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Remington F5800 Titanium X Foil Dry Electric Shaver

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    2 Reviews
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      27.04.2015 08:43
      Very helpful


      • "close shave"


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      A lovely, close, clean shave. Does it has to and leaves one feeling groomed!

      The remington f5800 is certainly pricey for a shaver, but probably worth the money you pay out for it because it does the job..no use buying one of those cheap brands and having to scrape almost blunt blades across your bristly face umpteen times without even feeling smooth and clean afterwards!

      I have also been a keen 'wet' shaver, and this is mainly owing to above fact, but I am by nature a lazy person who really can't be 'arsed' with the palaver of creaming up, getting that foam in my hair and other extremities, and then having to go over my face until my skin dries up and finally removing the remainder of the foam and cleaning out the sink!

      The Remington,(I didn't buy the company) is possibly the best of the brand, and although I didn't check to see if there were even pricier shavers, I'd imagine you wouldn't need one anyway as this little number does all you would need perfectly well.
      It has those cutting/trimming tools which you of course need in case your sideburns get out of hand, it glides across your face smoothly owing to the shape and pivoting actions which then appear to leave your face actually bristle free without needing to rediscover those which used to be stubborn enough to remain!

      Previous shavers have left my face feeling very dry and sometimes I've even been left with a slight burning sensation, but there is none of that nonsense with this Remington.

      So, if you are prepared to fork out for quality you will be rewarded with a good, close shave, but don't forget to blow away those little bristly hairs from the in tray compartment afterwards!


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      18.06.2013 17:01
      Very helpful
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      One time you'll be happy for a close shave

      I like to shave as often as I can, mostly once a day, although I do sometimes have a day off at the weekends or if I'm on holiday and trying to relax a little.
      So, when it comes to shaving I, like many men, and women too, like to try and get the smoothest shave without my face feeling like it's just been rubber over with rough sandpaper. To get this feeling of smooth and soft on my face I have tried several different types of shavers, preferring the good old fashioned wet shave where you use a razor, a sink full of warm water and a good quality shaving foam, spending time and effort softening the hairs on my face with the warm water and foam until the razor seems to glide across the skin without any tugging, snagging and that dreaded burning feeling that some razors leave behind.
      Sadly though, the only thing wrong with a wet shave is that you need to have access to a warm water supply and a sink, together with the foam to spread on your face.
      To combat this slight bit of trouble, when I am no where near a sink, I have also tried and tested several different types of shavers too, both mains and rechargeable, finding some that can give a good shave whilst others are as useful as a chocolate wok.
      And it is one of the better ones that I have had the pleasure of using for a few months now, although I do still like to have the odd wet shave just so I don't forget how to do it without cutting little holes in my face.

      Anyway, the shaver that I am going to tell you about here is one from a very well known company called Remington, with this one being the Remington F5800 rechargeable shaver.

      * Firstly, what does this shaver look like then...?
      It looks like many other foil shavers of it type, having a handle to grip which houses the cutting foils on the top which shake, rattle and almost roll about in order to trim away those facial hairs to leave you a fresh, clean, smooth finished face.

      On the front there is a simple to understand light system which is numbered upward in 20's, from zero to 100. These lights that are mainly green, with a red light right at the bottom. This is a simple way to keep a check on the power left in the battery. When the battery is fully charged then all the lights are green, with each green light going out as the battery drains, until it hits red which means that you have to stick the charging lead into it before you're left with half a face full of hair.
      Just above these lights there is the power button, this has a slight indent in it which is designed so that you can feel the button without looking at it.
      On the back there is a retractable cutter that is used for trimming and straightening those side hairs.
      Then there's the main thing about this shaver that is right at the top, this is the shaving foils and cutting heads. This is on a sort of hinged system with there being a twin foil, one either side of the trimming head.

      * Does it work then..?
      It certainly does, and it works remarkably well to be honest, leaving my face feeling smooth and fresh, but above all there's no friction that makes my skin feel as if I've been trapped under an industrial sander for a good part of an hour.

      It has what is called 'flex and Pivot' heads, which mean that the heads 'flex' and 'pivot', all at the same time, which leads to a smoother and a very close shave.
      In other words, the heads all shift in different motions, with the outside foil covered ones moving front to back whilst the inside heads move left to right. And these move whilst the entire head wobbles from side to side.
      The outside foils also sort of float so that they move up and down to fit the contours of your face, which makes a much smooth path across the skin, leaving you less friction faced and burnt.

      And the head is washable, but not dish washer proof.

      Then there's the trimmer which pops out of the rear side, so to speak, at the slide of a little swtich, sort of. This trimmer comes out at a 90° angle and the spine of the plastic casing is strong enough to handle the pressure needed to trim away those Bradley Wiggins... unless you like that sort of thing.

      * What about the power..?
      It has a built in rechargeable battery which can be fully charged in a couple of hours, or 120 minutes, which ever comes first, and then you get a good 30 minutes of top quality shaving, and probably another 30 minutes of less quality shaving which can be a little less smooth on the skin but it still gets the job done.
      It also has a 5 minute quick charge which gives you enough power for a single good shave.

      * Is it easy to keep clean..?
      As I said, it has a washable head which means that you can put this foil head under a running tap and it will clean the hairs from the foil.
      It does recommend that you don't use the brush to clean the foils, just simply blow the small hairs and rinse under a tap. The brush is more for the trimmers and the cutters that lie under the foils.

      So, the answer to that question is yes... it is pretty easy to clean, be it by blowing through with the air from your lungs, running the foil head under a tap or brushing the trimmer with the little brush that comes with this shaver.

      * My opinion...

      I have used quite a few shavers over my facial hair beard taming fiasco and some have been more trouble than they are worth. Luckily though this one is not one of those, in fact, to be honest, for the shave quality this one ranks up there with the more expensive ones that I have had the pleasure of using.

      It's got a lovely shape to it, with some lovely curves on the side for an easy grip and a slight rough feel to the front so that your hand can manoeuvre this unit with so much ease.
      The on/off button is perfectly located so that my thumb can get at it without me having to think about where it is, (the switch, not my thumb as I usually know where my thumb is. Unless it's out with its friends and hasn't sent me a text to let me know where it is. But that doesn't happen too often so I can't complain).

      The foils seem to be as strong as the proverbial ox yet manage to remain as thin as a certain spice girls member that just can't smile, which leads to a remarkably close shave and next to no friction at all.
      I have said that there's next to no friction at all due to the fact that for the first few shave I did tend to feel a little bit of after-heat on my face but I put this down to the fact that I had been mainly wet shaving for a while before starting to use this. Plus, after a few shaves, the after-heat vanished and I can now shave away without any after effects at all, which is nice.

      The cleaning process is as good as any other shaver of its kind, allowing the use of running water to get into all those areas that the brush can't, or shouldn't, go. Although most of the time I tend just to give the foils and the head a good old fashioned blowing using my mouth, (Hmmm... no), and a good full set of lungs. This tends to get the majority of those smaller, itchy hairs out of the nooks and crannies.

      The only downside I have about this one is that it isn't exactly quiet. In fact, when it has a full charge and the on button is pressed it sound like an old ford escort Mk2 I once owned many years ago, which had a hole in the manifold, half the exhaust was hanging off the rubbers, the bolts around the rocker gasket wouldn't tighten so they let air in and oil out, three of the spark plugs constantly popped out every time I hit a pot hole and the windscreen wipers didn't quite go across the windscreen properly, although the wipers weren't causing the noise though.
      And this shaver reminder me of those good old days as I tried my best to keep that car going... (MOT's were a lot easier to get back then).

      So, if you need to shave first thing in the morning, with the rest of your household, or cell mates, are still in bed, then this will more than likely wake them up, and that could be bad if you wake up that big bloke on the top bunk....

      * And the price..?
      This shaver sells for about the £50.00 mark, which is a good price for the performance and smooth finish that this shaver can give you.

      * Would I recommend this one..?
      I would have to say yes I would, even if you think the price tag is a little on the high side. It does exactly what it is supposed to do without any of the bells and whistles that seem of the more expensive shavers seem to think that we all need.

      * For the record...
      The box it came in was massive, compared to the actual shaver that could quite easily rattle about if it came loose. Luckily though, as the shaver sits in its own little plastic cradle there's not real danger of that actually happening, which is lucky really.
      The only things inside the box are the charger/mains lead, which has 2 prongs so that it fits into a bathroom socket, a two headed brush, a cap for the shavers blades on the top and a little cloth bag to keep the shaver in.
      The rest of the box is full of nothing so really there's no need for a box this size for what you actually get.
      There is one thing that is missing from the box, and that is a good old fashion adaptor so that you can plug the lead into a standard 3 pin plug socket. There's room for the adaptor and they don't cost that much, so why did they not throw one in? maybe leaving the bag out instead, or maybe just showing something that is missing from these larger companies these days... generosity.



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    • Product Details

      Enjoy a smooth shave with the Remington F5800 Dual Foil - X Foil Dry Electric Shaver. The clever razor features triple shave and flex and pivot technologies which adapt to the length of your hairs an the contours of your face for perfect results every time. A pop up blade assists the trimming of sideburns and moustaches whilst the cordless design gives you optimum control for improved comfort and effectiveness. Features: Triple shave technology Flex and pivot technology Pop up trimmer Titanium coated blades for sharpness and precision For dry use Cordless Foil system Rechargeable Charging indicator 2 hour charge time for 60 minutes usage Cleaning brush travel pouch and styling guide included

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