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King British Tropical Fish Mini Pellets

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Brand: King British / Food Type: Fish Food

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    1 Review
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      06.08.2007 22:31
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      More fish food.

      As mentioned in a previous review I feed a combination of flake and pellet food to my fish, this is my current pellet food choice.

      Originally I bought my small tub two years ago when I first started keeping a few guppies in a small tank, but despite the staff at Pets at Home recommending it I soon found that the pellets were too big for the small fish and probably contributed to them dying quickly (of course living in a student flat and finding that the water smelt of alcohol would have done nothing to help the last few fish I had). But as the packaging does say on it that 'very small fish should be fed King British Flake Food' so the mistake was partically mine.

      Later as my fish tanks grew larger in capacity and the fish in them have grown also I have found that the pellet food makes a good alternative to simple flakes. The pellets tend to sink when they are sprinkled on the water, so are more suited to mid water or bottom feeders, this sinking also means that they are caught in the currents in the aquarium meaning the fish can feed more naturally chasing their food. Something my larger pair of Angelfish and Tiger Barbs seem to relish, ignoring the flake food and chasing the pellets until they are all eaten or settled in the gravel (from where they'll eat them later). Whereas my smaller pair of Angels dont particularly seem to enjoy the pellets, in that aquarium its the Emperor Tetras which seem to enjoy them more but in both tanks the smaller fish like the Neon Tetras and smallest Emperors tend to ignore the pellets simply because they are too large for them to eat.

      The packaging is a fairly typical tub, made of blue plastic and sporting fairly typical labels with the name of the product and feeding recommendations.
      This product claims to be
      For healthy active and colourful fish
      Exceptional Nutrition
      High Protein semi floating formula.

      That the pellets are semi floating seems odd how can something semi float? As any scuba diver knows things float (are bouyant) or sink (have negative bouyancy) until something is added to make them neutrally bouyant, none of these qualities apply to these pellets but they do sink slowly thus allowing the fish to chase them, so I can forgive the slightly odd claim.

      It also states that the food contains Immuno boosters, comprising of seaweed extracts.

      Opening the tub there is a slighty fishy smell but it isnt a strong one, the pellets themselves are very small with a reddish brown colouring.

      The feeding instructions are add two or three pellets several times a day, sufficient to to last a few minutes per feed. Now to me this seems a very small amount, so I feed a small pinch of pellets at a time, probably more than 2 or 3 per fish (since I presume this is what is meant) and then add more only when all the flakes fed at the same time have been taken from the surface. But I am careful that I dont over feed, my fish are greedy little so and so's and especially this weekend there were friends looking after the dog who told me they had fed the fish because they looked hungry when I checked in the tank the turquoise gravel was liberally speckled with pellets which the fish were ignoring (yet still doing the 'wiggly feed us' dance). Over feeding is bad for the water quality so I would rather feed more regularly in small amounts.

      If I remember rightly I paid about £3 for a 45g tub, which is currently about half full. The tubs have a recommended use by date which for mine is the end of this month, as they will last around 2 years from when you purchase them, as I only started using the pellets again a couple of months ago I would say that they are good value as long as you are going to use them all. I have not seen other size tubs avaliable.

      Overall I would say that if you want to feed pellets these seem a good option but at the end of the month I'll be throwing this tub away and quite possibly trying another brand it depends what I see in the shop when I go to replace them (other than the gorgeous 300 ltr tank I want but have nowhere to keep), if another brand seems less appreciated by my babies then I will happily switch back to King British pellets.

      King British make a full range of foods from pellets and flakes for tropicals, to marines, and coldwater (goldfish) as well as algae wafers and freeze dried bloodworms, I have only seen the range sold at Pets at Home or B.A.S in Bolton but Im sure it can be found at other specialist shops.


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      High protein semi floating formula

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