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Corsair Flash Voyager 32 GB

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3 Reviews

Corsair Flash Voyager - USB flash drive - 32 GB - Hi-Speed USB

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    3 Reviews
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      03.09.2009 22:43
      Very helpful



      Thanks For Reading

      This is the Corsair Flash Voyager 32 GB flash drive, it allows a massive volume of data to be able to carried around with you and it can be used for all manners of computer data. It claims to be "rugged, stylish, compact, and reliable" and in reality it blows away the manufacturer's description surpassing my own expectations and proving itself worthy of even the most demanding user.

      The build quality of the flash drive is excellent. Compressing of cushioned rubber it can withstand a large variety of drops, knocks and its even water proof. While I'm not brave enough to put any claims to the test, there are a number of videos on YouTube that show this flash drive being smashed off the ground, being put through the washing machine, and being run over. This combined with the ten year warranty is very reassuring in knowing that your data (should) be safe.

      The design of the drive is very 'flash,' and looks professional and stylish. While I imagine the design may not be to everyone's liking I personally like the ascetic appeal as well as the actual feel of the drive.

      Naturally the performance has to live up to the capacity and thankfully in terms of data transfer speeds the Voyager doesn't disappoint. This flash drive seems to excel while dealing with large files which it moves back and forward much faster than any other drive I've used to date. But I would say that the speed of this flash drive is average if not just above average when dealing with smaller files.

      It is compatible with Windows Vista despite not saying "Vista Compatible" and is also able to be used with Vista Ready Boost should you wish to.

      To date I've never had any problems with reliability. It works first time and every time out of my pocket, recognised as a mass storage device everywhere I plug it in without ever losing a single file or suffering from corrupt data.

      The only drawback is that the physical size of the flash drive as it's bigger than many if not most others currently on the market. At the same time this can also be an advantage as you are perhaps less likely to lose a bigger object. However the size also means that when it's plugged into your computer it partially blocks any adjacent USB ports preventing you from having anything else plugged in at the same time.

      The actually capacity of the flash drive can also be a disadvantage. If you ever are unfortunate enough to lose it then you potentially loose a huge amount of data. Therefore it's good practice to keep a back-up of its contents on your computer just as a safe guard.

      Smaller than an external hard drive and able to withstand so much more in terms of punishment. An ideal solution for those needing a high capacity ultra portable almost indestructible method of transferring or carrying data of any nature with them.

      You can currently buy this item on Amazon.co.uk for £55.56 which works out at roughly £1.74 per gigabyte. That is more expensive than some other similar capacity drives (such as the 32Gb ByteStor Dataferry" at £46.99) but considering the advantages that I've mentioned above, I feel that the Corsair Voyager is well worth the cost.

      (I'm a reviewer on Amazon, and some my reviews are copied from there to dooyoo. Please feel free to check out my Amazon profile under my real name of Mr Andrew M Kerr.)


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        13.11.2008 12:34
        Very helpful



        Excellent all round. does the job - too well some might say.

        Unbelievable. The size of this drive - it is so small and the envy of my friends.

        32GB is a massive amount of storage space - especially when most manufacturers are selling very highly priced 4gb & 8gb drives - and these are no name drives.

        The reliability is excellent. I have been storing large pictures and mp3's on this and the amount you can store is excellent. In fact I was trying to fill it to see if there are any issues on speed once it is full.

        Of course, there are none.

        The other advantage of this drive is that if you visit teh Corsair website you can download "truecrypt" which is an encryption programme specifically designed for this drive and the 64gb version above this.

        The programme works superbly and makes an already small, pocket drive very, very secure.

        Overall an excellent drive, and being rubber encased is not only waterproof but also drop proof.


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          29.08.2008 19:09



          The best USB on the market

          This flash drive is amazing. How can something so small have 32Gb of storage on it?
          32GB is huge! I have stored so many full length films on mine and backed up all of my documents and i still have around 3 gb to fill!
          Best of all this stick is 'rugged' meaning you can bash it drop it kick it and it will still store all your data! I always drop mine out of my pocket, but to be honest I am sure the stick can stand up to it! It has a rubber like substance which cushions it when it falls
          The 10 year warranty is a superb gesture from Corsair although if your drive fails and you get a new one its not really the point as you will have already lost all your data!
          My previous flash drive was a sandisk which came with loads of stupid software all over it (useless) but this one came with nothing on it... just loads and loads of storage space!
          Forget other memory sticks buy this one and backup your documents NOW!


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      • Product Details

        The Corsair Flash Voyager family of USB drives is rugged, stylish, compact, and reliable, making them ideal for transporting MP3s, digital images, presentations and more. Flash Voyager drives are fully Plug and Play with most operating systems and are backward compatible with USB 1.1. Their durable rubber casing is easy to grip and water resistant.

        The Flash Voyager product line is both enclosed in the Corsair proprietary all-rubber Flash Voyager housing. Boasting water-resistant properties, these drives allow users to carry more valuable data and applications without compromise. Several reviews of the Flash Voyager products have demonstrated the ruggedness, durability, and reliability of the Flash Voyager family. The Flash Voyager has been shown laundered, baked, frozen, boiled, dropped, and even run over by a SUV in many third party reviews. After all the punishment it receives, the drive continues to work.

        Technical Data

        Product Description: Corsair Flash Voyager - USB flash drive - 32 GB
        Product Type: USB flash drive
        Storage Capacity: 32 GB
        Interface Type: USB 2.0
        Software Included: Drivers & Utilities
        OS Required: Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition, Apple MacOS X / MacOS 9, Linux 2.4 or later, Microsoft Windows 2000 / XP
        Manufacturer Warranty: 10 years warranty