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Nylabone Dura Chew Big Chew Beef Bone

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Brand: Nylabone / Type: Dog Bone

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2012 17:40
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      highly recommend this big chew for the extreme chewers!

      Our dog Banjo is a Staffie cross and is a very powerful chewer when it comes to his toys. We have taught him he has his toys and my boys have theirs! We are always on the lookout for new things for Banjo that will last for more than a day and are safe for him. Whilst searching the web I found Nylabone and the large range they offer. The products seemed right up Banjo's street and so I decided to buy one and give it a go.

      Nylabone has many products to offer for all size dogs and for different types of chewers. They are classed as durable/powerful products for strong determined chewers or flexible/moderate products for less aggressive chewers. Of course we were looking for the durable/powerful products for our dog. I decided on getting him the large bone hoping it would last him a while I went with the Big Dura chew big chew beef bone. It had good reviews on Amazon so I went with it.

      The Nylabone is made of extra tough nylon allowing your dog to grind it down eventually. This particular product is a large version ideal for the larger dog although our Staffie cross is classed as a medium dog but it is perfect size for him he likes things bigger. The bone measures roughly 19cms in length and 7cms at the widest point. This bone is beef flavoured something I thought my dog would like.

      The Nylabone claims to fight boredom and discourage destructive chewing. Thankfully I seemed to have been lucky as Banjo only seems to destruct his own toys and not things around the house! As well as a fun toy that Banjo can chew till his heart's content it also claims to clean their teeth while chewing another plus in my eyes.

      We actually bought this product for Banjo at Christmas as I have two small boys I wanted to keep him occupied while we enjoyed time with the boys and their new toys. Even though there was plenty of commotion going on in the house at the time as soon as we gave Banjo the bone he took off to his bed with it and away he chewed for ages. At the time he still had his Kong (which he got through in 3 months!) but this took a back seat and the Nylabone replaced as favourite toy. For the first couple of days he was obsessed with it and carried it around with him all the time. He was very happy to just sit and chew away at it. He soon found it wasn't just going to break like many other toys. Some dogs may just give up on it then (I know my sister's Staffie cross would) but not ours he is very determined.

      Three months on and the Nylabone still lives very strongly! It is scratched and chewed up at the ends but is going very strong still. Banjo hasn't given up on it and still has a go with it every day. Usually on an evening when he comes into the living room he likes to bring it in and sit and give it a good go. On the packaging it does warn very tiny pieces may be found on the floor. We have wooden flooring and I have never seen any tiny pieces about.

      I really like the Nylabone and have been very pleased with my purchase. I like the fact it still looks relatively clean and nothing really sticks to it when it has been chewed. It doesn't really smell which for me is an added bonus! I am happy I don't have to worry about any big pieces coming lose and my dog choking on it. My previous dog (who died from old age) once choked on a pedigree treat bone and we ended up spending a fortune at the vets. The only warning I would give you is it is a little bit heavy and does hurt your toes if your dog decides to drop it on your foot! So watch your feet when they are about with it!

      I purchased the Nylabone from Amazon but you can get it from major leading pet stores like Pets at home, unfortunately my nearest one is over an hour away so I don't go very often. The large Nylabone Dura chew big chew beef bone will cost you £12.99 from Amazon. I think we got it a little cheaper just before Christmas when they had an offer on it but even for £12.99 I still think it is worth it. After three months it has hardly changed shape so I can see this one lasting quite a long time and it is certainly keeping Banjo amused.

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