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Reebok I Run Plus Treadmill

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Fitness Equipment

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    5 Reviews
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      01.08.2010 11:53
      Very helpful



      recommended for the average person, not for serious health enthusiasts

      I newly bought this treadmill for £499.89 with Argos and so far it delivers what you'd expect.

      The speed range covers 1-14KPH which, even at the top end isn't hugely fast, however, it makes the treadmill useful for people who want to maintain a healthy fitness rather than more vigorous training. Also, there are 5 pre-set programmes which really provide variation, allowing you to challenge yourself at alternating speeds rather than getting used to one set level. This was useful for me as it meant i'm not getting bored of using the treadmill. Another great feature are the incline settings, i really love this because it adds another more life-like challenge of running up steeper surfaces and can be set as far as 4% inclination.

      The LCD monitor is usefully backlit so you can easily check you're progress while running and shows you your time, distance, speed, and calories which is great to help you set yourself targets. The monitor also features a pulse reading which is gained by holding on to the metal sensors, however i did not think this was very accurate, changing when you adjust your positioning on the sensors.

      As size goes the treadmill is H131 W80 L161cm unfolded so can easily fit in a moderately sized room. It can also fold flat which is a really useful feature for compact storage when you're not using it or you need some extra space. It even has transport wheels which i found really useful if you want to move the treadmill to a different part of the room.
      The running surface is 120X41cm which although long is very narrow so you often have to keep an eye on how far your strides are deviating from the center. However after using the machine for a while i managed to adjust to this.

      I would definately recommend buying this treadmill for anyone who just wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle without over doing it.


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      09.03.2009 11:59
      Very helpful



      You get what you pay for; half the price for half the quality

      Ok I thought I would write a review about the Reebok I Run +, mainly because I wanted to highlight the difference between this runner compared to the more expensive models out there. The last runner I reviewed was the Horizon Elite 507 which came in at a touch over £1000. This is an expensive treadmill, but it came with everything you need from a running machine. The Reebok I Run + is considerably cheaper, but as the old saying goes, "You get what you pay for", in this case, a running machine that does half a job. Let me explain.


      1.75 horsepower (HP) continuous

      Now the engine on this machine is actually not bad for the money you are paying for it. Clearly Reebok understand that on any runner, this is the most important bit. The key word here is "continuous motor". This basically means two things. One the motor will not short out after continual use (many peak motors will cut out as they have an inbuilt thermostat to prevent overheating), you will comfortably get two hours of continual training out of the motor (Important if you're training for marathons). Secondly continuous motors maintain an even level of speed much better than peak motors. A peak motor's speed that is said to be travelling at 10km/h could be as low as 8kph or as high as 12km/h, therefore its not giving a true account of the actual speed. This is not helpful if you are training for a timed race like a marathon. 1.75 horsepower is just about adequate (more expensive machines have a 2.5/3 HP motor), this is reflected in the top speed below.

      0 - 14 km/H speed range (0 - 8.6 mph)

      This is a real worry for me, 8.6mph (14km/h) is not that quick. This really alienates this piece of kit, as anybody who is slightly above average in their running would not be serviced well from this machine. In particular, the machine would be fairly useless for club/elite athletes running shorter long distance races (800m, 1500m, 3000m) because the speed would be too low. The machine is geared towards longer distances and would have enough basic speed for the average marathon trainer or someone looking to lose weight/build up basic stamina. Just to give you a clearer picture. I am a regular gym goer but definitely not a massive fan of running. In my training (20minute warm up) I would run between 12 and 14 km/h which is the top end of this machine! If I wanted to actually train specifically to improve my running, the machine does not offer enough progression through its basic speed.

      Two level manual incline

      To achieve the same level of resistance as running outside, a treadmills incline has to be increased by 2%. This machine covers this very basic incline, however does not offer any opportunity for a steeper incline. I do see this as a big problem. For example, for many people out there in particular those wanting to lose weight or the elderly, they may be starting their exercise regime by just walking. Generally a trainer will then increase their programme by either increasing the speed (Not really that suitable for elderly or obese clients) or by increasing the level of incline (Much better way to increase the intensity without increasing the speed). Therefore with only two levels of incline, this machine is once again very limited.

      Large LCD display with back light

      Quite a sexy little display and easy to navigate. The screen is clear enough and shows the basic variables of time/distance/heart rate/calories. No frills but shows the basics.

      6 pre-set programme

      This is the biggest clue into the design of the machine, nearly all of the programmes are geared towards weight loss as opposed to improved aerobic performance. Again the more expensive machines give you far more options to help a) keep your training interesting b) keep you improving. If you're the type of person who only really uses the manual speed settings then this machine is fine. If you like working to pre-set programmes then this machine is adequate but limited.

      Wheels for portability

      This really is an industry standard on treadmills now. It does help with moving the machine around, all be it this machine is incredibly light (I'll come onto that in a minute!)

      Hand grip heart rate monitor

      Again this is standard for most runners these days. Two metallic handles on the bar in front of you. Not the easiest to use at higher speeds and I'm also a little sceptical of how accurate they are. I prefer a separate heart rate watch and strap if your serious about heart rate training, they offer more functionality and are definitely more accurate.

      40 x 125 cm walking/running surface

      Now this is really small, infact, it is THE smallest running surface I've come across! Now essentially this shouldn't be a problem because on a running machine, your stride come into play that much because the running belt is moving for you (Essentially your running in the same spot the whole time). However, the length of the stride is not the issue here. it's the width that is a problem. You would only have to have a slight loss of concentration and one of your feet could hit the side of the machine, propelling you head first into the attractive dial at the front! Seriously this happens often in gyms when people start getting tired or are checking someone out on the other machines! There is not much room for error on this machine! That said, on a plus point, the machine is extremely small making it easy to store away.

      Foldable for easy storage

      As mentioned above, the machine is easy to store and will practically fit under your bed it is so narrow. The running deck lifts up easily and the wheels make it easy to manoeuvre.

      Available in 5 colours

      Not much to say about this, the white and orange design is by far the best, this is a good looking piece of kit. Definitely marketed toward the ladies I think.

      Maximum user weight 100kg (220 lbs)

      This could be an issue for some. 100kg is a reasonable user weight recommendation, however the machine would definitely be exposed if its being used by a heavier individual. The machine itself only weighs 60kg in a bid to be lightweight and functional. It does mean that if you are in the 100kg weight bracket, this machine in my opinion would not be sturdy enough and I would definitely suggested a more robust machine like anything built by York.

      161 (L) x 80 (W) x 131 (H) cm floor
      159 (L) x 80 (W) x 47 (H) cm folded

      Now this is extremely small for a runner and I commend Reebok for their space saving design. However this has one major floor............the weight.

      Machine weight 60kg

      At 60kg, this machine is one of the lightest on the market. This is sold as a plus as its small, easy to store away etc. However in terms of its use it exposes its biggest downside. Even on mlight jogging I found that the machine was a) a touch noisy and b) It did not feel sturdy. In fact with every increase in speed, the machine became less and less sturdy. This really was disappointing (The reason I didn't purchase it!), because its not doing the most basic of jobs. It felt cheap, you had none of the assurance and confidence that a sturdier machine gives you and your left thinking the machines build quality is poor. This is a major pitfall with this machine.


      The cost of this machine did not change significantly wherever I looked......but be aware there is a new model (I Run +) and an old model. Very similar but this review is on the newer model. This is reflected in the price.

      Fitness-superstore.co.uk £349 Old model (I Run)
      Kelkoo £349 Old model (I Run)
      Amazon £449 New model (I Run +)

      In conclusion, the Reebok I Run + is a cheaper alternative for those who wish to incorporate running into their home exercise regime. It is half the price of its more illustrious competitors, but you get half the build quality and functionality. This machine is ideal for beginners to average runners, however has too many limitations for the more experienced runner.

      I hope this information helps,

      Kind Regards,



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        02.03.2009 20:54
        Very helpful



        If you just want to get fit as opposed to becoming a pro runner, this will do just fine.

        Like pretty much anyone else who's thinking about getting one of these, I bought it with the intention of getting fit, without spending big bucks on a treadmill. Course the cheapest way of doing this is to just get out there and run, but I'm not a fan of the cold, wet, dark etc. etc., basically I'm pretty lazy and if I can come up with any excuse not to do something, I won't do it!

        So I bought an I-Run, thinking I'd take it with a pinch of salt, it's not going to be as good as a professional machine at that price, but it's expensive enough to force me into using it once in a while.

        So it comes pretty much ready made, in fact I don't think I had to do anything, it was just folded flat in the box. It comes with a few tools for adjusting the belt and doing a bit of maintainance, along with some oil to go under the conveyor to help keep things smooth.

        To use the thing, well it's better than I'd expected. You just lay it flat, flip up a lever and lift the handles, clip on the safety key and you're away. Course you can't adjust incline while you're running, which does make workouts a little boring but if you fancy a change you can lower the back, giving you more of an uphill workout.

        Once you get going, the first thing you notice is that nice big display, which shows everything at a glance, Kcals, miles/km's covered, time, speed, even pulse, though the pulse feature is a little intermittant and you'd be much better with something to clip on your finger or chest instead of having to hold on to the bars. Personally I'd rather just stop for 15 seconds and take my pulse the old fashioned way anyway.

        The platform is a little narrow, and a little short, but it's workable, I'm just under 6ft and I find I have to concentrate a little bit on where my feet are going. It's got a bit of a sprung surface so running on the I-Run is quite kind on your joints. Speed goes up in 1/10th's of a mph, starting at 0.5mph going up to 8.8mph. Amazingly it still feels pretty stable at this speed, which says a lot from a machine of this price.

        Another slightly annoying feature is that the nice fancy display unit doesn't really tilt high enough, and I find I sometimes have to crouch to read it clearly. Tied in with the small platform I get the feeling that this was designed for the fairer sex.

        It looks quite good as well, perhaps a little tacky given that it's mostly plastic, the plastic handles move slightly and if you accidentally kick the motor housing, it doesn't sound all that strong. It does occasionally creak a bit too, but otherwise it's fairly quiet. It would appear that it's built to last too, mine's a year old now, and I've used it somewhere between 1-4 times a week, put it through it's paces and it's still going strong.

        The biggest issue I have is that if you step wrong, the conveyor can slip forward, or slow down perhaps, just for a split second. You get used to running around this, but the first time it happens is extremely unnerving.

        Don't think that I'm putting the machine down though, I really enjoy it, and yes it has helped me get fit. I'm a firm believer that with exercising, you have to choose to make a commitment, so buying a treadmill is a great idea, you'll feel obliged to use it, even if just for a month or two, purely because you've just spent all that money on the thing!

        One suggestion though, while the I-Run is fine, I would say if you can afford a better machine, get it, if you're willing to spend over £500 go to a proper sports shop and have a play, you'll only regret it otherwise. If however you don't think you'll ever need anything more than just a manual incline, 8.8mph machine, then you can't go far wrong with the I-Run.


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          11.01.2009 10:58
          1 Comment



          If you're looking for a treadmill but dont have thousands to shell out, this one's for you.

          After deciding that I really should get fit but couldnt go out running in the mornings due to it being pitch black and freezing I looked at buying a treadmill. This is by far the best one I found because it looks so much more modern than all the rest (that look like they are for real die-hard fitness types), it really simple to use and it folds away to nothing and can be stored upright against a wall, or flat under the bed etc. You get a backlit display which shows how far you've been, how many calories burned, and the time you've been running for. The buttons are really simple, theres go, stop, up and down. It comes ready assembled which is a bonus, but you get oil with it and it doesnt tell you anywhere what to do with it! its quite a quiet machine, and it'll do everything you want a treadmill to do for a great price.
          An added bonus is it comes in lots of funky colours!!


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            01.12.2008 20:32
            Very helpful
            1 Comment




            This threadmill was bought by my mother and wasn't being used much so I took it off her. She bought it from Argos for £499 but now it is on offer for only £333, if anyone is interested in buying it.
            These are it's main features:

            Mains powered.

            Manual elevation.

            2 section adjustment.

            Running surface (H)40, (W)120cm.

            Hand grip pulse sensor.

            Detail of programmes quick start, 3 target program, 3 preset programmes.

            Console type back lit LCD 1 window.

            Feedback details speed, time, distance, calories.


            Transportation wheels.

            Maximum user body weight: 100kg/15.7st.

            Dimensions when built (H)131, (W)80, (D)161cm.

            Gross weight 69kg.

            Net weight 61kg.

            The ultimate in modern living exercise equipment, designed to fit in with your lifestyle.

            Packed flat for home assembly.

            If you are into fitness or just like to go for a run at times I think this threadmill will be ideal. I used this treadmill more often when I was trying to loose weight, I am at my ideal weight so it gets used very occasionally, but it looks quite trendy in the living room and easily stores upright so does not get in the way.

            I like the function that allows you to choose the steepness as I do enjoy a uphill run which is the most challenging. there is an emergency stop botton like in all treadmills which easily stops it. This is not suitable for children and if you have young children only use when they are busy, sleeping or away, as they can easily come close and it is possible to loose your concentration and balance.

            There is a key that you put in to start the treadmill and various features allowing you to monitor your pulse, how much distance you have ran, how many calories you are burning etc. Also it is easy to create your own personal targets and goals, I espeically like to monitor my pulse to make sure I know when I'm burning the most calories. Basis running is good for loosing weight and to go uphill allows you to tone lower body.

            You can buy this product in different colours and appearance wise it looks trendy and cool like I said before, Reebok is a trusted brand and as it easily folds up it doesn't take much room in storage.

            The downside is that it is expensive compared to other basic threadmills, but this one does have many features and I think quality wise is excellenet and long lasting.


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          • Product Details

            The I Run + Treadmill from Reebok is designed for the fitness enthusiast training at home with no compromise on space. The super slim folding irun treadmill can be easily stored away after exercise and looks ultra modern reaching speeds of 14km/h when in use. In a range of contemporary colours, the irun is the MP3generation design statement. Yet it performs, too with a running speed of 14kph, two incline levels, multifunctional backlit computer and heartrate sensors. And, with a spacesaving compact design, you are sure to find room for an irun in your life and your home. Specifications: Motor 1.75 Hp 240V / 50Hz 2 elevation levels manual folding. Speed 0.8 14km/h. User Weight Limit 100kg.

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