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Tetrafin Goldfish Flakes

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Brand: Tetrafin / Food Type: Fish Food

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    4 Reviews
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      17.07.2012 20:51
      Very helpful



      Fishy Flakes

      I keep a large coldwater fish tank at home with around 15 fish in it. I came across TetraFin Fish Flakes when shopping at my local pet shop for some new fish food.
      These flakes promise to provide my fish with a balanced and nutritional diet and is also meant to enhance their natural colours.

      This comes in a round container which is red. The lid is a twist off lid which is yellow. On the front of the tub there is a picture of some goldfish.
      On the back is information about TetraFin and well as an ingredients list.
      It has a foil fresh seal underneath the lid when you first but it and you should always check that this is still intact when you buy it as it means the food has not been tampered with.

      I buy these flakes from a small pet store in my local town where they cost £3.95 for a 52 gram tub. Price do very quite a lot between different pat shops and obviously the larger tubs will cost more.

      TetraFin produce various fish foods such as food for Tropical Fish, Marine Fish etc an these some in a variety of sizes. The tub sizes range from as small as 134 grams and up to 2000 grams. The tub I am reviewing is a 52 gram container.

      The Flakes
      The actual flakes are a variety of colours ranging from browns, oranges, red, green and yellow. The flakes are the same as most fish food and the easiest thing to compare them to is sugar paper, they have a very thin texture and you can break them down very easily.
      The food smells slightly like fish (which I always find quite odd seeing as its meant to be fish food)

      How To Feed
      I only feed my fish once a day and as a rule, I never feed them more than they can eat. I tend to sprinkle a small amount of flakes into the water and if the fish seems very hungry, I will sprinkle slightly more in there. I do always try to make sure that all the food is eaten as if it's not eaten, it will lay at the bottom of the tank and turn the water dirty. I actually red somewhere that many people end up killing their fish through feeding them too much and the rotting food turning the water stagnant.
      This product will endeavour to give your fish a balanced diet, and enhance the natural colour of your Goldfish.

      I would recommend this food to any fish owners as I think it is fairly priced and certainly lasts a long time. As I said, I feed my fish once a day and a 52 gram tub probably lasts me around 3 months.
      My fish always seem to look healthy and brightly coloured - I am unsure whether this is because this food enhances their natural colour or whether they are just nice coloured fish but this food certainly seems to agree with them.


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      19.10.2010 09:30
      Very helpful



      Will buy again

      I bought this goldfish food about 2 months ago from my local independent pet store. I cant remember exactly what I paid but I saw it in another pet store the other day for £1.85 for 20g so I imagine it was a similar price.

      I tend to buy my goldfish a decent branded food. After all, it lasts a good couple of months and only costs a couple of pounds so its not exactly breaking the bank. I usually get Tetra but occasionally I will buy Aquarian.

      The fish food comes in a hard plastic tub. The tub is predominantly red in colour with yellow detailing. On the front there is Goldfish written in large letters so you do not get it confused with food for tropical fish. There is also a picture of various goldfish which is helpful if you are not sure if yours comes into the goldfish category.

      The tub has a screw on lid, which you will need to unscrew in order to break the foil underneath. Afterwards, you can use the slide opening on the top of the lid to feed your fish. I find this really useful as it means I do not have to touch the food and instead can just tip the tub over and tap it so some flakes fall in. This is great for me as I hate the smell of fish food!

      The food itself is in the form of flakes but sticks are also available. The flakes are a good size (probably about 1cm x 0.5cm) and they do not break too easily. This is one of my pet hates with other brands - you end up with powder at the bottom because the flakes have broken up so much. However, this is not the case with this food and now I am at the bottom of my current tub there are still flakes rather than a powdery mess.

      The tub tells me that the food contains clean and clear water formula, designed to help keep the water cleaner for longer. I cannot say I have noticed the effects of that but my filter is a bit temperamental in keeping the water clean anyway.

      Tetra recommend you feed the fish 2 - 3 times a day, as much as they can eat within a few minutes. Personally I only feed them once a day as thats as much as I can remember! I usually give them about 4 or 5 flakes each and I find that it is all gone within a couple of minutes. My fish do seem to prefer this food to another brand they had before as they will come straight to the surface when this is fed which they didn't before.

      My fish seem to like this food so I will continue to buy it. You can get cheaper food for around half the price which I sometimes buy but they do prefer this. It is good value for money - it lasts my 2 fish over 2 months being fed once a day and I will certainly buy it again.


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      14.08.2010 00:11
      Very helpful




      After years of begging for a pet (preferably a dog - no chance!) from my son, I compromised and agreed to a fish or two.

      We currently have two Oranda fish (basically goldfish with big floaty fins). A blue one called Jake, and a red one called Big Bum - lol!
      Our original red Oranda died and my mum replaced him with a much larger one; my son didn't take to him that well to begin with so he is known as Big Bum, he is also sometimes known as Ben II (after our original, who was of course named after Ben 10!).

      We recently finished our huge pot of fish food that came with the starter tank and as I was due a visit to my beloved Tesco (I love that place, you can buy ANYTHING there!) I thought I'd pick it up from there.

      There were two options - Tetra flakes, or varying sizes of Aquarian flakes. Tetra was much cheaper, and as it is a well known 'fish things' brand, I thought that the price wouldn't be a clear indicator of quality.

      I should mention that the pack is a little different to the one pictured - they are now simply called Tetra, rather than Tetrafin, the images are also slightly different, although are still similar to the original.

      The flakes are said to contain 'clean and clear water formula', they are also said to promote health, colour and vitality in the fish.

      I can confirm that the claims are true!

      There is not a huge difference to the water, although there does seem to be a slight improvement to the water, although this is only really noticeable by the time it comes around to cleaning day.

      The 'health, colour and vitality' claim is definite fact. I'd actually been a little worried about Jake for a few days before using the new food. His scales were dull, and even appeared slightly transparent around his tummy, which seemed a bit more delicate than usual (I sometimes wondered if I'd have to rename him Jackie, lol!).

      A few days after starting on the Tetra food, I noticed that he looked a little perkier than usual. His colour had returned a little; not fully, but there was a definite improvement. Over the next few days Jake returned to full health, luckily without signs of the flipper flapper of tiny fins!

      Big Bum also looks healthier these days; he has always been bright and healthy looking, but he seems a lot more vibrant and glossy than before.

      Tetra food is also a lot kinder on the tank then our previous brand, flakes don't get soggy and stick to the sides of the tank, as sometimes happened with the other brand. Leftover 'crumbs' of the flakes also tend to end up in the filter instead of the bottom of the tank, making the place look a lot nicer and cleaner.

      Overall, I am very happy with all aspects of Tetra Goldfish Flakes; they make the tank easier to clean and definitely benefit the fish; it seems like a healthy, balanced meal for them and I will continue to use it for as long as it's available.

      Tetra Goldfish Flakes are widely available for £2.50-3.50 for 52g. It can also be found in 20g, 100g, and 200g pots.


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        23.10.2009 09:14
        Very helpful



        If the fish likes it then so do I

        I have a 9 year old daughter and after the last 9months of her begging for a dog we agreed that if she could take care of a goldfish for 1 year and not kill it we would get her a dog. Well Tetra Fin is the goldfish food we chose for her little fish that she named bubblies sac a something.

        After getting home and letting the poor fish float around at the top of the tank in the plastic bag filled with air from the pet store for an hour to get used to the water or something. I am not real sure as I dont really know about fish. We were able to put him into the tank. I actually waited for the poor guy to start swimming belly up if you know what I mean.

        Suprisingly he did not so I thought well since he is doing so good lets feed him some of this gold fish food that our fish was sure to love. I mean the fish on the jar of food looked happy so I figured ours would be to. So I slid the little opening at the top open to find a foil type lid.

        Drats foiled again. I messed with getting the top off and after only a few curses I had the lid off now for the foil. I have had a bad experience with this kind of item before and try to do it so that the whole jar dont end up all down the front of me. As I pryed on the edge of the foil trying to break the seal and not spill half the jar all at once I pulled perhaps a little to hard and the flake's of food proceded to make my carpet a multi color collage of abstract shaped flakes. Causing the curses to flow and boy let me tell you flow they did.

        I figured after all that trouble and how pretty the carpet looked now the least I could do was drop a pinch into the fist tank to feed the poor guy. I mean I just knew that he was laughing at me as the flakes of food fell like snow around me. I dropped a pinch into the water and watched it float on the top. The gold fish was swimming around the bottom eating the flakes as they dropped to the bottom.

        I thought I would see if any of the half a jar of food could be saved from the carpet. I bent down and thats when I got the first whif of what I can only compare to rotten fish. It seems that maybe the fish like it so much cause it stinks so bad.

        Not only is this a pain to open but the product smells like rotten fish. The only thing I can say is thank goodness its for my fish and not for me. The fish likes it I am giving it 5 stars.


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      Complete flake food for all goldfish.

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