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Foldable Black Cage for Dogs

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Animals Equipment Type: Dog Equipment

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    9 Reviews
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      31.10.2012 07:49
      Very helpful



      A really good aid to dog training.

      As we have had a puppy recently for the first time we have been taking advice from whoever wants to offer it (which is normally my best friends husband, who has always had dogs from pups), so with his advice i decided to invest in a dog crate.

      My initial problem was trying to get Belle used to being in a room at night, and getting her to stop crying and howling at night, and due to where we kept her at night (the hall) she had also discovered that due to a rather rattly door to the front room, not only could she howl and cry, but also throw herself at the door for optimum disruption!

      My friend suggested a dog crate as apparently is gives them a feeling of security, and due to them never going to the toilet in their own beds, this could also be an aid to house training (which we were trying with varying degrees of sucess!).

      After a visit to our local Pets at home, i decided that i didn't really need fashionable, but rather funchional, so went for the value folding flat dog crate, complete with sturdy base tray.

      There are a few different sizes available, ranging from -
      X Small: H 61 x W 44 x D 49cmSmall: H 76 x W 49 x D 53.5cm;
      Medium: H 63 x W 57 x D 91cm;
      Large: H 77 x W 81 x D 108cm;
      X Large: H 118 x W 77 x D 81cm. (courtesy of pets at home website)

      We opted for the large crate, knowing that Belle is quite small now, but will eventually get much bigger, and this size cage is specified as being suitable for Border collie dogs, along with larger spaniels too.

      In it's boxed state it is flat packed, and i did wonder just how easy this would be to set up as i am not really one for flat packed furniture, but the box and the instructions reassured that it was a no screw deal, so when i removed it from the outer wrap i pleased to find you literally lift it up and it forms it's box shaped, with there being a few little securing clips and hey presto, instant dog crate!

      The cage is really made, with there being not sharp edges to speak off, and the metal is coated in an almost plastic coating, but is completely chew proof, which Belle can attest to!

      The base board is incredibly sturdy, and wipeable too, with it being held in a small compartment in the base of the cage, but can be simply slid out to be wiped down (which i do frequently with diluted Zoflora).

      The cage (if you don't want it to be used as a toilet) has to have the dogs bedding placed into it, with Belles rather substantial bed filling the best part of the cage and as of yet we have had no accidents (so far!).

      My husband was really quite apprehensive about the crate, when i purchased it he was quite against the idea, saying that it was cruel, but after a good amount of research and personnal reccomendation (and the fact that we hadn't slept properly for nearly a week!), he let me get on with it.

      Belle's first impression of the cage to me was amazing, she growled at the outer box (a lot!), then once her bed was put into it she crawled staright in and went to sleep!

      Since then she goes in at night and when i am out of the house, (though never longer than three hours at a time), with regular toilet breaks.

      I have found that she no longer cries at night, but rather snuggles down into her bed and goes straight to sleep, and it has also house trained her (within two days!), as soon as she comes out of her cage she now goes and sits at the back dog to go into the garden to do her buisness, so the crate has done exactly what i wanted it to, and Belle seems really happy with it herself.

      Price wise this was a really quite expensive item to buy, with the cage being £60.00 for the large size, but in terms of training has been completely invaluable and i would highly recommend this product to any new owner of a puppy.

      There are of course always going to be people who deem this sort of training as cruel, but as long as the cage is used correctly and not misused, this is a really good addition to your puppies training regime.

      For more information visit - www.petsathome.com alternatively visit in store, the staff have been really helpful and have given me plenty of advice for Belle.

      Thanks for reading x


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        15.10.2012 17:50
        Very helpful



        A useful product for some dogs if used correctly


        I would like to say right at the start of this review that when I first saw dog crates I thought they were probably just meant to contain the dog as a cage type device. If asked why they were used I would probably have said by owners wanting to keep a dog for reasons such as security rather than a part of the family. I considered these owners probably kept the dog in the crate when inside the house and let it out when guarding the house or garden but in truth I didn't give it too much thought; this was only an impression that I had at the back of my mind.

        I had grown up with pet dogs and these had never needed a cage but owning my West Highland White Terrier had me thinking and researching training aids. I read, and understood, that dogs prefer to sleep in small spaces especially if they want security, dating back from their cave dwelling days perhaps. I wonder then, why do dogs remember their cave days but human don't seem to?

        Anyway, my dog has some problems and he can prove a challenge at times. He hates fireworks, (which is understandable as this is a common fear with many dogs) dark days and rain and, especially, thunderstorms. I've tried so many things to help him grow accustomed to darkening skies and loud bangs. I have tried to get him to associate these conditions with food and treats and even, in extreme cases, used Calmex tablets from the vet, but, this has been without much success. Darkening skies and rooms and Joey instantly wants to cock his leg and mark somewhere, even indoors, which is where he wants to be when he is frightened. Well, you can imagine that this situation isn't pleasant and can create a lot of extra cleaning.

        A few months ago while buying dog food in Pets At Home, I saw a crate for sale and wondered about this. I thought to myself that although Joey is supplied with a comfortable bed, if he can find a plastic bag or a newspaper he will choose to curl up on these. He also looks for nooks and crannies at times to crawl into and sleep, although you wouldn't believe this at the moment if you could see him as he is stretched out on an armchair with a cushion for his head. I'm pretending I haven't seen him so I don't have to say, "Get down!"

        I came to the conclusion that a crate might be worth a try. True, I didn't hold out much hope, Joey is eleven now and old dogs don't really like to learn new tricks. But I did think if he would go in it and didn't mind then I could make the crate into a secure place for him and he might, just possibly, go into it at times which proved stressful for him.

        I spoke to my son and his fiancé who had been out with me when I first saw the crate. They told me that a friend of theirs has one for her dog and they have seen the dog go into it often of its own accord and they both thought the dog seemed much attached to the crate.

        My husband was totally against the crate idea and said that it was too small and a ridiculous idea. He went on to say that Joey would NEVER go into a crate of his own free will. I decided to ignore my husband, which is often the best course of action.


        I then purchased a small crate from Pets At Home. This, according to information on the box, should have been a suitable size, for Joey. On getting the crate home I set it up and watched as Joey walked into it. He is a very nosey dog, immediately I thought the crate was too small and so did my husband. He repeated his thoughts that this was a waste of time, space and money. I retorted that he might well be right but as he had insisted that Joey wouldn't even step inside and Joey had all but been knocking on the door to get in, he was sometimes wrong!

        The crate was returned and I received a refund. I had seen that Argos sold a medium sized crate at a cheaper price than Pets at Home and this one seemed to be sized better for Joey. Also, as this was somewhat of an experiment I didn't want to pay any more then I needed to.

        I went to a retail park in Beckton to return the small crate and a few paces away from Pets At Home there is an Argos store, so this worked out well. I had already reserved the purchase on-line. As I had another purchase to make from Argos my shopping came to over fifty pounds meaning that I received a five pound voucher for future use.


        Once again a crate was quickly set up. The Argos crate comes with a mat which is black on one side and black and partly made of a white furry material on the other side. It is washable.

        The crate does seem quite big for a small dog or would look big perhaps in a small room but, when it isn't in use it folds quickly and easily and then will fit into a cupboard or behind a chair. I don't often fold Joey's crate as I still want him to gradually get used to it, so it's there for him all the time. I think at Christmas it will have to be moved though to make a space for the Christmas tree.

        Joey did wander into the crate but was straight out again. I realised, as expected, some coaxing was required. I placed some of his doggy treats into the crate and of course Joey followed them in.
        I decided to call the crate "Joey's House" as I think this sounds much nicer than a crate and definitely nicer than a cage.

        The crate/house comes supplied with a mattress but I've also added a fleece to make it more inviting. I added some of his toys too but as Joey isn't a dog who is too bothered with toys he pushed them out.
        Now for some weeks Joey would go into his house, have a look round and then come out again, but one day I was surprised to see him nudging the door open (it was left slightly ajar; he can't unlock it!) going in, making a big fuss about moving the fleece around and next thing he was curled up asleep in the house for half an hour.

        This happened a few times but he didn't stay in it for long periods of time. He seemed to be testing it out.
        And then we had a bad thunderstorm a few months ago. At this time Joey was not happy and nor was I! He wanted desperately to mark my home. I locked him in his house with a Pedigree Jumbone. After five minutes or so he was barking and scratching at the door and so I let him out and thought, "That's blown it; he'll never set foot in there again" But I was surprised a week or so later when I was vacuuming the living room. Joey is a pest when I vacuum. He stands by the vacuum to feel the stream of air on him but when it reaches his tail he spins around like a mad thing and makes cleaning difficult in case I vacuum the dog! I said to him, "Joey, go in your house" and I was amazed when he actually did this!


        Now training is still in progress so I can't say if this crate will definitely be a worthwhile purchase for the purpose I bought it for, but I am hopeful that we're getting there.

        Joey now goes into his house at least once a day, when HE decides to. Once he settles in there he will stay in, snuggled up and snoring loudly (in fact I've just noticed he's moved from the armchair and into his house as I write) with the side door left open.

        When Joey isn't in his house he likes the door to be left slightly open and then he can manage to open it with his paw.
        Although Joey doesn't get locked in this feature is needed as once Joey is really accustomed to the house, which I feel he very nearly is, then I will try locking the door for very short periods of time. Well, he wouldn't stay in the house during a storm or fireworks without being trained to do so as he would be prowling about and trembling. I'm really hoping that he will be coaxed into staying in this house, when he is under pressure, for long enough to make him feel, at a time of stress, that he has somewhere secure, comfy and warm that he might be able to either sleep in or be able to concentrate on a tasty and distracting treat.

        This house is in a corner of my living room partly obscured by the sofa, so it doesn't look too bad. It's near to the window so will be in a cool spot in summer and near to a radiator so will be warm in winter. When the skies darken, therefore so does my living room, then I cover Joey's house with a fleece blanket so in the hope that he will see this as a sanctuary from the storm, hopefully.

        If Joey does get to the stage where he can be locked in his house for a short amount of time without fretting, then it will be useful for times when I have a furniture delivery or such going on, as then he will be secure (Joey can be a runner) and also if I'm having work done around the home when Joey, for his own safety, needs to be kept out of the way. I'm not counting on this though but do feel with less nervous but lively dogs then this crate or a similar one could prove handy.

        I like the fact that this crate is fold-able so can be stored or transported easily. Transportation is made even easier as it has a carry handle. The bottom tray is removable making it easy to clean as well as move around. It is also useful that the crate is equipped with two doors making it easier to find a place to keep it in where at least one door can be accessed by Joey.

        PRICE: ARGOS £39.99

        FEATURES (www.argos.co.uk)

        * Black coloured.
        * Suitable for small to medium sized cats and dogs.
        * Chrome plated black frame.
        * Carry handle and door that opens both ways.
        * Suitable for indoor use.
        * Easy to clean.
        * Includes free mat.
        * Supplied with a removable tray.
        * Instructions included.
        * Overall size H61, W76, D54cm.
        * Weight 7kg.
        * Easy to assemble.
        * Folds flat for storage.


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          31.05.2011 14:02



          not what I expected

          I bought this cage as my Malionois was slowly but surely eating my conservatory walls.

          It was only £35 from Amazon and so I thought a good deal. It was nice and large and meant that the Mali could stand up in the cage, turn around and be comfortable for the time she was left in there.

          It was quite heavy but seemed to be the same weight as some smaller ones I had so I was a little concerned.

          I took it out of the box and started to put it together and found that the metal was very thin, the sides clipped together okay but just pushing slightly meant they bent out creating a huge gap on the edges. This would go back as soon as the pressure was taken off but I feared that the dog's paw or head might get caught and injuried if they did this when left alown.

          I put the dog in the cage and she settled nicely however when the other dog come anywhere near the cage the Mali got excited pawed the sides of the cage which made the sides bow out and the huge gap appear.

          Not really happy with the cage and needless to say I rarely left the dog in it. It was used for ill dogs who needed cage rest when I was there.

          It did teach me that if you want a good item then you need to pay for it. Cheap is not always quality!!


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          13.02.2011 10:08
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A must for new dog owners

          When we bought our Bloodhound the previous owners gave us the dog cage as well. I would never have got one otherwise as I had always thought they were a bit cruel locking your pet in a cage, however my view soon changed.

          I was lucky that Archie was already established in his cage but I was advised that to begin with it should be viewed as his bedroom, a nice place to go, not somewhere for punishment but rather somewhere they can feel safe, although later on if they do something wrong you can tell him to go to bed and they do. Later on you can also leave the cage door open as they become more trustworthy.

          The cage was a godsend at tea time and when we left for work as he was happy to go in there, we knew he was safe and so was our house.

          I now view the cage very differently and would highly recommend them for all dogs.

          You can get them from good pet shops, but you may find ebay cheaper at anything from £10 - £50 depending on the size, I would think a second hand one in good condition would be as good as a new one as they seem quite sturdy.

          Overall, a must for new dog owners.


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            17.10.2010 16:43
            Very helpful



            A handy item for dog owners.

            I bought one of these last April when we were going on holiday to Haven. I wanted a crate for two reasons. The first is I really do not like to have a dog bouncing about the car. I think it is safer for everyone to have them securely confined for travel, not to mention keeping the car cleaner. Also I was not certain about leaving her alone in the car while we were on the boat, so at least in a crate she could do no real harm. The boat does have kennels but my dog has been re-homed a few times and while she loves the car, i think she would panic being placed in a strange kennel.

            I bought the 36" crate from ebay for £29. It was still larger than I had expected as at the time the next size up was recommended for staffies.
            I am glad I did not get the larger one as this was plenty large enough for her, and a bigger one would not fit in my car. I suppose a larger one would be better if the dog is going to spend a lot of time in this, but for car travel you may well need a smaller one. Measure carefully.

            I am very happy with this crate. It is very easy to set up and put down, very easy to clean and shows no signs of damage or rust despite often having a soaking wet dog in it who has come straight from the beach. It does not come with a bed, but one can be ordered separately from the company. As Tora had just appropriated the blanket I used to use when watching telly when we first got her, I just used that as she seemed to really be attached to it. I use a thick towel for beach trips.

            I do not use this in the house, as the children are constantly climbing in and I think she prefers her pets at home basket by the radiator. I do not like my children in the dogs bed, because I feel the dog should have one place to go if it wants to be left alone. (My husband asked if he could have one too). We do use this as her house when traveling though, and I think she likes having a nice secure place with familiar smells.

            I have used a similar but larger crate in the past for my pups to sleep in at night as it does help house training. If you have room to leave one with the door open, I think most dogs enjoy having their own den well past house training as well.

            I have also found most vets will allow a dog to stay in it's own crate if required, and I think the dogs may be less frightened in a familiar bed, but of course then you need a larger one.

            I would really recommend these for travel or house training and think the price I paid on ebay was brilliant. Having just checked they are still available at the same price, but of course prices vary for different sizes.
            It really isn't the nicest looking crate, but it is functional and a great price so I have given it 5 stars.


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            17.10.2010 15:09
            Very helpful



            Perfect for quick and humane training

            We got our little Bichon Frise when off on holiday for three weeks and house training seemed to be going well. The problems started again when we returned to work and we left Archie with the run of the kitchen.

            Unfortunately all our efforts were undone and he had messed all around the place! Never keen on the idea of a cage for him we had no choice as we couldn't be there 24/7 to keep an eye on him.

            I went for the large version, at £38 from ebay, including delivery. Even though I had checked the measurements I was still surprised at how big it was, and to be fair I did want to give him as much room as possible. A similar sized cage was around £55 at the local pet store.

            It was easy to build and clips together in seconds, and same for disassembling it. We stuck his own bed on the tray in the bottom and this made it easier for him to adjust. It was hard the first few times leaving him in there, but it will get easier for him once he learns you come back!

            The cage is a great training aid. As the dog will not go to the toilet where he sleeps, he learns to hold it till you return to let him out. If possible have a few practice days at this before leaving him the full day. Archie ran straight to the door when we let him out the first day, and a lot of praise and a little treat afterwards and he learned very quick.

            We've been using the cage a few months now and it's at the stage where I leave the door open for him to go and explore and he has learned to wait until he's let outside before going to the toiliet.

            I would recommend this wholeheartedly to those trying to house train a dog. Even those like me who were deadest against the idea of caging your little pup will find this humane, speedy and useful, and after the first few days your pup will see the cage a his or her new home!


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            16.09.2010 10:42
            Very helpful



            see review

            I bought the black cage for my jack russell puppies i have two of them. They are now under a year old. I got them at 3 months old and i feel because there were two of them at night time they would not settle at night. i could hear them when i was in bed chewing skirting boards and raiding the bin.

            I suggested to my husband that we buy a cage for night time and hoped they would settle into a routine. Hubby wasnt keen on the idea but i bought one anyway. I got mine from ebay for £30.00 and its a medium sized cage. I had looked in my local pet shop but they were priced at £60.00.

            The cage is metal with a black galvinised coating. It is more than big enough for two small puppies. It has a removable tray at the base of the cage. I remove it every other day to disinfect with a cleaner suitable for dogsMy cage has one door on it that has a catch on it if you want it locked, also has a clip to keep it open. The cage is easy to build and dismantle. It took me 10 mins to build the first time. It folds flat for easy storage. I put a big padded dog bed in the base of the cage. I also bought a doggy water bottle that clips onto the cage so my pups were never without water.

            My husband and myself agree the cage was a good idea as my pups quickly settled at night, no more accidents with toileting in the house or chewing my house. I took the cage away recently as they were perfect in the house and i found this unsettled them again and they were looking for the comfort of the cage so i am back using it again. The cage also comes in handy when we go to our caravan for a holiday and is good for the car too. Very happy with my purchase and suggest looking around for a good price like i did.


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              15.09.2010 21:19
              Very helpful



              My review

              Not everyone agrees with dog cages but we got one for both my boxer bobby and my jack russell lila. What people don't understand is dogs actually like cages as longs they are used from the start and not abused.

              We paid around £15.99 for our xlarge black cage from ebay for bobby and a medium black cage cost £13.99 from ebay i recommend buying them from ebay as they can set you back a fortune in the pet shops.

              The cages are simple to erect and they can fold down compact for travelling or when not needed. The cage panels pull up around the cage and held in place with black metal clips the door has a basic latch clip on it and can only be opened from the outside of the cage door.

              We have made both cages their beds and have soft comfortable padded beds and blankets inside the cage but padded cage pad liners can be bought for them. I like the way the tray on the bottom can come off the be cleaned especially if puppy's have little accidents inside.

              Because our dog have used these for the day we have had them they like their beds as it is there little space and they feel safe being inside the cage.
              During the day my dog bobby our boxer will get closed in his cage if i have to leave the house pr anyone comes in not for any other reason than he will run around the house or jump on people something i have tried hard to get him out off but with no joy. He is very big yet has loads of room to move around in his cage.

              I highly recommend the black dog cages they really help with puppy training and gets the dog used to his own home/space handy for travelling with too in the car.


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              28.10.2009 08:24
              Very helpful




              Our last puppy was dumped in a box by our car at the tender age of 9 weeks. We weren't ready for a puppy or experienced or even prepared but we took her in and she had a happy 10 years with our family. However the first 6 months were horrendous and we vowed never to have another puppy. The damage and mess she caused were unbelievable. This was mostly our fault for not being prepared but when you become a dog owner in the circumstances we did, we could only do our best!

              So this time round, having gone back on our vow and researching new puppies - we decided to buy a puppy cage for the first few months of his life. What a fabulous decision!

              We brought a Golden Retriever so we needed a pretty large cage to cope with his rapid growth and eventual size and therefore we had to pay the higher price for this. The cage we brought was around the £50 mark and we obtained it new from eBay, but I think they are slightly more expensive in the shops.

              It is made from metal and has a smooth black coating on it which makes it look and feel more comfortable than straight metal. The base is a large metal tray which slides out of the main cage to clean it and you simply add blankets, towels or bedding on to the tray for the dog to be comfortable.

              The other good thing is that the sides and top all collapse in and fold down to a very slim storage size. Very good idea for when you are finished using it. And to make life even easier mine has two doors, one on the end and one on the side, so wherever you end up placing the cage in your house, there is an easily accessible door for your dog to go in and out of.

              The reason for having this cage? Well, Max went into here at night time and was shut in so he had no chose but to bed down and couldn't get up to any mischief. Dogs also don't like to "mess" in their beds so this does help in keeping your puppy clean through the night. As long as in the early weeks you get up in the night and let them out at least once or twice, depending on age, you should have a clean cage and puppy in the morning.

              We also used to pop him in there if we went out. Just short periods mind you. This keeps him safe and keeps your house safe too. Nothing can be chewed or poo'd on and you should come home to a happy pup.

              We laid a towel over the top of our cage as it helped to create a warmer, darker den feel for him and he certainly seemed happy enough in there.

              We seem to have cracked toilet training now "fingers crossed" and the cage has been moved to the back of my car so he can travel in there to the park, but I would have no hesitation in reintroducing it if he starts to chew my house up - although all well at the moment.

              I would highly recommend a cage for your pup, it takes a lot of stress and worry out of the early days and having been through those days without one, this time round has been so much better!


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