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Take That - For The Record (DVD)

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Genre: Documentary - Music / Theatrical Release: 2006 / Suitable for 15 years and over / Actors: Take That ... / DVD released 2006-04-24 at Sony Bmg / Features of the DVD: Colour, PAL

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    2 Reviews
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      26.09.2011 22:03
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      An interesting documentary

      I bought this after watching the documentary and being a big Take That fan. It was released in April 2006, after the documentary was screened on television the previous year. It costs around £4 to £5 online which is a reasonable price. It has a running time of approximately 170 minutes, which consists of the 70 minute documentary and 100 minutes of unseen footage. It is rated as a 15 as there is some swearing and certain naughty words said by the band members from footage of their days as young guys in Take That.

      The DVD tells the story of all the band members of Take That, Gary Barlow, Howard Donald, Jason Orange, Mark Owen and Robbie Williams. Each member is filmed giving their opinion of what happened, including what they liked and disliked, usually with a nice room or something as the backdrop. This is combined with showing footage of the band and the members comment on it. The documentary goes through from when they first started to what they are doing at that point; for example it shows Howard with his daughter and Gary with his children and wife in his Delemere Manor house. I feel it is well put together, flows nicely and is nice to watch.

      I really like the way the documentary allows you to see the real opinions and views of all the band members. Obviously it is a bit dated now, as it was made before they got back together but it is still a good starting point to understand the band's history. I don't like the end though when Gary, Mark, Jason and Howard all meet up and Robbie does not show up, and see the pure emotion on their faces which shows how they really were good friends and did like each other in my opinion.

      Overall, if you haven't seen this, I would recommend watching it as it is interesting to see how the band formed and progressed up until 2005. It is also nice to see what the band members got up to after leaving the band.


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        09.11.2010 08:12
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        An excellent use of 70 minutes!

        Before the reformation of Take That the 4 piece band and the now 5 piece band Sony BMG produced the documentary "Take That, For The Record" to mark 10 years since the band split up. It was shown on ITV on 17th November 2005 and aired to six million viewers (not bad viewing figures for a band that had been away for a decade).

        The DVD contains one disk which includes the documentary as well as some extended footage not shown on the TV documentary.

        I must admit that in November 2005 this was the film I had been waiting for, for 10 years without even realising it and I had extremely high expectations. I hoped that this could give me an insight into the band that I had been so crazy about as a teen and see how they got to where they were, what went wrong and what they were up to now. Thankfully I was not to be disapointed

        == A Bit about the Band ==

        If you don't already know Take That consisted of Robbie Williams, Gary Barlow, Mark Owen, Jason Orange & Howard Donald. They formed in Manchester in 1990 and where managed by Nigel Martin Smith.

        After a few top 40 hits they finally broke the Top Ten with a cover version of could it be magic and finally gained their first number one with Prey. They went on to have 7 more number 1 singles up to 1996 (including Babe and Back for Good) and released 3 albums selling more than 25 million records in the five years 1991 - 1996. They received several Brit awards and had successfully broke the UK pop market.

        After losing Robbie WIlliams in 1995 they finally split in 1996. An event that was so upsetting for some teens that helplines were set up to help.

        They have since successfully reformed however this occurred after the Documentory was filmed and therefore I will not touch upon their achievements to date (even though I really would like to!).

        == The Film ==

        The Documentary promised that Take That Members would break their silence and reveal the truth about their time as members of Take That (tell me what more could a former fan ask for).

        Featuring all five members as well as their former manager the documentary sports frank interviews with the boys and plenty of footage from their own archives of their original time in the lime light.

        Reliving some mischievous stories of the band as boys and recollections of the madness surrounding their fame I found the documentary both informative and extremely interesting. From stories of their time on the tour bus to hints at what really went on with lulu the documentary is a compelling tale of success and heartbreak and with a running time of 70 minutes it never drags.

        The story begins with recollections from each of the members about how they came to be in the band interspersed with video clips to compliment throughout.

        ** Quote From Robbie: "I think that my mum heard about it on a radio station one morning and sent my CV off. Which, of course, was extensive - my work at the rep. And... "Have you seen my Dodger? I was fantastic!" And she sent the CV off, and then I got a call, I believe, from Nigel Martin Smith to go up and be interviewed."**

        **Quote from Mark: "I worked in a bank at that time. It was a way to break out of that mould, you know. And I just thought, Oh yeah, You know why not?"**

        This is a section of the interview I found particularly interesting as I had limited knowledge of where the came from and how they started out. A good strong start for a good strong video.

        It then moves on to the early days in the band and the preparation involved to ready themselves for their stint at fame.

        **Quote From Howard: " We had this choreographer who was a nice guy, but Nigel had ordered him to make us do press-ups every morning as soon as we got in there."**

        **Quote from Jason: "Nigel had the idea that we needed to be quite controversial. We should dress ludicrously. When I look back now it was ludicrous. Bondage gear and chains and Lycra and all sorts of stuff."**

        Some of the videos in this part are particularly entertaining and I can't believe I didn't realise they were being aimed at the Gay market when they started considering some of the early outfits (oh to be that young and naive again!).

        There are lovely stories from the boys of their first glimpse that their hard work was paying off.

        **Quote from Robbie: "I think probably the best time, Promises had just gone in at number 39, we were in our hotel in London, and we all jumped up and down on my bed and we broke it. That's the most excited I've ever been about a chart entry... of Take That or me solo."**

        The story then moves on to the fans and how crazy life had become for the boys including interviews with some fans of the former band.

        **Quote From Fan: They were the new Beatles. And people will start to respect them in the same way, I think.**

        Not sure everyone will agree about the new Beatles reference but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

        Next footage and interviews covering the split of Robbie and eventually the bands break up.

        **Quote from Robbie: " I was so depressed, so depressed and I was going back to my hotel in Manchester... and I'd just drink myself into oblivion. I could just remember, you know, wailing like a banshee, uncontrollable, in my room by myself, downing a bottle of neat vodka. You know, and I was 19, 20."**

        This section is interesting and the different views between the members in this area become clear with some very interesting revelations (but I don't want to give it all away!).

        Well documented is Robbie & Nigel Martin Smith fueds and this is also covered with the two still trading insults.

        **Quote from Nigel: "I gave him his career as far as I'm concerned"**

        **Quote from Robbie: I only wanted him to love me. You know, that's the sad, really sad thing. You know, I only wanted him to love me. And he never did.**

        The next section of the documentary covers where the members are in 2005 and what they have been up to since the band split up.

        **Quote From Jason: "Since the break up nearly 10 years ago, I've gone back to college, did some college courses. Did some backpacking, travelled the world. I've sat around a lot, pondering a lot. Chilled out a lot. Yeah, so now I'm 35, I'm just starting now to feel like I would like to go back and do something. But I'm not sure... I'm not sure what yet."**

        This again is another interesting part to see how life had changed for the 5 members over the years and is very enjoyable viewing.

        And finally the video ends with the reunion of the band after 10 years (well most of the band anyway!).

        == My Opinion ==

        As a take that fan for 20 years (and Robbie since the split) I very much enjoyed this documentary when it aired in 2005 and bought the both the Digipack & the Amaray version (the only difference being the case the DVD is contained in) . I must have seen this at least 5 times over the past 5 years so my investment has not been a waste of money for me.

        I find the footage of the band when they were starting makes for entertaining viewing and it really bring back memories to see the boys in all their leather outfits and vests. You forget how different they all looked when they first started out and there are lots of lovely videos from the early days however I find that it is the interviews with each member that is the real beauty of this story. There are some honest recollections of their naughtier past that never made the headlines at the time and some touching stories of their time together.

        **Quote from Mark: "Drugs and sex and the pop-and-roll. I suppose that's what we were. I think we all had our fair share of fun and sex and frolics."**

        It was also interesting to see where the boys ended up (well not Robbie Williams, obviously we all know what he had been up to) and what they were doing in 2005.

        Even though they speak quite frankly about their past this documentary is not uncomfortable viewing but it does help you see the world through their side of the Lens and I believe it is a must for any fan.

        Obviously since this documentary was made and released due to the overwhelming demand the band reformed as a 4 piece and their story has moved on however this documentary is a wonderful insight into the lives of the 5 guys as young men and also a glimpse into how different the celebrity lifestyle really is. There will be a new episode documenting the reformation of the 5 piece band in November 2010 and I would recommend viewing this instalment first if you didn't catch it first time around.

        You can pick this up now for £4.99 from Amazon and which is an absolute bargain for a lovely keepsake on a popular British Band.

        I find myself grinning from ear to ear whilst watching them all reminisce about their younger years and appreciate that thanks to this documentary they are back lighting up the charts once more (I realise this is subjective but I missed the gap they left after they split).

        Every time the conclusion leaves me with a lump in my throat and feeling fulfilled after my viewing pleasure - this is truly a lovely documentary.

        The interviews with the 5 band members are informative and pretty frank, giving both good and bad insight into their years with the band the first time around. The private footage supplied by the boys adds to the story and overall experience and is nicely slotted in to relate to the interviews being shown and information revealed. Even some of the videos of the boys misbehaving a little and its strange to see a crowd of screaming girls from the view the band members would have had.

        The 70 minutes running time flies by before you even notice and my one complaint would be that this documentary is not long enough! (you know you are enjoying something if it finishes before it feels like it has really started).

        == In Conclusion ==

        This is a fantastic documentary which will please any Take That fan but is also likely to capture the interest of most that watch.

        It is refreshing to see a documentary about celebrities that does not focus purely on the good things and that delves a little deeper than your standard interview. I was extremely pleased to find that even the seedier side of this previously considered clean cut band featured in the film.

        The DVD has a lovely flow and the combination of interviews with old unseen footage makes it a pleasure to watch having been very well compiled.

        I do not regret purchasing this DVD and pop it back in the machine now and again to relive the moments. When I first watched this I had high expectations and am pleased to say upon viewing these were not spoiled and in fact it managed to live up nicely.

        I believe this is a fantastic film with a little place in pride of place in my heart (it definately helped me relive the old days once ahain). Looking forward to the second installment coming soon.

        I would rate this 5/5 and is an excellent use of a spare hour and ten minutes.


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