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Burberry Brit Eau de Toilette

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9 Reviews

Brand: Burberry Brit / Type: Fragrance / Concentration: Eau de Toilette / Gender: for women / Contents/Size: 30ml

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    9 Reviews
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      29.03.2011 23:06



      Definitely a fragrance worth buying!

      I had to write about this fragrance. It's one of my enduring favourites and one I think has widespread popularity. It has a really feminine aroma that hits you when you first spray it on. A little bit sweet and flowery, not sickly, but very sexy thanks to top notes of lime and base notes of vanilla and tonca bean. It reminds me of the smell of talcum powder, but with a few hidden depths in the fragrance. The smell is strong but not overpowering. One word that springs to mind is sensuous, and it really does apply to Burberry Brit EDT.
      It is a little disappointing that the smell fades a little too quickly on my skin. I find i have to re apply by the end of the morning (but why complain? It's gorgeous!)
      The both design is a little boring being plain and square with the distinctive burberry fabric design on it, not exactly ergonomically designed but really, when you find the perfect fragrance, that is hardly worth thinking about is it!
      It's not over priced at around £35 for a 100ml bottle either. I'll be buying again once this bottle's finished!


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      27.12.2010 10:33
      Very helpful
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      Burberry: Brit, Eau de Toilette

      Burberry fashion house was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. From 1870 the company starts mainly focusing on outerwear. Burberry now has several items such as clothing, bags, watches and its own fragrance line. The fragrance was first released in 1981 called Burberry for men. Burberry used gabardine and had this patented. They also have the trademark a knight on a rearing horse, this is reflected on their products.

      I am surprised with this lovely scent of Burberry. I must be honest, this is the first time I am in possession of this fragrance. Of course I have heard and seen enough of this fragrance, but in one way or another, I always opted for a different product. That will be different from now on, because I find the smell of the Burberry very pleasant. I like the woody smell (nuts) with a hint of vanilla. Also the smell last for a very long time now (almost the whole day). I find this course a big plus when you use a scent.

      The perfume comes in a clear rectangular bottle of 30 ml so that you see the perfume. The bottle is decorated with the most famous (Burberry) checks. Applying the perfume is done by using a spray system. The bottle is packaged in a cardboard box, this box also has the Burberry check. On the front of the pack is clearly the Brand name Burberry. For a 30 ml bottle of Burberry Brit you pay around 25 pounds. This price can be very different, I've noticed, it depends on the store where you get the smell and any offers that apply.

      lemon, pear, green almond, amber and vanilla.

      I like the color of this perfume a little pink / gold. The scent comes to me as: wood and nutty with a hint of vanilla. This I find the smell very fresh in the first place (vanilla), but also intense and warm as the wood / nut in me a sense of smell.

      I like this perfume and it smell very good with wood / nut and vanilla, and the smell stays very long time. This will definitely one of my favorite perfume. In addition, the look of the bottle is very pretty and for me that is certainly one reason to give this fragrance as a gift to someone.


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        25.10.2010 09:05
        Very helpful



        Chic or chav?

        I own a lot of perfumes most of them are birthday and Christmas gifts, one of them was Burberry Brit. I have to admit that I had never tried this perfume before , until a couple of years ago since it was on offer plus a free gift which was a small bag.

        Burberry Brit is a production of Burberry Group PLC, it was one of the luxurious British fashion houses for clothes, accessories and perfumes. The Burberry brand was first established in 1870 by a young lad called Thomas Burberry and hence was the label name.

        The famous checks which are the typical Brit design, were first used in ladies trench coat in the year 1924 and it was their trade mark for a while. You can find it now in umbrellas, handbags, scarves, men's ties and perfumes for ladies and gentlemen.

        === Burberry Brit ===

        Burberry Brit perfumes was aimed for men and women, both perfumes have the same bottle design from inside and outside however the ladies had a white background while the men's has a black one.

        The lovely perfume is wrapped in two different textured packages; the first one is soft and papery. It was the famous red, grey and white checks. Once I unwrapped the first layer I found a basic black carton, then I removed the black box to see the beautifully shaped bottle of perfume.

        The bottle was rectangular shaped made out of clear glass. This clear glass was decorated with the famous checkers again and the cap was very nicely designed , it was a cubed shaped one.

        I love the perfume so much. I like heavy and musky perfumes however I didn't expect that one to be so woody but I gave it a go in many occasions and I was extremely satisfied.

        The colour of the perfume was very light orange so I assumed it would not be that heavy wearing it as I thought the deeper the colour the heavier it will be. I was very surprised when I first tried it. The perfume was sweet and fruity in a classy way. The scent of fruits like icy pear and zesty Italian lime was so powerful along with the sweet green almond and vanilla beans that gave it the sweetness and sharpness at the same time. The smell of mahogany wood, amber granted it the woodiness and musky scent. The combination of oriental fruits and nuts gave it that nuttiness, sweetness and powerful smell but in delicate, sexy and playful way. Once I sprayed it on me, the fresh sweet scent was unpredictably blending nicely with my skin. I felt sexy, fresh and feminine and the fragrance lasted all day long even with the hottest days in the year.

        Some of the perfumes make me sneeze but not this one. It was so light and fresh that I didn't sneeze once. The smell did fade gradually but it was there on my hair and clothes for days and I loved it. I can say that this perfume is for any occasion because of it's lightness and good staying power.

        I bought mine form the perfume shop £28 for 50ml bottle and came with a free bag which I didn't find it useful but I was glad that I bought the perfume. You can find it in 5ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml online and on high street shops. I guess it's a bargain and I would like to recommend it for you all. It's fresh, sweet, sexy and in affordable price. It's the best Christmas or birthday gift you can give to any lady

        Thank you for reading my review.

        Mistee -Dreamz


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          10.10.2010 00:09
          Very helpful



          A great lasting fragrance

          Burberry Brit is a gorgeous scent with a fabulous staying power.

          It comes in the classic Burberry check pattered box, and the bottle although a simple rectangular design carries the destinctive Burberry pattern.
          The scent already scream's class and that's before the actual smelling of the stuff!!

          I believe this scent was released in 2003, so it has already been around a while, I however was only bought a bottle 2 years ago!

          I liked the look of it immediatly and therefore was so hoping to love the scent..... I very much did!

          It has a subtle light scent that I feel is what a quality perfume needs, none of this headache inducing over-powering-ness that some have.

          The cool top notes of Icy pear, Italian lime and crisp green almonds give this first impression of the scent, this proves a winner in my books as it's crisp and clean smelling, the heart notes, which kick in as soon as the initial top notes fade are sugared almond and white peony give this a sweet delicious, sexy scent, the almond tones give it sophistication!
          The lingering base notes of Amber, mahogany, vanilla and tonka beans give this a tantillising lasting scent. The heavier woods mixed with the light vanilla make a great combination, that isn't a heavy scent.

          It has staying power of at least 6 hours, which I feel is excellent seeing as only 2 quick spritz of fragrance is needed.

          This retails at around £26 in Boots stores, a fair price I think you'll agree.

          A truly Classic, Timeless scent that is suitable for any occasion at any time of the day.


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          09.10.2010 12:11
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          An unusual perfume but quite disapointing

          I must admit to being a bit of an expensive perfume fan and if I had more expendable cash I suspect my perfume shelf would be further brimming with Designer brands, I do find you tend to get what you pay for in the frangrance market.

          So imagine my excitement when my fella bought me Burberry Brit for my Birthday last year. Having never tried this particular brand fragrance before I was intrigued to see what it was like and must admit to being a little disappointed (but please don't tell my other half!)

          ** Burberry the Brand **

          Burberry is a British fashion design label that specialise in clothing, handbags and perfume.
          They have a distinctive trademarked Tartan pattern theme running through their designs.

          Thomas Burberry founded the company in 1856 opening a store in Basingstoke, Hampshire specialising in outdoor wear. Its current headquarters are in London and Burberry now have over 70 stores worldwide as well as online stores which provide product purchase facilities in the UK, USA & the EU.

          The Burberry Classic Check Tartan was first used as a lining for the Burberry trench coat in 1924 but it was not until 1967 that the design was widely used within the brand. Since then the Burberry Classic Check has become the defining feature of Burberry's lines (it is however a little unfortunate that Buberry became synonymous with Chav fashion in recent years).

          Burberry is now a globally recognised British Brand and has itself well established with the the fashion industry.

          ** The Perfume **

          Burberry Brit won the FIFI award in the Luxe category in 2004, this is an annual event in which the Fragrance Foundation provides awards for achievements and creative excellence in the Fragrance industry. The Luxe award is for the Womans fragrance of the year.

          Released in 2003 the Perfume is described by Buberry as "an intriguing green oriental frangrance that features a surprising mix of sugars and spices". According to their website this perfume is sold from in 50ml size for £40 and 100ml size for £50 (which clearly makes the 100ml version far better value). Bought in either size it is fairly expensive and holding out to find it on special offer is probably advisable. You can currently purchase a 30ml bottle from Boots for £25.34

          The perfume comes in a squared shaped bottle and is covered in the easily recognisable Burberry Tartan pattern in white against a heavy glass bottle. Not a bad looking bottle, feeling well made and easily identifiable as Burberry however not the prettiest design I have seen.

          The packaging claims that this frangrance contains scents including Pear, Green & sugared Almond vanilla beans, lime and mahogony wood. Thankfully I have to say when wearing this perfume which claims to have two types of Almond scents I did not smell like a lump of Marzipan (not that I don't like Marzipan, I just wouldn't want to smell like it!).

          ** My Opinion **

          The perfume itself has quite a distinctive smell however I am not sure I would consider it as "green oriental" (although if I am honest I am not entirely sure what "Green Oriental" is meant to imply?). I would describe the scent as slightly vanilla, quite spicy and sweet and extremely strong when first sprayed. There are also hints of citrus thrown in to the mix to make this quite an interesting and unique aroma although it may not be to everyones taste.

          I do find this quite an overpowering perfume at first and having learnt my lesson the hard way (almost suffocating myself with the strong aromas on a crowded bus) I tend to apply this sparingly. This does mean that a 100ml lasts well and I still have plenty left having owned this for over a year.

          The sweet perfume does die down fairly quickly and becomes quite a pleasant odour where the vanilla aromas shine through with a hint of spice. Having said that it does seem to have quite good lasting power and I do not need to reapply this regularly once on.

          I do not find this perfume particularly feminine (probably because it is lacking the floral ingredients that so many womens perfumes contain) however this can make a refreshing change once in a while. I do like the vanilla undertone and the spicy hint stops you smelling too much like an icecream.

          I do not wear this for special occasions but rather use this occasionally for more standard purposes (as an occasional change to my everyday perfume just to mix things up a little). I do not think the impact of the perfume is good enough to be saved for special events.

          I personally am not very keen on the simplistic design of the bottle and think a little more creativity could have been utilised in the making of this, especially considering the retail price of the perfume. However I expect the clean and simple design will appeal to some and the Tartan pattern makes it easily identifiable as a Burberry product.

          My other half claims that this is his favourite of all of my perfumes, although whether this is just because he spent so much money on it as a gift to me I can not be sure? As alot of my other perfumes are floral scented when changing to this one it is easily identifiable.

          When wearing this I do not receive many compliments on the way I smell which I think says a lot about its lack of impact in general of this perfume however no one has ever said they do not like the smell either.

          ** In Conclusion **

          Not a terrible perfume although I tend to prefer something a little more feminine and flowery. Although initially quite overpowering the perfume does settle down leaving a spicy vanilla scent which is quite pleasant.

          The scent is distinctive and unique however this means it will probably not be to everyone's taste therefore if you are considering this as a gift it might not be the safest choice.

          Considering the retail price it is not something I would consider purchasing again unless I found it at a bargain price during my shopping endeavours. The bottle has lasted me a long time but that is mainly because I do not wear it very often and only apply sparingly.

          I would not go out of my way to recommend this to friends but it can add a little variety to your perfume collection.


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            13.06.2010 20:56
            Very helpful



            One to try before you buy!

            When I saved myself enough pharmacy points to buy a new perfume, my friend who worked there, adviced me this Burberry perfume. I normally stick to my favourite brands Mexx and Esprit, but decided to buy this more expensive perfume because I really liked the sample I smelled when I was in the pharmacy store.

            **About Burberry**
            Burberry is a British house of fashion and was founded in 1856 by Thomas Burberry. The Burberry company started with selling raincoats but has expanded its assortment and now also sells babyclothes and men and women gear . The brand is stylish, a bit old fashioned and classic and very expensive. Burberry is famous for its red and brown striped/blocked pattern that you will find on many of their clothing designs as well as on handbags and their perfume bottles.

            **Burberry Brit for women**
            There also is a Burberry Brit for men available, but as I am a real girl (last time I checked) I ofcourse bought myself the female variation of this perfume. A 50ml bottle will cost around 30 Pounds and a 100 ml bottle will cost you around 40 Pounds.
            The bottle is transparant and made of glass, the cap and the front/back/side of the bottle have white stripes printed over them, these lines are placed horizontally and vertical, creating a bit of a Burberry pattern (but without the red color). The bottle looks nice but to my opinion, not too original.
            The spray button is silver.

            **The scent**
            There are two main ingredients in this perfume, that make the perfume smell great;
            -Karemom; a bean that comes from a plant from the ginger family.
            - Tonkabean; This comes from the Dipteryx Odorato, which is a tree that can be found in North America. The Tonkabean smells a bit like vanilla, combined with cinnamon.

            The scent of the perfume is best described as a bit spicy, strong but not too strong (when sprayed you do smell the spicy part of the perfume but that will wear off pretty quickly), what is left is a vanilla cinnamon scent that is pretty mild and descent.

            **My opinion**
            It is an expensive perfume, which I got with a major discount. I would recommend this perfume when you have a night out planned, it might be a bit too strong to wear daily. A luxurious perfume, that is nice but expensive.


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            27.01.2010 22:16
            Very helpful



            Nice, but theres better out there

            *** This is an Updated review from the original !!! ***

            Brand & Background
            Now this scent is a hard one to describe so bear with me. Just to brief you It's by the brand Burberry, now I feel as though this brands reputation has gone down slightly (mainly due to it's association with chavs) This is just my own opinion, but I do feel as though Burberry as a brand, are less popular, and less on the market as what it used to be. Now I've noticed that this particularly fragrance is less readily available than what it used to be. This product used to be available in boots, and is were I got my first proper sniff of it from a tester bottle. Priar to this I remember being around 14/15 I think and mum bought me the tiny 'minute' 5ml samples, and when I first smelt it; it smelt divine. I forgot about the scent, but then when I smelt it again a couple of years down the line the scent just brought a smile to my face.
            Since perfumes very expensive, I've started looking on Ebay at bottles, you can pick up almost new or half empty bottles a lot cheaper than you would on the high street. I've become to realise also that I have a lot of perfumes and only ever use one at a time; so it's not necessary to have a stash of completely full bottles.

            Price & Availability
            Below are some brief and quick stats I have got of the internet, you can see that often in some cases it works out more expensive to buy from Ebay. The reason behind this I feel is that because it's so difficult to find this on the high street, some people may not search the internet first for the discount websites, and instead to buy it straight away from Ebay.

            Ebay - 30ml - £18.35, 50ml - £23.95, 100ml - £37.95
            Cheap Smells - 30ml - £19.37, 100ml - £28.55

            Staying power
            Ok so what you really want to know is does it last? I'll honestly say I do have to top it up. I'll mention that this perfume is an Eau De Toilette (EDT) which means that it doesn't last as long as an (EDP) spray. However please be aware we all know that it's hard for us to smell a scent on ourselves it's often the compliment of another person which gives us hat reassurance that we are still smelling sweet.

            OK so the smell
            This is described on 'Cheap Smells' as "Classic, fresh and feminine with the soothing blend of amber, vanilla and the tonka bean. "

            I'll be honest with you and say I have no idea on what these smells are, and I won't even try and pretend like I can smell this in the product; so here goes my take on the description. It's definitely not flowery, the initial scent is very strong and distinctive I would say, its quite a 'dark' scent (in the way it's not fresh smelling I wouldn't say) Musky is possibly another description as well I think.

            I would reccomend this product to at least try, as the scen is so un-usual; but in my opinion to me very appealing. I will point out I don't think it would be to everyones taste, but personally I enjoy it. You do have to re-apply which can be very 'faffy'; not only having to carry your perfume around, but having to keep spraying it.

            Peronally I don't I would re-purchase, simply due to it's staying power only


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            30.12.2009 16:47
            Very helpful



            6 out of 10

            I received this as a christmas present this year, and whilst it is a perfume I have heard of but would never really buy for myself with Burberry being a brand that does not particularly appeal to me.

            The bottle was a 30ml Eau de Toilette, and came in the traditional Burberry checked packaging, which again does not particularly appeal to me.

            Burberry Brit has notes of lime, icy pear, green almond, white peony, sugared almond, mahogany wood, very warm and intense amber, vanilla beans and tonka beans.

            It was described as "fresh green floral" when it was released, but I do not find it particularly green, it is far too sweet to be called fresh, and it is not predominantly a floral. The top notes are pretty citrussy with lots and lots of sugary saccharine about it whilst also being slightly oriental.

            It warms up to a soft vanilla woods scent with a bit of amber, the top notes disappear rather quickly in these cold times we are having, I wonder how it will fare in summer.

            I think I would not wear this in the height of summer as it may be too much, the calmness of the scent in the cold weather is just enough for me.

            It is not my favourite perfume I must say but it is perfectly acceptable and middle of the road. I thought the bottle was not particularly pretty nor did I like the Burberry checks, that is because it is just not my thing though. It is all too middle of the road for my palate, it is the equivalent of the colour beige.

            However the smell does last long and many people commented on the fragrance. I prefer the smell after about an hour or so of being worn on the skin, when it fades down to amber and vanilla, I find this the most appealing.

            I would wear this any day, any time, so it is a versatile fragrance, however I would not buy it myself nor give it as a gift.

            6 out of 10.


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            02.04.2007 15:45



            Great Scent

            This is my first review, I do apologise for any mistakes I will write this review to the best I can.
            Valentines Day this year, my husband brought me some perfume that I have never had before.
            He is always worried that I might not like the scent, because I am very fussy about my perfumes.
            On Valentines Day I opened my present I knew it was perfume and it was a bottle of Burberry Brit, now I was worried that I would not like it.
            After trying this perfume, I was in love with it.
            This perfume has a lovely vanilla /Spice scent not to over powering as some perfumes can be.
            With most perfumes the scent soon disappears, with this one I found it to stay on most of the day, I did not need to use as much as I usually do.
            The bottle is quite a large bottle with the famous Burberry logo over the bottle so looks great.
            Burberry Brit is available in the following sizes 5ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml,prices start as little as £3.50- £22.50.
            Burberry have other perfumes in there range, like London, Touch, Weekend, Tender Touch, Burberry London, Burberry Brit Red but I must say this is the best Burberry perfume I have tried.
            Prices vary from different shops and they are quite reasonable I have found shopping online for fragrances with Fragrance direct is very reasonable and quick delivery.

            Thanks for taking the time to read my review.



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          • Product Details

            Epitomises modern day British style and is a timeless scent with a spirited attitude / This classic, fresh and feminine eau de parfum is an intriguing green oriental frangrace that features a surprising mix of sugars and spices / It features top notes of lime, iced pear and green almond, heart notes of white peony and dragee and base notes of mahogany, amber, vanilla and tonka bean.

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