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Jo Malone Red Roses Eau de Cologne

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Brand: Jo Malone / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Cologne

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    1 Review
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      27.01.2012 13:01
      Very helpful



      a layered rose scent

      Jo Malone is a beauty boutique offer a range of colognes, bath and body treats and gifts.

      ~@Red Roses@~

      Red Roses is one of the latest Jo Malone scents to be released. This cologne is unisex (as are the other Jo Malone scents). Red Roses can be worn alone or layered on the skin with the matching body lotion. The scent of Red Roses is also infused into a bath oil, candle and a few other products. Jo Malone also recommend that you mix and match their scents to produce a 'bespoke scent'. It is recommended that you wear Red Roses with either French Lime Blossom or Wild Cassis and Fig Cologne.

      Red Roses Cologne is described as..

      'The essence of modern romance. A voluptuous blend of seven of the world's most exquisite roses. With crushed violet leaves and a hint of lemon, it unfolds like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. Surprisingly clean and sheer'

      Jo Malone note that lemon is used as the top note followed by scarlet velvet rose. The scent finishes with honeycomb. The crushed violet leaves and other rose scents are blended through the whole scent.


      Jo Malone bottles follow a uniform design - the 30ml size is tall, slim and sleek. It is made of a high quality, clear glass and finished with a silver cap. A simple label adorns the front and rear of the bottle confirming the scent you have chosen. Before you leave a Jo Malone boutique, your perfume is boxed, wrapped in ribbon and placed into a tissue filled bag - attention to detail is amazing and anyone would be pleased to received such a well wrapped gift. I love the bottles - simplistic yet classy and the packaging is top notch!


      Red Roses can be purchased from any Jo Malone boutique or online at www.jomalone.co.uk. A 30ml bottle will set you back £36 and you can obtain a ml for ml saving by purchasing the 100ml bottle for £72.00.

      ~@My Thoughts@~

      When my sister and I visited Jo Malone recently, we had a bit of a splurge and the staff were more than happy to provide us with lots of cologne samples. I have tried several Jo Malone scents now and have my favourites, though I enjoy experiencing new scents. I ended up with my sisters half of the samples too so had a few vials of Red Roses to try out.

      Red Roses isn't a scent I would have chosen for myself - I prefer sweet, fruity or spicy scents as opposed to floral based scents so I wasn't sure if I would like this one. I used it with an open mind over a few days to gain a good idea of what it was like to wear. I feel this cologne sways more towards being feminine and I really cannot think of many men who would want to wear this!

      ~@Sweet treats and floral bouquets@~

      Red Roses is a very powerful scent from this first spray. I found the initial spray to be rather overpowering and only a tiny amount is needed to provide ample scent. As the scent settles on my skin, it actually smells quite pleasant. The lemon top note is very fresh and citrusy. It blends with a faint rose scent and is refreshingly light. The freshness of the lemon gives way to a sweetness which gives the scent a sort of 'Turkish Delight' aroma on my skin. That surprised me but in a good way.

      After an hour or so, the rose notes start to shine through. I am no rose expert - I couldn't tell you all the different types of rose that are supposedly present but what I can say is that the scent is very modern and fresh throughout - not as mature as many rose based scents. I did notice that the rose scent changed slightly as the scent wore on my skin. Over the course of a few hours, I was treated to a powdery rose which was quite distinctive. I also witnessed an Oriental type rose scent followed by a light, fresh rose from a bouquet of fresh flowers. A spicy rose made an appearance and added a new twist to the scent. The change was noticeable but not dramatic and it did offer a bit of variation rather than full on floralness.

      As the heart notes whispered away, the rose aroma lost its freshness and the sweetness of the base became evident. The honeycomb fragrance note added a deliciously sweet conclusion to the scent. A light rose aroma fluttered around but the base centred around a deep sweetness with an almost 'burnt' caramel edge to it. The overall scent was present on my skin for 7 hours - no where near as long as some Jo Malone colognes but decent enough.

      ~@A bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates?@~

      I like the scent of Red Roses Cologne - it is different and quirky thanks to the layered rose scent. I was appreciative of the fact that the rose wasn't in your face and changed to avoid it becoming too overpowering. Red Roses is an ideal day time scent and is very Summery and light. It would suit any female in my opinion.

      I can highly recommend this scent and would recommend that you try before you buy. That being said, I wouldn't buy myself a full bottle - it is a gorgeous scent but my preference lies with less floral scents. I haven't blended this with the recommended scents as I do not have them but I did try it with Pomegranate Noir and found the scent to be too heavy! Not a good mix!

      Thanks for reading x


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