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Betty Boop Sitting Sideways

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Manufacturer: King Features Syndicate / Type: Collectible Doll

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    1 Review
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      14.05.2012 08:14
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      A stunning Betty Boop collectable

      My love for Betty Boop began in September 2007 when I bought two figurines with absolutely no intention of purchasing any more. However, over the years I rapidly added to my collection, which now stands at 136 beautiful figurines. The figurine I am reviewing today is quite simply named Betty Boop Sitting and I'm fortunate to own two with one displaying Betty wearing a lilac coloured dress and the other in blue.

      The hand painted resin figurine is slightly under a kilogram in weight, measures approximately 9 inches in height and whilst the design is fairly basic it is amongst my favourites, particularly the one in blue as Betty tends to regularly appear in a red dress. If you are familiar with the character of Betty Boop you will be aware that she possesses an extremely curvaceous figure and in this figurine she wears a dress that gives the impression that her cleavage is about to burst out of the bodice!

      The design of the dress is simply stunning where every attention to detail has been considered. This is an area I adore in respect of the majority of the figurines that I own as Betty has been designed in such a way that the resin displays tiny creases in the appropriate areas. Her beautiful dress illustrates eye-catching puff ball style sleeves, which subsequently enables us to witness her slender arms with her perfectly formed fingers, which are positioned on the rear of her dress. Betty's long sexy legs are situated in a rather seductive pose with her left hand resting on her knee. I love the design of her dress where the skirt section rests neatly on the top of her thighs and it flows seductively against both sides of her body and around her trim bottom.

      Betty is a lady who almost always wears the most stunning high heeled shoes and in this figurine she wears sexy stilettos to match her beautiful dress. Both of her tiny wrists display a golden coloured hoop bangle, which match her earrings. For the purpose of this review I am scrutinising both the blue and lilac coloured figurines; each of which display silver sparkling glitter within the paint used for the dress. A problem I have experienced with the majority of my glitter style figurines is that each time they are touched a small amount of glitter falls off. Fortunately, this is not the case with either of these figurines.

      Betty's beautiful black glossy curls are illustrated with eight curvy spikes that run along the top of her head with a further eight being located around her hairline. Betty's stunning and huge green eyes look upwards, which gives her a rather dreamy and far away appearance. She possesses a tiny and rather cute nose with her ruby red lips always being puckered. Betty firmly sits on her base, which displays the familiar logo of the manufacturer and owner of the Betty Boop trademark, namely The Hearst Holdings Inc.

      Cleaning this figurine can be somewhat of a challenge with just a lint free duster, so a small clean paintbrush enables me to access any hard to reach areas. I would point out that I would previously attempt to clean my figurines with a normal yellow household duster, but unfortunately, tiny fibres would catch on the raised areas of resin. As previously stated, this figurine is available in red, black and lilac and all of these colours are readily available and at the time of writing they can be purchased on Amazon for £42.99 inclusive of postage and packing. I had considerable difficulties in obtaining my blue version as all Betty Boop retailers were always out of stock. However, I eventually tracked it down on ebay and offered a very cheeky £20 and was amazed that the seller accepted. I can highly recommend this figurine and as a result, she receives 5 stars from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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