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L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Solid Eau de Parfum

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Brand: L'Occitane / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women

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    7 Reviews
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      24.12.2012 11:15
      Very helpful
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      Well priced, beautiful scent

      I purchased this Cherry Blossom solid perfume after using another scent and I enjoyed using solid perfume so decided to invest in another one. It cost me £7.50 from the L'Occitane shop in my nearest town which has turned out to be a good investment.

      The perfume comes in a small silver 10g tin with a pop off lid that stays in place whilst in my make-up bag. The perfume is solid and is opaque in colour and is alcohol free. To use the perfume I use my finger to gently rub the solid perfume until a have a decent amount open my finger and the I rub it onto my neck and also wrists, you can use it anywhere on your skin, but it is recommend that you apply it to your pulse points for maximum effect.

      The perfume gives a lovely delicate light cherry blossom scent that is soft and feminine, it reminds me of summer days and it contains cherry, freesia and blackcurrants. I have quite sensitive skin and I have found that the perfume does not irritate it at all.

      I find that the scent is quite strong to start of with, yet it has a softness after it has been on my skin for a while, I would say that it lasts for the best part of the day, and would need to be reapplied in the evening.

      Overall I would recommend this solid rose perfume to others, as it is well priced, comes in a handy little tin that you can carry with you, it smells divinely of cherry blossom and it is well priced.


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        28.03.2012 09:20
        Very helpful



        A lovely floral fragrance in a solid perfume

        I am obsessed with solid perfumes. As perfume gets more and more expensive I think they represent fantastic value for money and offer me the chance to be able to experiment with different smells and brands whereas with the larger liquid ones I wouldn't be able to afford to do this. There is a big difference between spending a few pounds on a solid perfume and not liking it and spending £40 on a bottle and it going to waste.

        L'occitane do a range of solid perfumes which are probably some of the highest quality solid perfumes out there and they are a bargain at only £7.50.
        Cherry blossom is available for £7.50 and comes in a little metal tin similar to Vaseline. Inside is a semi solid wax that contains the cherry blossom fragrance. You just need to dip your finger in and lightly rub it around and then dap it on your skin for a lovely delicate scent.

        Obviously being a solid perfume and being cheaper than the bottles the concentration of fragrance is not as strong as with the eau de toilette but as a day time fragrance or as an accompaniment to the eau de toilette I really don't think it can be beaten.

        Cherry blossom is a lovely fragrance and is a mix of floral notes and some musk in it to stop it being sickly sweet. It has a lovely delicate aroma and is really feminine without being too girly. The fragrance isn't the most long lasting but because the little tin is so small it is easy to carry around for touch ups throughout the day.
        It isn't the most complicated and unusual scents around but it is nice and summery and although you probably won't be getting tons of compliments from this one from strangers it is pleasant to wear.

        I find that this and the rest of the L'occitane solid perfumes feel lovely on the skin. It is quite greasy initially but it does absorb to leave no greasiness and unlike the Lush solid perfumes it doesn't stain my skin or my clothes for that matter.

        Cherry blossom solid perfume is a nice inoffensive day time scent that is lovely quality and good value.


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          24.08.2011 19:05
          Very helpful



          A good product but I miss the scent was stronger

          L'Occitane Cherry blossom solid perfume

          I adore the L'Occitane cherry blossom range especially the L'Occitane cherry blossom perfume, which is a little bit expensive - especially as I use it every day so it runs out fairly quickly. So while in Koper, Slovenia last week I bought this solid perfume version of the fragrance. Also as I was on holiday the small tin was better for traveling.

          - L'Occitane description

          "All the delicacy and softness of the Cherry Blossom fragrance in this alcohol-free solid perfume, for fragrant touch-ups throughout the day." L'Occitane ingredients lists: Cherry tree and Colza, rapeseed.

          - What is a solid perfume?

          A solid perfume is just like a liquid perfume but it has been made into a solid form. Types of solid perfumes and balms have been used since ancient Egyptian times. Many fragrances now have a solid perfumes as well - such as the Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' perfume (the original fragrance), some perfumes from lush handmade cosmetics are in solid perfume forms, 'Very Hollywood' by Michael Kors, Estee Lauder 'Beautiful' and The Body Shop also has a solid perfume for their 'Love ETC' fragrance.

          - About the product

          The solid perfume comes in a small circular metal tin, it is very light weight (you would think that there is nothing in the tin as it is that light) and small so it is great for travelling - one of the reasons I bought it on holiday instead of buying the bottled perfume. Each tin comes with 10g or 0.3 Oz of solid perfume.

          - Packaging

          The packaging is quite nice, aesthetically, it is simple and sleek and it has the L'Occitane cherry blossom label on the front of the tin. There is a small sticker on the back of the tin which once peeled off reveals a list of the ingredients in the solid perfume (there is not a lot of ingredients and six/seven of them are natural). The best thing about the packaging is that it is very light weight and small and since I have been back from holiday I have been carrying it around with me in my jeans pocket. The worst thing about the packaging/tin is that the lid is not a screw top, it just slides off easily which is good for being able to open the tin quickly and easily when needed but it also means that the lid could get lost as it slides off.

          - Appearance and texture of the solid perfume

          The solid perfume in the tin just looks like a lip balm really - it is a cloudy white colour and it does not have any other colour to it. The perfume looks like a ordinary lip balm and it also has a very similar texture. The solid perfume has a smooth even texture and it feels fairly greasy like a lip balm or a cuticle butter would.

          - Applying to the skin

          This product applies really nicely to my skin, because of its smooth texture it glides onto my skin really easily and smoothly. It does take a little bit of getting used to as it feels like I am putting lip balm onto my skin but once applied it does not feel heavy or really greasy. I apply this perfume to my wrists (over my tattoos and it does not irritate them or my skin), I also apply it to my neck and sometimes my temples (if I am not wearing make up).

          - Scent

          The scent of the perfume is the same as the cherry blossom liquid fragrance, the notes of the cherry blossom liquid perfume are as follows which are the same as the solid perfume (as they are the same fragrance):

          *Top notes (the inital scent you can smell):


          *Heart/middle notes:

          Cherry blossom
          Lily of the valley

          *Base/end notes:


          I just adore the cherry blossom scent is is so fresh and sweet and floral - it is gorgeous and fantastic for spring/summer - although I would wear it all year round as it is that nice. The only difference, in terms of scent, between the liquid and the solid perfume is that the liquid perfume is stronger than the solid perfume.

          - After application of the solid perfume

          After applying this product, it does leave my skin with the gorgeous fragrance but it is not as strong as the liquid perfume at all - it is quite subtle. The perfume also leaves a slight film on my skin which looks and feels a bit greasy and even when I rub it into my skin I can still see a slight greasy sheen to my skin where I applied the solid perfume - I don't really mind this as it is just on my wrists/neck but I would not put this on your temples if you have make up on as it leaves a slightly greasy look to the skin and could disrupt the make up.

          - Longevity of the fragrance

          The fragrance does not last very long on my skin. I timed how long the fragrance lasted on my skin yesterday, from when I applied the perfume to when I could not smell it very well and I found that on my wrists the fragrance only lasted about 3 and a half hours - which is not very long and the scent was not very strong to begin with. But the good thing about this product is that it is super light weight and small so it is fantastic for touch ups though out the day.

          - Differences between the liquid and solid cherry blossom perfumes

          Apart from the obvious difference of the form in which is perfume is sold in (solid/liquid and bottle/tin) the main differences include: the price, the solid perfume is more than £20 less than the liquid perfume. The strength of the fragrance is another difference, as the solid perfume is more subtle than the liquid perfume. The last main difference is longevity of the fragrance and the liquid perfume does last longer than the solid perfume (I had the liquid perfume a few months before this solid version).

          - Overall, would I recommend this perfume?

          I think that this question is based on the expectations of the consumer - if you want a perfume that you can spray on in the morning and have on your clothing and lasts for while then I would buy the liquid perfume. But if you want a inexpensive perfume that you can take on the go and use it for touch ups through out the day then I would buy the solid perfume.

          In my opinion the liquid perfume is better than the solid perfume as it lasts longer and the scent is stronger but it is nice (and handy) to have a small solid perfume in my pocket/bag for touch ups through out the day - and it smells amazing in my opinion.

          - Price and availability

          I bought this while in Koper, Slovenia for Euro9 and in England this product can be bought from the L'Occitane site for £7.50. This perfume can also be bought from www.asos.com for only £6.65 too! This item is on the official UK L'Occitane website and there is also the same solid fragrance but in a limited edition heart shaped tin too (for the same price) on the L'Occitane site.



          *Easy to apply
          *Great for travelling as it is very light weight and small
          *Gorgeous fragrance - fresh, sweet and floral
          *Some natural ingredients, it does not contain alcohol and it does not irritate my skin at all
          *Does leave a slight greasy look to the skin but it does not bother me and it is great for touch ups through out the day
          *Very cheap - especially when compared to the price of the liquid perfume


          *Scent only lasts for about 3 to 4 hours
          *Scent is not very strong
          *It is also not very hygienic unless you wash your hands every time before you apply this product

          Thank you for reading my review - this review is also posted on ciao under my username labellavita1992


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            01.07.2011 13:45
            Very helpful
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            Solid perfume is very convenient for many reasons - it's usually presented in a tin or stick form, rather than the glass bottle most liquid perfume comes in . This means it's less prone to break and smash should you drop or bang your bag. The tins are also fairly small and light to carry, even in small handbags . For this reason I like to keep a pot or two in my bag so I can freshen up a little on hot and sticky days .

            L'Occitane Cherry Blossom solid perfume costs £7.50 for 10ml. This is perhaps a tad expensive for such a small pot, but L'Occitane products are usually very high quality so I had no hesitation in handing my money over . I chose this particular scent as the house I grew up in, where my parents still live, has a large cherry tree in the front garden, and I always loved the light smell when it flowered.

            The tin is pretty much as pictured above - very simple and understated, in a nice brushed steel finish . The lid in theory twists off, but in practice I find it is a little easier if you have nails you can get a good grip with to pull it off. The solid perfume inside is a sort of thick waxy texture, and to apply you simply take a little on your fingers and apply it. I find the best places to apply are the pulse points on the neck, back of the wrists, and backs of the knees.

            The scent of this is quite mild, but I like that you can apply a little more for stronger scent if you wish to. It's a very uncomplicated scent - is simply the cherry blossom and nothing else. It reminds me of fresh spring and summer days, and due to it's simplicity it would be suitable for daytime wear - even in a crowded office!

            There are some negatives to this perfume though. Sadly the scent doesn't last very long on your skin - perhaps 40 minutes to an hour, less on hot days. It's also worth bearing in mind that applying solid perfume can leave your skin a touch greasy for a little while, and this particular perfume I felt took a little while to lose that greasy feel . You also need to remember to wash your hands well after applying - as lovely as the scent is, the taste is pretty minging should you accidentally get it in your mouth .

            Overall, although this is a pleasant light spring scent, I do regret paying so much for something with a short lived scent. It won't put me off buying more L'occitane products when I eventually get a new job, but I wouldn't buy this one again .

            3 stars.


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              12.11.2010 05:38
              Very helpful



              A great smelling solid perfume that's best used in conjunction with the cherry blossom EDT

              I am a big fan of L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette, and I have a large 100ml bottle of this on the go at the moment (around £35 per bottle). The scent is absolutely gorgeous but it fades throughout the day, and I obviously don't want to be taking my large bottle around with me. When I saw the small solid version of this perfume, I thought I'd try it as a product to top up my scent through the day. It comes in a handy little metal pot, much like a lip balm or small pot of Vaseline, and fits into my handbag nicely. The little round tin's lid comes off easily and has a cute label with the name of the perfume on in French and English.

              I paid £6.50 for the Cherry Blossom solid perfume, and it's available both on the L'Occitane website and in their stores (they usually have them inside Debenhams stores too).

              The texture of the solid perfume is quite waxy - it's more waxy than greasy, and the idea is to rub a little into your pulse points. I put mine on my neck and wrists, although there are other pulse points that work equally well, base of throat for example, and even behind the knees!

              The scent of the perfume is lovely, the same as the Cherry Blossom ead de toilette I have, smelling sweet and floral, but not sickly, and with a definite Spring/Summery cherry blossom smell that I love. When I've used this on it's own, without using the EDT earlier in the day, I find that the scent doesn't last long, only maybe 1 hour, but when combined with the spray perfume, and used as a top up, I find it prolongs the scent on my skin and lasts longer, well into the afternoon.

              I can recommend this solid perfume, but would advise using it in conjunction with the eau de toilette to avoid disappointment when it fades so quickly. I'd give it 3.5 stars if I could, but it's not quite worth 4 stars!


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              24.07.2010 17:23
              Very helpful



              Easy to carry around fragrance

              I love L'Occitane products (for myself and also as gifts) but they are pretty costly to me. I wanted to buy the EDT from the Cherry Blossom range, but couldn't justify myself to buy because of the price. Think it costs about £35 or more. A friend's birthday was coming up soon, and there was a Cherry Blossom travel set sold online, on eBay, for only £20, and it had: 1) body lotion; 2) lip gloss; 3) hand cream; and 4) solid perfume. I was a little naughty and took all of it off the pack and reassemble to give to this friend of mine. But I kept for myself the solid perfume.

              The solid perfume retails at cost £6.50, and available at L'Occitane stores. I have not used solid perfume before but the thought of it being small enough to put into my evening bag appeals to me. The solid perfume comes in a small round tin, with peach coloured label on it. The lid was easy to open. When you remove the lid, you couldn't really smell much until you put your nose close to it. It smells like cherry blossoms, and reminds you of spring / summer. Wonderfully flowery and yummy.

              The texture is a bit wax like, and to use it, you rub your fingers over it, and put it on your pulse points i.e. your wrists, behind your ear lobes, between your breasts, bend of your elbow or the base of your throat. Usually, I rub it onto my pulse points. Application is easy.

              I also carry it around not only for touch ups, but as a distraction from foul smelling places when I travel. (eg, if I were to go to an unpleasantly smelling toilet, I take it out to remove that smell off my mind. lol.)

              The only bad part is, that the fragrance probably only last me about 30 minutes to an hour, and frequent application is needed to keep the scent. Hence, I think it would only be really suitable to be used together with the EDT or for touch ups after your EDT fragrance fade.

              I personally find this fragrance to be more suitable for day time, and for all ages. It is more of a spring/summer fragrance. Overall, I might still continue using the product... only because it is easy to carry around and I like the smell.

              Understand from dooyoo user Bridgetx that the Cherry Blossom EDT's scent does not last that long as well. So I guess reapplication is a must if you like the smell of this product.

              Thanks! x


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                30.10.2008 06:22
                Very helpful



                A sweet cherry perfume

                A couple of months ago, I purchased a set from QVC containing various travel sized L'Occitane products, including four from their Cherry Blossom range. I immediately fell in love with the Cherry Blossom scent and wasn't surprised to learn that it is L'Occitane's best selling fragrance. I really wanted to try the Cherry Blossom perfume, so I went down to Fenwick's - the only local place I know in Newcastle that stock L'Occitane - and tried the Eau de Toilette. It smelled absolutely gorgeous, but I couldn't really justify buying another perfume - especially one that cost £32.

                It was a couple of weeks later that I was browsing the L'Occitane website that I noticed that they also made a Cherry Blossom solid perfume, and better still it only cost £6.50. I hadn't used a solid perfume since I was a teenager, and had been keen to try one of the ones Lush makes, but I loved this fragrance so much, I walked into town that morning to buy myself one!

                This is one of only three solid perfumes L'Occitane make (the other two being rose and green tea) and it comes in a small round tin, similar to lip balm, but perhaps a little smaller. The tin is matt silver with a peach and pink label which is in keeping with the packaging of the other cherry blossom products. One thing I did notice about the tin, was that the lid was a little bit loose when I first bought it, and I was worried that it might come off in my bag, but just nipping the sides in a little bit seems to have solved this problem.

                When you remove the lid, you can immediately smell the beautiful cherry blossom fragrance. The smell is very gentle, and although usually when I think of cherry, I think of the fruity smell (like cherryade!) this is made from the blossom, so is more floral. It's a very delicate scent, this one, and is probably more suited for summer, as it's so light, but I think it would suit all age groups.

                As it is such a delicate smell, it's more a daytime sort of perfume I'd say - usually at night I prefer something a little heavier and sexier - this scent has 'innocent' written all over it! L'Occitane say that as well as cherry blossom, this perfume has top notes of freesia and blackcurrant. I'll be honest, I don't know what freesia's smell like, but when I first read that it contained blackcurrant, I thought 'are they serious?!' as I didn't think it smelled anything like blackcurrant, but going back and having a sniff, I think I can actually detect it in there. It's quite subtle though, and I don't think you'd notice it unless someone pointed it out!

                The actual solid perfume is white and a bit like a wax. To use it, you simply rub your finger over it, and rub it onto the skin, on points such as the wrists and neck - basically wherever you would normally spray a liquid perfume.

                I have found that when rubbing your finger over the waxy perfume, it is quite hard to pick up - the perfume does not melt very easily, so it can take quite a while to actually get enough on your finger to transfer to your wrist or wherever you want to put it. Also if you have long nails, you might find that it gets under them, which is a bit of a pain in the neck! Once you've managed to get some on your hands, it's a lot easier to rub onto your skin - possibly because your body heat has melted it a bit - and I always find it goes on smoothly.

                Although I have eczema and sometimes get allergic reactions to things, I've experienced no irritation from this. They are actually alcohol free, so some people - although I'm not saying all, because everyone is different - may find them better for sensitive skin. My mam for example, can't wear regular perfumes as the alcohol causes a reaction, but she's fine with solid perfume.

                The main downside of this product for me, is the strength of fragrance. Although I love the actual scent, it isn't very strong in this perfume, and even when I apply quite a lot of this, the fragrance is very subtle - a lot more so than the eau de toilette, which I only sprayed the tester once and could smell it for the rest of the day. It doesn't seem to stay on the skin for very long either which is a little bit of a disappointment, and has to be re-applied almost every hour or so, as the fragrance fades fast.

                The L'Occitane website says this is ideal for 'touch ups' and I agree that perhaps this is what it is best for. The liquid perfume comes only in a 100ml size, which is a heck of a big bottle to be carrying in your handbag with you! I think if you own the perfume, this might be a good way of touching up your perfume without carrying the whole bottle with you.

                And whilst I'm on the subject, this is a convenient little thing to carry around. As it's so small and lightweight, I find it's great for carrying in my handbag - and there's no need to worry about leakage, or the bottle getting damaged, as has often happened with some of my perfumes when I've been carrying them about.

                The product can be bought from department stores such as Fenwick's and I believe House of Fraser also stock L'Occitane. Alternatively you can buy it online from www.loccitane.co.uk and it costs just £6.50.

                Overall, I am quite happy with this product. As I do love the fragrance so much, this is a really affordable way of wearing it, and I like the convenience that I get from carrying a solid perfume as opposed to a bottle. The main negative side is the strength of the scent isn't great, and it needs frequent re-application, which is where this product really lets itself down. I would consider buying it again, but I think it would be better as a product to touch up the Eau de Toilette spray, rather than used alone, as I am currently doing.


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