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Lancome Tresor In Love Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews

Brand: Lanc-me / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    4 Reviews
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      10.04.2015 21:57
      Very helpful



      Lancôme Trésor in Love Eau de Parfum

      The Lancôme Trésor in Love Eau de Parfum is available from GBP 39.00.

      The Eau de Parfum was launched in 2010 and created by Dominique Ropion and Veronique Nyberg.

      The Eau de Parfum comes in a tall glass bottle that is decorated with a black rose on the neck. On the glass bottle is the product name. The glass bottle contains 30 ml.

      I'll try to describe the scent. Immediately after spraying, the scent has something fresh, more fruity. This is probably the top note that is made up of nectarine, bergamot, peach and sour pear. But after about a minute, then sits down the so-called middle note composed of rose and jasmine through. Still later that we can add so-called base notes consisting of wood and cedar added. I feel the scent now as the floral and spicy scent is predominant. It is a fun, feminine scent that does not seem too overpowering in my opinion. The intensity is moderate. I would say that you can wear this fragrance everywhere and at every opportunity. Their ages, I would not limit it. After some time the fragrance can be considered, it still holds a few hours. The longevity is long-lasting. If you prefer to use a perfume with a scent exclusively by flowers, you should choose another.

      I can recommend the Lancôme Trésor in Love Eau de Parfum, as the scent is long-lasting and not too intensive. The scent of roses, peaches and nectarines can be noticed. The main accords are fruity and powdery.


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      08.01.2013 08:40
      Very helpful



      Lovely fragrance from Lancome

      After Christmas I bought a set of miniature Lancome perfumes in the Boots sale. This review will discuss my experience with the Trésor In Love fragrance.

      The perfume comes in a tall bottle with sharp sides that form an octagon. The design reminds me of 1930s Art Deco. At the lid is a pretty black fabric rose. I really love the bottle and it is my favourite design out of all the miniature bottles. Inside, the perfume is a pale pink colour which is really pretty.

      There is another variant on the fragrance, Trésor Midnight Rose, which is lilac in colour and has a purple rose at the neck.

      ***The Fragrance***
      Lancome Trésor In Love is described as a "soaring hymn to love". It is meant to embody the spirit of romance and is described as an "irresistible floral". The perfume is made up of nectarine and wood of cedar, rose and jasmine.

      ***My Experience***
      This fragrance is my favourite out of all the Lancome miniatures I have tried. It is a light, fresh, floral fragrance which I would tend to use as a daytime fragrance. However it is special enough to wear on different occasions including the evening. The top note is fruity and fresh which I would guess is the nectarine. I find the rose and jasmine aspects of the perfume to be the most interesting. I like them both but normally associate them both with heavier scents, particularly the jasmine which can be very strong. However in this perfume they blend together into a distinctive but very pleasant and light fragrance.

      The perfume fades over time to a slightly woodier note which I would assume is the wood of cedar. The perfume overall lasts around four to five hours which isn't as good as some other perfumes I've encountered but better than many cheaper scents.

      ***Price and Availability***
      The fragrance only seems to be available in 30ml eau de parfum form in Boots, which costs £35. It may be available in different sizes elsewhere.

      As mentioned, this fragrance is my favourite Lancome perfume I have tried. It is different and distinctive. I like light, floral fragrances so this is ideal. I particularly like the way the rose and jasmine blend together in this perfume. A lovely scent and the bottle is beautiful too. This is one I would consider buying in its full size.


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        26.12.2012 22:49
        Very helpful



        a gorgeous scent from Lancome

        Lancome is a luxury beauty brand offering skin, make up, body and fragrance products. The company was founded over 70yrs ago and has become world known.


        Lancome offer quite an extensive range of fragrances for both men and women. Whilst some of the Lancome fragrances have been around for many years, newer fragrances are being released.

        ~Tresor In Love~

        The original Tresor was released over 20years ago. Tresor In Love conveys love at its most important stage..the beginning. Its scent is described as being vibrant, sensual and radiant. It was created for Lancome by Dominique Ropion and Veronique Nyberg.
        The fragrance is available in Eau de Parfum and matching body products are also available.


        The bottle is faceted and adopts a more feminine approach when compared to its predessesor. A tall, thick glass bottle sweeps up at the sides coming to straight head and clear lid. The perfume inside is tinted pink and a black, satin rose surrounds the neck adding a touch of class.


        Tresor In Love is a fruity, floral fragrance built on a blend of notes.

        *Top notes - the fragrance opens up with an accord of bergamot, peach, sour pear and nectarine for a fresh, fruity aroma.
        *Heart notes - Turkish rose and elegant jasmine create the main body of Tresor In Love.
        *Base notes - wood of cedar completes the fragrance.

        ~Availability and Price~

        Tresor In Love was released in March 2010 and is widely available. Current prices include :

        www.lancome.co.uk - £35.00-£47.00
        www.boots.com and instore - gift set £23.33 including 30ml EDP, 50ml shower gel and 50ml lotion.

        ~My Thoughts~

        Ok, so I think its clear by the amount of fragrance reviews I do, that I love my perfumes! I like to smell good and wearing perfume on a daily basis, make me feel just that little bit more confident about myself. Perfumes are expensive especially those from luxury brands so I like to try out samples before deciding if I should splash out on drop hints about wanting a certain bottle!

        I figured the best way to pick out perfumes I like was to purchase job lots of samples on ebay. I buy mixed lots that contain quite a few of each fragrance allowing me to get plenty of wear and try them out. Tresor In Love was one such fragrance I received with my sample, spray vials coming simple packaged in a creamy coloured, carded packet.

        I haven't personally tried the original Tresor and had no idea that it had been around so long until I researched on the Lancome website. I would say it was the old fashioned bottle that put me off to be honest! The bottle for Tresor In Love is beautiful and I see it as being ultra feminine and confident. The rose is a lovely touch and keeps in tone with Lancomes rose trademark.

        My little spray vials are ideal for carrying around should I need a spray when out and about. Spraying onto my wrist a neck, the perfume spritz well though leaves quite a dampness on my skin. I was taken aback with the initial scent as it was unexpected and I really liked it. Powerful and confident but feminine at the same time, a perfect blend of fruity notes treat me. Somewhat, cocktail like with a zesty and fresh blend allowing my mind to wander to drinking a tasty cocktail during summer. The peach and nectarine entwined to create this delicious scent and the bergamot clearly present with the intention of freshening the scent up.

        Moments later, the cocktail treat begins to dwindle but never quite leaves the skin. At first, the heart of Tresor In Love appeared fragile and confused. The florals didn't quite know if they wanted to push through and take over the top notes. I would have been quite content with the cocktail shining through the full scent but the florals were not unwelcome. The jasmine pushed through finally and was fresh, delicate and slightly sweet. The rose was less apparent but still slightly detectable in the background like an unopened flower wishing to blossom but not quite managing it.

        The floral heart of the scent once in full bloom, manages to last 5-6hours. It begins to subside around 3-4hours after application with that fruity twist still hanging on, if not extremely close to the skin. The base of the scent takes over and is quite rich in the first instance. The cedar is smoky with a creamy and warming twist. It is pleasant but subtle and undesirable compared to a base of vanilla, musk and amber.


        Tresor In Love is quite a versatile scent. Its initial fruity/fresh ensemble followed by the florals and a smoky base would make it ideal for day time wear. I feel this is a fragrance which would suit 20s upwards and could easily suit a more mature female. As always, I recommend testing before buying as what may suit ones skin, may not suit anothers.


        I quite liked Tresor In Love as it gives off a gorgeous if not subtle scent appreciated by those around me. It lasts for around 8hours which is acceptable for an EDP but I feel it would last longer if built on a base of the matching shower gel and body lotion. It isn't my favourite fragrance as I prefer the classic vanilla, musk and amber base as it is more prominent so it will not be one I will be purchasing myself but I highly recommend it.

        Thanks for reading!

        This review was originally posted to Ciao June 2010 but has been updated for Ciao. I have since used a miniature bottle of this fragrance and now own a miniature of the newer Tresor Midnight Rose which is equally as beautiful as Tresor In Love.


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          26.03.2012 01:08
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          Pulls a little too tightly on the purse strings.

          I received a miniature sized bottle of this as part of a gift set for Christmas from my Grandmother. I love being able to try so many different perfume at once and this was definitely one of my favourite from the selection of Lancome fragrances.

          The bottle is extremely elegant and expensive looking, even in the smaller size I tried. The bottle is made of glass and it long, cut glass which tapers at towards the base. It has a clear lid and silver pump which dispenses the pale pink coloured liquid perfume. This is all finished off with a black rose made of satiny ribbon which sits around the neck of the bottle. Altogether an extremely elegant and refined look which I loved.

          The perfume itself has a strong feminine, floral scent which is instantly captivating. I love a floral fragrance which smells elegant and timeless and this definitely ticks all the boxes. It is a subtly sweet scent which does not overpower, but has enough punch to last throughout the day and into night. The core notes are floris and rose. This is complemented by undertones of nectarine and overtones of cedarwood. Overall this creates an extremely classic and stylish smell that would really suit a lady of any age. I would happily choose this as my signature scent as I think it smells both expensive and refined.

          My one issue with the perfume is the price. At £35.00 for 30ml it is at the higher end of the available designer brand perfumes. That said, I have on numerous occasions thought about going to buy this perfume and looked at it in different shops. After using and loving it I decided to wait until I went on holiday and then purchasing it in the airport for that added duty free discount. However, I still couldn't quite bring myself to splash out on this perfume. I'd love to receive it as a full sized gift, in fact I'd be ecstatic. In the mean time I have other signature perfumes which are both floral and feminine like this fragrance but at a much more affordable price.

          Overall? I loved it and would love to receive it as a gift, but I can't quite bring myself to splash my own cash on this one.


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        • Product Details

          Lancome Tresor in Love captures the spirit of the first moment of love. Nectarine accord and bergamot enchant with a radiant burst of youth. Turkish rose essence and jasmine reveal your feminine side. Cedarwood and musk creates a warm, modern effect.