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Soul Cal Deluxe Cricket Jumper

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Brand: Soul Cal / Type: Jumper

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    2 Reviews
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      17.06.2011 22:04
      Very helpful



      Fantastic quality jumper which makes my figure look yummy!

      Soul Cal is one of my favourite brands at republic, due to the great quality of the clothing and the wide choices available. (other favourite brand is Miso) I can honestly say most of my money is spent on clothes or shoes, just because I believe there is never enough of them.

      I bought this from republic for £29.99, its available in three colour choices: Black & White, Navy and Grey. I personally have the Navy one as I didn't have a jumper of that colour. Sizes available are 8-16. Another place where these are available is on Amazon. The jumper is hand wash only and I know that some people have reviewed it as machine washable, but I have yet to try it due to the fact I like to stick to the care advice, just because this is my favourite jumper! I also like to let it dry naturally, so it remains its shape and size. It is made from 50% Viscose, 35% Nylon, 10% Cotton and 5% Angora.

      The jumper is a lovely navy blue colour with two white stripes on either end of the sleeves, across the bottom of the jumper, around the neck and two thicker white stripes on the right sleeve just below your underarm. It also has embroidered Soul Cal lettering on the left side of the chest (SC). The jumper overall is sightly ribbed as you can imagine from a knitted jumper, but it adds to the gorgeous design without making it look like its more for an older audience.

      This jumper is my favourite, due to the fact of the gorgeous colour and design. The fabric is quite thin so its not a jumper for the winter, but more of a lightweight jumper to covers your arms on the slightly cooler days of summer. Its very flattering to my figure and emphasises my curves in the right places, making me feel very feminine! The v-neck shape is quite low cut, which I tend to like just because it shows a little of your cleavage without making it look likes it falling out, but just enough to show you have some cleavage! Which again emphasises my womanly shape. I am very pleased with the material, as with some of my jumpers the material tends to irritate my skin if I don't wear anything underneath, which leads me to scratching until I basically bleed, but this is fantastic I've had it for a couple of months and had no irritation at all!

      It is extremely versatile and looks lovely with jeans, leggings and shorts! I tend to wear this more with leggings as they are a main staple in my wardrobe and the length is just about right to get away with it (the jumper comes to about half way down my bum). I would say this is definitely of a casual jumper and not one to be worn on a night out, due to the design and look of it. The price is a little expensive, but when you become aware of the quality, its great value for money!

      The only downside to this would be the thinness which I don't tend to mind so much just because I bought it more for the cooler days of summer rather than the cold weather of winter. But for people who want something quite thick and can keep you warm, then this isn't for you.

      Overall a gorgeous casual jumper, perfect to wear with anything during the summer, which makes your figure look very womanly! I would definitely recommend this!


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        11.02.2011 17:18
        Very helpful



        A Great Sporty Style Jumper!

        Soul Cal is a brand that Ive only recently discovered - I shop in Republic all the time but I usually spend so much money in the Miso section that I dont bother checking out the rest of the clothes but once I started I found I just couldnt stop and Soul Cal has quickly become one of my favourites. Im not a very sporty kind of dresser - Im much more girly in style - so in theory I should hate these clothes as they are all loosely based around sporty type clothing but I really love them! This 'Soul Cal Deluxe Cricket Jumper' was the last thing I bought from the range as Id been looking for something like this for a while - sports style jackets seem to be everywhere right now and I spent ages look for the perfect one - and I think I found it in Republic - I love this cricket jacket!

        Useful Information:
        Price: £29.99
        Stockists: Republic & Amazon
        Sizes: [Left on amazon] 8, 10 & 12.
        Colours: Available in Grey, Navy, White & Black. I personally own the Grey colour so its the same as the picture with this review.
        Other Info: Machine washable & designed for casual, everyday wear - which is perfect for me as that is just what I was looking for and it really works for that purpose.

        So if your buying online like I did what you see is what you get with this jumper so you wont be disappointed with this design. I have to recommend getting this jumper in your 'average' size because Republics sizing confuses me still and I shop there all the time - a size 10 is slightly too large for me but it fits the style really well as it is fitted in some places and more baggy in places you would rather hide. Id say attempt to try it on in store before you buy just to make sure - but Republics returns policy is very easy so theres no worries there - your average size should be a good enough fit.

        This jumper is mainly grey wool all over - the wool does have a slight pattern on it which you might expect from a knitted jumper and is slightly ribbed but it doesnt make the jumper look too old granny in my opinion - sorry any knitting grannies out there! lol - and thankfully the material doesnt itch or annoy my skin at all like I thought it might. Most knitted clothes I own do itch my skin a bit if I dont wear a top underneath but I havent had that problem with this one so the wool used to make it must be high quality. The jumper has contrasting white wollen parts around the neck, around the bottom, around the middle of the arms & at the bottom of each arm which really stand out from the grey - and probably even more if you own another colour and they add a really nice touch to the design I think. There is also an 'SC' symbol on the front which fits into the sports jacket theme really well without making it look to manly - which is how most sports jumpers end up looking I think.

        The design for me is brilliant and the fit on my fiure is just as fantastic. The front is quite low cut which would annoy me normally but in this case I think it saves the design because it makes it much more feminine whent he design overall is a bit masculine - but dont worry ist not so low cut that you have to worry about anything falling out! This fits well on my arms, shoulders, chest and stomach and comes down far enough so that it doesnt keep riding up when you walk - which is usually a problem I have with tops and jumpers. This is tighter on parts Id rather shoe off like chest and a little bit baggier on places like my stomach which Id rather not draw as much attention to so the fit is brilliant for me. I think this jumper is one for most styles and figures.

        This jumper can be worn with most things in my opinion. I like to wear this when Im having a casual day with my leg-leg jeans and some flat shoes but it can be worn with a lot of colours and styles - Id say this is much more of a casual jumper I cant see myself ever wearing this on a night out to be honest. This can be layered up with a vest or tshirt underneath if it is particularly cold but again you dont have to as it looks just as good when its worn alone. I can wear it alone because the wool doesnt irritate my skin at all which makes this a brilliant buy for me as wool normally does irritate me. Ive had this for about 2 months now, wearing it on and off and therefore washing it quite a bit and I cant see any fading or bobbling on it yet so Id say this is very high quality.

        I cant recommend this higly enough as I think it is one for all ages, styles and figures and its quite rare that I say that about a piece of clothing so you can tell I love it! Buy one before they all sell out!!

        Thanks For Reading.

        x0 Salz 0x


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