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Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby Eau de Toilette

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Brand: Gwen Stefani / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women

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    2 Reviews
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      31.07.2011 00:18



      Great for collecting and giving as the make a 2 in one gift to collect and smell great

      This range is sooo cute my girls love the range that Gwen Stefani has come out with the little dolls are wickedly addictive to have now i want the room filled with this stuff a mother gone mad.I purchased the baby one for one of my daughters and two others for my other daughters and i have to say the baby fragrance is my fav me littlest was less than two when i sprayed it on her as crazy as that my seem it suits beautifully as it has that world famous baby wash scent i have always loved that and to me that is nt quite the same anymore but this definatley captures that essence. My littlest will always smell like a newborn now i spray it on her covers and clothes i had a big bottle now i want another i would spray it on me too only i think i am too mature for this fragrance and is more for young ones even if not as young as mine it is fresh ,lovely and addictive.The characters on these bottles are unwittingly clever and fun as they will have you collecting before you know it and you can use the kids as an excuse to keep collecting as they will love it.I only wish they would do a gift set of more of this fragrance it s one that will stay with me and the girls still they stop selling the range hopefully they wont for long while as i would be searching hogh and low for this.


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      11.01.2011 00:07
      Very helpful



      A pleasing fragrance worth sampling

      ~Baby faced fragrance with some wicked style!~

      Amongst the new range of Wicked Style fragrances created by the Gwen Stefani fragrance brand, is the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT. This may be a fragrance that is enclosed in a sweet and girly looking fragrance bottle, however once you sample the vanilla based scent held within that sassy and cutesy little bottle it soon becomes apparent that this is a rather more grown up fragrance than you may otherwise think. When wanting to review the fragrance here on Dooyoo I was unable to do so as it was not listed as a product here. After a quick product suggestion I am pleased to say that I am now able to share my thoughts on this rather surprising fragrance.

      Although the appearance of the fragrance bottle would suggest this is going to be a just another sweet and fluffy bubble gum kind of pink and girly blend, I can assure you that it is very far from being just that, as it has a more mature feel to it once it settles on the skin. I must admit that of all the new style Harajuku Lovers fragrance bottles the one for 'Baby' was actually the least appealing to me, as I wasn't impressed with the styling or colours used on the little Harajuku Girl dolly thats sits on top of the fragrance bottle. Having sampled the rather nice fragrance that 'Baby' hides so well under her bushel, I really felt I had to review this as it has so much going for it. I feel that this is a very nice fragrance settles nicely on the skin and as such it will appeal to a good number of fragrance buyers both old and young.

      ~Why no one should put Baby in the corner!~

      Although I will touch on the presentation of the fragrance later in this review I feel that I want to share my views on the fragrance itself first off as that is what matters most with a fragrance review. Very often with this range of fragrances reviews seem to be all about the Harajuku dolly sitting on top of the bottle, which is all very well but as it is the fragrance itself that counts, my views on that has to come first. As soon as I sprayed a small amount of the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT onto a card sampler in store I was amazed at how un-pink, un-girly and un-teen this fragrance is and I just had to spritz some onto my wrist to see how it reacted with the oils on my skin.

      Ok I know those 'un' words aren't real words but I feel they do get across the way many people may think the fragrance is going to smell just by looking at the fragrance bottle as it screams out pink, fluffy, girly rather loudly. To say that I was impressed by this fragrance is no under statement and I feel this does show that the fragrance has a good balance of ingredients that work well. As I have a large fragrance collection that I chop and change to suit my mood and have tried a large number of fragrances from many if not all of the fragrance types available these days, I was more than happy to add this fragrance to my collection and for the purposes of this review I am now sat in a haze of Wicked Style scented splendour that I can tell you smells really dreamy and pretty.

      ~The baby notes, the teen notes and the full blown mature notes!~

      The over all fragrance style ~ Warm candy scented vanilla floral

      The baby style top notes ~Pink freesia, tangy yet soft white peach and red delicious apple

      The teen style mid notes ~ Jasmine petals, pink plumeria ( otherwise known as frangipani) and orchid

      The grown up style strength giving base notes ~ Warm vanilla, exotic sandalwood, musk and amber

      ~ Take me in your arms and rock your Baby~

      Straight out of the bottle my first impressions of the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT were wow this is sooo not what I expected as there is a grown up feel to the fragrance that makes it something many women will enjoy as a light day wear scent (when applied nice and lightly) or as a full on evening fragrance that will knock your socks off if applied with a little more gusto. There are a number of influences that I feel the fragrance reminds me of although each fragrance that I can think of that has certain similar influences is not an exact copy of the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT, which I feel does have its own unique feel. The nose behind the fragrance Honorine Blanc really has created something rather nice here, that has just enough about that is different to make it stand out from the crowd.

      Within the blend of ingredients I get a range of reminders of other well known fragrances that can be compared to the 'Baby' fragrance and then be swiftly discarded. At times when the fragrance is freshly applied I feel that there is a teeny tiny touch of Lou Lou by Cacherel about the fragrance, as the slightly tangy floral fruity opening notes give way to a softer much more wearable vanilla based scent. Having never been a true fan of the strong and over powering Lou Lou blend, I must stress that the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT reminds me of the few good things about the Lou Lou fragrance and none of the bad or the pongy over powering notes. The same can be said for the slight similarity I find within the 'Baby' scent with a number of influences in the Ange Ou Demon fragrance by the house of Givenchy. Although once again the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT has none of the eye stinging tangy sharpness or the sourness that the Ange Ou Demon fragrance can some times give off when newly spritzed on, it does have all of the vanillary softness.

      As a fan of the wonderful Guerlain Insolence fragrance that I wear on and off as the mood takes me I am reminded of that too within the blend of ingredients offered by the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT, yet in this case there are none of the violet scented florals present here, just a lovely softened down vanilla floral blend that is neither too sweet or too vanillary in its make up. Finally I am very much reminded of a wonderful fragrance produced by Louis Feraud and sold widely by Avon ladies all over the country many moons ago, which was sold under the name Fantasque. A combination of Fantasque and Insolence in many ways may be the closest of all the fragrance comparisons that I am able to make to the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT, although once again 'Baby' still manages to be very different.

      ~Hit me Baby one more time~

      When the fragrance is new and fresh there is a definite peachy tone that comes across, although I have found that does soften and disappear very quickly as it becomes a fuller candy toned yet warmer, more inviting and easy to wear vanilla based scent. The Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT uses pink frangipani to give that lovely soft sweetened almost candy scented exotic twist to the jasmine and orchid in this blend and I feel the three florals work really well together to give a smooth and silky feel with plenty of musky vanilla scented longevity on the skin. I feel that there is so much that reminds me of my old favorite Fanstaque in this EDT, yet the Insolence feel is firmly in my mind as the fragrance softens down on my skin over time.

      Over all I feel 'Baby' is a lighter airier more candy toned version of what was a slick and dark vanilla blend in the Fantasque fragrance and lighter floral vanilla than the violet covered sweet scent in the Insolence fragrance that I like. I feel that the lightness of the mix that has been managed here is what I feel I really like about the warm floral vanilla 'Baby' fragrance and the more I think about it the more I feel this fragrance has a certain flavour that is all its own. As such it really stands out as something a little different, which may draw some influences from other well known fragrances yet manages to blend them into something that is new, unique and highly wearable.

      ~Baby shows a certain amount of Wicked Style~

      The presentation of the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT is something that I feel is not going to appeal to everyone as it is very girly and young, yet the fragrance within the bottle has a good deal of maturity about it that will suit many women young and old. Of all the little Harajuku dollys that are used as super sized bottle tops for the teeny tiny fragrance bottles in this range, the 'Baby' bottle top has to be my least favorite. The pale and baby toned soft and so called touchable hair on the over sized head of the Harjuku doll is interesting and will appeal to younger girls who will want to collect all of the cute and sassy fragrance bottles, although it doesn't much appeal to me. The size of the lid as that is what the little dolly really is, seems really rather too large for what is a tiny fragrance bottle containing just 30mls of fragrance.

      The lid of the bottle does sit well enough on the small bottle and it looks well enough when on display if thats your thing. The very small fragrance bottle it hides is a squashed circular shape that is so small when you finally set eyes on it that you do wonder if part of it has gone missing. The only real thing that is a bonus about the small bottle is the fact that it sits well in one hand and can be easily gripped and sprayed on with very little effort. Other than that the small bottle is a disappointment of sorts, until you spray on the fragrance and inhale its pretty scent of course. The spray applicator that the bottle has does work easily enough although it spits out the fragrance rather too sharply making misting on the scent all over the body an impossibility. You cannot spray the fragrance into the air and walk into it as the mist given off is no where near fine enough and that is a slight down side.

      ~Price and rating~

      The cheapest that I have seen the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT on sale for is at £16.95 at an online store and in most high street stores the sale price seems to sit at £20 or so. For your £16.95/ £20 you get a small sized 30ml bottle of fragrance and an uber large sized super duper Harajuku Baby shaped lid that many people like to collect and keep. I feel that you are paying as much for this funky and kitsch bottle lid as you are for the fragrance itself and as such that is a shame if collecting the bottle lids is not your thing. As the Wicked Style fragrances are a limited edition product my feeling is that they will only be available for a limited time and will quite possibly be replaced with a summer range in the next few months.

      This means that as a new range comes onto the shelves in store these Wicked Style bottles may be reduced making them far more attractive in price. My top tip would be that if you find you have bought a bottle of this and like it, you may find that once a newer updated 'Baby' fragrance becomes available in high street stores such as Boots and Superdrug the price will reduce a little. An example of such a reduction was that last year the coconut scented G Harajuku Lovers fragrance was eventually reduced to just £10 per 30ml bottle which seems a far more reasonable price to pay.

      Over all I feel that the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT has managed to impress me far more than I thought it would be able to with its pretty candy vanilla based floral scent that has more maturity than you would think it was capable of from just looking at the fragrance bottle. The fragrance is very easy to wear and is not too sweet to be worn for a good number of hours with it being able to stay on the skin really well. I feel this is a very nice fragrance that is easy to wear and enjoy and as such I feel it ought to get a 5 star product rating. In spite of the fact that the bottle lid is not much to my liking (although it will please younger collectors of the little Harajuku dollys), I feel that the pretty fragrance inside the bottle is a real winner which I feel is what really counts most about the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby EDT after all.


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    • Product Details

      Gwen Stefani launched Wicked Style Harajuku dolls in Autumn 2010, dedicated to the wild fashion of Tokyo streets. Every girl has a "wicked style" on her own, expressed by cheerful coloured hair, clothes and super cute shoes. Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Baby is a vanilla floral fragrance composed of notes of white peach, apple, freesia, frangipani, orchids, jasmine, amber, musk, vanilla and creamy sandalwood. Baby wears layered clothing of soft pastel colours, plastic and fluffy toys jewellery.

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