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Aqua One Aquarium Aquastart 320

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Brand: Aqua One / Type: Aquarium

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2013 17:01
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      Great tank that was well worth the money

      My fish had a smaller tank than this to begin with but Crispin just kept growing and growing and he probably still is today! Soon I will need a pond if he carries on! I bought my tank on a bit of a whim when we were in our local independent aquatics centre, I believe it was on sale for something like £54.99 but this was a complete set up so I thought that actually the price was really reasonable. In the shop you had the choice of black, silver or pink. Guess which one I went for?! Of course I went for the pink as the fish lived in my bedroom and my bedroom was a pink paradise. However, now I live in my own place they are in the living room and the pink doesnt match the decor so much. It would if I put them in my bedroom but I dont spend a great deal of time in my bedroom and I like to watch Crispin and Crystal and Duke and Daisy are also rather keen on watching them too!

      You can get stands for the tank but personally I am more than happy sticking mine on a side table or a chest of drawers and anyway you cannot get the stand in pink and I am a stickler for things being co-ordinated. The tank is part of the Aqua One Starter Series and the 320 is actually the smallest tank in the range holding 28 litres of water. You can also get a 340 which holds 40 litres and a 500 which holds 65 litres. As I have only ever had two fish in the tank I was more than happy with the tank but it would happily hold more fish if Crispin wasnt such a giant.

      The tank came well packaged in a strong cardboard box. It was quite heavy but this is because the glass is actually glass rather than plastic or perspex. Once home I set about setting the tank up. The instructions told you how to do this very clearly and I found the set up quite easy to do, leaving the water to stand and how much water to put in from your fishes previous tank was well explained and when the fish did go in nobody died so I think I did it right!

      As I said before, the tank will hold 28 litres. Its measurements are 33cm deep, 30cm wide and 38cm tall. The glass is 6mm thick. The tank comes complete with pump, filter system and light and this all fits together and is integrated well into the design. The pump has suckers which I use to attach it to the back wall of the tank and the light is situated inside the lid and protected by a plastic casing. I have had this tank for at least 2 years possibly more and I am still using the original bulb but I dont use the light every day as the fish are in a bright place anyway.

      There is a small lid to use when you just want to feed your fish. I really like this idea because when lifting the entire lid to clean them out you end up with water drips everywhere and with two curious cats around its best to keep the gap where their paws can go as small as possible. The cats havent figured out a way to open the lid yet either which is brilliant.

      I like the look of the tank. I like the tone of pink used as although it is a bright pink it is a metallic colour so doesnt look cheap. The front of the tank has bowed glass which also gives it a nice appearance and everything is put together nicely so you arent left seeing light bulbs and filters etc. All you can see of the actual set up is the black pump that I put at the back of the tank.

      I have found the filter system to work really really well and the tank stays cleaner so much longer than our old tank, it can be well over a month or even 6 weeks until I need to do a partial water change in the tank and up until that time the water remains clean and clear and the fish remain happy swimming about. When it comes to cleaning the tank I find this quite easy. I am always amazed at how much rubbish and discarded food etc is held under the gravel and also is absorbed by the sponge in the pump. Yuck!

      The tank is heavy but of late it is fair to say I have become somewhat of a weakling since beginning on a particular medication. I am sure I used to be able to carry it a short distance about a third full to clean it but after carrying it down two flights of stairs back in April to take them to my Mums house whilst I went away I can safely say I will not be carrying them again! I suffer from extreme shaking in my hands from my medication and I cant tell you how many times I nearly dropped the tank. However, my Dad and my partner can both carry the tank fine so I dont think its overly heavy.

      Crispin and Crystal like their environment. There is plenty of room in it for a large ornament and a few plants and even then there is space leftover. I think the height is good as they love to swim up and down and this gives them more room. For the size of the tank I would guess it would house at least 3 normal sized coldwater fish but of course do check with the supplier first as you dont want your fish to be cramped.

      I find the tank easy to clean. I have found it tends to get a bit grubby under the full lid and of course the glass gets quite grubby too but this is really easy to clean and I usually do it with a kitchen sponge and then throw it away.

      I think that this tank is really good, especially for the price I paid as it is complete and it has lasted well. Mine has no marks on it and I have never experienced anything stopping working or breaking. The fish love it and I love the colour and the way I can now view my fish so much better than I could previously.

      I think the tank is brilliant for the normal family home coldwater fish tank. I would definitely recommend it.

      To give you an idea of pricing, seapets currently have the black and silver in stock for £49.95 which is a bargain price http://www.seapets.co.uk/products/aquarium-supplies/aquariums/aqua-one/


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