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A fermented milk drink originally from the Caucasus.

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    1 Review
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      26.12.2008 15:25
      Very helpful



      Got to get some kefir culture!

      Kefir is a milky drink, high in vitamins, enzymes, calcium, magnesium, other minerals and good bacteria. Originally said to come from what is now Georgia, high in the Caucusus mountain range, it was an invention of the residing shepherds. Whilst Kefir may be seen as a bit of a healthy whim in Western Europe, it is commonly drunk with a main meal throughout Eastern and Central Europe as well as on its own at other times of the day.

      The name is thought to derive from the Turkish word Keif, which rather than being a cockney spelling of Keith means "good feeling", the health benefits of kefir are certainly not disputed but I also really love the taste. Kefir varies quite a bit from one to the other, depending on how fat it is and also how thick the mix is.

      It's sour and almost fizzy and very different to any other yoghurt like thing, mixing it with bananas is a good thing - honey is kind of pointless because the sour taste of the kefir overpowers it - you'll just be wasting your honey!

      This drink is very good for the nervous system, so can help you with your nerves or if you feel tense, lose the plot quickly etc!

      I've been in love with kefir for some time and my next step in the relationship is to have my own culture from which to produce it, as you only need it once due to it being an endless production cycle.


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