremely energy efficient. Be careful of eyes, as the light can be quite blinding.

          So, the torch is needed, power has gone out or you are broken down in a back lane. It is all cranked up and ready to use. Switching it on is easy. You can deicide whether to use one LED light, or for a stronger beam, three. Press the button once for one light, off, then on again for three lights. The beam is fairly strong, obviously not one of the super high powered ones you can buy, but it is sufficient. It guides me around the house when the power goes out, shinning for approximately 10 meters.

          The only real problems that I have come across is that you need two hands to wind the crank. One to hold the unit and another to wind. On some occasions you may not have two hands available. Also, as said before, the crank is quite hard to pull out of the base.

          In my view this type of torch is a must, especially where I live. It is so simple and easy to use. I did not realise, but these dynamo torches were used in World War Two, they are an old piece of technology! It is robust, it has passed my children's quality control (dropping and banging). It is fairly cheap, this one costs around £4.99 from Amazon, and most importantly environmentally friendly. It is not a gimmick, it really works!


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        • Product Details

          No batteries required uses in built rechargeable lithium battery. 1 minute of winding provides:90 minutes use of a single L.E.D or 30 minutes use of triple L.E.D.

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