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What's In Your Bag?

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    629 Reviews
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      20.06.2015 12:43
      Very helpful



      A bit messy but my bag has a personality!

      I actually have 2-3 bags that I stick to and change every season. But for now I will talk about my mostly used bag, which is a rectangular "briefcase" style bag that I hang on my left shoulder. It's very sleek and feminine, black in color, and opens like a folder. Inside it is not very wide, but it can easily fit my large notebook and this is the primary reason I got it. It's got a polka dot canvas lining on the inside.

      I don't clean by bag very often. I usually end up having all sorts of useless things, but I try to keep it as tidy as possible. First of all I keep all of my keys in a little pocket that has a zipper. On another identical pocket like this I keep my "lady stuff" for the difficult days of the month. I usually don't carry makeup, but I always have a tinted lip balm because I hate wearing absolutely nothing on my lips. In the large space of my bag I have my large notebook for class, my purse (black), earphones (I never leave the house without them), some pens & pencils, occasionally a pack of gums or candy, a USB stick, a pack of tissues, and sometimes a scientific calculator since I need it for class/exams.

      Now you might find this gross but sometimes I keep in my bag the little wrapping papers that come with the gums, because I might not have a trashcan nearby to throw them. I always make sure to not litter the environment so I prefer a couple wrappings in my bag than on the streets. Also I sometimes stuff in receipts from shops and then forget to get them out. So I usually have to throw out random pieces of paper, but other than that I don't carry stuff that I don't need.

      Hope this helped!


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      11.03.2014 19:35
      Very helpful



      How does it all fit?

      USB Stick, SD Card, Invalid Clocking in card, First Aid items, Hand Gel/Wipes, Make-up, Essentials (lady and tissues), Purse and Bite Marks!!


      The actual bag itself was bought a few years ago from the local market stall, I said I wouldn't buy another one from there beings as the last ones zip broke straight away, but clearly didn't listen to myself after that experience and ended up with my current bag, which I love and has lasted.

      My bag is a small/medium black shoulder bag, with two small front pockets (one phone pocket, with a popper, on the front left and one zip pocket, which has a miniature zip pocket attached, on the front right hand side.)
      The main compartment is also closed by a zipper, along with another hidden zip pocket on the front, there is yet another zip pocket inside of the main compartment.

      The strap is a long black fabric strap with some beautifully placed, even bite marks (this was not part of the design, this is my rabbits additional artwork?!)

      This contains 1 USB Stick and 1 SD Card, both storing photos, as usually put them on there to print out in store, but always come in useful for other documents and storage.
      Also a pack of pocket tissues.

      In this pocket, I used to keep my clocking in card for work, as it is so easy accessible. I have no use for this card anymore, as we have a new system for work, using our fingerprints, but yet my sign in card still remains in this pocket.
      I personally don't use the phone pocket for a phone, as it is too easy for thieves to slip my phone out, not that we have many pick pockets in our area, better safe than sorry.

      This pocket contains some antibacterial hand gel or wipes, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, antihistamine and plasters (usually Tesco's own branded products.)

      I usually keep my purse; which contains the usual, cards, change, store points/saving cards and ID.
      My purse admittedly takes up most of the room in my bag, however I do also have my phone, notepad and pen, gloves, essential make-up and lip balm (MUA Lip stick, MUA Lipgloss, Aloe Vera little green tin, mascara and eyeliner.)

      This pocket is perfect to hide the small lady essentials, that me or another lady friend may need on a certain time of the month or in an emergency.
      My choice of essentials is BodyForm, Ultra, 16 Normal.


      I would like another bag at some point, beings as this is quite small, but I can fit quite a bit in it, but for now, this is what I have...


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        02.03.2014 16:47



        If you can clean out your bag every day, i advise so.

        I'm not one of those girls with enough handbags to fill a room, infact i only have one simple rucksack which i use for everything. On top of this i can never be bothered to clean my bag out and swap things around from day to day (i find myself forgetting things for work or university if i do this) so i fill the bag with my items for any occasion.

        of course i have the basics: sanitary wear, a spare pair of socks (just me?), a body spray/deoderant, my keys, my phone charger (my phone doesnt hold its charge) and my ipad mini.
        On top of this i have what i need for uni: my notebook, pencil case, books etc
        and then i have what i need for work: My dog grooming kit (any guesses what i do for a living?) and a small first aid kit (something which i think everyone should carry as you never know when you or someone else will need help)

        Although all this may sound like a lot, i like to think i travel prepared for any situation!


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        24.02.2014 22:26
        Very helpful



        Quite fun. Thanks dooyoo

        I am a big fan of a large bag and have a few of them. I must honestly say I'm not a hoarder if I don't need or want something I throw it away. What's the point in leaving it to rot in your bag it's just grose be clean and hygienic. Ok so the one I have at the minute is a new river island addition which looks more like a brief case and has 2 compartments in it.
        so what are the contents? Ok so looking in my bag I have
        Bus pass
        Leather gloves
        Chewing gum
        Body spray
        Lip gloss
        Powder brush
        Hair brush
        Hair clips
        My earphones for my iphone - incase I get bored

        Ok maybe I do have a bit too much in there but all very necessary considering I'm out of the house from 8am until 6pm! Quite fun writing something like this.. Thanks dooyooers :)


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        20.02.2014 16:12
        Very helpful



        I am basically carrying around with me a bag full of rubbish, that is the short answer. It's not a little bag either, it's a big bag, I can fit a weeks worth of clothes in there (small, very compactly packed clothes, but still, a weeks worth.)More specificaly, my bag right now contains the following:6 Different lip balms at various stages in their respective lives,2 purses, completely empty, except for faded-to-white receipts. tissues upon tissues upon tissues.a pair of headphones (finally something useful)about a pound in coppers floating at the bottomfacewipesa postcard I meant to post 3 months agoand finally, the only thing I actually need on a day to day basis, my diary/notebook with every little detail of my life in it!


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        15.02.2014 19:14
        Very helpful



        It's bigger on the inside, I swear!

        My bag isn't one of those dinky little things you see other women clutching under one arm. This bag is a bloody great rucksack, originally purchased by me when I first went to university. Ten years later it's still going strong, although the waterproof lining is peeling off.

        It has multiple zipped-up pockets which means that it can hold a LOT of stuff. Some days packing it is a bit like playing Tetris.

        -- The Main Bag --

        Let's start with the main body of it, since that's the biggest part of the bag. Well first of all is my empty lunchbox, clear tupperware, empty because lunch has already been eaten.

        To the left is a hairbrush (for when my hair goes mad) and a can of Impulse bodyspray (incase I smell). These things are being held in place by my purse, which has all the usual purse things such as cash and cards, and my voucher purse. The voucher purse is a bit of ingenuity on my part, my Mum made me a zip-up purse but since you can't separate cash and cards in it I didn't know what to use it for. Then I remembered that my normal purse is bursting with clubcard vouchers and loyalty cards. Voila! Zip purse is now my voucher purse, containing all the things that give me points or money off :D And now I can actually close my regular purse as well.

        To the right is a bottle of water, with a large purple mug upside down on it. It's upside down because that way it fits over the bottle and thus in my bag. There's also a small freezer bag full of teabags at the bottom, to go in the mug at tea time. And then finally is my Kindle, although it can fit a large notebook and a large hardback book (or two small paperbacks depending on how close I am to finishing one of them.

        -- Pocket 1 --

        In front of the main bit is the first zipped pocket. Within it is...a lot of small things;

        - My iPod charger cable, because I tend to forget to charge it at home so need to charge it at work.
        - My pass that gets me in to work, because getting through the front door is important as it means you get paid!
        - Five Bic biros, because I never seem to have a pen available when I need one and therefore carrying five around in one bag is a guarantee that at some point I'll need a pen and actually have one.
        - Three felt tips, which are left over from when I brought a notebook in to work to scribble various things down. I needed different colours for different headings and so I took the pens with me, and never took them out of the bag.
        - Pencils, I tend to have one on my person when at work but then forget to take it out of my pocket when I leave. When I get home I remember it's in my pocket, and so put it in the bag so I can remember to take it in the next day. It just never seems to make it from my bag back onto my desk...

        -- Pocket 2 --

        This is the pocket in front of Pocket 1. Much smaller, but still quite useful;

        - Two packets of tissues. I used to carry one around, because I'm slowly turning in my Mum (who always as a tissue handy when you need one). But then I got into the habit of handing the whole packet over to people who were crying, or bleeding profusely from their nose. So now I have to carry two packets around with me, one to keep for me and one to give to the next sad/injured person I see.
        - Ladies items. We all have them in one guise or another. We can all count up to twenty eight, it's just a shame that sometimes your body decides that after twenty four days it's had enough, and so a few essentials are...well, essential.
        - First aid purse. Again, a little something sewn by my Mum. It's a bit small for the tissues but it can carry plenty of other things, mine currently has a packet of Neurofen, a packet of Lemsip flu capsules, a tube of Body Shop lip gloss, a safety pin, and a £1 coin. It used to have some plasters in it, but again the bleedy people were given those and I haven't got round to replacing them yet.

        There are also two pockets on the sides but I never use those as I tend to forget things that are in them and then worry that I've lost them somewhere else.

        And there was have my Tardis bag, it's much bigger on the inside than it appears on the outside!


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        11.02.2014 20:13
        Very helpful



        Must try harder in the future...

        This review marks a million miles for me on DooYoo. It's a bit of fun and also a good point to clear out the bag!

        First of all the bag: is a lovely brown jacquard Radley bag which I have reviewed on here a while ago. I don't look after it and it's a lovely bag. Naughty me. I use it mainly for work but also carry a laptop bag so no excuse for the mess it's in really. On with the content.

        1. Make up bag: from my former handbag, by Ollie and Nic. It's a leather little make up bag and I just transferred it over when I started using this bag. Inside is a lip stain by staniac (mini sized, needs a review!); urban decay mai tai lipgloss (ancient, now going in the bin); coco rose lip balm (sticky); nail oil giant size for those emergency moments (!); my brow lounge points card for when I get the brows threaded; a black dolledup mascara from Seventeen; MUA three colour concealer (spots); a dermablend six colour sample (spots again, I must be paranoid!); Beechams Max throat sweets and a vintage cosmetics company nail file in a plastic wallet (also needs a review). All a bit random but my daughter (1) has been upending my bag so it's all I shoved back in. Lots more rattling in the bottom of the handbag though!

        2. plastic packet of Kleenex original, four remaining. This cold is making sure I get through lots of packets of tissues...

        3. Ancient Nikon Coolpix digital camera L3 for emergency photo opportunities at work when I don't have the larger digital SLR on me.

        4. Roll of Mammoth carpet tape - super strength double sided tape with material within it. Good for wall hanging jobs. I do all sorts at work including fixing things to walls!

        5. Hand sanitiser spray. Given to me at work for my bag as they knew I have young kids. Hasn't stopped me getting this stinking cold but I hope I've prevented passing it on to others by using this spray and binning my snotty tissues.

        6. Box of company branded ear phones. (Spare pair)

        7. Company phone (Blackberry)

        8. White round bauble with a poncho in it (like a keyring) it rolled out of my car and I grabbed it and threw it in the bag and it's been there ever since. Waiting for a trip to the Log Flume at Alton Towers lol. The poncho came as part of a winter wellbeing kit at work with handy things to keep in your car in case you break down by the way...

        9. post office receipt for an ebay item I posted recently

        10. small 2014 diary with scottie dogs on it. Handy for dentist appointments etc. but a bit old fashioned these days

        11. ultra chloraseptic throat spray. Amazing throat number that I have when I get sore throats. Always in my bag!!

        12. iPhone headphones.

        13. Sony Bloggie camera (see my recent review!) an old digi camera that's the size of the phone and currently using it every day at work to build up some amateur video footage for an exhibition we're going to in a couple of weeks.

        14.Bourjois nail varnish (dries in one second) must have been for touch ups but can't remember last time I wore it so it has been in the bag a looooong time.

        15. Nivea calcium base coat - a treatment for nails.

        16. no 17 endless shine lip gloss. Ancient. Going in the bin now!

        17. Dr Lipp lip balm tube. Amazing stuff, can't get enough of this at the moment, multi tasker for dry areas too.

        18. otrivine nose spray. Clears blocked noses quickly. Brilliant stuff.

        19. Stanley tape measure. Have used this umpteen times at work. Goes well with the mammoth tape (see item 4).

        20. Nails inc deep purple colour called 'victoria' in my top 5. Love it so much I obviously like to carry it round with me even when my nails are currently beige. Obviously....

        21. Chapstick in natural. Ancient. Probably needs to go in the bin but I'll put it on my computer desk instead while I think about it. It's now next to the carmex pot aaah.

        22. Half a packet of lockets. A recent purchase.

        23. Clinique quickliner for eyes.

        24. Fold up hair brush with inbuilt mirror. Handy for vain moments.

        25. Modelco lip gloss.

        26. Mini Dior Addict perfume.

        27. Red Mavala mini nail varnish.

        28. Nails inc mini Porchester Square nail varnish.

        29. Bronzing pearls. But no brush.

        30. Balmi coconut lip balm.

        31. Maybelline baby lips lip balm.

        32. End of Halls Soothers blackcurrant (2 sweets left) recent purchase.

        33. Key to the fundraising money box at work. (I bank the money quite regularly for Marie Curie).

        34. Mini nails inc top coat (Kensington Caviar) quick drying for sly touch ups on the go.

        35. Olbas inhaler stick

        (On the home straight now......)

        36. Purse (ah there it is!)
        37. Nail clippers
        38. two half packs of extra chewing gum
        49. 11 pens. I won't go in to them but they are all different types and colours.
        40. A sachet of pepper.
        41. Hugo Boss Jour perfume sample
        42. two memory sticks (side pocket)
        43. Coupons and vouchers (side pocket).

        So that's it! My handbag, now cleared out. I've put all the nail varnishes and half the make up and lip balms to one side so they can go back upstairs and be rehomed out of the handbag. It's loads lighter now so thanks DooYoo, you've done me a favour.

        Here's to the next million miles, thanks for reading my ramblings. x


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          23.01.2014 03:10
          Very helpful



          You can tell I'm just like any other girl

          Hey everyone, I'd thought I'd do another one of these reviews because I just love them!
          Today, I am going to be writing about what's in my handbag! Exciting!

          First of all, I have a huge collection of handbags, small, medium, large you name it!

          Three things I always have in my handbag are :

          - My Cath Kidtson wallet: I love my wallet, it's a fantastic size, not too small, not too big and I can fit all my money, credit cards, points card, receipts (I do not know why I still have some of them, some have been there for months!) Another great thing about it was I found it in the sale at a crazy price of five pounds and it was in fantastic condition when I first bought it and after a year or two after owning this wallet, it is still in the same condition when I first bought it! I usually like to change my wallets around but with this one, I don't think I'll be changing my wallet any time soon because I love it way too much!

          - My gorgeous Iphone - which I cannot live without, as I have to have it 24/7 on me, I even place it next to me when I sleep! It has internet, maps, e-mail, so for work, visiting friends what ever I am doing in a current situation I need to have this on me. At all times.

          - My keys of course! I have a really sweet little tweed dog that I got from Joules. I thought it was so cute I bought it and I love Tweed, dogs and Joules, so the key ring was so me! Also I have a little torch so it's very handy, I think I got it from Pacha which is a well known brand in London and Ibiza. Also I have a little I heart London key ring as well in the shape of a heart because I love London, London is my second home so I bought it. I bought it in Portabello Road/Notting Hill in West london, I like that place as well. It's such a lovely area, so check it out if you're out and about in London!

          - Just because I am a Londoner, my oyster card! I kept loosing mine when I first got it which was a little silly of me, so I decided to get a little card holder which I got from Jack Wills and in fact, the Jack Wills card holder was the one of the first things I bought from Jack Wills. So this has come very handy indeed!

          - Make-up! just because I'm a girl. My make-up pretty disgusting and covered in make-up, I really need to wash it, but I just don't get time, but when I first bought it, the color was very pretty, a pastel green/yellow/lime green with printed roses and polka dots, it's very girly like me, and its good size too and still good quality after four years of owning the make-up bag! I carry my make-up around so much, I carry mascara - in my case I carry three because putting on false eye-lashes is so much effort - so I have the maybelline long lashes, I have a Chanel one that I got ages ago and I also have the Maxfactor clump defy. My eyebrow pencil which is rimmel London, they have amazing eye brow pencils and they are only £2.99 so it is a bargain! I also have a make-up brush which is a Jack Wills one, beautifully presented. I also have vaseline, at the minute mine is a champagne limited edition one, but sometimes I carry my Jack Wills lip balm but they smell so nice you could eat them - I will admit that sometimes I lick the balm off my lips within seconds of applying! I know I'm a little mad! I carry eye shadows which range from L'Oreal, Rimmel, n07, lip gloss also ranging from L'oreal, Rimmel, Chanel. Sometimes I carry a nail varnish too, brands ranging from Jack Wills, Kate Moss' Rimmel London ones, Paul's boutique and Barry M.

          - Perfume. I do not like smelling. I have quite a few from French Connection to Ted Baker, Britney Spears to Ann Summers, Jack Wills to Gucci Rush. I like a lot of perfumes as you can see!

          - My ipod. Because when I'm traveling, on the tube, it keeps me entertained and so I do not have weird strangers trying to talk to me. So its handy!

          So that's what's in my handbag. I'll probably be doing another review similar to this soon, so I'll be writing soon!


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          07.01.2014 01:02
          Very helpful



          I will reavalute whats in there but that will probably just make room for more stuff...smaller bag??

          Okay, I'm new to dooyoo and am enjoying writing reviews so much. I came across this strain of reviews and totally thought I would join in.

          My bag is a huge dark red mock-croc one with black piping and handles and gold studs. Its over-the-top and fabulous. I love a huge bag as I tend to carry around so much. It was a Christmas present of my boyfriend this year and he even picked it himself.

          I open the large zip and peer inside I am met with a jumble of things:
          * A pink bag organiser (ironically) I bought this from Ebay, China at a ridiculously low price (I'd say below £1) and it's tiny. I actually thought it would be big and a great solution to my constant messy bag problem - no such luck. I am using it nonetheless and it contains: a large hairclip, a fold-away brush, my keys (with Tesco and blockbuster fobs and a 'Property of the Princess' key ring), some kirby grips, ink post-its and a black Lyreco pen.

          In the main body of the bag I have the following:
          * A job description printout
          * Cherry red thinsulate thermal fleece gloves; so toasty - I'm a real freezer in the winter so these are an essential item for me.
          * Galpharm Max Strength cold & Flu capsules; to keep the sniffles at bay.
          * Sunglasses; I recently removed these from my car when it went in to the garage so that's why they are floating around.
          * Vaseline Lip therapy with Aloe Vera; this has lasted me a lifetime.
          * Optivive Moisturising & Sparkling Eye Drops; recent purchases which I am yet to try, im a contact lens wearer so these are always useful.
          * IPhone 5 charger
          * Soap & Glory Glam-a lot Body Spray Mini: smells gorgeous and perfect handbag size.
          * Pocket Tissues
          * Along came Betty, Hands that do wishes hand cream; this is amazing its peach & Apricot flavour and is really moisturising.
          * A spotty wonder light umbrella; it's really tiny so prefect travel size.
          * A river Island black & gold purse; its huge and hold such a lot I have about a million loyalty cards so its houses them all plus a pic of me and my boyfriend in the pocket.
          * Coupons; okay I'm a crazy couponer - it's a lot harder in the UK to coupon but I collect my Boots and Tesco coupons religiously as well as any that I come across and try to always keep them in my bag so that I will use them, apart from those mentioned at the moment I have:
          -a free eye test voucher from Specsavers
          - a local restaurant voucher * free bottle of wine with any meal
          - Effeclar duo money off voucher

          * Eyewear cleaning wipes; for my glasses when I'm wearing them.
          * A million receipts.

          I also have a smallish make up bag with my emergency items which are:
          * Collection Work the Colour eye shadow pencil in Vanilla Sky 1; this is great I always use it in the corner of my eyes and it instantly makes me look awake and refreshed.
          * Loreal Super Liner in Black Lacquer; great eyeliner and the brush is really solid so is very easily to use and create a precise line.
          * Astor Rouge Couture lip liner in 013 Bois De Rose; this is a neutral pinky/nude liner which works well with most lipsticks.
          * Nails Supreme double ended nail art pen in purple and navy; I took this with me the other day when I was wearing purple but didn't get around to using it when I was out.
          * Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Mascara in Black; really plumping but difficult to get off.
          * X2 waterproof plasters
          * A jewelled pocket mirror
          * A pair of spare contact lenses
          * A pack of loperamide tablets
          * Wellwoman Vitamins
          * Soap & Glory hand Food; fab hand cream, smells gorgeous ( I have really dry hands and need to moisturise twice daily - I didn't realise however that I carried two full tubes with me daily)
          * X5 tubes of Eyelure false eyelash glue
          * Avon 24k gold eyeliner in Golden Black; I live this eyeliner its not too deep and comes with a smudger.
          * Colpermin Peppermint Oil Capsules

          I also have a lot of lipsticks and lip glosses in my bag at any one time. This is a tame amount for me but here goes;
          * Avon Anew lipstick in Plumberry
          * Avon 24k Gold lipstick in Amethyst Gold
          * Bourjois Docteur Glamour in 14 Rose Toubib
          * Avon lipstick in Apricot Mystery
          * Avon Lipstick in Radiant Ruby (my ultimate fave red lippie)
          * Avon ColourTrend lip gloss in Sunset

          Okay that's it finally. There's a lot in there that I really didn't know I had and definitely do not need tp carry around on a daily basis (my poor shoulders). I will be removing a few items, wading through the mass of receipts and revaluating my 'essentials.' I also wasn't aware that I'm a bit of a walking pharmacy.
          This was eye opening for me and I hope you enjoyed going through my bag with me. Many thanks for reading xx


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          28.12.2013 22:08
          Very helpful



          I have decided I need some sort of organisation when it comes to my bag & to throw away rubbish

          You're here because you are so deeply interested in the contents of my handbag which has been renamed 'The Mary Poppins' by all my family and friends. l am that nightmare woman stood in front of you at the checkouts, I am the same lady who pulls everything but the kitchen sink out of her bag just to find her bank card, and for this I apologise.

          Let me describe to you my bag, this will then give you the general idea of the size and scale of how far the chaos has taken over my life. My handbag is less of a 'hand' bag and instead more the size of a small suitcase. It is a lovely deep burgundy colour with golden fastenings including decorative buttons and zips. It is an over the shoulder handbag with a detachable strap that sits across the body, although l never use this body strap anymore after having the misfortune of thinking that it would alleviate the pain in my shoulders. In theory this was true however I did not account for the pain l would feel across my chest bone and nb cage (you would think this would have encouraged me to empty the blessed thing!).

          lnside l have two small pockets for my phone and keys, three large compartments for all general contents and also a zip pocket for any other valuables. Now as you may have already twigged I'm not exactly normal so I'm going to take this time to sort it out as I go along, this way I will be just as surprised as you are.

          Inside the small pockets I have my DKNY bracelet which l removed yesterday after it's rattling irritated me, £5 in change, a thin black hairband, my Mecca Bingo membership card, my nectar card and finally my maternity medical exemption card. In the first main compartment l have my passport, a dog eared leaflet to take a Mecca Bingo survey to win £1000 (I'm not entirely sure how long that its been there), a free NHS DVD guide to breastfeeding (how lovely), my work ID card, prescription Metronidazole tablets (with tablets still inside), a jewellers receipt, Nintendo DS, black headphones, my yearly planner, rubbish wrappings, a strip of Rennie with only one left in it and another bracelet.

          The middle compartment has nothing inside as it is being squashed from both sides, there's not even room for fluff!

          The third compartment contains my maternity notes (which unfortunately is very large and has to be carried everywhere I go), two purses containing the rest of my pointless cards that I never use anymore, an empty Crunchie wrapper, a fashion belt (which I had to take off as I was crushing my baby bump), N° 7 foundation of which the lid has come lose and has smeared itself all over the lining of my bag (Darn), A pair of novelty bear gloves, a bingo dabber, a necklace, a blue pen, a thousand lose mint imperials rolling free around the inside, 20 pence piece and unconfirmed bits of fluff, dust and general unknowns.

          And finally we come to the zip up valuable pocket containing more losely rolling mint imperials covered in dirt (oh how lovely, l know I'm very lady like) and also some more lose shrapnel amounting to a grand total of 53p.

          l would just like to advise everyone that the mint imperials have not been ingested since I lost the wrappings and are being disposed of directly after l have finished this thrilling write up on the contents of my bag. l have also come to the conclusion I am not a normal 21 year old female and have serious issues with my handbag.


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            10.12.2013 22:15
            Very helpful



            my items needed to get me through a day

            Currently sat up rocking my 2year old to sleep as hes ill again so thought this would keep me busy!

            Im sad to say my nornal everyday 'handbag' is a baby changing bag. Having 2 boys aged just turned 2 and nearly 5 im always carrying nappys, wipes, beaker etc so day to day I use my baby bag. Its a changing bag I brought to go with my buggy so is a Bugaboo Changing Bag in royal blue. I do have a topshop tote bag I use if im out and about without the kids (hardly ever)......so whats in my bag;

            Make up - only No7 products as i have sensitive skin, foundation, and rose blusher, I like to have them handy if im popping out to keep me looking alive and normal.

            Hair brush, hair tie and clips - normally doing school run I have my hair tied up but always keep spare hair accessories in my bag.

            Vaseline - a girls best friend. Great for keeping your lips soft, but its also great for your cheekbones and eye lids for a bit of shine.

            Diary - im a stay at home mum but its handy for making notes of doctors appointments, health visitor check ups, play dates etc.

            Glasses - sadly at aged 24 im as blind as a bat and needed glasses if im using my phone or PC. I did wear glasses at school but I was bullied (they had blue rims that my dad picked!) So I stopped wearing them and now need them again.

            Nappys & Wipes - always carry a pack of sainsburys sensitive wipes and 2 nappys (will hopefully start the potty training soon so the nappys will change to pants.

            Spare clothes - obviously for my little boy, hes into everything! So normally covered in mud or chocolate, hes quite funny about what he wears tho....strange child

            Tampons - nothing like being unprepared! Always carry a spare.

            My nans egypt charm - my nan was my best friend and did well to try and bring me up, she brought a charm from Egypt when she went there but it was left to me when she passed so I carry it with me all the time.

            Purse - Radley purse, white leather, was my gift for my 24th birthday in April.

            Phone - galaxy S4 and my absolute best friend. It goes with me everywhere. Im a big sucker for technology, if i was stranded on an island its the 1 thing id have with me.

            Medication and birth control -Citalopram, and mycrogynon.

            Thanks for reading!


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            09.12.2013 13:36
            Very helpful



            Everyday essentials that I would feel lost without

            A good handbag is a true essential for any woman, and in all honesty I do feel lost going out without one. I like to be organised and I feel unprepared if I am caught without something I need, which is where a trusty handbag comes in to save the day. I have a few handbags that I alternate between using depending on the situation and the outfit I am wearing, but I mainly favour satchels or tote style bags, as they are roomy and I can carry about all of my necessities with ease.

            Today is an ordinary working day and I have my reliable old Primark tote bag with me. It is made of a black faux leather material and has large silver coloured studs along the bottom edge of the front panel. It is quite basic but has a bit of an edgy vibe thanks to the oversized studs, and it works well with the outfits that I generally wear day-to-day. Delving inside, there are plenty of items that have varying levels of usefulness, but are all equally important to me.

            Purse: I have a large oversized purse from River Island that is a creamy white colour with an art deco style curved stitch pattern on it. It is big enough to house all of my various loyalty cards, cash money, bank cards, passport ID, and money-off vouchers. Very practical and reliable.

            Phone: I have a HTC windows phone that I've owned for about 2.5 years now, which I suppose makes it old by smartphone standards. I'm constantly using it to access my favourite applications, so it's essential to have this with me at all times. Like most other girls my phone has a pink coloured cover, which has actually proved quite useful and helped it survive some nasty falls.

            Tissues: Practical Kleenex Balsam Fresh tissues which have a menthol effect for helping treat a blocked nose, and non-practical Hello Kitty tissues simply for the cute factor because they have a pink Hello Kitty pattern on them.

            Knitwear: A pair of cable pattern mitts and a purple hat that I made myself. I love to knit and winter is the perfect opportunity to get some use out of my knitted accessories. I hate feeling cold and always make sure to have these things with me so I can dress up warm before having to go and walk outside.

            Tupperware: Ok, well technically not authentic Tupperware but cheaper versions that come with the Chinese takeaway food I order sometimes. I am a bit obsessive about meal planning and spend every Sunday evening at home cooking up meals for the week so that I can take a nice healthy lunch to work every day. I always try and prepare the right balance of meals and have snacks on hand to avoid getting cravings for sugar when I hit that tiring mid-afternoon period.

            Diary: I am possibly one of the only people I know that still uses a physical diary to keep a record of their plans. I find that I can never remember anything without writing it into my planner and this is the only way that I can keep track of birthdays, social occasions, travel plans and events. It also gets stuffed full of post-it notes with important reminders, so it's nice to have a place where all my information is kept together.

            Make-up bag: I've been finding it terribly difficult to get out of bed in the mornings now that it's started to get colder and darker, and this means that I often hit the snooze option on my alarm a few too many times. I often skip on doing my make-up before leaving the house and take the opportunity to apply it when I'm on the train into work in the morning, so I like to keep all my make-up essentials stored together in a little bag so I can just grab and go. It also has a cute Hello Kitty pattern on it, which I love.

            Magazines: Ordinarily I read books every day on my commute to and from work, but for the time being I'm going through a bit of a magazine phase. I have December's issue of Cosmopolitan, purchased purely because it was reduced to £1.00 and came with a free nail polish. I also have the first issue of the newly released Science Uncovered magazine which was available at a promotional price of £1.00, and features fracking, aliens, and dinosaurs on the cover - how could I resist?!

            Other bits and pieces: there's always a few bits and bobs that lurk around in the bottom of your bag, and for me it looks like I have some citrus scented hand sanitizer, my house keys, rail card, a couple of perfume samples and my office security pass.


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              22.10.2013 23:42
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              my girly work bag

              These what's in your bag 's are great, it's like having permission to be nosey! I love reading them. I thought after reading quite a few it is time to add my own.

              I have loads of bags and am always changing them around. Today I've picked up the bag I used last, which is the bag I took to work earlier on today.
              It is a red and white polka dot bag that originally came from new look but a few years ago now. I would say it is, medium sized as it's not one of these huge bags you can get now a days but is bigger than clutch bag size. It hangs nicely off my shoulder and under my arm.

              1. Firstly I have a half drunk bottle of water.
              I usually buy a bottle of Evian water from sainsburys right before I start work to take with me. I only drank half of it today and the bottle got left in my bag. Oops.

              2. Three pens.
              I always seem to have at least one pen I my bag. I'm a really organised person and am constantly jotting little notes down to remind myself about something or writing a list of what I still need to do. In this bag today I have a plain white one which writes in black and two blue ones from my work.

              3. My mobile phone.
              I never go anywhere without my phone. I've just got a new one as my toddler dropped and smashed my last one. Its a black motorolla razr i . I'm constantly using it to go on the internet or use my organizer.

              4. My name badge.
              I work as a tutor at a children's learning centre. Its a white magnetic badge with my first name on it and lots of little stickers as the kids like it to look more fun.

              5. Loads of receipts.
              I don't know how I mange it but know matter how many times I clear my bags out they all always seem to have a about a hundred receipts in them (ok maybe a hundred is exaggerating a teeny bit). I had no idea I bought so much stuff to get so many receipts!

              6. Makeup
              In my bag I have a pot of maybelline dream matte mousse foundation. I never leave the house without this foundation on, I am far too self conscious so also always carry a pot round with me just in case I feel I need a little bit more.
              I also have a maybelline very black mascara. I wear mascara for work so usually have some with me.

              7. My purse.
              I rarely go anywhere without my purse as it has all my cards and ID in it and I like to have it with me in case of emergencies or I really need to buy something while I'm out. Occasionally my husband will also ring me asking me to fetch something from sainsburys on the way home so purse is a must. It's quite large compared to other purses and is pink.

              8. Bodyspray
              I have a sainsburys own make body spray in my bag. It is blue and the scent is called pure. I am always very aware of smells and I have a fear of smelling bad so will often have some kind of spray or perfume with me whilst I'm out so i can make sure I smell nice!

              --- --- ---

              So that's it! That's what's in my bag right now. I've just realised how girly the contents of my bag are.
              If it's my day bag it is usually much more practical and mumy-ish! Same kind of things plus nappies, wipes, dummies, juices, snacks and changes of clothes!

              Thank you for reading!

              xx Mrs K xx


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                19.10.2013 23:03
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                Keep a well organised bag

                I love handbags and often like changing them around. I also do not like carrying a heavy weight so am often editing what I carry so that it is the bare minimum.

                I tend to like shoulder bags with a few pockets for everyday use - but not too big - mine would actually be classed as a small bag and once my things are in it there is not much room to spare.


                We always need our credit and a few store cards plus some cash. Though I tend to empty out the heavy loose change to use for newspapers etc so I am not carrying around a purse full of coins.
                I quite like a small purse and not these large wallets that are almost the size of a clutch bag.


                Another essential in case my sons or anyone need to get in touch.
                I still have an old Nokia but it works fine and does calls and texts which is all I need it for.


                I always carry my digital camera with me - as I do not have that facility on my phone.
                Its only 5 MP but I often take pictures when out and about and upload them to the national geograph website (www.geograph.org).

                ===Bits and Pieces===

                Some other essentials for me would be:
                4Head stick - prefer to use instead of tablets
                Lipsil or small Avon sample of lipstick
                Tiny sample spray bottle of perfume
                Spare battery for the camera
                Empty pill box as I have a loose crown and this is to keep it safe if it falls out!
                Tiny pictures of sons in a tiny plastic case from some computer card I think.

                ===Hand Sanitiser===

                Either a pack of wipes or a tiny bottle of gel.
                You never know when you will need this and I have found if you forget to take it with you - then that is the time you need it.
                The bottles and packs of wipes these days are quite small and compact.

                I like to have a little notebook and pen, plus some business cards with my details. I often do lots of history research so I need to be able to take down notes or telephone numbers and have had cards printed with my phone number and email address which I can give to people if necessary.

                ===Blue Badge===

                For parking if necessary.
                I like to have a bag with a separate pocket big enough to accommodate this permit - which s quite large.

                ===Fold Up Shopper===

                A friend gave a lovely lightweight fold up shopper in beige with large red flowers which I always keep tucked into my bag for little shopping trips.

                ===Small Set of Keys===

                These are for our Village Hall as I am on the committee and often pop in to do things so I always keep the keys with me in by bag in case I need to call in when passing.
                Sometimes of course I also have a set of car keys.


                During winter months I will often take a tiny torch - this is very small and can either be fitted to the outside of my bag via a keyring or it will slip inside the bag.


                The above items are the very least I can safely get away with.

                I regularly clean it out and remove any receipts or items that have somehow got in there.

                Paracetamols I try not to take if I can avoid it so do not really bother to carry any these days.

                If I need to take a bottle of water or gloves and a scarf I will use one of those attractive PVC coated shopping bags and then just put my small shoulder bag inside as well.


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                  13.10.2013 13:41
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                  What's in my bag?

                  This is the first review of this kind that I have written. I have read so many of these over the years, that I thought that it was time that I added my own.

                  So, let's started with the bag itself. My main bag which I use for work is years old and cost me £25 from Jane Norman. It is a light tan leather handbag which has a double zip. The double zip is essential for me as I like to have a bag with compartments in it as I can't get to grips with a bucket bag as I can never find what I want/or reach my phone in time when it rings. It also has an internal small zipped pocket to keep my keys separate from the other items and a phone pocket.

                  I am a little behind with the times when it comes to my phone. It is quite old - a Samsung Tocco Lite and it is in a colourful phone sock so that it doesn't get scratched. I don't use the internet on my phone, as I have a laptop at home to access the internet. All I need is to be able to make calls and text. I need my phone during the day in case: school/nursery phone to say one of the children is ill/had an accident and so that I can phone the AA if my car breaks down.

                  I have a nice brown leather purse from Next, which is big enough to hold all my cards, notes and coins (not that I carry a lot of cash). It contains my Driver's Licence, Blood Service card, Donor Card, as well as a number of receipts and money-off coupons.

                  I carry two sets of keys: the main bunch of keys has my house and car keys on them, plus a few keyrings, an AA keycare keyring in case I lose my keys and a shopping trolley coin, as I rarely have a pound coin for the trolley when I need it. I also carry a set of keys for work to access my locked pedestal drawer under my desk and a few other important keys for the office.

                  I am very organized and I would be lost without my diary. In this, I log the children's school and nursery activities, childcare arrangements, my Husband's work rota as he works shifts so I need this when working out childcare/children's activities/being on-call at work etc.

                  Not the digital kind but a paper 80 page notebook, which I mostly use to jot down items needed for the weekly food shop, planning what to get for Birthday's, inventories for things to take on holiday etc.

                  *Pens and Pencils*
                  I seem to have an obsession with pens. I am always buying new ones as I like fine writing pens. Nothing too expensive, just normal biros and normally in Black as not allowed to use Blue in in work (apparently it doesn't photocopy as well?). I don't tend to use Gel pens as the ink seeps through the pages on my diary and I always end up smudging my writing or getting it all over my fingers. For the past couple of months I have been writing in Pencil on occasions, especially when writing in my Diary and I use a plastic disposable one rather than a traditional wooden leaded pencil. I also have the odd paperclip in there too.

                  *Small make-up/toiletry bag*
                  I don't wear a lot of make-up and tend to just wear it on special occasions or on the weekend. So my make-up bag is lacking in products, but does contain a lot of other stuff: impulse antiperspirant spray, lip balm, a pot of moisturiser to keep my hands soft, nail file, a couple of hair bands, comb and sanitary products.

                  *Mints and toothbrush*
                  I can't be without a pack of mints in my bag or a toothbrush, especially if I have eaten something strong for my lunch.

                  *Twig and Pebble*
                  These are random items to be carrying in a bag I know, but my eldest Son gave me a little twig that he wanted me to keep and our youngest Son gave me a pebble from the beach. They do occasionally ask if I still have them, so I keep them in my bag.

                  At the weekend, I use one of our Son's 'Deadly 60' Snake rucksack everywhere we go. It is bright Red and big enough to hold a change of clothes for each of the boys (in case of them wetting themselves), nappies, baby wipes, nappy bags, my purse, phone, keys, drinks and fruit.

                  Thank you for reading xx
                  © sweetdaisy 2013


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