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Nina Ottosson Dog Magic Interactive Treats Game

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Brand: Nina Ottosson / Type: Dog Toys

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    1 Review
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      29.09.2010 22:09
      Very helpful



      A great product but rather pricey.

      Nina Ottosson interactive toy range is designed for dogs to keep them active and stimulated, they are affectively puzzles for dogs.

      I recently purchased dog magic after hearing about how effective these puzzles can be, and how they can help to use up your dogs excess energy.
      I purchased the Dog Magic puzzle whihc is rated easy, it has one dog, 2 means medium, 3 means hard. I did question this when making the purchase and wondered if this would be hard enough for my dog, but thought I should really start at the begining.

      The puzzle itself is red and white. The base unit is red and looks similar to a clock face although it only has 8 items round the edge not 12. There is also 1 in the middle (and no clock hands). The base is round and has spaces for the items which are bone shaped. The actual items are white bones that are placed in the spaces around the unit.
      The idea is to show your dog you are putting a treat on the base, let them eat it, then put another one on and cover it with the white bone. (This is all plastic). The idea is for the dog to remove the bone and get the treat, you can then build your dog up to putting a few treats under a few of the bones BUT putting all bones in the spaces and allowing them to sniff them out, and remove the correct bones then getting the treat as a reward.

      This is definitely a great idea and super for dogs that aren't obsessed with food or dogs that need training to seek things out. I have a labrador and he has a good nose, I made a big mistake buying this puzzle because by the time my dad had read the instructions and told us what we're supposed to build up to, my dog had done it anyway.
      The toy is medium sized and is suitable for most dog sizes although very small dogs may struggle reaching the middle of the unit.

      I think this game could also be used for patience as well. My dog lacks paitence and this did help to build up his waiting times, although because he knew exactly what he had to do, he would still charge in once he was allowed to.
      This game cost me £22.00 including postage and packaging, I think I would have been fair more happy with this item had my dog not managed to use it and get fed up with it in all of 5 minutes. I am now going to buy the hard one and see how he gets on, but if you are thinking of buying one of these really think about your dogs ability before hand. I thought we'd start at the bottom and work our way up, but realistically I should have known this puzzle would be far too easy because he already plays seek games and uses his nose.

      I would recommend this although it is definitely on the expensive side, but if the correct puzzle is brought you will find the reward in your dog keeping focused and using up energy on this, it also helps to stimulate them and can help tire them out, without going on a 5 mile walk.
      There are many online shops and outlets that stock and sell these puzzles, look about you may get a better price than what I paid.


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