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  • Gremlins!
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    1 Review
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      05.01.2004 22:01



      • Gremlins!

      05/12/04 On the second day - 2 Words: Absolute Nightmare! Having searched the net for reviews of the RDR-GX3 myself, and not finding many, I was looking forward to giving it rave reviews. Two disappointments then! The so called "easy setup" should be filed under the trade descriptions act under fraudulent! Now I would by no means consider myself an expert in these matters, but I know my component video from my s-video and the like, and after 2 days, the damn thing still has me beaten. I phoned to shop today to arrange for a home installation making sure i said "if they cant hook the thing up, then they can take it back with them!". One of the main reasons for purchasing this particular item was its "component video outputs" as this means of connection offers a far superior means than scart or s-video, when coupled with a compatible device, i.e my Toshiba 32zp18b (Picture frame tv). So I unpacked the damn thing, disconnected my old DVD (SD210E) and replaced it with the GX3, coupled up the component sockets and digital audio cable (for Dolby Digital) and,.... and... No sound at all!? Checked all the connections- fine, went through the whole setup thing again, specified all the right connections and still not a whisper! This was the start of what was going to be a David and Goliath battle, franticly hammering the buttons of all 4 of my remote controls trying to set the thing up. Then swapping scarts and rca jacks over, and over, on screen menus galore ? a real tangle. Now when I connect my sky box (sony) to the GX3, it cancels my component connections, I can?t pipe a digital audio signal to my built in DD5.1 Decoder, my pills!! If they think I?m shelling out this sort of money for a Pro-logic, scart driven, ?I must be line 1 input, me, me me!? DVD Player/Recorder ? They?ll be having it back. Now this could be a compatibility problem between Sony and Toshiba he
      re, but we'll see, I?m waiting for the engineer now?? I WILL update this review, if I ever get the thing hooked up well! ___________ UPDATE! Sorry for the delay in the update *Supaguard blushes*, been busy! So the engineer came out.. said it was unlikely to be a problem with the GX3, and was probably due to a faulty TV! (strange that 2 other players work fine on it hmm..) but true my other players were connected via an optical connection (of which the GX3 has none - digital co-ax only).. so i let the guy take my TV to bits.. " Oh thats your problem Mr Supaguard.. its a circuit board fault leading to your surround processor.. it wont let you use a digital co-ax.., I'll have to put one on order".. What?!.. a week passes .. "Oh hello Mr Supaguard, we have your part and will be coming to replace it Fri"... joy of joys! Cut a long story short?... ok.: New board was fitted.. same problem! baffled enginneers.. so they came in force... "3 of" *rolls eyes*. no solution.. tested outputs on DVD recorder.. all ok.. tested TV, all ok.. tested cables (IXOS PC/OFC true 75ohm jobs.. you know the kind that cost you a fortune but dont really see a difference?!" all ok.. but still no sound!! Aaaarrgggh! And then.. just before they went.. they tried some cheap £1.00 cables with the setup.. and .. and.. it worked!! *praise <insert you deity here>*!! The verdict? - The GX3 must have some resistance issues with high quality cables, not enough power .. What?! £450 machine and that?! but after all this you probably want to know how it performs? I'm just so so tired i havent even used it to record yet.. seriously put off. Playback wise... No zoom function!! so if you like zooming the bars off your movie.. think again.. might update *again* lol.. when i'm in a calm mood! Cheers Supaguard


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