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Gucci Flora by Gucci Eau de Parfum

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4 Reviews
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  • like the rose notes but fruity blend not for me
  • Expensive
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    4 Reviews
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      14.11.2014 20:12
      Very helpful


      • "Classic design and packaging"
      • "Premium product"
      • "Floral fragrance"


      • Expensive

      Sophisticated Floral Fragrance

      I first tested this fragrance in a local department store, and liked it straight away, but didn't purchase it until I had the opportunity to buy it from Duty Free. Expect to pay £40 upwards for the 30ml Eau de Parfum.

      The bottle is attractive, and quite classic in design (short and wide, with clear glass), with a gold lid finished off with a simple black bow at the neck and packaged in a classy black and white matt cardboard box. Even without the bow the bottle looks nice on my dressing table and not at all gimmicky.

      As you would expect from a fragrance entitled 'Flora', it is a floral based scent! The top notes are peony and agrums. I can detect the floral part of that straight from the nozzle, but I don't know what agrums are. There is a tang to the first spray, and I would guess that is what it is.

      The heart notes are rose and osmanthus flower from China. Again I am unfamiliar with the second scent but the rose is detectable and pleasant. It doesn't smell synthetic or cheap. The heart notes last a good few hours and the scent is strong but not over-powering.

      The base notes are patchouli and sandalwood and they are very pleasant and not too strong. This scent can linger on scarves and things and I get a pleasant waft when I put them on again. Sometimes 'old' perfume can smell a bit off on these occasions but I've not noticed that with this fragrance.

      Overall I love the perfume but would likely not buy it too often as I like to try other perfumes. I am pleased with the longevity which will last all day. Obliviously it is a premium brand and therefore not cheap, but I think it is worth the investment for special occasions.


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      13.06.2013 20:45
      Very helpful



      One of my favourite perfumes!

      ~*~*~ Fora By Gucci ~*~*~

      When it comes to perfumes I normally find one that I love and think we are never going to part, until I am given another perfume as a gift, and I move on very quickly from my love affair with the previous perfume onto my new perfum. I do have a few favourite perfumes, but I very seldom by the same perfume more than once.

      I like to wear perfume everyday and generally stick to whichever perfume I am in love with at the time. My personal preference with perfume fragrance is nothing too overpowering, not sickly sweet and nothing which reminds me of my nan's weird and wonderful floral scents (which smell very similar to febreeze).

      I was given this perfume as a gift a couple of weeks ago by my other half. He picks out most of the perfume I wear and he has a great taste in perfume (phew!). When I saw my present was Gucci perfume I was very excited, as I love anything Gucci (not that I can afford it). I think Gucci is a high-end, designer brand which is very classy.

      ~*~*~ Packaging, Price and Availability ~*~*~

      This perfume comes in a white, gold and black, cardboard box. On the front of the box is a gold square which contains the name of the perfum and the Gucci logo. Underneath the gold box is 'Eau De Parfum' in black writing, how much the bottle contains and a gold band of colour, sandwiched between two black bands of colour. On the back of the box is the Gucci website (www.gucciparfums.com) in gold writing, and on the base of the box is the ingredients, also in gold writing.

      The perfume bottle is hexagon-shaped and transparent, so you can see how much perfume you have left. The lid is also hexagon-shaped, is gold in colour and has the Gucci logo impressed into it. On the front of the bottle is a gold sticker with the Gucci logo and the name of the perfume. And to finish of the design of the bottle there is a black bow around the neck of the bottle, which has two gold beads on each end.

      To use, you simply remove the lid and press down on the spray applicator. I usually use two squirts of this perfume, one on my neck and one on my wrists.

      I would also like to note that the picture above is for the Eau De Toillette, and not the Eau De Pafum, which is the perfum I am reviewing (they are very similar, packaging wise).

      You can purchase this perfume from Boots, Debenhams and most perfume retailers.

      ~*~*~ Boots Prices (as of 13/6/13) ~*~*~

      30ml = £43.00
      50ml = £62.00
      75ml = 75.00

      ~*~*~ The Scent ~*~*~

      The description of this scent is:

      - A sensual and intense flowery fragrance
      - Top notes of citrus mandarin accords and peony
      - Heart notes of rose and osmanthus flower.

      This perfume is incredibly refreshing and summery. The flower fragrance is not extremely strong, and has more of a musky scent to it. When I think of flowery fragrance the first thing that pops into my head is old ladies at bingo (no offence, I love bingo ;)), but this scent is not over-the-top and the floral scents are very gently and airy. I don't generally look at the description of the scents when buying a perfume, I either like the smell or I don't, and with this perfume I immediately loved it. It is so warm and inviting, I have used it everyday since I purchased it.

      I would say that this perfume can be worn by any age group, and is perfect for day-to-day wear or an evening out. Once I spray this perfume the fragrance just washes over me and immediately makes me feel happy. It lasts all day and I get many compliments on it.

      ~*~*~ Overall *~*~*

      Overall I think this a gorgeous perfume, the scent is very subtle and sophisticated. I wear this everyday and I am still not bored of it. I think my love affair with this perfume could last a long time, you never know it might even be the one!

      I would definitely recommend this perfume to ladies that like a little floral fragrance, with a musky and citrussy kick. And to the men that are looking for a gift for that special someone, then I would definitely go with this perfume.

      When I look at the packaging and bottle of this perfume, I immediately think stylish, beautiful and classy. And the fragrance matches the packaging perfectly. I give this perfume 5 out of 5 Dooyoo stars.

      Thanks for taking the time to read my review :)


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        01.06.2013 00:41



        Summer in a bottle

        I bought a half bottle of this from a friend who was having a huge clear out due to a house move. It wasn't a scent that I instantly loved but it grew on me gradually and now I love it.

        The scent is floral (but not in an old lady way) and fruity (but not in a teenage girl way). It is a perfume I would wear in the daytime or an evening meal but not something I would wear on a night out. When first sprayed the floral scents are prominent which I'm not a huge fan of but after a while the strong smell fades in to a subtle, fresh, summery smell that lasts throughout the day.

        It is a mid range perfume costing around £45 for a small bottle. Due to the price this perfume is not one that I'd purchase for myself, nor would I expect any of my nearest and dearest to splash out on for my birthday. There are more affordable perfumes which I actually prefer (please see my other reviews). If the price happened to drop by £10 then I would re-purchase for sure.

        The bottle reflects the brand. It is simple and classy. However the bottle itself is quite heavy so its not ideal for carrying around.

        Wearing this perfume makes me feel elegant and sophisticated. I love to wear it in the summer. I'd recommend it for women age 21 and over.

        - This review is also posted on ciao under the username grouchy1 -


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          31.03.2012 23:41
          Very helpful



          A lovely floral perfume from Gucci that I've been really pleased with and will continue to use.

          Early last summer I went on a bit of a perfume-shopping spree, and ended up buying far more bottles of perfume than I needed. Some of these I regretted buying, and only used them a couple of times before abandoning. With Gucci's Flora Eau de Parfum, however, I've been really pleased and still continue to use it.

          I really like floral scents, so the name of this perfume was the first thing that attracted it to me. This perfume has base notes of patchouli and sandalwood, heart notes of rose and the osmanthus flower and top notes of citrus fruits and peony. This isn't a sickly-sweet floral fragrance, as the top notes add lightness and freshness, whilst the basenotes make this a sophisticated and slightly sensual scent. I chose to buy the eau de parfum over the eau de toilette as I felt that the fragrance would be longer-lasting on the skin and it also had a deeper, more concentrated scent. I find that with this perfume, a little goes a long way, and I don't have to keep re-spraying myself throughout the day as I've found with some other perfumes. The scent is sophisticated yet relatively light at the same time and ideal for the spring and summer months. I've received many compliments whilst wearing it, with many people asking me what perfume I was wearing so that they could go out and buy it themselves.

          I also really like the design of the bottle. It's nothing particularly elaborate, but the perfume comes in a hexagonal-shaped transparent glass bottle, with a small white rectangular label displaying the name and the brand of the perfume. It has a hexagonal gold lid (which complements the peach colour of the liquid inside the bottle) with a black bow tied around the neck of the bottle, with a gold bead on each end of the cord. I think that this is a very simple, classy bottle, and I really like the way that it looks on my shelf of perfumes. The bottle is made of thick glass, which I find very reassuring as I tend to worry about bottles of perfume smashing in my bag, but I don't feel that I have to fret with this one. Similarly, the lid looks a little prone to falling off, which initially caused me to worry that it might come off in my bag, wasting perfume, but I've carried it around a lot and haven't experienced this problem yet.

          This perfume is available in three sizes: 30ml, 50ml and 75ml, with RRPs of (respectively) £40, £59 and £72. I have the 75ml version as I tend to get through perfume quite quickly, but a little goes a long way with this scent so I've still got three-quarters of a bottle left after almost a year of on-and-off use. It's not the cheapest perfume around, but I remember buying mine in Debenhams where they had a promotion offering 10% off all beauty and fragrance items, so mine was bought for closer to £65. When I bought it, I received a free candle which I thought was a nice touch, as it's a decent quality candle that really smells of the Flora scent, rather than a cheap useless one.

          Overall, I'd highly recommend this perfume. It's a lovely summery floral fragrance which is bound to attract compliments, and comes in an attractive yet practical bottle.


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        • Product Details

          Flora by Gucci is a subtle and sophisticated floral scent. Built on a fresh and feminine breeze of flowers (Rose, Osmanthus), the fragrance top note conveys the freshness and lightness of citrus fruits.Fresh and feminine, the fragrance remains very Gucci, with a sensual and subtly powerful base note of sandalwood and pink pepper.