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Rockstar Energy Drink

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Enhanced with the potent herbal blend of Guarana, Ginkgo, Ginseng and Milk Thistle.

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    19 Reviews
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      05.04.2013 08:05
      Very helpful



      Energy drink that packs not a punch but a 500ml wallop

      I discovered Rockstar when I was working afew years ago.Already somebody who enjoyed the taste and effect of energy drinks, a friend of mine gave me one as I mentioned I had never tried this one before. At this time, the main energy drink was Red Bull and probably Relentless, so seeing something new and fresh wetted my appetitie.

      The first one that I tried was the original Rockstar. In the black tin with gold writing. Firstly, I did like the look of it, as with the colour of the tin it made it stand out.The size, at 500ml, meant I was consumming more caffeine therefore giving more energy. I would agree that the taste of this particular flavour drink is quite sweet, and mentioned by others, but I actually like that.For me it did not quite have the stereotypical energy drink taste which was interesting.

      For me it was easy to drink, not too carbonated and for me today, is still one of my favourite brands and flavours.The thing I like about this brand is that it keeps adding to its range.There are numerous different flavours now out there sich as blueberry, fruit punch, sugar free and now slightly smaller tins available.Not everyone wants to guzzle a hefty 500ml can so having a smaller size can appeal to alot of people.

      Also something that does not seem that readily available in all shops is the fact they have some of these flavours in bottles. A simple capped bottle containing 500ml of the drink. A great idea as not many energy drinks are contained in this way, probably alittle more easy on the eye to drink from rather than something that resembles a beer can and also you wont feel like you have to drink it all at once.The downside, and maybe this is me and not the product, is these drinks in the bottle dont seem as fizzy as the ones in the can. I know some of the versions are ' juiced ' so arent as fizzy because theres a proportion of actual juice in it, but Ive tried the flavours not juiced and still didnt feel they were as carbonated as their tinned counterparts.

      Like most energy drinks they contain the usual high caffeine content, added minerals and viatmins, so essentially give the same effect and do the same job, which is to give a boost ( well it did for me when I was doing late shifts! ). Affordable? Yes, rrp has been 99p ( actually on the tin when Ive walked into a local newsagent ). Ive found the bottles as cheap as 49p in stores such as B&M.

      For me an affordable and enjoyable pick me but would use with caution due to the size and amount of energy drink you get.You would never see me guzzle more than one in a day because of the amount of caffeine.


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      01.09.2010 12:17
      Very helpful



      too expensive

      If you have looked through my reviews before you will know that I am, or at least was, a big Red Bull fan. This never really meant that I was a fan of any old energy drink, I didn't even drink Red Bull to give me energy. I think I did to start with but as time went on and I got more used to the contents of the drink, the less it did for me. The reason I stopped drinking Red Bull was because of a lot of health risks that were associated with it. Stupidly the main reason that I stopped drinking it was because my dentist pointed out that although my teeth were in really good shape, there was evidence of damage, I put this down to that energy drink and all the rubbish that was in it. The other reason that stopped me was the fact that I seemed to be suffering from palpitations. I wasn't sure whether this was stress in my life or small panic attacks as it would only happen when I was nervous, but it soon seemed to happen at times when I was actually relaxed and so I could only put this down to my possible excessive intake of an energy drink.
      So now I am reviewing a different energy drink, I assure you this is only a one off purchase, I fancied trying it and don't worry I will not be getting back into drinking something that is so obviously bad for me!

      I think that all these drinks are a bit too expensive really, especially if you were to buy them from the rip off petrol station that I go to, I will not mention any SHELL names. I was going to go for a different can of drink that I was planning on sharing with my boyfriend, but because the Rockstar drinks were on offer we decided to get one each.. He got the original flavour, and I got the Punched version which is the Tropical Guava flavour. To be honest it didn't appeal to me so much as I imagined it to be a little sweeter than I might have liked, but we didn't see the point in getting two cans of the same flavour when neither of us had tried this drink before.
      I hadn't even heard of Rockstar energy drinks really, I don't often look in that section anymore, but the cans did stand out to me. They were very large and the one I bought was a type of purple red colour which appealed to me, especially with the big shiny golden star on the front.

      Well any way, let's give the review a go!

      If you do a search for Rockstar energy drink you come across their website which is www.rockstar69.com. They appear to be a company who mainly do energy drinks, whether it is fruity flavours, or the little shots that you sometimes see other energy companys producing which are a more concentrated form of quick energy, and probably really not that good for you in high quantities, Rockstar also appears to do a chewing gum too but I don't think I've ever seen this. Rockstar seems to support other things like sports or music, if you go to their website you can have quite an in-depth browse through all the things that interest them.

      Here is a quote that I found on their website about their company and what they produce.
      "Rockstar is the world's most powerful energy drink. Enhanced with the potent herbal blend of Guarana, Ginkgo, Ginseng and Milk Thistle, Rockstar is formulated to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles - from athletes to rock stars. Rockstar Energy Drink is available in fourteen amazing flavors: Original, Sugar Free, Zero Carb, Juiced Mango, Juiced Guava, Juiced Pomegranate, Tropical Punched, Punched Citrus, Energy Cola, Recovery Lemonade, Roasted
      Pictures of Rockstar Punched Energy

      Just a few of the Rockstar Energy products
      Mocha, Roasted Latte, Roasted Light Vanilla, and Roasted Espresso. Rockstar energy shots are available in Wild Berry and Tropical Punch flavors, and coming in 2010 - Rockstar energy gum. Rockstar energy drink is available at convenience and grocery retail outlets across the United States, Canada, Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Spain, The Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, and throughout the United Kingdom."


      As I mentioned before these types of drinks are quite expensive, you are getting quite a big can though; almost as big as a pint as this drink is in a 500ml can. I bought mine at Shell which is usually quite a bit more expensive than any other shop, a singular can there would set you back £1.80ish, (I can hear my mum asking 'Whaaaat?!') which I think is just way too expensive; as this was a one off though I thought i'd try one of these. They are currently on offer at two for £2.50 so that explains why we got two instead of one.
      I think if this is a drink you enjoy then it is definitely worthwhile for you to do some research and finding out the best places to buy them otherwise you may end up out of money! It definitely isn't a drink that I can justify spending that much money on too often.


      I think it looks quite nice, it is in an ordinary can but it looks well worth buying because it is just so big; there is definitely plenty in there for one person. It seems like Rockstar's colour scheme always includes shiny gold on their packaging, I really like this as it makes it all stand out, as well as having gold on there they also have a black background with whatever colour goes with the flavour. I really like this, my favour types of colours are when there is a black background too; it really makes all the colours stand out.
      The brand name is Rockstar, and it really looks like it is meant to be an expensive drink; I think this is to do with the gold and especially the big gold star that is on the front of all of their products.My can lists around the top:

      Taurine is a typical ingredient in these energy drinks, there is a lot of rumours about this. Supposedly it is an extract from a Bull's testicle, but I can assure you that that is nothing more than a stupid rumour! Even if it was true, if you like the drink surely that shouldn't put you off!Up the side of my can in big black shiny letters is the word ROCK STAR again and underneath that is says 'Rockstar punched energy drink is designed for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles.' Now does this mean that for me to drink this on a day when I might not be doing anything exciting might actually be bad for me? I always heard that drinking an energy drink before doing a lot ofexercise was actually always a bad idea, and particularly bad for your heart.. I think I shall have to look this up a little later on.
      On the back of the can it lists the typical things such as ingredients, nutritional information and expresses a warning about the high caffeine content.

      The ingredients are as follows:

      Carbonated water
      Apple Juice from concentrate (10%)
      Citric acid
      Taurine (0.4%)
      Glucuronolactone (0.23%)
      Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrate)
      Colours (Black carrot juice concentrate, caramel E150d)
      Caffeine (0.03%)
      Vitamins (Niacin, Calcium Pantothenate, B6, B12)
      Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) seed extract (0.01%)
      Ginseng root extract (0.01%).

      From having a little look through these ingredients I don't think they actually look too bad, especially not compared to many other energy drinks of this type. I don't understand why it announces that is has guarana and ginseng considering that there are just the smallest amounts in this product. Judging by the smell of it though the guava is quite strong, I wonder whether that is a 'fake' flavour as I can't seem to see any in the ingredients, unless Guava comes from one of these ingredients. There aren't as many E numbers in this product as you can get in some sugary products, although E numbers don't particularly bother me I do realise that not everyone likes them.
      Per 500ml serving there is a whopping 333 calories, that is nearly as much as a sandwich! This certainly isn't a drink you should drink if you are trying to keep an eye on your weight, so maybe I should have looked at this before I bought it! This is not something you should drink a lot of, you will wonder why you are putting on weight when you don't spend your whole time eating... Let this be a warning!
      "This product contains caffeine. It is not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women or individuals sensitive to caffeine. Please consume responsibly."

      Finally, it is best served chilled and it gives you a link to their website which is www.rockstarenergy.co.uk.


      I thought I should get to the smell of this now seeing as it is all I can smell with the can sitting next to me. I started this review a little while ago now, and the drink has long since been finished. I still have the can next to me, and all I can smell is such a sweet smell, almost like i've dipped my nose into a bag of sweets. This makes it seem like it really just is too sweet and full of rubbish. No wonder it is 333 calories. It is a relatively fruity smell, but mostly the main thing you can smell is super sweetness. I can smell the Guava which makes it smell quite tropical really. The drink is actually a Guava flavour so I think the smell is quite accurate but really it is just way too sweet.


      As you can probably assume from my previous comments about the smell, this product is a very sweet tasting one. The taste has reminded me of a drink all day and I just couldn't place it, my boyfriend has just told me that I am thinking of Lilt, and that this drink doesn't really taste a thing like it.. I don't particularly like Lilt, and I don't think I really like this drink for the same reason; although it is fruity, it is just too sweet for me.
      My boyfriend really liked this drink when he tried it, so if you are considering trying it do not let me put you off. I worry about my teeth a lot, as I mentioned before I have already had a little bit of damage done to them by Red Bull, so when drinking a carbonated drink like this (especially one in such a big can), the last thing I want is a drink that just tastes so sweet.
      It definitely does smell and taste quite tropical, which is what is advertises itself as, it just isn't really my type of drink.
      It came from the fridge in the shop and so was actually quite nice and refreshing, it certainly is best served chilled.
      Did I feel alert?

      I didn't really drink this to become alert, I just fancied a nice cold and fizzy drink. Even after drinking all of this I wasn't noticeably more alert, but perhaps because I was not having a particularly active day I didn't really benefit properly from any effects.
      Recommended or not?

      I would recommend it to someone who fancies a refreshing drink, there is even enough if you want to share it with someone else. If you like tropical drinks, or sweet flavoured ones then this drink would definitely be something you would enjoy. Some people say Red Bull is too sweet, but it is sweet just in a different way. This one just seemed too sugary. As for the price, well I won't be buying this one again, definitely not in the flavour I am reviewing now. My boyfriend's original flavour was much nicer and just not as sickly. Really though, I can't justify spending nearly £2 on an average drink..
      I love the packaging, it really stood out to me but again a lot of the energy drinks at the moment look like this so really it just isn't anything special!
      Now for some health issues
      What is taurine?

      Taurine is often referred to as an amino acid, it's not really part of the body's structural proteins. Taurine goes around the tissues and bloodsteam, it is found in the heart, skeletal muscles and the nervous system. When you do a lot of physical exercise and get to where it really hurts your body is no loger producing the required amounts of taurine which results in a relative deficiency. Taurine acts as a metabolic transmitter and is also known to have a detoxifying effect. Apparently some researchers believe that taurine can be a beneficial dietary supplement for people who suffer form bipolar disorder which is a form of manic depression.
      I find it strange looking through this website's facts, I am sure that they are genuine but you can never truly trust what you read on the internet. I say this because I am reading some things about how Taurine can help with heart illnesses and problems, but why would they put it in drinks with such high caffiene that they are actually causing a lot of people heart problems? I read in the news about a young boy who drank many cans in one sitting then went to play sports, he ended up in hospital with chest pains!
      5 Negative side effects from too much caffeine

      I thought I should list some effects from caffeine so you can be aware of how to know if perhaps you are drinking too much. When I was having palpitations (irregular beating of my heart) I was quite worried, I even went to the doctor who gave me an ECG which tested my heart for any signs of problems. Luckily they got in touch quite quickly to tell me that all was well, but still, it was enough to make me keep away from Red Bull, or atleast drinking it every day! I may have just one can every few months now, if that.
      The five negative side effects off too much caffeine are:
      1) Panic attacks
      2) Addiction
      3) Dehydration
      4) PMS
      5) Emotional fatigue.

      I think when I was drinking Red bull I would have had perhaps 3 out of these five, I assume I was suffering from panic attacks which made me experience slight palpitations. I was possibly slightly addicted to drinking it in the sense that before work in the mornings my routine was to drink a can, I was worried that I would be too tired without it or just have a rubbish day.. To be honest though, on days when I didn't drink it I felt absolutely fine. I might have experienced emotional fatigue, but I can't be sure if that was caused by caffeine or just problems in my life at the time.
      Apparently caffeine isn't all bad though...

      People go on about things being bad for you, but what I think they really ought to say is that too much of something is never good. There are also positive outcomes with having some caffeine in your system.
      It can make you more alert even if this is just for an hour or two. Studies have shown that caffeine can possibly prevent the occurrence of Parkinson's disease, the reason they believe this is that caffeine keeps the dopamine in your system active, and dopamine is the chemical that activates the pleasure centers in the brain. Caffeine is said to prevent heart disease - as long as you do not already have heart problems, this is because caffeine is an antioxidant and antioxidants prevent heart ailments and some forms of cancer. I think that everyone is different though, so do not rely on these facts to be the same for everyone. It helps with diabetes in a way too, caffeine triggers the production of adrenaline and corisol, when these are released into the system they cause the liver to burn up more sugar. However, it only works with the caffeinated foods or drinks that are not sweetened. Finally it helps with stamina, consuming caffeine before workout or doing athletic activity slows down the chemicals that cause muscle fatigue.
      Basically, everything in moderation can be good for you, just don't over do it.

      I didn't want to write another review on an energy drink without listing some issues associated with drinks with high dosages of caffeine in them
      Contact them

      Freepost RRGU - SERY - RSAK A.G Barr p.l.c,
      G68 9HD.

      Produced under authority of Rockstar Inc. Las Vega Nevada U.S.A


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        19.05.2010 14:56
        Very helpful



        cheap energy drink without tasting cheap

        This is the latest energy drink which I have been trying. The difference is the addition of the herbal ingredients to the caffeine which gives it extra energy potential and a slightly different taste. The taste on the original version mentioned here is very nice. It is completely different to red bull and is more sweeter and less harsh in taste.

        The cans are also larger including the largest can I have ever seen between energy drinks or any type of drink. The size is 750ml and is probably a little excessive and I am a little scared to try it for my health and what it could do to my heart.

        The product comes in a black and gold labeling in a metal can. The can is of a lower quality to red bull and the pricing is a lot lower than red bull. In fact the largest size is about the same price as the largest red bull can even though the difference is about 250ml or an entire small can of a difference.


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        14.03.2010 18:53
        Very helpful




        I bought Rockstar Energy + Guava drink sort of by accident...I was in Asda with my husband picking up a few bits. I had a £10 voucher and wanted to spend it, but when we got to the till I was £1.20 short. So I ran to the drinks aisle, saw that Rockstar Energy drinks were 98p or 2 for £1.50 and thought 'bingo!' and picked two up.

        I had always thought that these beer-can sized, punk-styled drinks were for teenagers, and dismissed them for that reason really, plus I do think they're pretty expensive at 98p (but not bad on offer at 75p considering a much smaller can of coke is 60p).

        So, the one I went for is Rockstar Energy + Guava which is in a dark purple and gold can. It's 500ml in size and states on the can '10% Juice'. The acutal flavour is 'Guava Punch Flavour' and around the rim of the can it says 'caffeine * guarana * ginseng * b-vitamins * taurine' (which is very similar to the ingredients list of Red Bull).

        In terms of caffeine, this drink has a VERY high amount - 160mg in the 500g can, as opposed to 76mg in a 250ml can of Red Bull. I would not advise you have more than one can a day, as if you drink tea and coffee you would exceed the recommended daily amount of caffeine for an adult (500mg). As an energy drink therefore it does do it's job - it's great if you're feeling a little sluggish or you are taking place in a sports event, or going to a gig. I really do think it perks you up. I would be wary however if you have a heart condition, and I wouldn't give this to children, in the same way that I wouldn't give a stimulant to anyone without using caution.

        So, the drink. It's a very 'normal' looking orange - the colour of juice - and though it is stated on the can it is lightly carbonated it's not in any way fizzy (which I think is best). There is a 'pzzzt!' when you crack open the can, but this is not a fizzy beverage at all. It smells very nice, like guava juice with the merest hint of Red Bull. And that's pretty much what it tastes like. I have to stress here, it tastes far more fruity than of energy drink, and if you don't like Red Bull, don't let this put you off because the taste is a lot more mellow. In fact, if you want the energy boost of a caffeine drink without the very 'Marmite' (ie, you love it or you hate it) flavour of a plain energy drink, I would absolutely recommend Rockstar as the way to go.

        So, the drink went down very nicely. It tastes best straight out of the fridge, though it is actually on the shelf with the rest of the energy drinks in the supermarket, so you can't really buy it from there and drink it straight away (unless you like slightly warm juice, I don't!).

        The drink isn't one I planned on getting, and like most things I end up liking, I came across it almost by accident. But I really did enjoy my two cans of Rockstar Energy + Guava and will certainly be buying it again for a treat now and again. I wouldn't drink more than two cans in a week as I don't want to become dependent on the caffeine boost, or over-indulge on caffeine, but as an occasional treat it is just the ticket. I recommend this, and I'll be trying the other flavours in the Rockstar range.


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        12.03.2010 08:06
        Very helpful




        I normally have an energy drink every working morning, can't claim that they actually work, but I would like to think so. Although it is normally Tesco's or Asda's own make of Energy Drink we have in the house, now and again we will have this. Actually I am writing this now with a tin of this next to me!

        This looks like a serious drink. None of this 250ml cans like all the other ones, this is a 500ml tin. Huge. On the tin it states double size, double kick, perhaps this is true.

        You get this in a few different flavourings. There is the original, the sugar free, and there is a couple which I think have fruit juice mixed through. They are orange and green in colouring, but i've never looked at them closely

        The thing I don't like about these is that they look like a tin of Beer. Nothing wrong in that I guess, but clutching your hand around such a size of tin, and one that looks like you are guzzling beer perhaps doesn't look quite right. I remember when my wife took a tin to work, and there was more that 1 person came up and looked at the tin. Everyone had a laugh about it though.

        I think this has the normal 44 calories per 100ml. I've got the sugar free one with me just now (doesn't quite taste right!), and it has 8 calories per 100ml.

        This tastes like any other energy drink, but perhaps not quite as strong. It is more a subtle tang to this, but also quite nice. It tastes more natural.

        I'd like to think this wakes me up, and especially the size of it.

        Costs around £1 per tin or 2 for £1.50 at Asda just now.


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        24.02.2010 02:45
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Great energy drink that works despite the taste!

        When it comes to energy drinks I seriously live on them. I have M.E and an eating disorder you see. At the moment I'm mega busy! House clearing with my mate is a major task and take tonight, I'm up all night preparing to start a car-boot at 5am! I'm on the go all the time and never seem to really stop. Even now I may be sat down but I'm writing a review and having to use some of brain to do so!

        Last night we went out at 4am. That's when my mates money went in the bank and we desperately needed dog food for her 4 dogs! She was full of beans and excited at the mere thought of shopping, me I felt seriously tired and needed bed but knew I had jobs that I had to see to. So within the shopping at Asda I picked this up. I did actually think it was 'Relentless Energy Drink' as it was £1.15 and that's the same price and it was only when I took a good look at the can I realised it wasn't that at all!

        The Packaging:

        500ml can that is like a burgundy in colour and on the front of the can I am told that it is 'Rockstar 'Punched', Energy + Guava, 10% Juice, Guava Punch Flavour and that it is of course 500ml in size. Other information on given on the can includes being told that it possesses caffeine, guarana, ginseng, b-vitamins and taurine, ingredients and warnings are stated, I'm told to serve it chilled, a full nutritional chart is given and contact details for Rockstar are listed. Nice enough can, informative enough and it opens to the top of it via a ring-pull.

        The Drink Itself:

        Well I know that energy drinks contain glucose as a rule and this is no exception but this is really seriously sweet and like drinking liquid sugar and so it's not surprising at all that it contains a whopping 329 Kcals a can. The drink is a light berry red translucent colour and has a very sweet smell to it not unlike red bull but to me sweeter and it's simply awful! Taste wise yep far sweeter than what I'm used to but tangy and fruity and to me tastes of berries really and to be honest I don't know if that's the guava this has within it or not!

        High in caffeine, taurine and sugars though forget the taste (I'd rather do that! lol)...does it increase focus, energy levels and drive?

        I think it does actually, yes. I was ready to fall asleep and konk out for hours before consuming this but it did seem to make me feel more perky and also seemed to sharpen my mind rather a lot. I tend to get muddled up alot and with a fuzzy head when I'm exhausted but this gave me a temporary rush and for another couple of hours I was a lot more able to continue my tasks in hand.

        No I don't like the taste of this and next time I would prefer to see if Rockstar do other flavours, however I appreciate the effects that this has on me. It doesn't give me loads of energy but does give me oomph and for that reason I award this drink 5 out of 5 as I've never had one before that worked for me before quite like this did!


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          11.01.2010 21:05



          Usually quite cheap so worth a try if you enjoy energy drinks, otherwise stay away!

          Tastes as nice as red bull and is very very sweet. Comes in very large tin sizes (440ml I think) and for this type of drink is a lot to have in one go.

          The Rockstar brand promoted through Universities a lot and this is where I came across the drink. I found it was useful as a power drink for long stints of uni work to keep going and energized however it leaves you feeling less than great afterwards. You do feel this drink once you've drank it, whether that's because of the strength or sheer volume I'm not sure. It does provide you with a big kick and possibly some strange tummy feelings. Drink with caution!

          The taste of this particular variety - Guana flavoured and a colour between pink and purple is one that you may love or may absolutely detest. Sweet with a funny aftertaste, it's not a drink you want more of once you're done but does what you expect as a rival of Red Bull and usually for less.

          The tin claims to include plenty of 'juice', I'm dubious how true this is and wouldn't consider this to be healthy in anyway. Definitely does what you expect!


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          23.07.2009 12:51
          Very helpful



          its a nice drink with a big price tag

          Im writing this review with a can of rockstar energy in my hand!

          First i'll start with the taste, I think its kind of a marmite taste, you'll either love it or hate it. It kind of tastes the same as any other energy drink like monster or redbull, but has its own unique flavour which i cant describe. Also, like most energy drinks companies, they do a few different flavours like fruit.
          I personally like the original best. But one thing i do know is that it gives a good energy boost, so if i'm doing some kind of sport, i sometimes drink it about half an hour before and it will help me concentrate and have a little bit of an edge.

          Next is the design of the can and the logo, i personally love the logo with the star in the name "Rockstar". The can has got all the usual stuff on it like calories and sugar, salt levels, and its just a nice looking can.

          Probably the only bad thing about it is the amount of sugar, calories and the price, at £1.20 where i live, is quite a lot for a normal person for a drink. But i suppose to get all the energy out of the drink there has to be lots of sugar and caffeine so that isnt really a downside.

          All in all its a very nice drink but with a big price tag!
          Go and get some.


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            14.07.2009 00:52



            power through the day with some rockstar

            most of you would have heard of the energy drink rockstar it is sold in most shops in the uk. there are only a few flavours sold, but for me the best is the one in the black can, the cans comes in 500ml sizes and contain a very high ammount of caffeine (32mg per 100ml), it also contains guarana, ginseng, b-vitamins and taurine. i normally drink a can of it when i finish work just to keep me awake for the rest of the day. like all energy drinks it is not recommended for children, pregnant or brestfeeding women or people sensitive to caffeine, out of all the energy drinks on the current market i would have to say that rockstar it the best for taste. you can pick a can up for as little as 99p in some shops but you would have to pay £1.19 for a can of red bull which is only half the size and not as good in taste. for you people that like to have a few vodka red bull's at the week end i would recommend trying rockstar instead of the redbull.


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              09.04.2009 16:12
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Nice for the odd occassion when you need a bit of a boost, just don't go drinking it every day!

              Rockstar Energy Drink! Good for a pick me up when one is feeling a little bit low in the old energy banks and generally quite a nice drink. However some of you may be put off by the slight hitch that energy drinks have a slight tendency to be a bit unhealthy for you.
              Rockstar is distributed by the Coca Cola company and is marketed on the premise it allows you to 'party like a rockstar' and the novelty large beercan style sizes of the energy drink in question. One can't help but notice the subtle correlation between Rockstar and alcholic beverages that they seem to market and 'party like a rockstar' sounds alot like they're suggesting Rockstar can have drug-like qualities.
              As with all energy drinks Rockstar has that sort of fizzy, exotic fruity taste. Quite a sharp taste but one that I expect is a damn sight nice than the actual rather sinisterly named ingredients, but its a taste once your half way through the can you begin to appreciate and is actually quite nice.
              As for the kick it gives you? I suppose this is quite subjectional as some people might require twice the dosage to receive the same kick and other half but I found Rockstar to get the job done in the 'no half measures' can. I felt energetic and renewed vigour for the evening before a gig (something which Rockstar is very handy for when you're not feeling particuarly up for the night ahead), the only drawback being the ensuing difficulty to drop off to a sound sleep later that night.
              Rockstar does what it says on the can, you do get an energy boost, or I did at least and with a flavour that more than standable and at this size of a can you can hardly feel ripped off unlike with some manufacturers mentioning no names... (*cough* Red Bull *cough*). I have not discussed the possible harm the ingredients could do because I simply don't know and probably don't want to!


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                02.03.2009 18:26
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                Keeps you awake but at a cost

                THE LIFESTYLE

                Rockstar isn't just selling the consumer a drink; it's selling a whole lifestyle. The site boasts 'Bigger. Better. Faster. Stronger. Rockstar is the world's most powerful energy drink. Enhanced with the potent herbal blend of Guarana, Gingko, Ginseng and Milk Thistle. Rockstar is scientifically formulated to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles - from athletes to rockstars.' A bold claim, but one the website does try to back it up. There are loads of stills and videos of people performing either at gigs or extreme sports events. As I'm interested in music I had a quick look at the music pages and was impressed by the number of tour dates and festivals that are associated with Rockstar including the Taste of Chaos Tour which is apparently the only worldwide lifestyle festival tour. There's also a page of associated artists with some background and links to their websites including Rise Against, Gwar, Slipknot, Bullet for my Valentine, Dragonforce, Disturbed and Machine Head.
                While obviously selling the drink itself the website also sells T-shirts, caps, jumpers, jackets and bags with the Rockstar logo. There's also a model page where you can view scantily clad models and even put up pictures of yourself.

                SOME BACKGROUND

                The Rockstar company was founded in the US in 2001 and is now distributed by Coca-Cola. There are ten types of drink available on the website; Original, Sugar-free, Zero Carb, Juiced-Mango, Juiced-Guava, Juiced-Pomegranate, Punched, Punched-Citrus, Roasted and Energy Shots. However only Original, Juiced-mango, Juiced-Guava and Sugar-free are currently available in the UK.


                Rockstar is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is gluten free. According to the website the ingredients for original are as follows:
                Per 8oz
                Calories - 140
                Total Carbohydrates - 31g (of which all are sugars)
                Vitamin B2 - 3.5mg
                Vitamin B3 - 20mg
                Vitamin B5 - 10mg
                Vitamin B6 - 2mg
                Vitamin B12 - 6mcg
                Sodium - 40mg
                Energy Blend - 1.35g
                Taurine - 1000mg
                Gingo Biloba Leaf Extract - 150mg
                Caffeine - 80mg
                Guarana Seed Extract - 25mg
                Inositol - 25mg
                L-Carntine - 25mg
                Panax Ginseng Extract - 25mg
                Milk Thistle Extract - 20mg
                Also there is calcium pantothenate, riboflavin, pyridoxine, hydrochloride and cyanocobolamin.
                The website recommends Rockstar should not be drunk by children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and those sensitive to caffeine. What they don't mention is that guarana is dangerous for those with high blood pressure and when drunk in large quantities can cause shaking, rapid pulse, abdominal pain and in extreme cases, when mixed with taurine and caffeine, fitting.

                THE LOOK

                Rockstar Original comes in a jet black ring-pull can with red and gold lettering so it fits well with the product as a whole. The other types come in similar packaging in a range of colours. Inside the liquid is fizzy and bright yellow which is a little off putting for me.

                THE TASTE

                The taste is fairly similar to other energy drinks though a little less sweet. I found that it got progressively sweeter towards the end so a good tip would be to shake it a little like you would Orangina (but be carful of the fizz).


                The Original cans are available from the website at $30 for 10 24oz cans, $48 for 24 16oz cans and $42 for 24 8.4oz cans (including shipping). I've found them in local supermarkets averaging around £1 per can, so not too bad.


                As with any other energy drink it should be made clear that you are taking a stimulant and though it gives you a buzz, the long term effect on your body is not good. That said the occasional can can't cause too much harm. The drink does have a pleasant taste (especially if you have a sweet tooth) and isn't too pricey. I'm not sure it'll make you a rockstar, but it'll keep you awake during a boring day at the office.


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                  23.02.2009 11:15
                  Very helpful



                  Better than Red Bull.

                  Energy drinks come in so many fashions these days, probably the most popular or at least the most well known is Red Bull, then you have all the others that are looking for a piece of the energy drink market with everyone from the Lucozade brand down to asda and Tesco themselves offering drinks that will supposedly fill you with energy.

                  I have yet to see any positive proof that these really do give you any more energy than that, that you would get from any other fizzy drink and it is basically all down to the glucose and sugar contents these drinks have, which is also why they all taste so sickeningly sweet.

                  So then is there an energy drink out there that I do like then? Well yes actually there is and it goes by the name "Rockstar".

                  The Rockstar energy drink has a much less sweet taste to it, it is still sweet of course but nowhere near as sweet as the Red Bull`s of this world. It still has the same sort of half chewed raspberry bubble gum flavour that goes along with most of the other energy drinks but it is instantly more enjoyable because it is less sticky and sugary sweet.

                  It also seems to have more fizz than the other energy drinks which is a big winner with me, drinks should be either fizzy or still and most energy drinks seem to fall somewhere in between.

                  This has to be consumed as close to freezing cold as you can get it though or it becomes a bit medicinal like and not nearly as nice, I suggest a tall glass with lots of ice rather than from the tin, but unfortunately as with other energy drinks this stuff looks like urine when in a glass and that can put you off the drink a bit.

                  That leads me on to the tin itself, Rockstart energy drink comes in a tin that looks more like it should contain a lager or some sort of rocket fuel cider rather than a soft drink. It is predominately black in colour but the writing is in very eye catching red and gold. It is a very good looking almost classy tin and it certainly stands out in the few shops that seem to sell it.

                  The ingredients in this drink contain the usual high amount of Caffeine as well as the obvious sugar and glucose. The caffeine content is 32mg/100ml rendering it unsuitable for pregnant ladies, breastfeeding ladies, children or anyone with sensitivity to caffeine. It is also stacked full of the dreaded E numbers (E445 - E955 - E414 - E33O - E440 - E160 - E950) and most people would avoid this for children for that factor alone.

                  Another ingredient in this drink is Guarana, which has its own list of people that should avoid it such as anyone who suffers with high blood pressure or anyone who is on anticoagulant drugs, people with heart problems (even small ones) and again pregnant or breastfeeding women.

                  So this drink is not for everyone and even some people who can drink it safely wont drink it for reasons of their own but personally I can and do drink it although not all that often in truth.

                  I only have this particular drink if I fancy something a bit different, perhaps I have a particularly long day ahead of me and I am willing to try anything for that extra bit of much needed energy or perhaps just because the attractive tin once again catches my eye.

                  I have never drank this and felt instantly revived after exercise or felt particularly full of life and energy so on the whole energy drink thing I do not think it offers anything more than any of the others, what Rockstar offers is a much more pleasant tasting drink, a much less sticky drink and a much better looking cooler looking tin.

                  You can get this drink in a sugar free version which comes in a white tin but my advice to you would be "DON`T", it does not taste anything like as nice without the sugar and because of the artificial sweeteners used it ends up with the same horrid sweetness that the Red Bulls of this world have.

                  I believe there is an option of at least two different flavours of this drink (juiced mango and juiced pomegranate) but I have to be honest and say that I have never seen them in any of my local stores and of course therefore cannot comment on them.

                  Rockstar energy drink comes in 473ml tins (apparently double sized tins) which can cost anything from 89 to 99p depending on where you purchase them, I believe there are different tin sizes available but as with the different flavours I have yet to see these so cannot comment.

                  I enjoy this drink in Vodka better than red Bull also but unfortunately vodka and rockstar has to be a drink for when at home because trying to find a pub or club that sells rockstar is like searching for the proverbial "needle in a haystack".

                  This drink has been around for about 8 years now and it is beyond doubt the best tasting energy drink I have ever tried and I would therefore be happy to recommend it to others.

                  It is however very hard to come across round my way and you may have trouble finding someone that stocks it and as I have said earlier in the review, I recommend it for taste but I am not saying it works well as far as giving the drinker added energy because I do not really believe any of these drinks do.

                  Thanks for reading!

                  © thebigc1690


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                    22.02.2009 14:16
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                    An energy drink with a quick kick

                    I need caffeine in a morning there is no doubt about that, without caffeine I am unbearable to work with, speak to and above all else I find ti hard to function. Nicely stocked in my mini fridge cooler at work are cans of Red Bull, now although I don't drink them as a constant answer to waking myself up and giving myself a kick start, I do, after a late night come early morning work day need something and for me Red Bull works brilliantly... that is until my fridge wasn't re-stocked and I had to find a viable alternative.

                    Rockstar was presented to me by my intern as that alternative to Red Bull, I am not usually one who likes imitation products I mean you would never buy Tesco own brand beans if you regularly eat Heinz would you? No. So I was a little less than impressed with being presented with this imitation Red Bull at that point in time but given I had half an hour to kick start my brain it would have do.

                    As an energy drink, Rockstar was created in 2001 and it become as well known in America as Red Bull is here today with sales rocketing into billions. Rockstar claims that it s100% vegetarian and Vegan and it also contains no Gluten. Rockstar also claims to be "the world's most powerful energy drink and is scientifically formulated to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles-from athletes to rock stars" or so the advertising tells us. It differs from Red Bull in that it is available in a variety of flavours including Original, Sugar Free, Mango and Guava. However like Heinz Beans I intend to stick to the Original.

                    The one thing I did immediately notice about this product is the cleverly designed can in which the energy drinks comes in. The Rockstar Original can is a jet black ring-pull can which weighs around 500ml which is double the size of a can of Red Bull and therefore the phrase "Double Kick" is definitely clever wording on this products behalf because you will be drinking double the Red Bull dosage. Now I like this design on this can, it is as I have said eye-catching and what draws the eye most is that to the front in large gold coloured writing is the word 'ROCKSTAR' with a gold star and energy drink written in bright red lettering directly below that. Then to the side of the can is this large gold star with the RR back to back in the centre of the can. It has big writing of the words Energy Drink running down the side in bright red with the word Rock Star again in gold bubble writing vertically alongside this. So everything about this can is about catching the eye when placed upon the shelf in your local newsagents or supermarket packaged alongside similar products. In my local newsagents this product is placed between Red Bull and the rather disgusting tasting Red Bull Cola and is priced at 99p and even that is a bargain when Red Bull is currently priced at £1.09.

                    When it comes to the taste, I have to say I had expected it to be like Red Bull is everyway shape and form because that is what I assume all energy drinks to taste like with only a few similarities. As soon as the drink hit the tongue I was expecting to taste the sugary sweet sensation I was so used to with Red Bull but I was surprised because I actually didn't find Rockstar anywhere near as sugary or sweet, it is a yellowing colour whereas Red Bull is a rusty orange/red colour and for me it was slightly less frizzier. So it is nothing at all like Red Bull, it is in its own right an energy drink. The one thing about Rockstar which you don't get with Red Bull is the powerful smell this omits which others have likened to Strawberries but I would say it is more citrusy personally and it reminds me of apples particularly the aftertaste. However being less fizzy and less sugary I do find that this is very thirst quenching and it definitely makes me feel much more alert.

                    Now when it comes to energy drinks there is always a warning about watching your consumption particularly because there is a large amount of caffeine within the drink, the idea being that the caffeine makes you more alert. Along with the caffeine come ingredients known as Guarana. Guarana seeds are rich in caffeine and it is alleged that Guarana is stimulant and increase mental alertness, fight fatigue, and increase stamina and physical endurance which is why it is used in drinks such as this. With drinks of this nature there comes a health warning and it is advised that anyone who suffers from high blood pressure or irregular heartbeats should not consume this as well as expectant mothers or a mother who is nursing. As it has not been intended that drinks of this nature are drunk in excess but rather in moderation as a quick fix and in saying that this drink contains no fewer than 6 E numbers which as most people know are food additives as well as containing 160mg caffeine per 500ml can. However, even with that in mind it is still a really enjoyable drink and comes a very close second to my favourite energy drink Red Bull.

                    Rockstar for me is a great energy drink and one that I enjoy on the odd occasion that I need a quick boost in a morning or an evening to make my brain work. It is something that can be drunk on its own or on a night out when like me you enjoy it with some Jägermeister as opposed to the well known Vodka and Red Bull. Whatever occasion you choose to drink it is, you'll find that it is less fizzier than Red Bull but just as flavoursome, it is very refreshing and because it does contain a lot of caffeine it give you that required kick and boost of energy you are looking for when choosing a drink of this kind. So for me it is given the big thumbs up and is definitely a drink I enjoy the taste of.


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                      21.02.2009 10:39
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                      Rockstar Energy Drinks

                      ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK.

                      I am always looking for different energy drinks for my daughter who needs them to maintain her energy levels because she has ME..

                      This energy drink contains the powerful herbal ingredients of Guarana,Ginkgo,Ginseng and Milk Thistle which when all these ingredients are put together they can provide an amazing energy drink for anyone who needs an energy boost. Also there is caffeine in the drink as well.

                      The best way to enjoy the drink is to have it chilled. It is very refreshing and it is not too fizzy. The mango flavour one yes you taste the mango and also the one that has guava in it. There is also another drink which has pomegranate in it but that one I did not enjoy as much neither did my daughter but it does depend on the individual and their taste.
                      There are many different flavours to choose from.

                      Rockstar Juice Mango Flavour has 50% juice in the drink also another flavour is punched guava. You also have Original and sugar free drinks in this range it just depends on what you like and what is best for you. They all give you the energy boost for what ever you want to do.

                      The drink is suited for everyone and ingredient taurin which is in the drink does not come from animals so it is very well suited for vegetarian or vegan diets.

                      You can buy them in cans 500ml and they are in very colourful cans which are very appealing to the human eye and they stand out on a supermarket shelf so that you are immediately attracted to them.

                      The cost is 99p which is not bad for an energy drink as a lot of them can be more expensive.


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                        18.02.2009 14:52
                        Very helpful



                        Worth a try - you never know you might like it

                        Ok So how many Energy drinks do we have out there now, I think I'm having trouble keeping up. Well here's another one for you called Rockstar. Not too dissimilar to other energy drinks out there, Rockstar essentially is a soft drink that everyday people drink to aid physical activity. The ingredients used in these drinks such as caffeine, vitamins and other herbal supplements are blended together to provide the drinker with a greater stimulant effect over and above that of caffeine alone, increasing mental alertness and overall physical performance.
                        So how did Rockstar come about?

                        Rockstar was first created in 2001 in Las Vegas Nevada and is now sold world wide including the UK where it was launched after a 2 year preparation period. It has become part of the Coca-cola company through a distribution agreement in the USA and Canada.
                        So who is Rockstar aimed at?

                        As claimed on their website www.rockstar69.com
                        "Rockstar is the world's most powerful energy drink. Enhanced with the potent herbal blend of Guarana, Ginko, Ginseng and Milk Thistle, Rockstar is scientifically formulated to provide an incredible energy boost for those who lead active and exhausting lifestyles, from athletes to rockstars"

                        So there you have it, in black and white, if you lead an active and exhausting lifestyle then be sure to try the rockstar energy drink to give you that extra energy boost that you're sure to need on a daily basis.
                        What flavours are there?

                        · Original
                        · Sugar Free
                        · Juiced ? Mango
                        · Punched ? Guava
                        These are the flavours that are currently available in the UK although Rockstar globally has approximately 10 flavours in total including the afore mentioned and also; Zero-carb, Juiced- Pomegranate, Punched, Punched -citrus, a roasted variety which is basically a coffee flavoured energy drink, available in Latte, Mocha and Light vanilla, and also energy shots available in Wild Berry and Tropical punch. A nice wide variety but unfortunately only the afore mentioned 4 are available in the UK.
                        So What's in it?

                        Well the short version located above the long list of ingredients on the can is that this is a "Low Calorie Flavour Soft Drink with Sweetners, Caffeine and Tuarine". For those of you who are a little more concerned with what you?re taking into your body, here's the rundown;

                        · For the original Brand
                        Carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, citric acid E330, Acidity Regulator (Sodium Citrate E331), Taurine (0.4%), Flavourings, Glucuronolactone (0.2%), Caffeine (0.3%) Colours (Caramel E150C, Turmeric E100, Beta-Carotene E160A), Inositol, Vitamins (Niacin, Calcium Pantothenate, B6, Riboflavin, B12), Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) seed extract (0.01%) Ginseng Root Extract (0.01%). Each can contains a whopping 290 calories

                        · For the Sugar Free brand
                        Well much the same as the original brand but take away Sucrose and replace it with Artificial Sweetners (acesulfame K E950, Sucralose E955), each can contains a much more appealing 38 calories.
                        · For The Juiced - Mango
                        Again, much the same as before but add Fruit juice from concentrate 50% ( A blend of Apple 23%, Pear 23%, Mango 2%, orange 1.5% and Passion Fruit 0.5%), Stabilisers (Pectin E440, Gum Arabic E414, Xanthan Gum E415), Sweetners (Acesulfame Potassium E950, Sucralose E955), Glucerol ester of wood rosin (E445). Each can contains 228 calories.

                        · For the Punched - Guava
                        Carbonated water, sucrose, Fruit Juice from Concentrate (Apple 5.87%, Pear 0.17%, Guava 0.17%), citric acid, Taurine (0.4%), Flavourings, Glucuronolactone (0.23%), Caffeine (0.3%) Colours (Black carrot juice concentrate, paprika extract), Stabilisers (Pectin, Xanthan Gum, Gum Arabic, Glycerol ester of wood rosin) Inositol, Vitamins (Niacin, Calcium Pantothenate, B6, Riboflavin, B12), Guarana (Paullinia Cupana) seed extract (0.01%) Ginseng Root Extract (0.01%). Each can contains 327 calories.

                        What warnings come with the drink?

                        Every can of Rockstar has the following warning messages on it:
                        "High Caffeine content, 32.1mg/100ml"

                        "Product contains Caffeine. This product is not recommended for children, pregnant or women who are breastfeeding, or individuals sensitive to caffeine. Consume responsibly". A fair warning I'd say.

                        How about the packaging?

                        Rockstar typically comes in 500ml cans and vary in colour depending on which flavour you choose. The original comes in a dark brown / black can with the Rockstar logo printed on which is a large dramatic gold star with a black outline and white edging with two R's back to back in the centre. The word Rockstar has the A cleverly disguised as a star. The Sugar free version is exactly the same but comes in a white can. As for the Guava and Mango flavours these come in Orange and Purple cans respectively can you guess which one goes with which?

                        How does it taste?

                        When I first tried the original Rockstar I was actually pleasantly surprised, it tasted quite nice, but the closer I got to the bottom of the can, the sweeter it seemed to get, to the point where it made me feel a little queasy. I can however say that I certainly felt the effects of its energy boosting power - who wouldn't with all that sugar packed in there. It is recommended that you drink this Ice cold for a maximum taste experience which is how my can started out, but I think part of the reason that the drink began to taste sweeter towards the end was because it became warm - I don't recommend that you let this one heat up unless you really enjoy the taste of things that are sickly sweet - much like candyfloss at the carnival. It's not too dis-similar to other energy drinks that are out there to be honest, and it comes in a bigger can.

                        Where can you buy it?

                        I bought my can from Tesco for £1.16, that's for the original one. I haven't tried the other flavours yet but you can also find the juiced and sugar free versions in Tesco for £0.97

                        So what's the verdict?

                        It's just another energy drink - not too dis-similar to all the other energy drinks that are currently out there in the market. One distinct difference is the fact that this comes in a 500ml can and claims to have double the impact compared to other regular energy drinks. Worth a try, you never know - you might like it :)


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