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Numark CDN25+G Professional Karaoke CD Player

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2 Reviews

‚Äú The CDN25+G is a rack¬Ėmountable dual¬ĖCD player with 2 composite RCA video outputs for CD+G karaoke lyric and graphic display. These outputs connect to video mixers, monitors or TVs, and become active when playing CDs containing CD+G graphics data. ‚Äě

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    2 Reviews
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      14.09.2012 09:59



      Super little machine, slightly over budget.

      My family and myself often have the odd party at Christmas and in the summer months, and it usually ends up being a disco thrown in with a few people taking centre stage to show off their vocal abilities. It got to the stage when people expected me to lug my mixing using plus expensive microphone down from my studio just so that they could sing a song or two. That's when I decided it was time to buy something that was suited to the needs of my guests (and me of course.)

      I found this Numark karaoke CD player on a website and plenty of people had written good reviews about it. One thing that stood out for me it that it was rack mountable, so I could easily screw it in to the rack that I have which is on wheels.

      THE SPECS:
      It's rack mountable and has dual bays. There is a dual composite RCA video outputs for CD+G karaoke lyric display (if you need this of course.) It's CDR compatible and has digital output for crystal clear recordings. PLEASE NOTE that is does not come with a microphone; you'll have to buy this separately.

      I hook the system up to my floor standing large speakers and it's really the perfect combo. Quality of the unit is great and it looks kind of semi-pro. There's a handy sleep mode feature, which automatically puts the player into standby mode in order to save the units laser.

      It's highly affordable and a great addition to a private party or maybe you are a budding DJ that's out to impress, but I'd recommend this to anyone wanting to have some real party fun and find out which friends can and can't actually sing!

      Purchased from Amazon for £220 9 years ago.


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      05.03.2009 14:57
      Very helpful



      Excellent piece of kit.

      The Numark CDN25+G is another piece of DJ equipment that I use on a regular basis and have been impressed with.

      This dual CD player is rack-mountable (which means you can fix it into a rack with other audio equipment or fix it into a flightcase which is used to permanently house the equipment).

      I've always found Numark products to be sturdy and reliable and this is no exception. Although I have mine mounted into a flightcase with my mixer, the front panels (where the buttons and the cd loader trays are located) are still exposed to some abuse and all still work fine.

      This CD player has all the standard features: pitch control which can be set to either +/-8 or +/- 16, a jog wheel which can be used to speed up pitch temporarily or to search through a track, single or continuous play options and you can set your display to show you how much of a track has played or how much is remaining and how much of the cd has played or is remaining (important info for a working DJ). This also has the facility to play discs which have CD+G graphics. This is the format which is used for most karaoke discs so this has the ability to be hooked up to a tv/monitor screen to display the lyrics to everyones favourite sing-along songs. I've not used this feature myself but the fact that the CD player is capable of this was a major factor that I considered when I bought this item. I never knew if I would need this feature but I thought it was one well worth having.

      The lay-out of the faceplate, and more specifically the buttons, is ok, I feel the smaller buttons could be made slightly bigger as there is a small chance that you could accidentally push the wrong one in the 'heat of the moment'. The play button is not always that responsive, I feel that there can be a slight delay between pushing the button and the music starting but this is less than a second so is not a huge problem. The cue button works really well. If you press it, it takes the track back to the last point you pressed play at. Useful for when 'cueing' a track, hence the name).

      I've been using this for around three years and have had no problems with them. If I've been using them for long periods of time (upwards 4 hours consecutively) they occassionally refuse to acknowledge the fact that a CD is in there but if I press eject and put the CD back in they work fine. A minor annoyance considering the usual quality they provide but one that could prove costly if you need to get your next song loaded in a hurry.

      This is a well built and well designed piece of equipment, one I would not hesitate to recommend. You can currently get it for around £250 which, considering the quality and its features, is an absolute bargain!


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