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Philips HQ6970 6900 Series

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4 Reviews

Brand: Philips / Type: Men's Shaver

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    4 Reviews
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      03.08.2010 14:12
      Very helpful



      definately worth purchasing for a smooth clean shave

      After a couple of months using this shaver i feel compelled to give it a five star rating due to the wide range of features it has. It retails for about £49.99 and is well worth the money.

      Using the razor -
      It has three oscilating razor heads which really help to fit the contors of your face in difficult areas like the jaw, providing a much more precise shave than most electric razors. This is strictly a dry shave razor however, so for those with sensitive skin like me it's recommended that you buy some soothing balm for after shaving. It also has an inbuilt sideburn trimmer which i find really helps when you have longer hair and don't want to get it caught in the blades. The grip is very good due to the soft rubbery material on the back, making it easy to hold when manouvering it. As far as noise goes it's much quieter than other electric razors, making more of a hum than a buzz.
      I do not think this razor gives as close a shave as a manual, however it is certainly more easy to use without injuring yourself.

      Charging the razor -
      The charge time to get about 30 mins of use (its full capacity) is around 8 hours. The plug that is charges with is a two pin so it's advised that you buy an adaptor to use it in british plug sockets.

      Cleaning the razor -
      It is possible to remove the razor heads and clean out the compartment containing shavings. I personally do this about once a week and it takes around 3 minutes to do with the small brush that's provided when you buy it.

      Overall i think the razor works like a dream and would definately reccomend purchasing it.


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      07.10.2009 01:31
      Very helpful



      A convenient shaver that gives a quick smooth shave.

      Although I've used several electric shavers in the past, this is the first time I've purchased a rotating type shaver with the three heads. They're usually way outside my price range but at around £27 (reduced from £45) from Amazon and with my vouchers at the ready, I thought I'd give this one a go - despite it being a Philips - not a brand I hold in high esteem.

      The thing that impressed me initially about the Philips HQ6970 was its stylish design and external material structure. I find the blue, white and black colour combination very original and ergonomically the shaver is very comfortable to hold in the hand with a firm grip whilst shaving. The blue part below the head, the black rear of the shaver and the blue sliding button on the front are made from a rubbery composite material that has a pleasing texture and gives extra grip when held. The white part of the razor is made from shiny plastic as is the front black panel were the recharge light and logo appears. The only metallic parts on the exterior are the three round shaving units and the side-burn trimmer that flips up at the back of the unit. The HQ6970 is for strictly dry shaving and cannot be used in the shower.

      The flexible rotating heads are positioned in black panels that manoeuvre allowing the circular heads to slant inwards. This enables the rotating blades to hug the rounded surfaces of your face when shaving. It is advised that you shave in a circular motion, moving the shaver up and down and from left to right. The shaver comes with a plastic protector that should always be placed over the head of the unit as the rotating heads are quite delicate.

      Another thing I liked immediately was the noise level. Every electric shaver I've used in the past has given off a highly audible buzzing sound. With this shaver it's more of gentle mechanical hum - very easy on the ear and producing minimal vibration in the hand.

      You charge the shaver's internal battery by simply plugging in the unit for eight hours. You can subsequently use the shaver until the battery runs down. You are then advised to repeat this recharging process twice in order to get the most out of the batteries. After this you can rely on recharges of shorter lengths. After three weeks, using the shaver on average once a day, I am still relying on my first charge so I am more than pleased with the battery life. An important thing to note here is that the shaver comes supplied with a continental two pin plug (as seems to be the trend with many electric shaver manufacturers) so you will need to have or purchase an adapter in order to use this in the UK.

      The shaver gives a reasonably smooth shave. It's not the closest of shaves - I've never used an electric shaver yet that gives as good a shave as can be gained with a wet shave using a single blade razor. For the last few years I've been getting by with using disposable Bic razors which I would argue give a closer shave (as long as you don't mind the odd small wound from time to time). Nevertheless, I'm still more than satisfied with the overall finished shave that can be achieved with this shaver. When I've used previous electric shavers I've often found that some hairs are left standing, but with this Philips shaver it seems to catch every hair and every patch of stubble. At first I did find it difficult to shave properly around the anterior of the jaw line but with practice I've found that this shaver can reach all areas of the face and neck. One slight negative is that some of the shaven areas, particularly the neck area, are a little itchy after I've finished shaving. This only lasts for a few minutes and doesn't bother me that much - I suppose I would classify myself as having slightly sensitive skin. It does say in the instruction guide that your skin will adjust over time to the shaving heads so maybe the itching sensation will subside after a few months.

      In order to clean and empty away the shaven stubble, the shaving unit head can be removed by pressing a black curved release button at the front. You can then lift off the head section (the white part at the top), empty out the collected stubble and clean away any remains from the rest of the 'hair' chamber - a small brush is supplied to help you do this. The shaving head is very easy to clean and once a week should suffice. However, every two months or so it is recommended that you clean the cutters and guards within each of the rotary wheels. The instruction guide explains in detail how to do this. There is an optional Philips cleaning spray available but this is not a purchase I shall be making.

      Overall I'm more than pleased with the purchase of my first rotary style electric shaver. Although I don't think it gives the closest of shaves (in order to maintain a smooth chin for a full day and evening I'd have to shave on two occasions) it is a comfortable and reliable shaver to use. It's much quicker than a wet shave and is handy to use if you're in a last minute rush.


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        20.09.2009 22:23
        Very helpful



        Remove that unwanted facial hair with ease

        Every man, and maybe even some women come to think of it, need to keep there faces as clean shaven as possible, be it for work, for play or just because they feel more confident about themselves with a fresh looking face. But to get that nice smooth facial skin you need to find a good form of shaving, be it wet shaving with one of the myriads of razors on the market these days or a dry shave with an electric shaver.
        I personally prefer a daily dry shave, but I do enjoy the feel of a good wet shave every so often, and I feel that finding the right shaver at the right price is sometimes more of a challenge than the actual shaving process itself.

        I have been through many many electric shaver, some rechargeable others needing batteries every other day but all giving quite a close shave indeed, but when I was given a new shaver for Christmas I decided to give it a go from day one, even though the Braun I was using at the time was still going strong, and I am one of those people who hates throwing things away if they are not broken.
        Anyway, thanks to the in-laws, I was now the proud owner of a rather blue looking shaver from the Philips HQ range of rechargeable shavers, so I decided to give it a go.

        The Specifications for this modal are...

        * Wet and Dry shave
        * Floating head
        * Vibration free
        * Hair collecting chamber
        * Dual blade system
        * Super lift and cut technology with reflex action system
        * Pop up trimmer
        * Built in rechargeable battery with 8 hour full charge.

        Plus included with the shaver are...
        * Protection cap and cleaning brush


        What can you say about a device that is intended for just one purpose? to shave away that daily stubble from the face, neck and shoulders if necessary.
        It is a fine shaving tool, but then what do you expect from the chaps at Philips, with its dual blades lifting those smaller hairs and cutting them so they end up below the skin itself, leaving that really smooth feel all over the face, (without the need of toilet paper patched all over your face), and with the head swivelling so gently it seems to be able to find every little curve on your face and neck, (and your back if necessary), without missing a beat.

        Most modern electric shaver are designed to look eye catching, sometimes they actually look better than they perform, but this particular model looks as nice as the results it achieves.
        Its curved body fits nicely into my hand, feeling quite comfortable when in use, and the lack of vibration really makes this shaver in a league of its own.
        The colours of the one I have aren't the prettiest of colours but the mix of blue, white and black strips seem to fit together quite well.
        When actually using it I was quite pleased with how this was so easy to use, with very little vibration in my hand, and the hair collecting 'chamber' saving the dropping of unwanted bits of ever growing beards and moustaches into the sink or onto the floor, with the 'flick' up 'side burn' trimmer situated behind the main head, for those... well, side burns...
        Although I do believe that it does come in other colours, like black for instance, but as the one I have was a gift I really shouldn't complain about the three colours on it... but hey, they're not that bad anyway.

        Cleaning the head is as easy as flicking a little catch and emptying the very helpful 'hair collecting chamber', plus maybe a little blow of the heads themselves to get rid of any trapped hairs.
        The battery life is pretty good, being about half an hour on a full charge, giving you several chances of shaving between charges, this will depend heavily on the time spent on each shave of course.

        In all, a rather splendid little shaver in what I can only describe as a very interesting colour scheme. It is well worth investing in as, like for me, it will last you for many years, which is a lot of shaves.
        The price for this close shave comes in around the £30 region which is well worth the investment in my opinion.

        Sadly, it doesn't come with its own storage case but as it looks good it can be left quite pleasantly on a shelf.


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          03.06.2009 13:58
          Very helpful



          Excellent shaver for a great price

          This shaver is the same spec as the slightly more expensive Philips 6900 Series HQ6990 Shaver. The only difference seems to be the number of hours it takes to charge. This shaver takes 8 hours to fully charge which sounds a lot but I don't see it being a problem personally. If you are in that much of a rush, you simply use the mains! If you are going away for a few days and don't/can't take the mains lead, then the 30 mins useage it gives you after a full charge is easily enough for 3-4 shaves (depending on how long it takes you to shave).

          I bought this shaver as a replacement to one that I bought 9 years ago and I am pleasantly surprised at how much better these have become. It gives a really quick and impressive shave. It also has a pop up trimmer, as almost all shavers do. Its simple to use and clean. The only negative about it is that it doesn't come with a little bag to keep it in.

          I think the £35-£45 that its generally priced at is well worth it. You could easily spend twice that amount and would you really get that much of a better shave? I doubt it.


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      • Product Details

        Philips HQ6970 Shaver has a combination of 2 double action cut system which helps you to achieve close and perfect shave in a single stroke. 8 Hours of charging for up to 30 minutes of shaving