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Mason's Dog Oil

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Brand: Masons / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Health

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    2 Reviews
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      22.05.2012 21:09
      Very helpful



      Deep Heat For Your Dog!

      My 3 year old border collie Marley suffers from epilepsy and sometimes his seizures can be quite violent and leave his body aching. A family friend suggested using Mason's Dog Oil to help relieve his aching muscles. Here I will be reviewing it:

      About Mason's Dog Oil
      This oil can be used on both humans and animals such as dogs and horses to relieve any aches and pains. It was originally made in the 1920's to be used on racing dogs. To be honest, I think this product is actually used on humans more so than animals nowadays!

      Mason's Dog Oil comes in 112 gram tub which is bright yellow and the lid is black. Dog Oil for Massaging is written in big black letters across the front. Round the side of the tub is all the usual info such as ingredients, customer comments address and phone number and directions for use.

      I buy this oil from Holland and Barrett and it costs £2.29.

      The Oil
      Mason's Dog Oil is exactly that - oil. It has a very similar look and feel to Vaseline. It is odourless and made from vegetable and mineral oils, two of the main ingredients being rape seed oil and petroleum jelly.

      Directions For Use
      The instructions on the tub state that you should rub the oil to aching areas at least two times a day, more if possible (although it does not state how many times is too many). The oil should be rubbed in thoroughly. This oil is supposed to have a better effect if used after a warm bath.

      My Opinion
      To be honest, I am unable to tell if that product actually helps my dog Marley as after his fits, he tends to be very sleepy anyway, I just hope that it does help to relieve any aches and pains. The disadvantage of using this on a dog is that the oil getting clogged up in their fur. Marley is short haired dog so long hair would be worse!

      However, I thought that seeing as this product can be used on humans as well, I decided I would give it a go. I had a hot bath and rubbed the oil into my aching back. The oil was quite greasy and did leave my skin a bit greasy. The oil made my skin feel quite warm in the area it was applied to. I did feel a certain amount of relief from my aching back. However, I don't think this massage oil works as well as other similar products such as Deep Heat etc.


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        05.12.2010 23:15
        Very helpful
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        I guess if your aches and pains are unbearable, using this product may provide some relief.

        Hey - Guess What? Dog Oil is not for dogs! Well, it could be - you can use it on lots of animals, but it is used primarily by people for people and this was something of a surprise to me. I was guilty of making a false assumption based on the container. I think dooyoo did too since it appears in the Pets section.

        I acquired a little yellow tub of this oil in a box of bric-a-brac won at auction. I automatically assumed it was something for a dog and since my dog appeared to have no need for it, it sat in the cupboard for ages until I heard a colleague talk about it. His mum used it regularly for a problem with her knee and swore by its effectiveness in keeping the joint mobile and pain free.

        Now it just so happens that my wife is currently suffering with aches and pains associated with a bout of flu and she is strapping hot water bottles to her front and back to try to achieve some relief from her pain.

        However, it proved rather difficult to convince her that she should let me massage her achey bits with something called Dog Oil. Hardly surprising that I had to show her the Dog Oil website so that she could get some corroboration of the fact that it is used for all kings of ailments by all kinds of people. Eventually she relented and the white creamy waxy substance was massaged into her skin. It was a little greasy to start with but did rub in, albeit leaving the area dry and sticky and unpleasant to the touch. It has all the appeal of the fat that is left in the grill pan after you have grilled Walls Sausages and it doesn't smell much better. Pretty rank in fact.

        What is it? Well, basically it is a blend of rape oil and petroleum jelly to be massaged into the skin and it is made to a recipe first established nearly a hundred years ago. It contains no animal products, no drugs and no perfumes and is not tested on animals. That said, in its original formulation, some say that it included fats from dead dogs - hence the name (although it was also once used for racing greyhounds - presumably instead of WD40). There is some fascinating information on the Dog Oil website so if you have been struggling to find some relief from your muscular or joint aches and pains, then this stuff may be worth trying.

        My wife isn't desperately keen on having a second application of the stuff. It did nothing for her. Maybe if I had mixed a bit of perfume with it and not told her the story about the dead dogs, she may have been more receptive to further treatments.

        Apparently, this product is stocked by Holland and Barrett so is widely accessible at around £2.50 per 100g tub. You can also buy it from the Dog Oil website.

        I rather fancy that the remainder of the tub will remain unused.


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