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    7 Reviews
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      23.07.2012 22:25



      good but not perfect

      This is a good product for the average uses, but the 950 watts are not enough for the extreme uses (that are supposed to work, according to the manual), such as making shakes with ice-cubes. For all the ice cubes to be chopped finely, you need to have the machine work for a long time, but that warms up the whole drink. or, if you make a vegan milkshake, grinding nuts, the nut don't get completely smoothly pureed.

      another disadvantage is that for using the small bowl, you need to put it is the two bigger bowls, and then you need to wash all three bowls. so each time you use the machine, you wash very many parts.

      big other disadvantage is that, as described in another review, sometimes you plug in the cable and right away the thing is on and running. scary, especially when children are next to you.

      this is a good appliance, but certainly not perfect.


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      25.07.2011 22:40
      Very helpful


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      Absolutly brilliant food processor, worthwhile purchase

      I never intended to purchase this food processor thinking over 200 quid was far too much considering you can pick them up for 20 quid these days.
      The only reason i purchased it was after being stitched up by house of fraser and ended up with a credit note instead of the refund i should have been sent. I had no time to argue about it, so thought i'd just blow it on something before they managed to mess up the credit note as well.
      After initially thinking why on earth am i blowing this much on a food processor, my mind changed when i opened the box.

      The unit is built solidly and is heavy. The bits and pieces come with a neat case to store them all and everything feels very sturdy.

      I've since been using it for nearly a year and i am delighted with my purchase. It is infinity better than any cheapies i've had in the past. It has enhanced my cooking no end, and i'm able to cook so many things that i couldn't without it. No matter what i throw at it, it never jams. It chops, liquidises, grates, slices literally everything i throw at it.

      If this one ever dies, there is only one thing i will consider replacing it with. I am absolutely sold and i take back my initial opinions that it was overpriced. It costs a lot more because its better than the others out there. You wont be disappointed if you purchase one of these.


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      16.01.2011 21:50
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      Great product that you should buy ASAP!

      At £229.99 the Magimix Food Processor isn't the cheapest processor on the market but it does the job much better than the Tefal that my wife used to own. We have a lot of people over for lunch and with two toddlers there just isn't the time to be slicing, dicing and mixing.

      The Magimix makes short work of all these jobs. What my wife tells me she likes most about this product that it is much quieter than the Tefal and gets the job done in half the time. It does use twice the power wattage though so be warned that if you're on a tight budget in terms of electricity then it might just be worth slicing and dicing your own food.

      For the first time the other day I used the Magimix to grate some cheese and it did so perfectly although it did take a good five minutes to clean. You can pick up this product anywhere on your local high street but I advise you to go to Argos for the best deal.


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        03.10.2010 18:54
        1 Comment



        goo machine

        This processor is a heavy and quality item. It comes with 3 mixing bowls, 3 double edged blades,a geared egg whisk and a spatula. It also comes with 5 round discs. The unit is supplied with a storage container that is oddly designed to hold just 4 of the round discs. The large bowl can be mainly used for baking and the medium one for fruit and vegetable slicing. The smallest bowl can be useful for making baby food etc.
        The manual is available to download as are the recipes. This is useful to print your favourite recipes to stop you ruining the manual in the first week. This unit is fantastic for making cake mixes and batter etc but not so good for vegetable slicing. The unit is also quite well interlocked to stop it operating without the cover on, but the one thing I don't like is the on/off switch is not fail safe. If you leave it on and stop it by turning it off at the wall socket, it will come on spinning the minute power is restored . Overall, it's a very good machine, but not as quiet or as easy to clean


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          14.09.2010 10:01
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          If you would use this enough then it is a must have

          I think in your kitchen it is always good to have a very well equipped food processor which is of very good quality. With quite a few food processors on the market today you will always have quite a decision on your hands so it is important you pick well and not just pick the cheapest. The Magimix 4200xl instantly caught my eye when I was looking for a food processor and even though the price tag is quite hefty I knew it would be worth the money in the long run.


          The price for this food processor is around the £220 figure which I know is a big price tag. You have to rememeber though that if you use it even a couple of times a week you will end up getting good value for money. For that price you would also expect it to do everything plus more of what you need it to do and it does. You just need to read reviews to see how highly this is rated from customers.

          Functions and Size

          With the price tag being high you may expect this to be very difficult to use but it is quite the opposite actually. You simply get 3 different functions which are On, Off and Pulse. This I thought was a very good thing because I didn't really want one that would be over technical and instead would just be very good at what it is needed for. The size of this food processor is also pretty big and heavy. I wouldn't recommend purchasing this if you don't have space to leave it out. The last thing you want is to be constantly putting it in and out everytime you want to use it.

          Quality and Cleaning

          The quality of this was brilliant and I was very happy with it. No matter what you put in it whether it is small or big you will get very good results from it. You will need to make sure however that you just put in what you need because I find that if you put to much of something in the processor will cause a mess and you will be left with a messy kitchen. The cleaning of this is also very easy and wouldn't cause any problems for anyone. I never had to deal with anything getting stuck in the blades so that was a positive for me.


          Unlike quite a few other food processors this one seems to be very quiet when being used. I have found that I could easily hold a conversation whilst it was on without getting frustrated or raising my voice because the processor was loud.


          Overall I think that this food processor is one of the best on the market today. Don't get me wrong for the price you would expect everything plus more and this is exactly what this food processor offers. If you would be someone who would use this a couple of times a week then I would highly recommend it to you however if you wouldn't use it that much I think the price is a bit to much to pay.


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            09.01.2010 02:00
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            Love it!

            I'll put this simply. If you're looking for a new food processor, buy the Magimix 4200. And no, I don't work for them.
            For various reasons I've been without any kind of food processor for a couple of years even though I cook everything from scratch. So I spent ages researching different models, wanting to get it right. Eventually I decided on the Magimix 4200 because there seemed to be a good ratio between cost and features and reports suggested good reliability.
            So what do you get? There is 950 watt base unit with three bowls of varying sizes that can be stored on the unit. A variety of cutters and blenders come in a separate, compact container that can be stored alongside or in a cupboard.
            There are only three functions on the base unit: On, Off and Pulse so it's simple to use.
            The three bowls mean that there is less wastage if you are processing smaller amounts. On the other hand, there is an extra wide feed funnel for large items such as potatoes and whole fruit. And the largest bowl copes with processing something such as soup for a four person family quite happily.
            The unit is very quiet - it's actually possible to talk to someone else in the kitchen while you're using it.
            Blades included are: 2 x slicing discs; 2 x grating discs; a French fry disc; 2 x Sabatier blades; 1 x egg whisk and 1 x dough blade. The latter is interesting because I've only ever used dough hooks before and I find myself still doing most of the kneading by hand. But the blade certainly gets the dough together ready for kneading in less than a minute.
            It comes with a simple instruction booklet.
            So why might you decide not to buy this processor?
            I would only advise this if you have space to leave the base unit on the kitchen work surface because it's quite heavy and bulky. And it has suction pads underneath that Spiderman would be proud of. Once it's in position, it's only moving with a fight. For me, that's an advantage because it means I use it almost without thinking but if you're short of surface space, I think it would be annoying (although excellent exercise) to be putting it away and taking it out every time you wanted to use it.
            The container for the cutters is too small to take the largest blade and it can't stay in the bowl when all three bowls are stacked. It's a small but irritating point.
            The blade seems to sit quite high in the bowl, meaning that, depending on what you're doing, a lot of food can be left unprocessed.
            The simplicity of the base unit might be a drawback to someone used to manual speed selection.
            It's not very forgiving. If you are tempted to overfill the bowl with liquid, it will get its own back by spurting the contents over a surprisingly large distance. That's not a criticism because I know it was my fault but other processors I've used have had a bit more tolerance.
            I can't comment on how it will cope with bad treatment - unusually I haven't dropped or burned any part of it (yet!).
            I've tried to be objective and look at some of the disadvantages but to be honest, I'm really happy with it

            This review also now appears on ciao


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              09.07.2009 15:37
              Very helpful



              If it ever breaks down I am going to replace it with the same

              Three months back I dropped one of my Kenwood kitchen chef bowls and it split just like that , while I was having a hard time finding a place to buy a replacement bowl , I kept coming across the name Magimix ..and its replacement bits . Instead of spending a £25 for the jar plus postage on top(the cheapest I could find) , I decided to give away my old old mixie/food-processor and invest a lot of dooyoo miles and some cash in a new Magimix 4200 one from Amazon . Here is what I have to say about it...

              Whats in the package:

              Well the package when it came, was rougly around 12.5kgs .... Not that heavy if you have strong arms. My 3 year old was wondering why the picture of the processor wasn't on the carton and we soon discovered that the actual company carton was within . This pack looked quite compact even before I had opened the box and inside was one of the most tenderly packed home appliance I am yet to come across..every bit of the pack had loads of thermocol packaging providing support to all the parts sitting snug within. This alone must have amounted to a 750gms .

              On top was a glossy instruction manual with around a hundred pages worth of easy to prepare recipes. I was impressed at the richly coloured elaborate photographs and diagrams.

              There was the base motor unit which is a bit heavy(all the better to sit firmly on your counter is my guess), sturdy and square . It has the power cable and three easy to use buttons namely on, off and pulse... nothing techy , scary or too modern . I would say it has the look of something classy and stylish while it still retains all the ease of use from the years gone by ... my nana would love this .

              The three jars are in the sizes of- mini (1.2litre), midi (2.6 litre) and main (3.0 litre)
              ) .. for a family of two, four and a big one for batch cooking . The jars all fit one into the other for compactness while storing and don't take up too much counter space. The jars are all made of clear reinforced plastic and feel sturdy ...clumsy me..I have already had the opportunity to drop it and its survived the impact. The top of the feeder has a measuring cup that serves as a continuation of the lid too. In the XL model the feeder is really wide and facilitates the insertion of whole vegetables ..like whole large potatoes for making French chips, or whole apples for slicing.

              There is a very handy blade-storing box , which clicks shut and would be very secure in a house having very young kids. This box has a clear lid and the base has slots that store the various blades and slicers . The normal simple/basic pack I bought has a dough-blade , a 2 mm slicer( I was impressed at what it did to a tomato , the perfection of the slices was a magic in itself ) and shredder in the same blade on reversible surfaces , a 4mm slicer and shredder -once again on reversible surfaces , a spatula , a 4 inch sabatier blade (it has edges whit corrugations making it exteremely sharp) and an 8 inch sabatier blade , whipping blade , egg blender and a big citrus press .

              The jars and the blades were supposed to be washed with warm soapy water prior to the first use.

              Placement :

              The Food -processor is very compact , though it appears to look monstrous in the picture it is roughly about 7inchesX 7 X12inches and the blade box takes up a 5inch X 8inch space.

              The processor should be placed near an electrical output and according to the manufacturers instruction should be at least 3 inches from the counters edge in case of moving about while in use . Small suction feet on the motor units base anchor the mixer to the work top.

              What does it do :

              If I say it has taken over my place in the kitchen , with the exception of stirring things in the pot ... it wouldn't be exaggerating , but jokes apart .. the equipment is really handy and efficient. My partner and myself both love to cook from scratch and this processor has made it that much easier and enjoyable experience for us.

              When using the midi or mini bowl you will have to place them within the maxi bowl and fit in the appropriate blade and then turn them till they click into position.

              The machine boasts of 28 functions, batch bake or cook for your deep freeze, this model gives you all the scope you need. The functions comprise of pastry (1.4kg), bread dough (1kg), brioche (850g), blending (1.3 litre), choping (meat) (1kg), mincing , grating (carrots) (1kg) and whipping Egg Whites (6).

              My partner is Indian and she regularly uses the bakery standard dough blades( they are not hooks ..but rather curvy thick blades ) for making chapatti/ various flat-bread dough... it can be done in the maxi jar and can knead a max of 1kg flour at a go. It takes roughly about 3 minutes for the entire process. The difference in this function in comparision to my kitchen chef is that there is a dough blade instead of the dough hook you get in other food-processors... the dough blade scoops away the flour more efficiently while folding in which is fab... I always found some untouched flour along the sides when using my kitchen chef.

              She has also ground various batches of soaked lentil and made ginger-garlic , onions to paste and dry whole spices and was chuffed with the outcome.

              I have had the luck to come out with perfect sliced cucumber, tomatoes, carrot match-stick and , blended baby food , ice-slushies, smoothies , garted cheese ,minced/ground meat for pies and meat-balls...took 2 mins, fairy cakes and meringue ( I didn't know I could even make them with my kids) and even ground almonds for a cake.

              Efficiency of Work:



              Available quite widely in most electrical shops , mine was from amazon.

              Replacement parts very reasonable and easily available which is a good news for clumsy experimenter .

              It is a top class processor that does everything and a bit more than what its competitors do and at half the price... mine was £161 from amazon( usually costs around £150-215 when I had bought my kitchen chef it was £300 ish a 4 years back). Very professional in its work, I no longer convinced that Kenwood is a superior brand in anyway.

              The motor has a guarantee of 12 years and all the parts a warranty of 3 years from the manufacturer.

              The motor is a 950w induction motor and seems very powerful.

              My little one is scared of loud sounds , but the low hum of this appliance took us all by surprise . It manages to grind cinnamons well while its humming... a happy gadget for a happy home, what else can I say.

              Like I have said before , it is an old age processors with the added frills of being disguised in a modern look and speed.

              It does not move about when switched on .

              It comes in a range of colour like cream, white, silver, red and black to suit most kitchen background.

              The three bowls come in excellent sizes for different sized families and is handy when entertaining people for a meal.

              The bowls and lid are easy to clean. You just need to wipe clean the base and use bottle-brush for the blades.

              The lid doesn't click shut unless the blade and jars are properly fitted thus preventing a splatter.

              There is scope of upgrading or adding other additional blades from the same range ..like mincer , french fries blade, pasta sieve etc. If you choose the XL model you get an extra lagre (XL) feeding tube on the lid , which is great if you are keen on making home made chips(yum with steak) , or using whole fruits and veggies.

              Excellent instructions-cum-recipe booklet supplied with the pack.

              The sabatier blades in comparison to normal blades have fine ridges that make the blades extra sharp and retain their sharpness for a longer time.

              It is better than the last model 3200 and the updated model 5200 and amazon shows a 5 star rating based on the nearly 300 pieces it has sold so far .

              Buying this and writing this review is just going to get me some more dooyoo miles..yooohooo, what can be better .


              The blades are very sharp and you need to be careful while cleaning them , but it isn't really a big deal .

              As you need to place the smaller two jars within the largest bowl while working with smaller quantities at times the maxi bowl gets dirty too .

              Real baby amounts cannot be blended as the mini jar is 1.2 and then you need to add loads of liquid to compensate if not properly filled.

              The mini and midi bowls are more like mixing bowls and have no handles , which can be a pain if you've blended/ grated slippery stuff.

              You can't really grind wet/soaked stuff ..it simply gets chopped into very fine pieces instead of a paste.

              Price and Availibility:

              Mine cost £161 from Amazon . You can get them from £150-£215 from most shops that sell kitchen appliances.

              The point to note is that every colour comes with a different price tag, the silver one is priced at the most . I was happy to save £40 on a not so popular white, which suited my kitchen fine, the creams are even cheaper , so just browse through the options available.

              As a note :

              Its apparent that the pros outweigh the cons and who knows when and if you decide to buy one of these yourself , you would be able to add more to the above list and share it with us too. I love the name magimix... it does what it says, it whips up magic in my kitchen , even making a boring salad has become fun now.

              Magimix4200 is an excellent must have kitchen appliance that is reasonably priced , efficient , classy , flexible and robust all at the same time and I would definitely recommend it to my family and friends and anyone who wants to learn about food processors before taking the plunge.


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            • Product Details

              Magimx food processors are highly versatile quality products which can chop, slice, shred, mix, grate, blend, juice, whisk, and liquidize / Short name: Magimix 4200XL

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