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Postman Pat PC Selby Plush

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Manufacturer: Character Options / Type: Doll - Plush

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2012 20:24
      Very helpful



      not amazing but my son likes him

      PC Selby is the police officer in Greendale. For those unfamiliar with this town, it is where Postman Pat delivers the mail!

      ~PC Selby~

      PC Selby isn't a completely plush teddy. He is 8 inches in length. PC Selby has a plush body (100% polyester) but has plastic hands (which move around) and a plastic head with large police mans hat. His feet have little particles in them which feel like the beans from bean bags. PC Selbys blue uniform is stitched on in two parts - the jacket and the trousers. His tie and shirt are noticeable under his jacket and there is a little velcro attatched belt.

      PC Selby can be sponge cleaned. It was created by Character Options and it is an official 'Postman Pat Special Delivery Service' product. This plush is suitable for children over the age of 3 years.

      PC Selby can be purchased from several online stockists including eBay, Amazon and www.worldwideshoppingmall.co.uk. They are priced between £4.99 - £7.99.

      ~My Thoughts~

      My son adores Postman Pat in general and has recently took a shine to the PC Selby character. A few months ago I decided to buy him this plush PC Selby. His collection was extended on his recent birthday when he also received a PC Selby police car and small figurines. I bought this online and paid around a fiver for it - I wouldn't pay anymore for it.

      My son was very happy when he received his new plush and quickly introduced him to his other Postman Pat plush toys. He is fairly well made with secure stitching though his head is quite hard as is his hat and this makes him very top heavy! His head is huge in comparison to his body and is complete with neat detailing including his hair and moustache. He doesn't sit or stand well and topples over easily.

      PC Selby looks just like he does in the show but his pose is almost like he is trying to entice someone into an argument! My nephew quite rightly pointed out that he only has 4 fingers on each hand which does make him look less 'life like'. His outfit is a dark blue colour and sits neatly on his soft frame. Attention to detail has been paid as PC Selby has neatly stitched pocket detailing. He looks well made but his outfit attracts every particle of dust that dares to float past it! The fabric doesn't show any other dirt but I give it a wipe over every week to keep it fresh.

      PC Selby is the perfect size to play about with if your child has other plush toys in the range. It is lightweight but is too big for play sets and the hard plastic head limits its cuddling ability. My son does like to take him out and about to show him off but thats really all that he is good for except for display purposes! He looks the part but I feel that toys like this either need to be all plush (ie like a teddy) or all plastic (to move the limbs about for role play).


      This was worth the fiver just for my son to have him in his growing collection but it has limited features. He is nice and sturdy and has remained intact despite rough play. The age limit is definitely right as if a younger child dropped this head first on themselves, it may hurt (talking from experience). Overall Boo can recommend it at 5 stars but Mummy would only give it 3 stars - we will settle with 4 stars for fairness!

      Thanks for reading :)

      Originally written for ciao May 2012.


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