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Boss Intense Eau de Parfum

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7 Reviews

Brand: Boss / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Parfum / Gender: for women / Contents: 50 ml

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    7 Reviews
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      04.02.2013 15:55
      Very helpful



      A lovely perfume but shop around for it


      My husband and I don't exactly go overboard with Christmas presents for each other; there are enough family members around at Christmas to ensure everyone has lots of presents to open. We usually wait until after Christmas and then buy each other something we want, or need, in the January sales or have a theatre trip or a meal out and justify the expense as our Christmas presents to each other. But this year I knew there was a shirt hubby liked in Debenhams and when I saw it was much reduced I thought I'd buy it for him for Christmas.
      When we were shopping, just before the big day, I thought it only fair to causally let drop that I'd bought a small gift for him to open on Christmas morning. His response was, "Tut! What did you do that for?" Of course I knew the reason he was displeased was because, at this time, about a week before Christmas, he was fed up with Christmas shopping and didn't want to have to go out alone and choose a gift for me. I thought I'd make it easy for him by giving some hints.


      I led the way into Boots and started to sample the fragrances. My husband knows I like Hugo Boss as a brand for both women's and men's fragrances; actually he isn't too bad at choosing fragrances although I have trouble getting him to understand that you have to wait a little to know if you like the aroma rather than spraying, sniffing, buying! He joined me in trying some fragrances and, after smelling two or three he waved the tester card, still wet with the spray of perfume, under my nose, saying, "What do you think of this?" I took the card, sniffed although I knew I needed to wait a while to truly know if I liked this fragrance. I said "Yes, it's nice but I'll wait..." as I raised my face from the card he was gone! I finished my sentence in my head "...until it settles!"

      I pretended not to see him at the till purchasing this fragrance.

      The fragrance chosen was Hugo Boss Woman 'Intense.'


      Boss Intense looks dark. It is packaged in a pinkish red and black shaded box. The bottle is also coloured the same and is long and slim and has a black lid. I believe this bottle 'says', " I'm sophisticated!" and probably achieves this intent.

      I like the look of the bottle as it's different from my other fragrances and I like this aspect as, after all, variety is the spice of life!


      (Taken from www.boots.com)

      "Boss Intense is a woody floral fragrance. It opens with fresh top notes including Oxygen accord, kumquat and spices. The unique Vanilla orchid heart note is intensified by the warmth and depth of amber and musk base notes. This rich mixture is balanced by the spicy and floral top notes."

      I thought when first sprayed it seemed quite strong and was a lovely smell yet the top notes soon faded leaving a slightly lighter scent. After a while it settles and the base notes can be detected, leaving a pleasant and sophisticated aroma, yet I don't consider it very strong or, indeed too heady.


      I felt the top notes faded fairly quickly and to be honest, I was surprised that this perfume seems to quieten down a lot and quickly. I thought, as the name suggests, it would be intense but, in my opinion, this isn't particularly so. The fragrance does last to a degree but I find it fairly subtle and can only smell it on skin; I don't think I would detect it on someone passing by.

      I like this perfume because it isn't too cloying. I thought as it was a perfume and was meant to be a seductive and sophisticated scent then it might be headache inducing. For me, fortunately this isn't the case.

      After wearing 'Intense' for more than two hours I would say that I can smell the musky perfume and perhaps the woody notes; I'm not sure exactly which ingredients I can smell but will say it remains pleasant and interesting without being overpowering.

      I would say that it isn't, in my opinion, one of the longer lasting fragrances.


      Although I don't think choice of fragrance matters too much, mostly, to which age group wears a certain type but I would say that in the case of some of the heavier aromas then they aren't suited 'generally' as much to teenagers. But I do think the occasion to which it will be worn is more important than the wearer's age. In my opinion Boss 'Intense' is probably aimed at mid-twenties through to the more mature woman. I would wear this for an evening out rather than for day time use.


      I don't usually pay as much as this for a fragrance. I usually purchase Eau de Toilette rather than Eau de Parfum. It's also true to say that most of my fragrances are gifts from family and friends. But I thought, as this IS a PERFUME as opposed to Eau de Toilette, then it would perhaps smell stronger and last longer; I haven't really found this to be the case.

      I am pleased with this gift and think it to be one of the better fragrances for evening wear for me personally. It smacks of special evening occasion wear without being over the top. Yet I feel I have to deduct one star as I do feel for the price paid and because it is a perfume rather than Eau de Toilette it really should last longer.

      I would recommend it still as it is pleasant and worth having in my perfume collection. However, I don't think it is worth the price my husband paid and would definitely suggest shopping around.


      My bottle (vaporiser spray) was purchased from Boots and cost £41 for the 50ml size. Of course, if you have Boots advantage card points then 4,100 points is enough for you to treat yourself to this fragrance.

      http://www.cheapsmells.com £22.75

      http://www.theperfumeshop.com £39.99


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        15.12.2010 17:29
        Very helpful



        It is a strong, spicy scent that is great to wear on a night out.

        I have been aware of Hugo Boss perfumes and aftershaves for as long as I have been using perfumes. I had experimented with Hugo Boss fragrances when I first started using perfume and always thought it was a reliable brand. I received Hugo Boss: Intense a few years ago and had quite high expectations of it. I received the 90 ml bottle.

        The bottle is a very simple design and is quite a tall. I think it is unlike many of the other perfumes I have because the bottle in my opinion isn't very feminine. I do tend to go for floral and fruity fragrances and therefore most of the perfume bottles I have tend to be quite girly. The bottle is a semi circle shape which twists in the middle - at the bottom the circular part of the semi circle is the back of the bottle and at the top of the bottle, the circular part of the semi circle is at the front (if that makes sense). This isn't noticeable when you view the bottle straight on but is noticeable from the side or from above and is a nice design feature. The most distinguishable feature of the Hugo Boss: Intense perfume bottle is the colour - it is two tone. The bottom of the bottle is red graduating to black at the top of the bottle. I really love the colours and design. The box the fragrance comes in imitates the graduated two tone colours from the perfume bottle - I do think that the box does look a little too masculine and might be mistaken for an aftershave rather than a perfume.

        Hugo Boss: Intense is a unique amalgamation of oxygen accord, kumquat and spices. Vanilla Orchid's strong heart notes are intensified by the floral additions of jasmine and rose. The Vanilla Orchid originates from the mountains, though the flower is small in size, its scent is very powerful and distinctive. The base notes of the fragrance include sandalwood, patchouli, musk, styrax and amber like notes. The orange glow of Amber radiates its warmth through the other notes giving an overall aura of passion and sensuality. This scent is quite strong and also spicy. It is unlike any of my other perfumes. I do like this fragrance and when I initially received it as a present I wore it a lot. I don't really wear it now and only have a tiny amount left in the bottom of the bottle but I do think it makes a fantastic addition to my perfume display. I do also think that this fragrance is a bit too strong for day time but is fantastic to wear in the evening or on a night out. It is certainly long lasting and you really don't need to use much of it. I think this fragrance would be ideal for somebody who likes quite a strong scent - I don't tend to go for that sort of perfume but my mum does and she loves this perfume. I would say that perfume is ideal for younger and older women; I don't think that is suitable for a particular aged woman.

        I have to say that I don't really see this perfume around very much. I don't think I have ever seen it in a shop but it is available over the internet on various websites. I think that this scent is reasonably priced when I have seen it on websites.

        This perfume was a lovely present in a lovely bottle. It is a strong, spicy scent that is great to wear on a night out. I would recommend this perfume.


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        07.11.2010 23:54
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Love it! Love it! Love it!

        This is one of my all time favourite perfumes. I always have it on my dresser but I only reserve it for special occasions as I think it's too nice for everyday casual wear. This perfume also reminds me of Christmas-I think this is due the fact this is also my mum's favourite perfume and she always insists on a new bottle every Christmas.

        If you are looking for a perfume to wear in the evening then this scent is perfect. The top note of this scent is spice, kumquat, the middle is compiled of vanilla orchids and Turkish rose, with the base made up of woods, amber and musk. These ingredients make a wonderful sweet, but not sickly sweet scent . This fragrance oozes femininity and sensuality. The bottle itself is nothing fancy, it is a deep red colour. Some may find this disappointing but I don't think Hugo Boss have ever been renowned for their unique perfume and aftershave bottles.

        Overall, I can't recommend this product enough. I think it offers both quality and value for money. A 90ml bottle will set you back around £38, even less if you shop around on the internet. I have always found that Hugo Boss perfumes and aftershaves are long lasting and linger on the skin for a good amount of time and this perfume is no exception. Not only will this perfume withstand a whole day or evening, but I often find I can still smell it on my clothing when I remove them from the wash basket several days later. If you are struggling for gift ideas then I would definitely recommend you buy this for a female friend or relative-they won't be disappointed. You can also pick this up in a gift set which includes the shower gel and body lotion.


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          01.07.2010 12:38
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A great smelling perfume that i would recommend everyone to try

          Hugo Boss Intense, Eau De Parfum

          I love wearing Hugo Boss Intense, this is one of the nicest perfumes I have in my collection. There is rarely a big night out or special occasion that goes by in which I don't at least spray a little bit of this on. For once the name of this perfume suits its smell, it is an intense, very feminine and gorgeous fragrance. It has a hint of a floral smell but it is a refreshing change from most of my other perfumes as it smells that bit more sophisticated and grown up; more of a women's perfume than some of my other more 'girlie' choices.

          --The fragrance--

          Personally, I think that this is a fragrance that is better suited for evening wear, however, I do sometimes wear it through the day but not so much during the summer. In my opinion, the warm, musky smell is best suited to the winter months rather than being a summer perfume.
          I've listed the notes below for you to get a better grasp of what makes up this lovely smelling scent.

          Top notes; Spices and orange blossom

          Heart or middle notes; Vanilla and rose

          Base notes; Sandalwood, amber and patchouli

          The fragrance does have a slight floral smell to it and the vanilla is noticeable, but all the notes work in a lovely combination to create a beautiful and unique fragrance.

          --The bottle--

          There is no mistaking this perfume for any of the others in my collection, the bottle does really stand out but in a good way. It's a deep red at the bottom blending upwards into a black lid. It's a very sleek shape and unlike some other bottles it is well balanced.

          --The cost--

          My last bottle of this was bought as a gift so it's been a while since I paid for this but searching around I can see that it is retailing for somewhere between £35 and £25 for a 50 ml bottle. This is a eau de parfum rather than a eau de toilette which means that it has a higher concentration of the perfume. When I spray this in the morning it doe last right through to the afternoon, but will need reapplied if you are going out in the evening to re-freshen the scent. Making this perfume in my opinion pretty good value for money as a 50ml bottle lasts quite a long time and it really is a pleasant scent, which personally justifies the price tag.

          --My overall opinion--

          Without a shadow of a doubt I am going to award this five out of five stars. Personally I think this is a very classic smelling, gorgeous musky fragrance that I hope will stay the test of time and be around for much longer than its seven years so far. Choosing a fragrance is such a personal thing, smells can differ so much from person to person, and I love this one. I would recommend that anyone interested in this should go out and give it a try and I hope you won't be disappointed.


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            11.06.2010 10:13
            Very helpful




            I ended up trying this by change. I like to smell new Perfumes and wanted to try a new scent. I ended up going to the Perfume counter in Boots and having a smell of the Tester on display. I don't know what drew me to this one, but I had a spray and thought it sounded alright. It was later in the day when I kept sniffing the scent and found that after the initial spray had settled down then it ended up as a really nice smell.

            At the time when I got this about 5 years ago I only saw it in a 90ml bottle. This was selling for £36 in Boots, which wasn't too bad for a new scent and the bottle size was big enough as well. Boots can be a bit more expensive for brand named Perfumes anyway and I usually go to Semi Chem or buy them online thesedays.

            The box is a long, quite thin rectangular shape. The colouring is a deep dark red with a bit black shading on it as well. The Bottle has a bit of a shape to it. It isn't triangular and that bit flat. Not seen this shape in a Perfume before. It is alright. The colouring is the deep red again and it seems to merge from a deep red up to a bit lighter colour. There is a tiny little lid on top. All ok. It's what's inside the Perfume anyway.

            So how does this smell? It is quite a deep scent and I suppose that is why it is called Intense. I normally go for lighter, fruity, fresh scents and I don't tend to change my scent for daytime and night time. I will wear the same scent anytime.

            This seems to have scents of Pathouli, Musk, a slight splash of Vanilla but I can't smell that in it. It is jsut a rich, deep scent which when settled onto your warm skin gives off the nicest scent.

            This lasts a good time as well. I spray this in the morning and can still smell it at night. I don't have to reapply this, but often do as I like to smell my scent all the time.

            You can now get this in 50ml bottles for about £20 sometimes and the 90ml ones are that bit cheaper as well due to this not being new anymore.

            A really nice scent and i'm glad I stumbled across it.


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              21.10.2009 15:55
              Very helpful



              Sweet fruity and floral scent.

              I loved wearing Hugo Boss Deep Red. When I ran out of my second bottle, I called up my perfume dealer to send me another bottle. The stock just ran out. He introduced to me this Hugo Boss Intense Eau De Parfum Spray. After about five minutes of convincing, we agreed that he would send me a bottle right away. It didn't take me long to like the perfume.

              The Bottle

              The bottle has black upper half colour which looks like slowly and dramatically fading into red bottom half. Although it looks generally good, I personally don't prefer a perfume bottle with a color of black as it is too masculine for me. However, the red half color is so sexy. That makes the bottle looks like for unisex use. Hugo Boss Intense Eau De Parfum Spray is for women and a more feminine lighter color will be great. I like the edged design. The bottle actually doesn't stumble easily.

              The Scent

              Hugo Boss Intense Eau De Parfum has very feminine floral and fruity scent. It has the notes of Vanilla Orchid and Amber. It has the scent of sweetness and romanticism that my friends keep appreciating. When somebody asks what perfume I am wearing, I know that I smell really good.

              Fragrance Notes: Fruity and Floral fragrance
              Heart Notes: Vanilla Orchid
              Base Notes: Amber

              The Strength of the Scent

              Hugo Boss Intense Eau De Parfum Spray stays for about 8 to 10 hours on skin. The perfume sprayed on pulse points seems to keep refreshing itself. It stays the longest when sprayed on clothes. It stays on my dress even after washing it. The fragrance doesn't create a stingy smell even when sprayed luxuriously. And the thing that I like most is that it doesn't stain clothes.

              The Price

              I purchased my Hugo Boss Intense Eau De Parfum Spray at the price of £22 for a 50- ml bottle. Anyone can get a fairly discounted price online though. I think the price is just right for the appealing and long-lasting scent I got.

              £19 for a 30-ml bottle
              £22 for a 50-ml bottle
              £31 for a 90-ml bottle
              Recommended Usage

              This perfume is perfect for evening wear but there is actually no need to be very careful in wearing Hugo Boss Intense Eau De Parfum. A little spray stays long and a little more spray doesn't sting the nose. A lighter spray is also great for casual and day wear.


              Hugo Boss Intense Eau De Parfum combines the scent of romanticism with a casual fragrance. When one is often confused on what to wear on what occasion, this perfume is great. It can be worn anytime without running out of compliments from friends and acquaintances. Though the bottle looks like it is for unisex use, it's not the bottle that matters anyway. This perfume has a great feminine scent.

              (also posted on ciao)


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                20.05.2007 17:51
                Very helpful



                Just give it a try you wont be dissapointed

                Abit about Hugo Boss

                Hugo Boss is a fashion company that is based in Germany. They specialise in menswear, womenswear and fragrances plus many more items. The brand is named after its founder Hugo Boss.

                Hugo Boss was first established in 1923, while the country was still in economical ruin after World War 1. Boss later died in 1943, and the firm was at a stand still until 1953, when the first mens suit was released.

                In 1993, Hugo Boss released their first fragrance, and in September 2003 they released Hugo Boss Intense.

                The fragrance brands Hugo, Hugo Boss and Baldessarini are currently owned by Proctor and Gamble.

                The Packaging

                The bottle is light red at the bottom, and half ay up the shade goes darker and goes into a deep red till it turns black. The lid is also black in colour and the lid is easily removable. The bottle has Boss wrote across the bottom in black letters, while it has the word Intense wrote down the side in red letters.

                The box is the exact same design as the bottle, and is well cellophane wrapped, so you know your perfume has not been tampered with.

                I love the way the colours have colours of the bottle has been designed. The colours blend in really well together and they look really nice.

                The smell

                Boss Intense is a blend of Vanilla Orchid and Ambery Notes. The smell of this perfume is so powerful and distinctive. This perfume is strictly feminine, that is sensual with a touch of sophistication.

                The smell of Vanilla Orchid, does overpower the amber, but not by too much and the two smells do blend well together.

                I would describe this as a flowery smelling perfume, with a hint of Vanilla essence. I would say it's a sweet smelling perfume, but it is not too sweet, just the right blend of sweetness.

                I do love the smell of this perfume and i would definatly go out and purchase it again.

                Whats the difference between Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfume?

                Eau De Parfum - This contains around 7-15% perfume concentrate. This provides a longer lasting frangrance. I myself personally do find it to be the best, as it does last a long time, and you are not forever having to respray it to keep the scent on you.

                Eau De Toilette - This contains around 1-6% perfume concentrate. This makes it a lighter scent that does not last as long as Eau De Parfum.

                Eau De Parfum does not cost that much more than the Eau De Toilette, so i would highly recommend going for that, for a little extra cost.

                Prices and Sizes

                These Bottles are available in three sizes :


                There is several sites that i have got the prices for the bottles from, i only got the prices for the 50 mls though as it would start to get boring listing all three sizes lol.

                escentual.co.uk - 50mls £31
                fragrancedirect.co.uk - 50mls £19.99
                boots.com - 50mls £31
                cheapsmells.com - 50mls £21.50

                As you can see from these prices it does pay to shop around for cheaper prices, i always use fragrance direct as they are cheap and very efficient.

                Any advise you can give before i try this perfume?

                The only advise i can really give is, if you are unsure as to whether you would like this or not, try out a tester in boots. As obviously this smell would not be for everyone. Also when buying over internet once opened you can not return the product, so always best to check them out first.

                Also i would advise for the first spray, to only spray a slight bit on your wrist, and make sure your skin is still ok 24 hours later. You never know, you could have an allergic reaction to some of the ingredients, so a skin test is always recommended.

                My personal thoughts

                As i have purchased alot of perfumes in the past i have come across alot of nice smells, but this one was definatly a unique smell. I really did like this smell, and the perfume stayed on for hours, which is great, as i felt i had really got my moneys worth.

                Now to whether i would purchase it again, Definatly, but first i am too busy trying out new perfumes lol, so many more reviews to come. I like to have a change of smell after i have finished a bottle of perfume.

                This is definatly a perfume i would recommend and i would say you can wear it at anytime as the smell is not too over-powering.

                Why would i recommend this perfume?

                It's cheap
                Good bottle design and packaging
                Great smell
                Not too strong
                Sweet but not too sweet
                Lasts for hours

                Why would i not recommend this product?

                Well there is no reason why i would not recommend this proctuct, it is truly great value.

                As you can see from my review, you can get a good bargain on this perfume, so why not go out buy some and give it a try, i am sure you will not be disappointed.


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                Contents: 50 ml

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