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    2 Reviews
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      26.02.2011 14:34



      I bought this machine for my son. He's single so not really big loads and only used a few times each week.After 6 months it started turning itself off mid cycle. The engineer came out and 'fixed' it. A couple of months later and it started again. Another engineer came out and 'fixed' it. Now two weeks before the years guarantee is up it's happening again so I have to arrange another visit for repair - each time he has to take time off from work to be there for the engineer.I will not buy a hotpoint again!!


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      30.08.2009 19:21
      Very helpful


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      Already this machine has done as much washing as many households do in 6 months!

      I should begin this review by stating that I have a 'male brain'. This can be assessed by looking at the left hand palm side up, if the ring finger is longer than the index finger then the brain is 'male', if the index finger is longer than the ring finger then the brain is 'female'. My ring finger is longer than my index finger, hence 'male brain'. And the relevance of my 'male brain'..... I don't read instructions. The significance of this for my review is that most of what I'm about to write is the story of using this machine, rather than the information from the handbook.

      I accepted delivery of my Hotpoint WMD960P Ultima machine on August 5th and it has been in constant use since. I have the polar white version and not the silver one shown in the Dooyoo picture. It has now completed over 40 washes (I know this because I put a limescale prevention tablet in every wash and I've just finished a box, my partner almost always forgets the tablets so the few washes he has done don't count in the 25 day wash figure!). With a family of 7 to wash for it's a heavily used machine (I actually considered buying an industrial washer), I never do half loads so every wash it does is crammed to the brim. Probably the reason why this is my third washing machine in ten years.

      My last machine was a Hotpoint too and I am happy with the make. Admittedly that machine died after two and a half years, but I must confess I did not even attempt to get it fixed so it could have been an easily replacable, cheaply fixed part that went due to the continued use of the machine. Instead of calling out Mr Appliance-man I surfed the internet for machines better suited to my needs. The last machine was an emergency purchase made by my extremely generous mother-in-law-to-be when my Zanussi washer-dryer breathed it last when littlest HonestBob was 5 days old. I could not get out of the house to look at new machines, nor did I have time to surf, so she simply called me to tell me Argos were on their way with a new one. Lord I love that woman!

      However, it was an emergency purchase (and a wonderful gift) but, if I had had the time and energy to do some research I would have looked for some assets that were not present in that replacement machine, hence I return to my reason for buying a new machine this time rather than having the previous Hotpoint fixed.

      The reasons why this machine is better than my previous Hotpoint:

      * It has a child safety lock - anyone with a mischevious toddler will know their love of buttons and knobs. This machine has an extra button which can be pressed once the machine has been programmed and started which then prevents any further reprogramming once the the child safety lock is on. Initially my partner simply said that littlest HonestBob would switch the child safety lock off just by pressing the button along with all the others, but, the child safety button has to be held down for a couple of seconds and littlest HonestBob simply hasn't got the patience for this! So, my washing no longer spends whole days going round and round being rewashed because littlest HonestBob got to the machine before I did!

      * It has a digital display telling you what programme you have selected, what rpm spin it will go through (800, 1000, 1600), the wash temperature (30, 40, 60 or 90 degrees), coloureds or whites, type of fabric (synthetic, cotton, wool, silk) and how long the programme has left - I love this feature! Having a male brain (as explained earlier) I do not read instructions, so this has been a Godsend. I just press the programme buttons on the front of the machine until the programme I want appears on the display, put my detergent in the drawer, press the on switch, set the child lock and walk away. Bliss!

      *The buttons have easily recognisable pictures beside them so (when I'm not quite so precious about my new machine) it will be easier to teach my teenage children how to set the programmes. For example, Cottons has a T-Shirt symbol, you just press this button until the digital display gets to the temperature that you want (40, 60 or 90 for cottons), add detergent (and softener if you use it) press start, follow with the child lock (if required in your house) and walk away (I like the walk away bit best).

      *There is a Bed & Bath programme for bedlinen and towels. No messing with this one, just one press, follow with detergent, start button, child lock and walk away even quicker.

      * The machine spins at 1600rpm. My last machine had a max spin of 1000rpm and towels came out soaking wet. I have definitely noticed the difference that the extra spin speed makes. To cut my drying time even further I sometimes add in an extra spin, particularly for bedding and towels.

      * This machine is super silent. Yes, reallly it is! After almost a month of constant use I still find myself returning to the machine to check that it is actually running. It's that quiet. As I do a lot of my washing when littlest HonestBob is in bed I find this feature a particular plus. The only time I'm actually aware that the machine is on is if it is going through a 1600rpm spin, then I can hear it churning away, but that is to be expected considering how fast it is going. Even at that spin intensity however, the machine cannot be heard throughout the house and it stays in position. It hasn't walked out into the utility room yet!

      *It has an 8kg maximum load capacity. Apparently (having just glanced at the instructions) the maximum load for synthetics and fast washes (one at 30 and another at 60 degrees) is 3kg, but as I wash everything as cottons or bed & bath this has no effect on me. My previous washing machine had a 6kg maximum load and the washer-dryer before that was even smaller. With such a big family (due to increase further in March) the more washing I can get in per load, the better. The only drawback being that my tumble dryer can only take 7kg (and does of course work more efficiently with less creasing if I reduce the load) so I often have a backlog of wet washing waiting to be dried (Northern British weather being infrequently conducent to line drying)

      Other features that may interest you but that I have not used
      *Eco wash - cuts down on energy usage by not heating the water. Instead it uses an intensified wash action and water optimisation to get the clothes clean. I really should give this a try. My fuel company has just reassessed my monthly direct debit and as electricity and gas are now costing me a whopping £214 per month I need to start looking at ways to cut back our fuel usage.

      *Time saver - this button reduces the duration of the wash cycle and is one that I will definitely be using. How much it reduces the time by I have no idea since the handbook (yes, I'm finally browsing it) does not give any indication of time.

      *Reduced creases - this keeps the drum slowly turning once the wash programme has finished. I doubt I'll bother with this as I try to get to the washing as soon as I hear the 'all done' beep (which may I add goes on just long enough to let you know that the washing is done but not so long that you want to take a hammer to it).

      *Super wash - uses more water so with my utility bills I'll be avoiding this one.

      *Mini Load - I haven't used this so far, but when I get to the stage that I only have one pair of maternity trousers for work that actually fit me (I'd say this will be mid December) it will be on every night.

      Overall Pros:
      *Easy to read digital display
      *Child Lock
      *Large 8kg load
      *Fast, effective 1600rpm spin
      *Very quiet running.
      *Easy to install - OK, I'll be honest, I paid for it to be installed when it was delivered, but it looked easy!
      *Simple button layout and easy to read display make this machine easy to use even with the tons of features.

      Overall Cons:
      *The 8kg load is more than my tumble dryer can fit in during one cycle.
      *In an ideal world I would be able to pre-programme the machine to do everything I want it to do without having to return to it. For example, littlest HonestBob has horrendous eczma at the moment (all advice re creams gratefully received) so I am running his clothes through an extra rinse followed by a 1600rpm spin. This entails setting the first wash programme, returning to the machine once this has finished to programme it to rinse and then returning again after the rinse to set it for the extra spin. The machine has a 'Memory' button, but even after reading the instructions I cannot make out whether it is possible to programme the entire sequence of events for littlest HonestBobs clothes. I guess I will have to have a fiddle when I next wash his clothes (probably tomorrow) and I'll add an edit point to this review if setting such a memory programme is possible.

      How much and where from?
      £309.00 from Appliances Online (there is a delivery charge or you can take out a subscripton to Which? Magazine and the charge is waived). This was the cheapest that I found it and delivery was quick and at a time convenient to me. Even with the delivery charge this was the cheapest outlet for this machine at the time that I made my purchase.


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