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HY G-ionic Toothbrush

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    1 Review
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      24.07.2009 18:32
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      Give plaque the yellow card!

      Imagine. I am sitting by the PC whilst the sun waxes low in the sky and in this strange twilight I had my eureka moment. You see, this is my first review about something that little old me recommended. The powers at Dooyoo recognised my 'umble little idea and I am most enthused.

      So, then, why an earth did you choose a flaming toothbrush? Couldn't you have come up with something exciting for your car, some famtwastical film fwom the far far corner of the galaxy (Excuse me a moment my keyboard has developed a lisp), a fitness game that will burn of 10,000 calories in one sitting whilst you barely break a sweat. No, that buffoon of a raconteur comes up with a blessed toothbrush. I think I'll hit that x in the corner right now.

      Whoa, now hold on dear reader. Yes this may be a mere toothbrush but verily I tell you this is a wonderful little product. You see, this will unleash the power of ionic technology upon thee.

      Hah, now I've got your attention. Before you all scatter to seek out what this ionic technology is all about allow (apparantly this has been around since the Victorian age) me to impart to you my own experiences with said toothbrush. This little band of plastic and metal comes in two components. The first is the body of the toothbrush which contains a button, a metal strip and a cavity for the second attachment which is the toothbrush head.

      The pieces slot together easy enough and you can use this pretty much like your conventional toothbrush but with one important difference. This one makes your finger/hand get wet. This will no doubt evoke strange reactions in some of you but trust me tis a simple procedure. You merely dab your digit in some of natures finest and then apply your finger to the metal band. Don't ask me how but this simple fusion unleashes the power of ionic technology. This act apparantly reverses the polarity of your teeth!

      Those dastardly plaque devils really don't like having the negative influence put upon them. In your mouth they are having a party with their positive vibes and this toothbrush puts a real downer on their oral merrymaking. In fact it apparantly disintegrates them. Those poor old plaque rascals are turfed out into the big bad world and never to return. Well, provided you keep using the toothbrush of course.

      Oh and here's another thing. You don't actually need to use toothpaste for this product. What, I hear you scream! That simply wont do for Messers Colgate and Co. Of course you need toothpaste. Well you don't but having said that I do still use the paste. It is a matter of choice though and it's perfectly ok to use plain old water.

      Well that's all well and good raconteur but does it work? Well in my experience I would most heartily say yes. The yellow hue that used to afflict my teeth has long gone to a healthy white. It isn't the shine of a Simon Cowell smile but it's salubrious enough. Another wonderful feeling is the smoothness of me molars. No more are they adorned with rancid plots of plague...ahem, plaque, but instead as smooth as a plate of ice on a plant pot. It certainly works for me.

      Well come on, there has to be some toothfalls. Nothing is perfect is it? Well there are a couple. In my tooth ablutions I do tend to wield my tootbrush rather like a demented jack in the box on steroids. With such exertions it does put rather a large strain on that rather fragile replacement head and it isn't long before it is rendered out of commission. Therefore, you have to purchase a new set and at £5.99 for a set of two you will nibble a hole in your dental budget!

      Another long term issue is the battery life. Now, don't get me wrong these babies will last a good fair while but when you press the button at the end and don't get that tell tale red light it means your toothbrush is dead. The problem being that the battery is encased in the unit and you have no choice but to get a brand new one. Now of course £9.99 is not going to break the bank and in relation to how much it could well save on dental care is not a major issue but it is certainly worth mentioning.

      Before I close with an ode I must also state that this is not an electric toothbrush despite the description brand saying that it is. You don't need to plug it in, just pick up and scrub. Well that's my piece and if you want to know more there's a little link here I summoned for you : http://www.whatreallyworks.co.uk/start/articles.asp?article_ID=1728

      Right it's time for some verse vandalism

      To think that teeth were a shade of yellow,
      Made me look like a grimy fellow
      Then to discover the power of ionic
      Power to the teeth, no more catatonic

      The plaque inside they tried to protest,
      But the ionics preferred to flail and molest
      their crackled forms then faded away,
      Your dental finery could come out to play,

      For those teeth are now gleaming and white,
      In fact they radiate with sheen and delight,
      So take the plunge and spend your cash,
      For your incisors and co will cut quite a dash.

      And on that note I bid you a most merry adieu :D


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    • Product Details

      The Hy G IONIC is clinically proven by studies at Universities in the USA and Japan to remove plaque up to 48% more effectively than ordinary manual brushing / 'Iontophoretic' action improves the effectiveness of fluoride in toothpaste helping to reduce hypersensivity in teeth / Plaque is difficult to remove because it has a positive polarity (+), while teeth have a negative polarity(-) .

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