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Betty Boop USA Figurine

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Type: Collectible doll

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    1 Review
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      12.11.2011 17:50
      Very helpful



      Another gorgeous Betty Boop collectable

      Throughout my life I have had phases where I have collected certain items, such as postcards when I was a child, then anything frog or pig related when I set up my own home. However, those collections ended as quickly as they started until my 40th birthday when I decided I wanted to buy something special with some of the money my parents had given me. A decision was made to buy just two Betty Boop figurines and at the time I had no intentions of making any further purchases.

      However, fast forward four years and I now have 126 figurines in my collection, which is rapidly taking over the one side of my living room! A piece that I had been admiring for a year or so was Betty Boop USA and unfortunately, I could not manage to lay my hands on it until a shopping trip to Bristol during the early part of this year. Since my purchase I have noticed she is readily available online and as a result, I would like to tell you a little about this stunning figurine.

      Betty Boop USA is extremely heavy and I would guess that she weighs around 1½ kg and stands at approximately 40 cm in height. She is firmly fixed to a large red circular platform stand that has been mounted with a centimetre high white star, which has been edged with blue paint and decorated with the stars and stripes flag. This figurine is quite unique in comparison with the others that I own, as generally the stands are not decorated and are of a black glossy paint. Located at the front of the flag is a blue coloured oval sign with the words "I Want You" painted in white lettering.

      If you are familiar with the Betty Boop character you will be aware that she loves displaying rather a lot of flesh and in this figurine she wears a tiny outfit based on the stars and stripes theme. Her red and white striped shorts have been perfectly painted and edged with a blue band with tiny white stars. Her rather ample chest is very revealing where red paint has been used to create a skin tight bikini style top and her jacket matches her shorts. If I turn the figurine around to look at the reverse of her outfit I am able to witness Betty's rear end, which sticks out as far as it possibly can!

      The attention to detail is simply perfect, as even a tiny belly button has been created on Betty's trim tummy. Betty generally tends to wear high heeled shoes, but this figurine shows her wearing a pair of flat heeled white boots, which have been edged with a faint black trim. Betty's right slender arm is outstretched by her side and around her tiny wrist she wears a blue band with white stars. Her left arm is bent forwards where she points with her slender finger and again she wears a blue band with white stars around her wrist. The fingers on her right hand have been perfectly created and each can be clearly identified, but something has gone slightly wrong with those on her left, as they seem to blend in with one another.

      Whilst I am British through and through (or to be exact, I'm Welsh) I absolutely adore this figurine, as it is so bright and colourful. To complete the American theme, Betty wears a red, white and black stars and stripes hat, which is perched on the one side of her head. We would normally see eight curvy spikes which illustrate her black glossy curves, but due to the position of her hat we are only able to see six. A further eight curves run along the edges of her hair line and perfectly frame her cute little face. Betty wears a pair of large golden coloured hoop earrings and her make up has been perfectly applied where she wears ruby red lipstick on her puckered lips. Her beautiful green eyes look sideways and her eyelashes are long and black.

      On the underside of the figurine are four circular felt pads to enable the collectable to be safely and securely displayed although mine are all stored on glass shelves behind glass doors. There is the familiar logo of the manufacturer and owners of the Betty Boop trademark namely The Hearst Holdings Inc. This is a fairly easy figurine to clean as I use a dry cloth, but not a normal yellow household duster, as the fibres tend to catch on any raised areas. Obviously, this figurine is not a toy, so should be kept out of reach of children, particularly as it is fragile and therefore, easily broken.

      If you are interested in purchasing Betty Boop USA she can be obtained from the website Yellow Zebra for £68. However, I would advise that I have no experience of using this site.

      As this is such a cute collectable it receives five stars from me together with my full recommendation.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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