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Powerade Mango

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Manufacturer: Powerade / Energydrinks

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    1 Review
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      01.08.2008 18:47
      Very helpful



      Hydrating but not Energising!!

      During the lovely warm weather last week, I went out to do a bit of necessary shopping. It was very warm and I was in need of a cool drink. As I did not want to waste time by going into the cafe, I decided to get a cold drink from the chilled cabinet in Sainsbury's.

      It was almost empty and all that was left on the shelves were Powerade drinks and small cartons of juice. I chose the mango flavoured Powerade drink.

      The drink comes in a clear plastic bottle with a black screw off cap. There is a white plastic top on the cap, which you can pull up to take a drink and then push back down when you are finished. This keeps the bottle sealed.

      There is a black label all the way round the top of the bottle,which says, 'Powerade isotonic drink'. The bottle also has ridges all the way round it to make it easier to grip.

      The actual colour of the drink inside the bottle is an orange colour. The drink itself is still and not sparkling. When I pulled up the white cap there was a faint smell of mango. I took a sip of the drink and it did have a lovely fruity mango flavour. It was ice cold and really did quench my thirst.

      If I was to describe the taste I would say it tasted like diluting juice with water added.There was nothing out of the ordinary about the taste.

      Now this drink claims to rehydrate and energise. While I am happy to say I was rehydrated, I cannot say that I felt in any way energised. I did drink the entire 500ml bottle in a short space of time, but apart from quenching my thirst and cooling me down, this drink did not do anything to increase my energy.

      Powerade was first introduced in America in 1988 and was launched in Great Britain in 2001. Powerade is a registered trade mark of the Coca-Cola Company and is currently number two in the sports drink market worldwide.

      After a bit of research I have found that Powerade was originally aimed at athletes and people who do a lot of training.

      It is apparantly manufactured, to contain the correct levels of sodium, carbohydrates and water, in order to maximize performance. It also claims to give optimum hydration needs while training.

      Each 500ml bottle contains:-

      120 Calories
      17.5g of Sugar
      25g of Carbohydrates
      0g of Fat

      Other Flavours:-

      Berry and Tropical
      Lemon and Grapefruit

      This bottle cost me 99p in Sainsburys.

      Powerade have worked with the Olympic Medical Team to produce 'Powerade Pro' which will be the Official sports drink of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

      Powerade Pro will be used by Team GB and it is said, that it is the ideal drink for our Elite Athletes.

      I hope that whatever ingredients have been added to the original drink, to make Powerade Pro, work well because Powerade did nothing for my stamina.


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