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Fisher Price Medical Kit

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Brand: Fisher Price / Type: Costume

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    2 Reviews
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      29.04.2011 16:26
      Very helpful



      A good educational toy

      Young children love new toys and I am afraid to say that I am getting a bit choosy about which toys I am willing to buy. Fisher Price produce toys for babies, toddlers, preschool children and older. My daughter loves her children to have educational toys and Fisher Price do have some good toys that encourage development as well as being fun to play with. Some of the larger toys such as the laugh and learn activity table can seem an expensive purchase at the time but they can always be passed onto siblings or other young members of the family. Small children learn such a lot through play, even the smallest of my grandchildren enjoys using all of her senses when playing. She hears different sounds and she giggles, seeing different coloured buttons and cogs and wheels on toys keep her interested. Trying to activate the different parts on the toys make her use her fine motor skills to the best of her ability. As she gets a little older she will love to take part in the role play games which her brother already adores.

      Dressing up is such fun for children and what better than to dress up and treat your very own patients! For some time we have been looking for a decent medical kit that would suit a child aged three and upwards. The Fisher Price brill basics medical kit costs just under £12 and we felt that it offered quite good value for money. Young children love to explore but for the most part they do only need the basic tools to do so. I cannot tell you how many times we have had to play shops or Doctors and nurses and they are always interactive games that meet with great approval.

      In the box you have a green shopping type bag that has two handles and this is for the young doctor ( or nurse) to carry their kit around in. The bag is reasonably strong but soft to the touch, on the front of the bag there is a white cross sat in a yellow circle which leaves you in no doubt that the bag is for medical purposes. The first thing that struck me was the colourful plastic pieces that sat in the box, the kit comes in bright red, blue, yellow and green plastic. Of course we had the normal rush to open the box and the stethoscope was the first toy that Rudi grabbed. Rudi slipped the bright blue plastic earpieces in and slid the red end of the scope onto Granddads chest! If you listen very carefully you can hear the heartbeat from the scope. So immediately in his minds eye he was a doctor doing an important job on Granddad. The medical kit is a great idea and I feel that it helps young children to overcome any fears that they may have themselves. After all if you have to take the child to the clinic or the surgery then they are far less likely to be wary of the instruments if they have some knowledge of them. One small point though. Any medical examination is intrusive and we had to try to explain to our little grandson why he couldn't stick the stethoscope up Granny's top!

      The stethoscope looks quite authentic as do the other bits and bobs. The otoscope is great fun and we have all had our ears examined. If the otoscope is going to come in for a lot of use it would probably need to be cleaned off with a wet wipe at the end of the play session. When Rudi has his doctor head on he is in charge and we are there to obey. We lay on the sofa and have our blood pressure taken. At first he didn't recognise the blood pressure cuff but once he was shown a few time and he watched the dial on the cuff he was thrilled with it. Mummy has to take his temperature sometimes so the thermometer was no stranger to him. The syringe is fun but as he depressed the blue plunger for the first few times he nearly punctured me! We have explained that he only needs to press the tip down gently. There is one `bandage` in the medical kit and that is a cuff bandage that just slides on.

      Fisher Price is a well trusted brand name and the parts of the medical kit have no sharp edges that could present a danger. Although the kit contains small parts they are all firmly fastened into place but there again it is always advisable to supervise small children when they are playing. If I had any little issues to raise the first one would concern the bag. If the bag had a zipper then it would keep the medical equipment safely inside, as it is the small pieces have a habit of sliding out. The only other mild quibble is that the kit comes with no white coat and as we all know all doctors have a white coat! I realise that the price of the medical kit would have to go up a bit to cover the cost of a one size fits all little ones white coat but it might be worth it. I ended up paying another £7 to buy a white doctors coat so it may not be a viable proposition.

      The Fisher Price medical kit has given hours of fun for what it is. The toy is educational and it definitely encourages role play. The plastic parts are washable so they can be kept clean. Role play strengthens a child's confidence and a toy like this could help to coax a shy child out of their shell. There have been many giggles along the way when we have been playing with the kit and I feel that it is worth the money.


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        14.11.2008 14:38
        Very helpful
        1 Comment




        Like most little ones, at one time or another they get a bit scared of going to the doctors, for my little girl it was the fear that every time she went she was going to have a jab!!!! Bless her..... So I brought her the fisher price medical kit in the hope that I could encourage her to find doctors and nurses not as scary as she did and also understand that they only do these things to make you better.

        Anyway, I went to Woolworths as that is the only shop in my town that sells toys along with Tesco's but unfortunately neither sold any medical kits, or did not when I wanted one....which really suprised me at the time. So I ended up buying this one from ebay, it was new in box, and cost me £5.50, and in my opinion it was a complete bargain considering how much use she has gained from it.

        The set includes;

        A green doctors bag in a soft material with a medical cross on and handles
        A stethoscope
        A blood pressure checking tool with gauge that spins
        A thermometer that has a gauge that you can change from sick to well
        A syringe
        A bandage that fits like a bracelet
        An otoscope (thats the tool that goes in the ear, for those of you that did not know....hehe...i just checked it out on google, I have always called it the "ear thingy")

        I do like buying Fisher price products generally anyway as I find the quality of their toys excellent and also when my children have grown out of certain things, because of the quality of the product I have been able to pass them on to many other children and also the playgroup I attend.

        Isabella loves this set, and has even asked for a nurse uniform for Christmas now (well, along with the rest of the argos catalogue that is!!) so I think we have cured her fear of all things medical.

        The fisher price medical set is really sturdy, and compared to other sets I have seen I think this is the best one out there, as many role play medical kits come in plastic boxes, which are so easily broken, the set is also easily wipeable, as Isabella thought it was funny when she used the syringe in her smoothie pretending it was medicine for her dolls!!!! The blood pressure tester has a cuff big enough for an adults arm as well, well dependant on how big your arm is...but found this good for role play. What I also did was brought her some bandages and plasters etc from the pound shop and put them in her bag, was really good as she made a hospital in her bedroom and every teddy and dolly were covered in bandages and plasters.....although it was so funny as she shouted for me frantically from upstairs to come up and to give them all a kiss as she said that only mummy's magic kisses take their "poor poors" away!!! So sweet!

        I would recommend this set to anyone who is about to purchase a medical role play set for your child, as is simple and is sturdy enough to stay in good condition for it to be handed down to following generations.

        The cheapest I can see for this set is on Amazon 9.99


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      • Product Details

        Pieces include working stethoscope, blood pressure cuff with working pump, odoscope, thermometer, syringe, bandage play piece and green soft goods bag.

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