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Flair Sylvanian Families Sycamore Cottage

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Brand: Flair / Type: Doll Accessories

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    2 Reviews
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      02.05.2012 22:19
      Very helpful



      The sylvanian village just gets bigger and bigger

      People who have been kind enough and have read some of my passed reviews will know that my children, especially my eldest daughter, loves to collect something called Sylvanian families. (no it's not the latest reality show where the crew from MTV follow some fame hungry, camera hugging, botox infested, saggy bottomed brain dead idiot whose face has more make up slapped on it that a circus clowns changing room floor).
      But for all those people who have never heard of Sylvanian families then I shall tell you that they are a vast collection of toys, well, are they actually toys or are they collectables? In fact, I think you'd say they are both.
      But anyway, these toys/collectables consists of such things as houses, in an array of shapes and sizes. There's also a range of vehicles and many many characters that mainly come in the form of families, which usually consist of a mum, dad, children and grandparents, but all are animal characters ranging from cat, dogs, mice, hedgehogs and more.

      And my daughter has many of the above named items, including the one I am going to tell you about here. This item being what is, in the Sylvanian world, called the Sylvanian families Sycamore Cottage, which has a little bit of an extra surprise up its sleeve, or more behind its doors, that most other Sylvanian buildings don't have.

      But first, let's take a bit of a look at this Sycamore cottage then...

      It's not a life size cottage so don't be thinking that you can live in it when it arrives. But then again at least you don't need planning permission to set this up in your garden, (unless you've got really fussy neighbours that is that like to complain about anything).
      The actual size of this cottage is approximately 290mm high by 220mm deep and 290mm wide, (roughly), so it can sit nicely on most tables or even a shelf.

      From the front it looks like a lovely little cottage with a single door in the centre and little windows either side. Then there's the red tiled roof which has another two little windows embedded into it to allow light into the upper floor, (although as there is no back wall there is plenty of light getting inside anyway, but the windows are nice).
      Then on either side there are more little windows giving the impression that there are plenty of rooms inside that are all brightly lit.
      The whole cottage rests of a brown 'foundation' base, making the whole thing look very quaint indeed.
      Then you turn the cottage around to reveal the interior which itself is not a bad size at all, if you're a Sylvanian character. There are two floors in all, with the second floor itself begin detachable and double up as an extension for the ground floor to give the characters more room to wander around on. But if you decide to leave the upper floor in place there's a ladder that gives you access to that floor. This ladder is vertical and sort of clips to the second floor, or when the floor isn't there then the ladder clips to a very narrow 'walkway' that stick out of the wall where the floor that you've removed rests on.
      And, as I mentioned earlier, and very typical with Sylvanian properties, there is no rear wall so that those little hands can get in and out without any trouble at all.

      Do you get anything else with this cottage..?

      Yes you do, you get a few little bits of furniture to help make the cottage more homely. You get a table and a couple of chairs, a small bed with a blanket and a pillow. There's also a sink which is fitted into a chest of drawers and a cooker with a frying pan to use on it.
      And, remarkably enough, and not very Sylvanian Characteristic, you actually get a figure with this property. Yes, this cottage comes with a free figure, the figure being a lovely little Rabbit, (her name's Claire, or so my daughter informs me), but a figure none the less.

      My opinion...

      This is another well made plastic building from the world of the Sylvanian characters range.
      When it's simply sat there it looks very 'quaint' indeed, both from the front, looking at the front door and red tiled roof, and even from the rear with the wall that isn't there, allowing you to see the two floors inside, with the upper floor being capable of being taken out and used to make the lower floor more, well 'playable', giving double the space for the little characters to play around on.
      The build quality is pretty sturdy, even though it's made of plastic which you'd think would make it fragile, but it's stronger than it looks, although don't go ahead and stand on it as I don't think it would take the weight, (and no, I', not saying you're fat or anything, I'm just saying that plastic houses shouldn't be trodden on).
      The door does swing open to give the house more of a 'realistic' look and together with the way the windows are designed, make the entire little cottage look very nice indeed.
      The roof is supposed to resemble a red tiled roof and to be honest it does a pretty good job in doing so, with the roof windows slotted nicely within the tiles and the apex roof over the front door giving it all more of that 'special' effect.

      There's not really any details to go into on the inside of the cottage, apart from the floors that look like sanded floorboards, although my daughter has added little carpets in hers as she tells me that carpets look more 'cosy' that bare floors.
      Then there's the detachable floor which is a good idea for when you want to play with this cottage, giving more ground floor space to move the figures around.

      The furniture that comes with this cottage is as well made as the cottage itself, as most of the Sylvanian furniture is, with lots of little details added to give more realism, such as the cooker knobs, hotplates and even the sink with its lovely little tap.
      Then there's the furniture, consisting of the bed with blanket, the table and two chairs that, even though the chairs look a little strange with them having little stumpy legs, but they seem to fit in well and again add to the quality and quaintness of it all.

      As for the size of this cottage? Well it's not massive, but then again, as I said, there's not many Sylvanian properties that are 'massive', but as this is a cottage it is a good enough size for playing with, especially as the Sylvanian figures are only small anyway.
      Then there's Claire herself, (the little rabbit), who stand about 70mm in height and is dressed like a little housewife from the 1960's. But this is where the quaintness of the Sylvanian world comes into play as it's this characteristics that has made the Sylvanian families as popular as it has been since it first hit the streets in the 1990's.

      What about the price...
      This little cottage sells for around £25.00 to maybe £30.00, which is about the rice price range for a Sylvanian property of this quality.

      Is it worth the money..?
      This depends on how you want to see it, (deep or what?), but I suppose if you either want to play with it or just want to collect it then I'm going to have to say that for £25.00, or even £30.00, it is well worth adding to your collection.
      It is fun to play with as it is built to with stand a bit of knocking about and, if you want to, it is another good addition to the Sylvanian families collection.

      © Blissman70 2012


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        11.03.2012 22:17
        Very helpful



        Ideal starter home and a reasonable price

        The Range:

        Sylvanian Families are a range a beautiful animals, houses and accessories which live in the wonderful and idyllic land of Sylvania. Manufactured by Flair.

        All the families are personalised with a name and have a different role within Sylvania.

        The product:

        This is a two storey little cottage, the back is opened up providing access to two floors, the 1st floor can be removed and placed on the floor to make a large ground floor area.
        It comes complete with one rabbit figure - Claire Choclate Rabbit which comes fully clothed in a white blouse with a big red bow on and a blue patterned skirt. You also get some furniture which is a bonus. (the furniture is a table and 2 chairs, range cooker, sink unit, a chopping board, food and a bed which includes a blanket)


        The RRP of this set is £29.99, On EBay, they still go for around the same but with the p&p.

        Age range:

        All the Sylvanian products is 4 years plus. This is mainly due to the small parts included and the possible choking hazard.

        My Opinion:

        My daughter has just started collecting the range, Lauren really loved the piglet triplets and the nursery bus so I thought I would buy a small house to see if she also enjoyed this. This seemed one of cheapest houses you could buy, and also as it had the basic furniture included, it meant I didn't have to buy any additions.

        When we first opened she was really excited, and ran straight into her playroom to get her other Sylvanian items. It was really easy to assemble and remove the packaging (I hate it when you have to spend a good 10minutes removing wires etc).

        We immediately started to play, it was beautiful to see her talking to the little animals and living out real life situations 'its time for dinner, then its bed etc'.

        Out of all her Christmas presents (and there was a lot!) it seems to be this that she plays with the most, often taking to furniture out and just taking this to the grandparents at the weekend, however as the cottage is quite small, it wouldn't be much of a hindrance to also take this.

        I will definitely be added to the Sylvanian range (but I must wait until a special occasion - or so my other half keeps telling me off for buying when I shouldn't!)

        This is a great starter set if you are just wanting to either test the water or ideal as a gift. Although most of the Sylvanian houses you can buy have accessories, there aren't many that have figures and furniture in. The furniture can be quite expensive, for example the bed you get can be purchased for around £5.99 from Amazon, the table and chairs is also this price.

        The Sylvanian range is well made, the attention to detail is great, everything is made realistic.

        The range of products available is extremely large, almost every animal you can imagine, swings, cars, caravans, furniture, houses, ice-cream vans, schools, the list is endless.

        The range of products available is extremely large, almost every animal you can imagine, swings, cars, caravans, furniture, houses, ice-cream vans, schools, the list is endless. The price of the products vary, depending on the size of what you are buying, single baby animals can be purchased from around £5, sets of 7 animals are normally £20. Accessories and houses range for £5 up to £120.

        Thanks for reading


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    • Product Details

      The newest house to join our range of properties is Sycamore Cottage. A cute starter house which includes a figure and some basic furniture to get you started. The floor of the upstairs can be removed to create a larger ground floor play area (as pictured). Set includes rabbit sister Freya Chocolate, kitchen units, table chairs and bed

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