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Philips HP6368/00 Double Contour Ladyshave

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4 Reviews

Brand: Philips

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    4 Reviews
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      25.02.2014 18:43
      Very helpful
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      A good shaver but only recommended to any one who wants to shave only legs and arms

      I would like to begin this review with a moment of silence for the day us females were "blessed" with body hair.....Argh! I cannot find the right words to describe my hatred for them and how many thousand methods and machines I have tried to get rid of them quickly, easily and most importantly painlessly.
      My favorite means of depilation so far is an epilator ,since it gives more long lasting and smoother results. But it is of course painful and takes a while to use. Especially if you have let your hair grow fully epilation becomes a nightmare. So I wanted a shaver as well, just for those times when I am in a hurry and want quick and painless results. This is what made me buy and try the Philips wet and dry shaver.

      The Philips wet and dry shaver comes in a beautiful box, which has a see through part, that makes the shaver visible from inside the box. This is a fantastic idea as it makes it very easy to look at the shaver before buying and decide if it is the one for you. The box itself has a lot of information about the shaver. It is easy to understand most the features of the shaver just by reading the box. On opening the box I found the shaver packed inside along with a storage pouch, a charger cable and an instruction manual. The shaver itself looked very impressive and lady like. It is easy to hold and is not heavy at all. It has a lovely white and purple colored theme. On top of the shaver is the head with two foils which are golden in color and you can see the green aloe Vera strip below the foil.I charged it for 10 hours,following the instructions on the manual.And used it first time in my bath.I found it very easy to use.The hair removal was painless and I felt no discomfort at all.After wards my skin felt smooth and soft ,with no signs of dryness or irritation.I loved it instantly.

      ****ITEMS IN THE BOX****
      The box for this shaver has the following items in it.
      * Philips Lady shaver
      * 1 Charger cord
      * 1 Storage Pouch
      * 1 Cleaning Brush
      * 1 Instruction Manual

      The Philips HP6368 was originally for £39.99 at Boots but I got it on a special bargain for £29.99.It is also available at Argos, Tesco, John Lewis ,Sainsbury's etc.

      * It is Wet and Dry
      * It is rechargeable and provides the comfort of cordless use.
      * It has a double foil Shaving head for a close and comfortable shave.
      * It has Gold foils that are fantastic for sensitive skin.
      * It also has a an aloe Vera strip for conditioning and moisturizing the skin.
      * It is water proof ,which makes it fully washable and very hygienic.
      * It has a pivoting head that catches all the hairs, on those difficult parts of the body such as ankles.

      The Philips HP6368 has two shaving foils that are nickel based and gold plated. The shaver has 35 guard teeth and 23 cutter teeth. The shaver weights 120 g.It's power source is a pair of rechargeable batteries.

      I use the shaver very often and it provides very neat, easy and quick shaving. It is especially helpful if I have longer hair and want to get rid of it quickly.

      1. Firstly the shaver is wet and dry. This is a fantastic feature as this enables me to use the shaver in the shower or bath. I find that shaving after a hot bath is much more comfortable and easier. It is also a cleaner way to shave as I keep running water over my legs while shaving. Because of the wet feature I can also apply a foamy shaving gel or cream which makes the shaving experience much smoother and gives better results.
      2. The wet feature also ensures that the shaver is also fully washable. It is 100% water proof so I can wash and clean it fully. I love the peace of mind this provides as, I find this very hygienic and easy.
      3. The shaver is fully chargeable and I can use it cordless anywhere. So I don't have to sit by a power socket while shaving. I can ,literally use it anywhere in the house.
      4. The shaver has two foils ,in contrast to my previous one that had only one foil. I noticed that this gives much quicker shave, as compared to my previous one.
      5. The HP 6368 has some fantastic features like gold foils and an added aloe Vera strip that are there to decrease any irritation after shaving and leave the skin hydrated. My skin is not very sensitive and I have never felt any irritation during or after shaving, even with my previous shaver or epilator. So I cannot say for sure if the aloe Vera strip or the gold foil helps at all. I don't feel any irritation or dryness during or after shaving but I am not sure whether or not this is because of the special features of the shaver.
      6. The head of the shaver is very flexible and pivots. I love how this helps in shaving angular or hard to shave areas like legs and arms. My previous shaver had a fixed head which made this very difficult and I usually ended up with a cut or two especially while doing my knees.
      7. There is also a small brush included to clean the shaver which comes in very handy while cleaning.
      8.The instruction manual says that the charge lasts for 40 minutes but I have noticed that once I charge it fully for 10 hours I can even use it for a whole hour without charging.. There is a low battery indicator light so you are aware when this needs to be recharged.


      1.Firstly the storage pouch that comes with shaver is rather flimsy. Philips should include a better quality pouch, to keep the shaver better protected ,when not in use.
      2.The shaver does not have any accessory for use on face and sensitive areas .That restricts its usage a bit.
      3.This shaver ,unlike some other shavers does not offer corded use and is only for cordless shaving. This tends to be a bit inconvenient if I have forgotten to charge and am in a hurry to shave.

      ****OVERALL VIEW****
      I think that this is a really good shaver for doing arms and legs. It's wet and dry and cordless feature enable smooth, easy and quick shaving. But it does not come with accessories for doing face or sensitive areas.


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        03.02.2014 16:12
        Very helpful



        A very good shaver for people with sensitve skin

        I do own an epilator but as I'm sure all the female readers of this review will know it can sometimes be a little painful. I tend to stick to the epilator during the summer when I have my legs out on show as the result last longer, so there's no need for day to day shaving. However during the winter when I'm more likely to be in trousers most of the time I opt for a shaver instead. With my last lot of Amazon vouchers I purchased this, and this is my review...

        This is not as expensive as your average epilator, costing me just £34.99 in the Amazon sale, reduced from £47.00. This product is also available at this sale price from Argos and John Lewis. It can be found in other stores such as Boots, Tesco and Sainsbury's also. So it is readily available for all those wishing to purchase.

        I picked out this electric shaver because it had a lot of qualities and functions that deemed this product better for me than others on the market.

        This shaver has a 4 in 1 skin protection system. My skin can sometimes become quite sore after shaving so this system was one that I was very keen to try out.

        These 4 features are as follows:
        1. Aloe Vera strip, this aims to increase hydration in your skin whilst shaving. I haven't noticed any extra dryness on my legs than usual, which is always a good sign. They always feel smooth and soft after shaving.

        2. Pivoting head/ floating head this follows your body line and curves, for a closer, smoother shave. The head is very flexible which does aid shaving quite a lot. It's not stiff and restricted like your bog standard razors. This makes shaving over tricky areas like your knees a piece of cake.

        3. Double foil shaving head, this insures that all hairs are caught whilst also providing a close shave.

        4. Hypoallergenic golden shaving foils, this minimises irritation of this skin. I have not had any irritation whilst using this shaver. I sometimes find with cheaper razors that I get a 'shaving rash' on my legs, but this hasn't been the case with this product.

        These 4 factors all act together in providing me with an all round close shave, leaving my legs soft and smooth after every use.

        IN THE BOX
        1 Lady Shave
        1 Power Cord
        1 Storage Pouch
        1 Cleaning Brush
        1 Instruction Manual

        Please note that there is no replacement heads included but these can be purchased from the Philips website. The Aloe Vera strip can also be purchased in the same way.

        Before using this shaver it must first be charged for 10 hours. Once fully charged this can be used for around 50-60 minutes. On the box it does state a 40 minute battery life but I've always found it to last longer than this, so this is the time I've written. There is a low battery indicator light so you are aware when this needs to be recharged.

        This is completely cordless, which is what you would expect from an appliance that can be used with water, but for the purpose of this review I thought I'd confirm this. This can be fully immersed into the water actually which many others can't.

        When shaving this can be used on wet or dry skin. I have tried both and found either way to be effective; however I do prefer to use it whilst in the bath. I feel you reap the benefits of the Aloe Vera strip more this way.

        HOW DID I FIND IT?
        Overall I have found this to be a very good shaver. It leaves my skin soft and smooth, with no irritation. I haven't nicked or cut my skin whenever I've used it. Even when I've been in a rush or not paying too much attention my skin has always been left incident free.

        With this you get an extremely close shave, I rarely have to go over any area or patch twice. Its quick and pain free whilst leaves no hairs in sight.

        When first using this I did find myself applying a little most pressure than is necessary. With your standard disposable razors I find you have to use a certain amount of pressure to get a close shave. When doing the same with this one it left my skin feeling rather tight, so no pressure or force is needed at all for a close shave. It just simply glides over your skin no problems.

        I did find one negative with this lady shaver, unlike many others this cannot be used whilst charging. Although it doesn't take too long to charge fully, if you are in a rush not being able to use while it's on charge is quite annoying.

        I will give this lady shaver a 4 of out 5. I think it's a very good purchase for the price I paid. It looks smart and is of a very high quality. It leaves my skin smooth and hair free. A very good shaver for people with sensitive skin like myself.


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          27.08.2013 19:16



          Smooth soft legs

          I've always struggled finding something that will make my sensitive skin, well, for lack of a better term, shut up. Normal razors don't do it for me, conventional electric shavers leave me with itchy lumps and bumps, so I thought I'd give this epilator/shaver a try.

          I set out knowing it wouldn't be painless, and believe me, it isn't! You're quickly informed in the instructions you get 40 minutes run time, which you'll need first time round! Other than that, I'll admit I ignored the instructions... It basically rips the hair out from the skin, giving you a really smooth and soft finish. It took me a while, and a little bit of yelping, but I was left with really smooth and soft legs free of bumps and itching. It lasted for a few days too, my new hair less stubble and more soft.

          I finally have found something that works, sure the ripping hair out of my flesh part isn't ideal to do a couple of times a week, but it leaves me with soft, smooth legs with minimal irritation. Really worth trying if you find it hard to get on with other shaving products.


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          25.06.2013 19:43




          This epilator is easy, quick and simple to use, albeit a little painful.

          The epilator can be used without a charger, when fully charged it gives up to 40 minutes use. It can be used wet or dry, as it is waterproof. The epilator only targets hair, it is guaranteed not to catch your skin at all. It has a moveable head that can pivot and follow any curve, it can be used on any part of your body.

          The only problem with this epilator is that it can be quite painful as it goes around and tweezers pull out hair at a fast rate, which could cause pain. You don't bleed and you get a smooth effect immediately. The hair doesn't grow back for weeks.

          It can be used at any time, it can be used whilst on charge, and it only has one setting and is simple to use. You don't need boring page longs instruction. Just turn it on and away you go.


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      • Product Details

        Tough on hair soft on skin the Philips HP6368/00 Ladyshave Shaver offers the ultimate shaving experience thanks to its 4-in-1 skin protection system. The Philips Double Contour Sensitive has been designed around the needs of your busy lifestyle. This innovative double foil lady shaver protects you while giving you beautifully smooth skin. A pivoting head follows your body's curves while hypoallergenic golden shaving foils make for reduced irritation protecting your skin. Convenient and comfortable to

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