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Aqua One AquaNano 40

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3 Reviews

Brand: Aqua One / Capacity: 55 Litre / Type: Tropical Fish Aquarium

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    3 Reviews
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      09.03.2014 13:55



      This morning I found that a platy had jumped out of the tank in the night. We'd only had her six days, and she seemed really healthy. The glass lid was on, but because of the design of the tank, with the triangle cut out in the corner, she must've got through there. What is frustrating I'd that I'd worried this might happen, so I'd attached a piece of cardboard under the clip to cover the corner. I also leave a gap of about an inch or two of air at the top, so I'd done everything I could.


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      07.02.2013 18:40



      Modern design, cheaper than BioOrb, be aware you may lose some of your first small fish via lid.

      I thought the previous review extremely accurate but it's a shame I hadn't come across it before I bought one for myself. It is a beautiful looking tank with easy set up and after the required week or so we bought 5 little glow light tetras. However, we did have suicidal fish among this little group and lost 2 to leaping out of the small corner of the lid on different days ( we think this must be the case as we were not present at the time). The loss of the first we put down to a pretty freakish thing to happen, the second then that raised doubts about the tank and water levels in it. ( We reduced our water level and pump too to try and resolve this). A third fish managed to leap over the rear of the tank and into the pump area, which then proved problematic to retrieve as the fish net provided was too wide for the area. I am pleased to report though that this little fish was saved, but who would have thought this possible?
      If I had young children, I would have some explaining to do about the absence of fish, but thankfully this isn't the case.

      I think this company need to re-think the lid design to prevent this kind of thing from happening. I have written to Aquanano about this and am awaiting their reply.
      Also yes. it does suffer from condensation in the glass lid so perhaps this needs to be addressed too. I can live with that more easily than the loss of the poor fish. Overall, lovely tank but be aware of the possibilty of losing small fish which you probably begin with in your newly settled tank. I


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      30.01.2013 20:55
      Very helpful



      A nice fish tank that I would recommend

      My boyfriend had mentioned several times that he'd like tropical fish - in fact it got to the point that he mentioned it every time we were in a pet shop! I recently found myself in possession of a 10% off voucher for Pets at Home so I decided to put it towards buying him a tank.

      Although it was for him, I knew roughly what style he was looking for ie. something fairly modern so I browsed the aisles, found 2 I thought he'd like and text him the photos (he wasn't with me at the time) - he picked this one.

      What does it look like?
      The tank is a square 55ltr capacity one and is approximately 16" square. It is divided into sections with the main front part being backed in black, behind this are thinner compartments which house the 'working' parts such as the heater and pump etc. which we thought was great as it kept everything nice and tidy looking. As you can see from the photo there is a light which hovers over the top and this clips onto the back. There is a lid for the top which is a sheet of flat glass that clips onto the edges - one corner is cut out in a triangle to provide an area for dropping the food in.

      What do you get?
      Aside from the decorative side (and obviously the water and chemicals) this is pretty much everything you need to get started as a tropical fish tank as it comes complete with a heater, light and pump. This is one of the things that attracted us to the tank as it meant we knew everything would work right as they'd been put together by the manufacturer's rather than leaving us, admittedly very amateur, fish keepers to try and work out what capacity heater would be necessary etc.

      What you'll need to buy extra?
      Ok joking aside you'll need to pick a substrate of some kind (we went for sand over gravel as we were told this is easier to clean and many fish prefer it), plants, bogwood/models etc to provide a bit of interest (we have two taller plants in the rear corners, a smaller bushier type one at the front, a small bit of bog wood and a rusty style car model), something to remove the chlorine from tap water, a biological additive and you might want to consider a small net, a thermometer and a cleaning magnet.

      How easy is it to set up?
      The key is paying attention to detail - I didn't set the tank up, my boyfriend did but only because it was his present and he wanted to do it. It is a bit time consuming if you want to do it properly, but this is more because of the bits you're putting in (ie you have to wash the sand through thoroughly as it's very dusty and soak bog wood in boiling water to get rid of any debris). The instructions were easy to understand and the components just needed to be put into place which just took a couple of minutes in itself. As 55ltr is a fair amount of water we trailed the hose through the house and filled it up with this, adding some tap safe when we'd finished.

      Getting fish:
      It is advised that you set the tank up and leave it to establish, generally for a week or so before you put some fish in - this gives a chance for the biology to establish itself and no decent shop should let you buy fish on the same day you get your tank. Using a biological additive will also help.

      We left ours running for a week before we set out to get some fish - we started off with just 3 neon tetras as you should ease the tank in gently and not fully stock all at once, again this is all down to getting the biology right. Before we actually bought the fish we took a sample of the tank water to be tested and check it was in a suitable state.

      A week and a half later we went out again to get some more, different, fish and we now have 3 Gourami's in there and a small Plec as well. With this tank you won't be buying any large fish or having a huge number of them - as far as fish tanks go, this is is not considered a large one even though it may be much bigger than the bowls you had goldfish in as a kid!

      Where to put it:
      55 litres of water is very heavy so you're going to need something suitable to put the tank on (it doesn't come with a stand) - we've placed ours on a sturdy and rather stocky solid oak coffee style table. We positioned the table near to a plug socket so we don't have to have wires trailing a long way across the floor to power the various components.

      So what are the plus points?
      It's fairly stylish looking, but in a way that I feel won't age it as different styles of interior design grow and fade in popularity. I really like the fact that all the fiddly bits are hidden away at the back so it doesn't look at all cluttered or untidy and the design makes the fish easy to see.

      Are there any drawbacks?
      So far we've only really noticed one area that could possibly be considered a problem and this is the glass lid. Clearly it is designed so you can see down through it and look at your fish from the maximum possible locations, however as it's warm water I did notice you get a large amount of condensation clinging to the underside which is a bit of a pain and does obscure the view a tad. At first the cut out corner for feeding seemed like a good idea, but now not so much - what I didn't mention earlier is that we had also bought 4 guppy's, but the first night we had them all 4 managed to leap out the tank from this corner and we found them dead on the floor in the morning. I can't explain their behaviour but we now feel we have to cover this corner over with the fish food tub to prevent any more fatalities which isn't ideal - I feel that a better design idea would have been to have a flap in this corner which would have made feeding easy and stopped fish escape while not impacting on the overall look of the tank.

      How easy is it to clean?
      As it's square and the tank has a large surface area it's nice and easy to clean this tank when required. We have one of those magnetic cleaners which of course makes it even easier.

      How much does it cost?
      The average price seems to be around the £100 mark - the price tag in Pets at Home was £99, although I got it for 10% less. Personally I think this is fairly reasonable for what you get - certainly the other 'stylish' tanks such as the biOrbs seem to be massively more expensive in comparison and Aqua One are a well known brand.

      Would I recommend it?
      I'd say yes - as pretty much a complete set up it's ideal for newcomers to fish or tropical fish in particular, it looks good, it's easy enough to clean and it's easy to set up, just hope that you don't have any suicidal fish! The only other thing I would say is that a thermometer is certainly a good investment as the heater only displays the output rather than giving you the actual temperature of the tank.


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