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Hotpoint FZA36G Freestanding Under Counter Frost Free Freezer in Graphite

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Brand: Hotpoint / Energy Efficiency: A+: / Colour: Graphite

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    2 Reviews
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      11.03.2013 16:11
      1 Comment



      A good looking freezer and good value for money

      This freezer comes coloured graphite which is not a problem for me as it was fitted into the garage as we have a built in fridge freezer in the kitchen, it comes with 3 drawers the bottom draw being fast freeze, the manual says fast freeze needs to be on 24 hours before putting any fresh food in it, never done this in past with any other freezer, and I have not had any problems with this one.
      The 3 drawers it has are all white I prefer clear as you can see inside better, no wire drawers which I like so if a bag come open the chips will not end up in the bottom of the freezer, sometimes the bottom draw comes of it runners and it is not easy to get it back in place but that may be me as nobody else in the family seems to have trouble with it.
      I discovered after I had it for about a month it requires to be used at room temperature 10 to 43 deg C I am sure my garage is colder than that in the winter bit it seems to work ok, it makes a bit of noise but as it is in the garage it is not a problem, it is 620 mm wide may be a problem if you are replacing it with a old type freezer which is 600 mm wide.


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        10.01.2013 23:15
        Very helpful



        A reasonable freezer


        When my husband was about to re-fit our kitchen we had a good look at what should stay and what should go to improve the look and the efficiency of our kitchen.
        I thought that our old white chest freezer would really have to go as it was preventing a good run of units and worktop. With a family living in this house of five adults and six at times, along with frequent visits from two other adults, we need a lot of freezer space. Added to this is the fact that two of us don't eat meat, which I think seems to also mean that the freezer is quickly filled when choosing alternatives to the meat menus. I find my freezers are always full. I knew I couldn't manage with only my Hotpoint fridge/freezer and so thought an integrated under counter freezer might be a good option to have as well as the fridge/freezer.

        When it came to choosing and planning our kitchen, I discovered that most integrated under counter freezers aren't frost free. I hate de-frosting freezers and didn't fancy having to do this task in a new kitchen, although admittedly this task might not need doing very well be easier with newer freezers. But I decided rather than go for the integrated option I would instead choose a small under counter freezer in a graphite colour. This would match most of the appliances already in my kitchen.

        After looking for small free standing freezers I realised that there weren't, in fact, very many which were frost free. Also, those that did have this feature were on the expensive side.

        We began to run our chest freezer down but we still had a lot of food remaining in it when my husband was ready to begin work on the kitchen. We needed to move the chest freezer out of our kitchen; therefore we needed another freezer to place the food in quickly.

        My husband cleared the space for the new freezer to go in and I ordered a new freezer from Curry's. I paid the sum of £10 to ensure next day delivery but didn't choose a time slot as this would have cost £16 and as I would be in all day it wasn't needed.

        We still had more food in the chest freezer than would fit into a new but smaller model and so I'm afraid we had a few days with not much choice but to have the chest freezer sitting in the dining room; we reduced the amount of frozen food still in it and threw out what remained at the bottom and was out of date, as quickly as we could. I think the trouble with large chest freezers is that you forget what's lying at the bottom and then buy items you already have and older stuff becomes out of date, or close to it.
        The freezer that I chose was the Hotpoint FZA36G Undercounter Freezer. This matches my Hotpoint fridge/freezer and, as they were to stand next to each other in the new kitchen layout, I thought this was the next best thing to an integrated freezer in terms of appearance.

        I chose this model mainly for the following reasons:

        The freezer is frost-free (no need to de-frost and food items don't stick together)

        It's graphite in colour and a made by Hotpoint, as is my fridge/freezer, and so would the design and colour match my existing fridge/freezer.

        Size (it would fit exactly into the space planned for it)

        Energy Efficiency (I wanted a model with a high energy efficiency rating to keep down running costs and be fairly environmentally friendly at the same time. This model is A+ in this respect)

        Price (It was on sale for around the price I was willing to pay)

        It was available to have delivered quickly.


        As to the look of this freezer I would say it's good, especially as it matches my existing fridge/freezer and dishwasher and is also a fairly close match to my tumble dryer. I'm not fortunate enough to have a utility room (which I would like) so my appliances have to be housed in the kitchen.

        I like the colour, the fact that it matches other appliances, and I also like the lines of the softly contoured door. The door is reversible.

        I'm not so keen on the interior design. When tried out empty in a showroom the three drawers are easy to open and close but I don't find that the same is true when full. For me, the doors are on the awkward side and not at all smooth, especially when closing.
        I find the handles (slot type) of the drawers feel sharp when a drawer is being opened or closed and it is full and heavy.

        The design, in regard to filling the drawers with food, is quite good, in my opinion, as the shape is good and the drawers are deep.

        There are three drawers. The middle one is the deepest and I would say that this drawer is ideal for bulky items such as bags of roast potatoes, chips, vegetables, a loaf of bread etc. It is also ideal for placing already cooked casseroles, chilli con carne etc. which can be frozen quickly to re-heat at a later date. However, the drawer in my case isn't ideal for both but perhaps in a smaller household it would be.
        The smaller drawers are still of a good size to store much food and I think they are ideal for smaller cartons and packets of food such as pies, beef burgers, fish fingers, sausages, ready meals and veggie items, although I try to keep veggie items in my other fridge freezer for the sake of finding things in a reasonable amount of time.

        The drawer faces are white plastic and need to be opened to see what is within the drawer.


        A+ RATING (makes it economically efficient)


        HIGH TEMPERATURE WARNING LIGHT-It has a high temperature warning light which I have found very useful on some occasions with a past freezer; one being when the plug must have been knocked loose and another when the freezer wasn't working properly and had to be replaced. The warning light let me know quickly that there was a problem.

        FAST FREEZE- I like the fast freeze option as it quickly freezes fresh food just purchased or food that you have cooked and want to freeze to use at another time.

        CONTROLLED CLIMATE-This means the food in the freezer will stay fresh longer due to the temperature being automatically controlled. I don't quite know how this works but it can't be bad if it means that food will keep its nutritional value for longer and will also last longer.

        CAPACITY- The Hotpoint FZA36G freezer has three deep drawers (very large middle drawer) and altogether has up to 13 kg of capacity within.


        As well as being rated as a four star appliance and also rated as an A+ in terms of its energy efficiency, this freezer is CFC free and HFC free..


        Currys- £244.00


        Boots kitchen Appliances-£256.00

        BHS Direct-£283.00


        Annual energy consumption 207 kWh
        Capacity 100 litres
        3.5 cubic feet
        Storage capacity 73 litres
        2.6 cubic feet
        Freezer * rating ****
        Climate class SN.N.ST.T
        Noise level 51 dB(A)
        Number of compartments 3
        Compartments Drawers


        Freezing capacity 13 kg
        Super Freeze function
        Fast Freeze
        Power failure safe-storage time 8 hours
        Temperature warning

        Dimensions 850 x 598 x 620 mm
        Weight 36.7 kg
        Matching fridge model RLA36G
        Manufacturer guarantee 1 Year labour
        5 Year parts

        IN SUMMARY

        I would say that the Hotpoint FZA36G is an okay freezer. There isn't really a great choice with small freezers that need to go under the work top and fit into a small space between other appliances or units, and therefore it probably was the best choice for me. But, saying that, I do get annoyed with it at times and hate the way when I'm busy I find the drawers don't open and close smoothly and can jam.

        I also really miss the chest freezer as, although the kitchen looks much better without it, there isn't enough room to have a baking day and double up on things that can be frozen. I found it so difficult when it came to shopping, especially in the run up to Christmas that I'm going to admit that I went out and bought a slim line chest freezer so that I had freezer space for a turkey and other Christmas frozen food.
        There are advantages though, one being the freezer is very quiet in operation, and mostly can't even be heard.

        The freezer looks good, it is easy to maintain as it's frost free and also, because of the colour, a quick wipe now and again to the outside is all that is necessary.

        Also with an A+ efficiency rating it should be economical to run.


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      • Product Details

        60cm Wide, Graphite / The Hotpoint FZA36G freezer is rated A+ for brilliant energy efficiency and has 3 good sized drawers, so you can easily access your food / A big bin drawer also enables you to store larger, bulkier items / It arrives with a slick graphite finish to give your kitchen a stylish look and with a capacity of 73 litres you'll be able store all your family shopping with ease / The fast freeze function offers fresher, safer food storage by lowering the freezer temperature to protect the contents and quickly freeze food / A high temperature warning light keeps you informed of any temperature changes immediately / Frost free capabilities in this FZA36G fridge freezer ensure you will never have to worry about defrosting this appliance / Just relax and let this Hotpoint unit do the hard work for you! /

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