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Tefal Actifry Deep Fryer

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2 Reviews
  • Makes crispy chips
  • healthy food
  • A bit noisy
  • Expensive
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    2 Reviews
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      24.07.2014 08:29
      Very helpful


      • "healthy food"


      • "A bit noisy "

      Revolutionary cooking

      The Tefal Actifry is a revolutionary way to cook food. We first bought the Actifry on a recommendation from a friend who had bought one. They had explained to us how good the machine was and how easy it was to use, so we did the usual and searched online for one. We bought ours for £80, a little expensive yes, but oh my god it is worth it. It is cheaper now.

      Lets make one thing clear, this machine makes a deep fat fryer obsolete! This fryer cooks your food with just a drop of oil, making it so much healthier than deep frying it and the results are quite honestly outstanding.

      We have always enjoyed home made chips but never used to have them much because of how bad they they are for you. This machine changes all of that. There are so many foods you can cook with this machine to list just a few:

      a whole host of meats

      You can even cook frozen chips with this machine which does an even better job than the oven does! This is an all around excellent machine.

      Not only does the Actifry cook your food to perfection, it does not leave your food greasy which traditional frying does which is healthier and tastes so much better! The product has a steam free lid, which allows you to look in on your food whilst it is cooking too!

      The only downside to this product is that it is a little noisy. This is only because it works in a way like no other, it "tumbles" your food, it works on a rotary belt which turns the food as it is cooking, so you have no need to stop and turn it over like you do in an oven which makes life even easier. If you ask me the noise is perfectly acceptable considering the machine is doing a fantastic job of cooking a whole host of foods in a way like no other.

      The device is very easy to clean which is a plus side for everyone, unlike deep fat fryers which have a couple of pints of hot oil, this only uses a spoonful, so you do not need to wait forever for it to cool down, simply wipe it down after usage and your good to go on your next product. Please note, i would not advise using strong cleaning products on this! A friend of mine tried it and it ruined her machine! Worth taking note of that, you do not want to spend money on buying one if it is going to get ruined during cleaning!

      All in all i think this is an essential piece of kit for any household. My tip is to use olive oil instead of sunflower oil. It is better for you and I find that it makes your food taste a whole lot better too.


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      16.05.2014 10:16
      Very helpful


      • "Healthier "
      • "Makes crispy chips "


      • "Expensive "
      • "Big and loud "

      Tasty and healthy chips

      Nothing beats the taste of real chips in the deep fat fryer but unfortunately real chips are so bad for me that they are just an occasional treat instead of something that me and the family have on a regular occasion.
      Just because I try and be healthy though doesn't mean that I can't still have chips though thanks to my actifrier.
      I bought this after hearing so many positive things about it and I have to say that it is something that I use loads and not just for chips though admittedly this is probably what it gets used for most of the time.
      The actifry looks like a posh chip pan but inside it is lined with a non stick coating and it uses very little oil so what you make in it is a lot healthier than normal chip pans where the food is deep fried.
      It is also really easy to use even though it looks quite daunting the first time thanks to its large size. You just need to cut your potatoes up into chips and then add them to the actifry along with a spoonful of oil (I use olive oil to make it even healthier) and switch it on for a set amount of time. The actifry then uses hot air to cook the chips. The chips turn out really nicely considering how little oil is needed. It even comes with its own spoon to measure the perfect amount of oil. The chips come out dry and crispy and not at all greasy. I will admit that they aren't quite as tasty as normal deep fried chips but for something that is cooked with just air and a little oil they are much better than I expected. They can be a little bit dry but nothing that some salt and vinegar won't fix.
      As well as chips you can cook pretty much anything you can think of in it as well such as meats or vegetables.
      Nothing ever sticks to the coating and it is easy to clean with just wiping it with a damp cloth.
      The actifry is quite large and it does take up a lot of room in my cupboard. It is also quite noisy when it is on because of the air being blown. The chips also take a lot longer than they would in the deep frier. These are only small concerns though thanks to the fact that the food is cooked lovely in it and because of the small amount of oil they are healthy too. People have said that you can get the same effect in the oven but you really can't as this cooks food much more evenly than when you roast things in the oven.
      It is also hideously expensive as I paid 150.00 for mine but I use it loads so for me was worth the money. Real chips may be nicer but this makes a tasty and more importantly healthier alternative.


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  • Product Details

    For delicious low-fat home-made chips, opt for the Tefal Actifry Plus Deep Fryer ! Just 1 spoon of any type of oil; olive, rapeseed, sunflower - your choice, and the Actifry will cook enough chips to feed a family of four - with only 3% fat! This fryer really does bring the best of both worlds, providing healthy food that doesn't compromise on taste. With the included recipe book you can enjoy a whole range of tasty, low-fat meals, from vegetables, to fish and meat - even desserts! Patented technology ensures even cooking, so you can enjoy fantastic results every time.