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Baby Annabell Dummy with Clip

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Brand: Zapf Creation

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    1 Review
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      02.03.2014 09:33
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      Baby Annabell dummy

      We are now the proud parents/grandparents of two Baby Annabell dolls in our house as my daughter has the original Baby Annabell and now her younger brother, George. My little girl is absolutely in love with them and treats them just like real babies which is actually very cute to watch. I like the dolls as I think they look quite nice and realistic and if my daughter gets pleasure out of them well then that's great.

      The beauty of baby Annabell and the reason why I think she is so realistic is becsuse she cries, makes talking sounds and also sucks on her milk bottle and her dummy. We have a couple of dummy's for Annabell and George to share and they really are a nice accessory for the dolls.

      The dummy fits into Annabell's mouth as it has quite a long teat on it and then the battery operated mechanism in Annabell allows her to actually suck on this dummy. She makes quite a realistic sucking noise and her cheeks go in and out which looks freakishly real too. My daughter loves giving Annabell her dummy as she is usually crying right before she gives it to her and after sucking for a while Annabell will calm down and close her eyes and fall asleep which is really cute.

      The dummy has a nice mouth piece on it that fits over the mouth. You can get various designs but one that we have is clear with some gold patterned swirls on it making it look quite fancy and posh. Then there is a ring, much like you get on a real baby's dummy that you can use to put your fingers through to carry the dummy. On the ring there is a little Baby Annabell logo to tell you its a really Baby Annabell product, the company do like their branding, you will always find Baby Annabell written on everything, probably so they can chsrge twice the pricenof other baby toys, but I digress, I do actually like the quality and make of Baby Annabell toys.

      The ring also has a piece of string attached to it and at the end of the string is a little clip which allows you to clip the dummy onto Baby Annabell's clothes, again like you would with a rel baby so in theory you don't loose the dummy. We actually find this quite handy as my litle girl often takes the dummy out of Annabell or George's mouth and we think we have lost it but thn we find it again on their clothes.

      The dummys are priced at around £5 each and are a nice accessory if you have these dolls.


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