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    740 Reviews
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      05.08.2016 15:33
      Not Helpful



      Nice to work with you again

      Thank you again for helping us at such short notice. The sales counter is much improved. The boys were very professional. Nice to work with you again.


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      28.02.2014 13:41



      Kitchen Designers Ipswich. Thirty Ex Display Kitchens To Clear. www.exdisplaykitchens1.co.uk £ 595 Each with appliances.


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      25.02.2014 11:18
      Very helpful



      Stay strong!

      This review was posted on Ciao a year ago. I'm re posting this review as a dedication to my county . This country went through a lot in the past and I'm sure it will stay strong whatever happens.

      There are so many cities and destinations which come to our mind when we think about THE best city. I've been to so many interesting places however none of them can beat my favourite city "Beirut".

      Some people may scorn upon my decision of choosing Beirut but this choice is down to two aspects. The first aspect is this city, Beirut, has picked itself up after so many tragedies while the second aspect is the most important one to me which is there is no place like home.

      Some people may agree with my choice, others will never consider this part of the world as their favourite place as the majority still think of it as a dangerous and gloomy place. However the majority do not know that it is always buzzing with life hence it being named the "Switzerland of the East". From clubbing to shopping Beirut is one of the only cities with natural beauty to have it all.

      If I were to describe the city of Beirut as a person, I would say that Beirut is strong, determent and open minded. I'm going to explain my love for this city in the next few lines.

      == Why Beirut? ==

      This city is unique in many ways; its location on the Mediterranean Sea is one of the factors that make it so special. The people are so warm and welcoming even though there is still instability surrounding the country. I also have to mention the weather, the country is also known as the "country of 300 sunny days."

      Although I spent all of my childhood abroad, I love the city for what it is, regardless of the political and social problems It had faced in the past, it is still special due to the fact that it can offer many things.

      == Beirut, a city with a view ==

      It might be a city, it might be the biggest city in Lebanon and the busiest but Beirut was and still is a city with so many natural places to visit.

      I liked sitting on the rocks of al Rouche and watch the sunset, the view is just breath-taking and so relaxing. The golden beaches are to die for , the warm water and lovely sunshine gave me a lovely tan I couldn't get anywhere else. Yes sometimes it's extremely hot and the electricity plays up a lot but somehow this city has still managed to get a special place in my heart.

      == Beirut, the crazy city ==

      This city is so mad during rush hours; I just stop and watch how crazy it goes. The Lebanese people are unique, they are multitaskers, they can drive, talk, look at their mobile phones and still manage to get safely to the place they want. Beware of taking a taxi with a wacko driver; he's probably as reckless yet as fast as Jason Statham in Transporter 3.

      Beirut is the city of entertainment, it reminds me of Las Vegas since it is lively and bubbly and in my eyes Beirut may even out pip Las Vegas. Unlike many areas where nightclubs are usually for younger people, older/ more mature people won't find themselves isolated as there is a mix of young and old people and if you don't believe me you'll have to go to Jemeyzeh to see for yourself! It is an amazing place and an unforgettable experience.

      Theatres are open till very late, music festivals are held constantly. The city is illuminated, it never been dark even with its darkest war days!

      == Finally a nice little poem will tell you why Beirut is my favourite city. ==

      A Beautiful City on the Mediterranean Sea
      A city which can welcome you and me,

      The fact that there is such a cultural diversity,
      Ranging from the mall to the university

      This is the reason why this is the city for you and me.
      Speaking English, Arabic, French and Francophone

      The people can greet you with a nice cup of tea
      Quite very happily.

      From shopping places as far as the eye can see,
      To the countless bees and cedar trees

      Beirut is the city for you and me.

      Have fun at the city for modest fees
      From eating snacks and burgers for as little as 99p

      Or enjoying yourself at Jemeyzeh in a wild party
      Beirut is the city for you and me

      Whether your name is Bob or Lee,
      Whether you like the quiet or like parties

      Beirut has it all, so let me see,
      Who shall join me and make Beirut their favourite city?

      Beirut is my favourite place , it has that special charisma about it.


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        24.02.2014 22:19
        Very helpful



        Thank you too all that have rated my reviews and here's to many more! :)

        Hi everyone! First of all I just want to thank all of you who have made me feel very welcome to Dooyoo.. It's like a little dooyoo family. I never even thought about joining a website like this before until I found this one and it's probably one of the best things I've done. I might not be the best at writing reviews but I love being able to share my experiences with you all so hopefully it may come on useful one day. I have only been on this website a few weeks and I spend around an hour each day on here and I love reading all of your reviews especially for beauty as I love make up! So here's a little bit about me if you'd like to know

        I'm 20 years old and I live with my parents. I have a full time job as an admin assistant in the travel industry. I have 2 beautiful little sisters and an older sister and the most amazing new phew who means the world to me. In my spare time I like to watch DVDs my favourite are

        My week with Marilyn
        Sex and the city

        I like to read and watch make up tutorials online. I am a qualified beautician however I'm still unsure on what I want to do but I'm sure I'll figure that out later.

        So that's just a little bit about me but overall thankyou to everyone for your support and your welcomes!


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          29.01.2014 19:41



          A whimsical rant

          Now that homeopathic remedies have been elevated to level 1 status, I was wondering whether, in keeping with the principles involved, will the shortest possible review, containing the most diluted content, be worth the most dooyoo miles?

          Arguably the true homeopathic review should come with instructions to be shaken 1000 times, but I have a feeling that this may result in a rash of defunct laptops. Whilst this might serve to boost our flagging economy, I can't help feeling that the price is scarcely worth paying.

          In summary, would I recommend this approach to review writing? Probably not, at least not if you want to maintain a rating above "Not Useful in any way, shape or form". However, it would at least retain the clarity of form following function, with the review being no less useless than the product reviewed.

          Finally, I offer my own generic review for homeopathic remedies, which you are welcome to adapt for your own use:

          "Expensive. Doesn't work."



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            14.01.2014 02:14
            Very helpful



            You either love me or hate me.

            Hey guys, since i have been on here for quite a while since September and got a little bit bored tonight, so I thought I would write 50 facts you may or may not know about me so this could take a little while so let's get started.

            1. I'm 22 years old.
            2. I have lived in South, East and North London within 3 years of living in London.
            3. I love the clothing brand Jack Wills, I used to work there as well, in the London Selfridges store, only for a month sadly.
            4. I love theatre
            5. I love fashion
            6. I love make-up, as you can probably tell from my reviews
            7. I once got a casting call, to star in Skins series 7 to work with Jack O'Conell who plays Cook, but sadly I had to turn that down due to my final university exams taking place in the week of filming. Sucked :(
            8. I have auditioned for various films and TV shows since I was 12. They include Pride and Prejudice (the Keira Knightley one), 5th Harry Potter film and Doctor Who.
            9. I really want to write a blog
            10. My first concert was an unsigned band, called TwentyTwenty, earlier this year they spilt up, really heartbreaking and I got to star in one of their music videos in 2012, for a song called 'Trouble' check it out on youtube, I'm holding my arms around the guitarist ;)
            11. I have a big collection of handbags. I'm just like any girl really.
            12. I have a degree in drama
            13. I love shopping. Clothes shopping I mean.
            14. London is my second home.
            15. I had a trial shift at The Dorchester in London, so I worked there for a day. Sadly I didn't get hired.
            16. I really want a pug
            17. I hate custard
            18. I eat chocolate everyday. Yum.
            19. The most I have spent on a dress was probably £200 but it was for a ball and so worth it!
            20. The Most I have spent on shoes was probably £90, and I can only wear them once a year. I'm terrible sometimes.
            21. I have only been in two relationships .
            22. I have been dumped and dumped someone. Ouch.
            23. I love going to polo events. Yes, I am quite posh.
            24. I love going to the races, so Ascot, Newmarket, Cheltenham. Love the excuse to dress up.
            25. I love Ted Baker.
            26. I am currently, as of January 2014 I am giving up alcohol for a month for cancer research. Please visit me link and sponsor me! I want to reach £300 by the end of this month!
            27. I have also ran a marathon for charity
            28. I love animals.
            29. My top three favorite films have to be : The Dark Knight, Moulin Rouge and War Horse.
            30. I love British films like Love Actually, Notting Hill and Four Weddings and a Funeral.
            31. I saw Lion King on stage for my 18th. It was amazing
            32. I have seen War Horse on stage and yes I cried my heart out.
            33. A film that makes me cry the most is 'The impossible' I was crying within the first 15-20 minutes and cried for a good hours.
            34. I have seen David Tennant twice on stage. I have also seen Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart on stage as well.
            35. I served the author Jacqueline Wilson, a Canape before. Pretty sweet.
            36. I served Princess Beatrice at an event, when working as a waitress
            37. I once bumped into Paul O'Grady at work
            38. I have been to two celebrity fashion launches/clothing lines. First one was Kate Moss' final Topshop one in 2010 and the other was Tulisa for Bank in 2012.
            39. I have seen the Rolling Stones perform twice, I have also seen Jennifer Lopez, Lionel Ritchie, JLS, The Saturdays, Kaiser Chiefs, Eliza DooLittle, The Wanted, Starboy Nathan, Lawson, Parade and Ben Montague
            40. I have seen Little Britain Live. I saw their last show one day after my 15th birthday in 2006 n London at Hammersmith Appollo. I couldn't stop laughing, Hadn't laughed so much in my life. I met them afterwards as well! Awesome 15th!
            41. I have attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School (part time) I did that for a year.
            42. I love my pimms in the summer.
            43. My favorite pubs/bars in London are All Bar One and The Star of Bethnal Green. The Star of Bethnal Green have a street party they hold on Bank holiday in May which is sweet if the weather's nice.
            44. I drink a stupid amount of Pepsi Max. I even have a rubbish bag full of them I'm that bad.
            45. I got paid to Listen to Coldplay do a sound check. Working isn't that bad after all!
            46. I have worked at both the olympics and paralympics. Best experience of my life.
            47. I hate spots. Ugh why do they exist?
            48. My guilty pleasure is watching Jeremy Kyle
            49. My weakness is buying a stupid amount of clubbing/going out dresses.
            50. I wrote this because I was bored. Nah, really just like I said at the beginning, I've been here a while so I'd thought I'd say Hi.

            Hope you learnt something, and see you in my next review.


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              26.11.2013 12:58
              1 Comment



              I haven't been excited since 2007

              So it's less than a month to go until
              Christmas Day and I am, for the first time in five years, actually quite looking forward to it!

              The last four Christmases have been lonely and sad and have involved me pretty much being on my own wondering if it was always going to be like this, but this year I have a man in my life! And I must say I am quite looking forward to it this year. I am looking forward to us going out together to get a tree, something I have not done since 2007. I am looking forward to having someone to actually buy gifts for and put then under the tree. I'm looking forward to waking up with someone on Christmas morning and feeling like I am having a normalish Christmas Day this year.

              I know Christmas is just one day, so it isn't just that, I am looking forward to the whole of the 2 week break over Christmas and new year with my new man. And seeing in the new year with him too.

              Eek, I've not been this excited in years!


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                09.08.2013 12:28
                Very helpful



                I love getting organised for Christmas

                Too early for Christmas chat?

                I get really excited about Christmas. I love everything about it from the decorations to the food but most of all I like the fact that it is a time when you make a bigger effort to see friends and family. As times have gone on and money has got tighter I actually feel like I Enjoy Christmas more. Sounds a little crazy? But I feel that I pay more attention to what I am buying people rather than just buying them "stuff" to cover a set amount of money that we felt we had to spend. Nowadays I actually get to work on Christmas Presents in advance and have been looking for gift ideas this month and will start buying things from start of Sept onwards.


                There's no doubt everyone has less money these days but we didn't want to cut anyone off the present list, so instead we have an idea of the type of things we would like to get them and shop around. I use the Amazon App a lot and if I have a gift idea I find the item and pop it in my basket and watch for the price to reduce. You just need to open the app and look at your basket and Amazon update the top of the page if any prices go up or down. When it gets to a good price I buy it. I also like to keep my Tesco Vouchers for Christmas and if anyone has asked for a bottle of something I use them to buy this. I also sign up to news letters from my favourite websites and as soon as they have a sale I have a look and see if there's anything that I would like to get friends/family. I tend to keep away from "seasonal" gifts such as summery clothes etc but you can still get great gifts appropriate for Christmas on many sites like Debenhams, House Of Frasers and Matalan. If I am in the supermarket and I see a good deal on Chocolates or something that is already on my list to get, I will pick them up when they go on offer as they have a really long sell by date on them too.

                THE CHRISTMAS DINNER:

                I make the Christmas dinner for my family and my husband and we always have a lovely meal. His parents go to his brothers houses (as they all have kids) and we see them on New Year's instead which works well. In previous years I had been known to buy a turkey that would feed double the amount of people and way to many "extras" were always getting popped in the basket. Realistically I wasn't ever going to offer any one Christmas pudding and speciality top of the range brandy cream followed by a coffee liqueur, as no one at our dinner actually likes it but they would all still find their way in to my trolley. We would also start bulk buying fancy crackers and cheese and boxes of chocolates. That no one ate (since we were stuffed after dinner and everyone got edible gifts anyways so ate them) so come Jan when we were stony broke we would be munching on fattening extravagant items just to get rid of them. So now we look at what we actually need and make a proper list before we hit the shops and we actually check the cup boards before we go out. Things like cranberry sauce in jars and packets of bread sauce have really long shelf life's (unopened). So when we did a quick store cupboard check last year at the start of Dec we realised we actually had a jar of Cranberry Sauce that wasn't going to go out of date for another 4 months and 2 packets of bread sauce with another 2 months left on them. We also checked to see if we had any roasting bags left (we did, as the year before we hadn't checked so already had 2 packs in there with just one out of each). So when we hit the shops we are ready and ONLY buying what we really need. We also have a quick look over the diary and see what we have been invited to. If it is a house party we get our alcohol in when it is on the special Christmas deals and take advantage of any 2 for 1 or lowered priced mixers. If you need to buy a bottle of diet pepsi on the way to a house party you are going to pay 3 times as much if you have to stop at a local shop or garage. I also like to make my own crackers and used to pay around £20 for kits that come with empty crackers, now I just buy a set of regular luxury/large crackers in Jan that have gone in the sale and pop them up the loft. When it hits around Oct I get them down and start filling with my own treats. They open easily at the end and even if they have to be totally deconstructed a spot of Pritt stick or a new bit of ribbon gets them back together. That saves me so much money and everyone still gets the standard hat, joke and party favour but there is also my own personalised gifts inside too.


                I used to go to town on this area. New outfit for every night out and new bags, shoes, accessories. But now I go to the wardrobe and have a look at what I own. If I bought it I must like it, yeah? So why not wear it again? So now I do. I do occasionally buy new dresses etc if I see something I really love but I no longer torment myself trawling the shops on foot and online searching for that perfect outfit as I have now realised I have a load at home, perfect for the occasion, it's not as if this is the first Christmas I have dressed for!! Haha


                We try to make sure and still get out and about but now use sites like 5pm to book set priced meals (so we can work out our budget) and again sign up to a load of new letters from our favourite restaurants to take advantage of any offers they have over the festive period. We try to take advantage of options that offer a lunch deal at a much lower price than a dinner deal. For example many places offer a 3 course Christmas lunch up to 4pm at much cheaper price than a 3 course dinner that starts at say 5pm, usually it is the exact same menu so we book that at 3.30 and take advantage of the cheaper lunch price and we are still in the restaurant when the dinner people come in, so it's not really that early and we then head off for the likes of a Christmas movie or extra drinks with the money we have saved. We also like to go for a wander round the Christmas markets and since we have already got all the presents in, we don't have the hassle of purchasing anything other than some food and drinks, so can often get something to eat and a couple of foreign beers/mulled wines for less than £12 per person. A lovely festive night out.

                IT'S NOT ALL DOOM AND GLOOM:

                Sometimes when I tell people that I have cut back financially at this time of year they seem to think it's depressing or sad. It's not! It simply means we put more thought and time in to looking for the perfect gifts and we buy what we can afford and don't get in to debt for excess purchases. We are usually all done with the shopping by Mid Nov for gifts and the 3rd week in Dec for food dependant on availability, so no stresses of last min shopping not arriving on time. We can sit back and relax and can actually go to all of those wonderful nights out. No need to say "oh sorry we can't make it, we are out shopping the next day so need to be fresh" or "we can't afford it, all our money had gone on presents". Planning out means we can spend time looking in to what we buy and that is fun to me and money we save can go on other treats such as those nights out or even in to a fund for a holiday later in the year. These days we are not left with loads of food and no one goes without thoughtful and wonderful gifts, but we do have less stress and far more fun.

                Sorry if that's all a bit too much Christmas chat this early in the year but it's on my mind already and I hope some of it was useful to you. If any like-minded Santa's Helpers fancy sharing their tips and advice I would love to hear it!

                Ho Ho Ho xxx


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                  23.07.2013 23:07
                  Very helpful



                  Today was a good day. :)

                  Hii, I'm pretty new here, so I'm just about finding my way around, but I can already safely say I'm addicted. Looking in the Dooyoo Lounge, there's quite a few introductions and questionnaire type posts. Not sure about the questionnaire yet but if anyone'd like to hear my version, just drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. Always aiming to please, is me..!

                  Anyway, I thought I'd try something a little different; a day in the life of me. Most of you will probably find this horrifically boring but this is me.. So here goes..

                  Well, most mornings involve me waking up at 6am to get hubby up for work, as his alarm just isn't enough! Today was no different. Once he's fed, watered and gone, off I trot back to bed!
                  Actually getting up will then mean talking to the bump, known as Podge from here on in... This'll go on all day, really; he helps me make the most important decisions in my day-to-day life, such as what colour socks to wear and how many spoons of sugar I'll need in my coffee to wake me up. Today, we decided on 2. :)
                  What can I say..I had a late night.. in the sense that it was so bloomin' hot that even my electric fan on full power couldn't keep me cool!

                  Load up the computer, have a quick scout over my inbox for anything interesting, and now the all-important DooYoo gets a look in too.
                  Simple toast for brekkie then off shopping with Dad today. I need to round up the last of the baby stuff and he needed to do some general shopping. Reviews now in my mind most of the time.. if I can get wifi in a shop, I'll be on Dooyoo there and then on my mobile!

                  And my father is the most obsessive man I've ever known when it comes to finding a bargain. I swear I've been around every single Cash & Carry that North Wales has to offer..my poor feet!

                  Lunch was an egg mayonnaise sandwich, of which the packet I kept incase the brand's up on here, not to mention the share-bag of Nandos Peri Peri crisps (shared, of course). It just makes me want to write reviews on 'everything' I've bought..! And as I sat in the car, I started taking notes and beginning reviews to post up afterwards: seeing as I can't drive, I might as well make myself useful. I promise not to bombard everyone though!

                  Coming out of Tesco, 'Rain again' comes on Radio 2. And then as though Mother Nature herself were listening, it started raining for the first time in weeks. How ironic! Plus side: I don't have to water the garden, today. :D

                  And then I get home to find I've been awarded 2 crowns! Wowee. I never expected that, especially so soon.. Thanks for whoever nominated me. I'll do my best to keep you informed on my opinions and experiences, however weird, embarrassing or funny, as of course, to the consumer every little thing is important to know, before you start spending your hard-earned cash!

                  All in all, I'd say today has been a good day. :)


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                    10.07.2013 17:45
                    Very helpful



                    A bit about me!

                    Everything about me!

                    As it is my 200th review on Ciao (crazy, I know, it seems like I only joined yesterday!) I thought I would do a 'review' that was a bit different as...it is all about me! I have wanted to do a 'review' like this for a while and my 200th review seemed like a good point. I hope I don't bore anyone with this, if so please click off this 'review' but if you have any questions about university, psychology courses, me, blogging etc just leave me a comment or message in my guest book.

                    Heather Nixon (no middle name unfortunately, although if I had to choose one it would be Sophia).

                    *Age and residence:
                    20 (21 this August, almost time to bust out the zimmer frame!). England - but I wish it was Italia!

                    *If I had to choose labels for myself it would probably go like this:
                    Sister, student (although not for much longer), vegetarian, blogger, reviewer, petite person, Mancunian, Atheist, Psychology nerd, animal lover, foodie, niece, friend, beauty addict, shopaholic, travel lover, tattooed, coffee and technology junkie, shy, almost university graduate.

                    *Favourite food?
                    Pasta, I have loved pasta since I was a toddler and I haven't stopped - I currently adore making my own green pesto to use with pasta.

                    *Favourite place to visit?
                    I LOVED Venice when I went a couple of years ago and I would definitely go again - I recommend it to everyone. Rome, Nice, Athens, Barcelona and Taormina (Sicily) are also gorgeous places to visit.

                    *If you could change one thing about your appearance what would it be?
                    Definitely my height, I am only 4ft 10 - petite I know.

                    *Favourite season?
                    Summer - although I am not too keen on the whole shorts/pasty pale legs that come with summer though!

                    *Favourite things about university?
                    Learning, meeting new people and getting a First at the end of it - although I am dreading graduation that takes place in 6 days!

                    *Worst thing about blogging?
                    I have been blogging for just over a year now and I love it! Although one of the worst things, in my opinion, about blogging in general is the 'follow for a follow' comments where someone clearly hasn't read your post and just wants more followers.

                    *What are your hobbies?
                    I love reading, shopping, studying (I am such a nerd), singing, cooking, travelling, Music/Films, meeting up with friends, playing assassins creed on my xbox, blogging and photography.

                    *Do you believe in the supernatural?
                    Definitely, not! Although I do like to watch some supernatural tv shows such as Haunted Collector - entertaining and scary but I do not believe in any kind of ghosts etc.

                    *Style icons?
                    I love French style, I think it is so chic, sophisticated and timeless. I also love basic, simple Scandinavian style too. My modern style icons include: alexa chung, clemence posey, Elizabeth olsen, Sienna miller etc.

                    *Do you want to get married or have children in the future?
                    No to both!

                    *Are you a collector/hoarder?
                    Definitely not, I am always throwing things away or selling them - I only keep very sentimental items or things I have picked up on my travels.

                    *Favourite movies?
                    The Mummy (cringe I know but I love it), the harry potter films and most films with Will Ferrell in!

                    *Occupations you wanted to have as a child/teenager?
                    I didn't really think about jobs at all as I child but as a young teenager I either wanted to be a photographer, psychologist or immunologist - a bit of a mix I know.

                    *Can you swim or ride a bike?
                    Yes to both - although I haven't done either in a while.

                    *Earliest memory?
                    Disneyland Paris when I was about 5/6 and picking out my Ariel money box and watching the parade.

                    *What is your go-to hair style?
                    Ponytail or a bun - my hair is super long (down to my hips almost) and it is really quite thick so I can only really tie it up or straighten it. I can't wait to get it cut after graduation.

                    *Who is your favourite actor, actress, director?
                    I would say that my favourite actor is probably johnny depp and not just for the hotness that is jack sparrow but because his range of movies is vast and I love the combination of johnny depp and director tim burton (dream team!). My favourite actress is probably either Rachel Weiss, Angelina jolie or Emily deschanel.

                    *Favourite TV series?
                    Bones, Dexter, The Big Bang Theory, The Borgias, The Tudors, Game of Thrones (love!) and a lot more!

                    *Favourite game series?
                    Assassins creed, I LOVE it! I cannot wait for assassins creed 4 in the autumn.

                    *Favourite drink?
                    Non-alcoholic = coffee, I love it especially lattes, cappuccinos and iced coffee.
                    Alcoholic = cherry liquor, Kopparberg cider and rose wine

                    Well, there you have it, my relatively short and sweet 'getting to know me' review - I hope your not in a boredom coma now and after reading please keep in mind that my answers to these questions will differ to other peoples but everyone is different! Thanks for reading x


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                      27.05.2013 22:22
                      Very helpful



                      I'm a crazy person

                      I've only just joined Dooyoo and it seems like an amazing community. I am so happy I found this website and have something else to do on the internet other than scroll down Facebook newsfeed


                      Eye Colour: Brown


                      Job: Currently unemployed but in full time education
                      I really really want a job at the moment but no where will hire me! I've had so many interviews and unfortunately keep getting turned down.

                      Hair Colour: Dark brown

                      Do I have any brothers and sisters? I have 4 sisters and one brother

                      Cat or Dog sort of person? CATS! Definitely cats. I have an obsession with cats.

                      Phobia's: Spiders are scary.

                      Phone/Computer Wallpaper? A picture of trees that I took on my phone and a picture of Blackpool promenade that I took as my desktop background.

                      My Favourite type of food? ITALIAN. ITALIAN. No more questions asked!

                      My Best and Worst Personality trait? I'd like to think I'm pretty caring and nice to be around. Worst I'm a bit too loud sometimes

                      My all time favourite top 3 films?
                      Source Code
                      Scott Pilgrim vs the World
                      Easy A

                      My all time favourite top 5 tv programmes?
                      American Horror Story
                      True Blood
                      Two Pints

                      Favourite Artists?

                      Worst Habit: Smoker

                      Hobby: Film making

                      Best Present I have been given? My video camera!

                      Best Show/Concert I have been too? KE$HA!

                      Facts about me: I taught myself how to code when I was 10 years old!


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                        14.05.2013 17:35
                        Very helpful



                        Sums up a bit about me really :)

                        I've been on Dooyoo since last year and people always rate my reviews. I thought id tell the Dooyoo community a bit about me...


                        Eye Colour: Brown


                        Job: Work as an Assitant Manager in a retail shop.
                        Do I enjoy it? Its ok, It is a good way to meet new people as it is my gap year. It gives me some financial stability for University this year too!

                        Hair Colour: Dark brown with one random red streak!

                        Do I have any brothers and sisters? Yes I have one younger sister.

                        Cat or Dog sort of person? I love Dogs we have an adorable chocolate lab.

                        Phobia's: Snakes, The dark, dying and the bath plug noise.

                        Phone/Computer Wallpaper? Mila Kunis on my phone and Novatech background on my Laptop.
                        Why these wallpapers? I love Mila Kunis who doesn't?! And I'm borrowing my Auntie's work laptop so I didn't want to change the background.

                        My Favourite type of food? This is a hard one but I would have to say being half Maltese I would say Maltese food. Ravioli and Maltese Macaroni.

                        My Best and Worst Personality trait? I'd like to think I'm pretty caring and nice to be around. Worst I'm jealous but that can be good because it shows I care.

                        My all time favourite top 5 films?
                        Les Miserables
                        The Notebook
                        Pitch Perfect

                        My all time favourite top 5 tv programmes?
                        Him and Her
                        Being Human
                        Waterloo Road

                        Favourite Artists? Hands down Cheryl Cole, Cold Play, Calvin Harris, and Rihanna.

                        Best Holiday I have been on?
                        New York.

                        Next Holiday:
                        Malta or France

                        Worst Habit: Smoker

                        Hobby: Judo and Hockey

                        Best Present I have been given? Sat Nav and dvd's.

                        Best Show/Concert I have been too? Girls Aloud at The O2.

                        Facts about me: Half Maltese, Black Belt in Jujitsu and born 6 weeks early.


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                        A bit about me

                        A bit about me

                        Well ive seen this on another Reviewers page, so id thought id join in the fun and let you know a little bit about myself.

                        1)How old are you?

                        2) Colour of my eyes?

                        3) How tall are you?

                        4) Hair colour?
                        Brown - but greying (Marriage)

                        5) Any brothers or sisters?
                        One older brother

                        6) Do you prefer cats or dogs?

                        7)What job do you do?
                        Telecoms Engineer - fix phone lines

                        8) Do you like your job?
                        One of those lucky ones who can say yes to this

                        9) Favourite dessert?
                        Plain vanilla ice cream - boring but yummy

                        10) Food that I loathe?
                        Broccoli - urgh

                        11) Sweet or Savoury?
                        Defo sweet, no savoury, no sweet. Hard question lol

                        12) The last 2 films I have watched
                        Braveheart (favourite) and Valkyrie

                        13) Song I can't get out of my head?
                        The Beatles - I Me Mine
                        14) Favourite Programme?
                        Two and a Half Men

                        15) Next Holiday

                        16) Favourite Country?
                        USA - but only been to Florida

                        17) Favourite beach holiday?

                        18) Favourite hobby?
                        Listening to music

                        19) The last thing that made me laugh?
                        Our 8 month old kitten -lying on her back, asleep, with legs akimbo


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                          20.01.2013 15:06
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                          50 things about me

                          had a bit of fun reading through some of these and thought I'd do one too.

                          1) What is the wallpaper on your computer screen? Why did you choose it?
                          A picture from my Photography collection of the Roman Colosseum. I chose it because it's a really beautiful picture and I put it there as a reminder of how talented I am so that when I start to forget I remember what I'm really good at (film/photography) so it's like a booster since I'm on the computer everyday.

                          2) Mexican food, Chinese food, Indian food, Italian food, French food or American?
                          It's has to be Chinese for me I just love it and nothing beats a buffet or takeaway of Chinese. :)

                          3) Do you have any tattoos?
                          Yes I have on on my rib cage which is very meaningful to me because it is like a memorial for my sister who lost her life at just 6 years old. It has r.i.p her name and r.i.p nan a diamond which represent how precious they both were and 2 roses one for each of them it's not complete yet but hope to complete it very soon. It was rather painful hence why it isn't finish yet lol.

                          4) Do you have any siblings?
                          I have 6 sisters (1 passed away) and two brothers.

                          5) Have you ever broken a bone?
                          Nope, I'm unbreakable ;)

                          6) Do you believe in superstitious things such as breaking mirrors?
                          Nope I find them all a joke and don't take stuff like that seriously

                          7) Do you like those 'end of the world' movies?
                          I love them, I think they are brilliant especially if the acting is really good it makes it all feel so surreal.

                          8) Do you eat more fruits or vegetables? What's your favourite fruit and vegetable?
                          I eat more vegetables and I like broccoli and cabbage and carrots all the horrible stuff that people run away from lol.

                          9) Who were you most likely to play during school nativities?
                          I always played the one in the background that does very little. Was not very confident back then.

                          10) What's your opinion of the dentist?
                          I don't get why people hate them so much to be fair they are not really that scary to me.

                          11) Have you ever had a speech impediment?

                          12) If you had to choose, what is the worst movie you've ever seen?
                          Well I really think this would be impossible just to pin point one because there are quite a few movie that were awful that I have watched.

                          13) Do you like meeting new people?
                          I like meeting new people so long as they are nice people.

                          14) If you could, which celebrity would you date?
                          Probably rapper T.I or Justin Timberlake

                          15) What would you take with you on a deserted island?
                          A loaded cruise ship wouldn't want to stay there forever lol

                          16) Do you know how wide your hips are in exact inches?
                          have no idea but I am very curvy so probably alot of inches.

                          17) What would you say is the worst part of high school?
                          The false sense that the way the school environment is will last for ever. I think people in school believe school is the be all and end all of life and don't realise what they do then will effect them forever and also it is OK to be yourself and you find very few kids that believe this because of the way the school environment is. I think that is the worse part of school basically it doesn't teach you about life outside of school.

                          18) How old will you be on your mother's 68th birthday? Is that old to you?
                          I'd be 44 and yes it seems rather old to me but then at the same time it seems like a good age because my mum will be able to see me have kids and watch them grow up and have their own kids to.

                          19) Ever thought you were dying of something?
                          Nope I don't get sick to often never mind think I'm dying.

                          20) Have you ever wanted to be a doctor?
                          Well not really a doctor that saves people more like a plastic surgeon. Don't ask I think it was about the same time I was obsessed with Nip/Tuck the TV show.

                          21) If you were dying who would you say goodbye to first??
                          My sisters and mum

                          22) Do you like to babysit children?
                          Nope not enough time in my life for babysitting if I'm honest

                          23) Do you often forget where you put things?
                          Yes then I realise they are in my hand lol.

                          24) Do you go on a lot of holidays?
                          Yes all the time went on 4 holiday last year but they were all family holidays so really want to start venturing out on my own and seeing other things that not everyone in my family would enjoy as much as me.

                          25) Have you ever met someone with the same biggest fear as you?
                          Don't think I have ever had a discussion with anyone about their fears before so wouldn't even know if I had.

                          26) Would you rather write with a pen or pencil? Why?
                          Pen definitely can't actually remember the last time I used either since I seem to type everything all the time.

                          27) Where was the best school trip you ever went on?
                          Treginnis Farm in primary school that trip was amazing had so much fun and it was my first time away from home alone.

                          28) Are you a controversial person?
                          Yes definitely, I like voicing my opinion, I'm a good judge of character so I see right through people especially 2 faced, mix up, bitchy, fake people so it's very easy for me to know who to bother with I will be civil with everyone but I'm sorry me and you could never be friends if you are any of the above words. I'm not a slave to society and do what I want regardless of what anyone thinks of me.

                          29) What would you say your average word per minute count is on a keyboard?
                          50-60 probably.

                          30) What was your favourite and least favourite subject in school?
                          Favourite was Drama least favourite was PSHE which was a pointless watse of time because I did nothing every lesson.

                          31) Do you bite you nails?
                          Nope never have my nails grow faster than a werewolfs lol.

                          32) When was the last time you went to the library?
                          I go there all the time at college so Thursday. I'm pretty nerdy lol

                          33) Do you like fiction or non-fiction books more?

                          34) Do you treat others as you'd like to be treated?
                          yes I treat everyone as I would like to be treated but only people that truly show interest in me and actually care about me get the best of me. But I definitely am civil will everyone in a nice way

                          35) What type of child were you?
                          very sporty

                          36) Are you someone who likes to get into arguments and fights a lot?
                          Nope never argue with people because I just say what needs to be said and I'm done as long as I have got my point across the situation needs to go no further.

                          37) Do you swear a lot?
                          Not really tbh

                          38) If you had to get another tattoo, what would it be and where?
                          finish my first one off first lol

                          39) What's your favourite TV show?
                          There are way too many but Dallas has got to be top of the list at the moment season 2 starts the end of jan.

                          40) Does personality weigh out the sense of good looks?
                          Personality is very important but chances are if someone doesn't look like your type of guy you are not going to want to get to know them in that way.

                          41) What is your favourite thing in your bedroom?
                          My Xbox

                          42) If you could change one thing about you what would it be?
                          Nothing I am proud of the way I am and not 1 thing will ever change that.

                          43) Do you have any regrets? If so what are they?
                          I'm not going to lie I have a few things that have had a huge impact on my life that I regret but they have put me in a place where I know who I am and where I want to get in life.

                          44) What colour hair do you have?
                          Black with a bit of brown

                          45) What colour eyes do you have?

                          46) Favourite sound?

                          47) Favourite quote?
                          "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" I love this quote from Gandhi because it speaks a thousands words. I think I live by this quote and always do something about what I want to be different if I have a chance to.

                          48) Are you trying to achieve something at the moment?
                          Trying to win a film festival :) I'm currently producing a film in which I hope to enter in a or some film festivals later this year. Trying to get my driving license, get into uni and finish college with the best grades I can get. This year is all about dreaming big for :)

                          49) If you could do one thing for someone what would it be?
                          I would take one person of the streets and give them a home . I've given out a load of burgers, fries, sweets, drinks and food to many homeless people but that just isn't enough more needs to be done if I had the chance I would not have anyone homeless.

                          50) What would you change?
                          I would get rid of the snow because it is a big inconvenience to my life right now lol.


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                            The gift is not about the cost!

                            What is the best Christmas present?
                            In my view what it is doesn't really matter it is how you remember the gift or event and how long this memory stays with you.

                            Two very different Christmas memories stay with me today, years after they took place. The first was when I was about nine years old and my sister was about five. 'Father Christmas' always left a sack of presents at the end of our bed and in the morning we would lug this bulging beast into my parent's room and open the presents on their bed.

                            On particular Christmas we woke in the night and were so excited that we must have put on the light, then opened all the presents in our beds. The one that springs to mind was my sister's present which was a child's slide projector that showed mini film strips. We were so thrilled with this and gave ourselves a film show from our beds, hidden under our mosquito nets. Obviously we ten realised what we had done and guilt overcame us. We 'carefully' re- wrapped the gifts and pt them back in our sacks and then went back to sleep.

                            The next day we went through to my parent's room and feigned surprise at the gifts as we unwrapped them but Mum said, " I think someone has already unwrapped these!!" we confessed. It is still something we laugh about forty years on when my sister and I talk about Christmas.

                            The second gift we all remember as causing the most fun and hilarity was one year when my Gran (about 90 at the time) had put together a parcel full of old cracker gifts, and bits and pieces bought from her church sales. The idea she said was we all had to take a ticket and then as your number was pulled out you could choose from the gifts. You could also swap as in choose a gift someone else had already taken. It was quite complicated but we began this game as instructed. The gifts included a shower cap, a small colouring in book (some already coloured), and other strange oddments. The point is the items were irrelevant but we had a most hysterical time swapping the gifts and laughing about Gran's collection of oddities. My two children were quite young and the rest of us were adults but I honestly don't think anyone has ever give our family a gift that has brought so much fun and amusement ever before or since.

                            It was especially nice as I was back home from Australia, my parents were both still alive and well and it was one of those 'Dickensian', Christmas card memory with the deep snow outside, the tree all lit and we had a real traditional turkey meal. It was probably the last real family Christmas we ever had with my parents at home and the memory will stay with us all for years to come. We only have to mention Gran's jumble sale parcel to have us all rolling around holding our sides with the same silly giggling as on the day.

                            We don't exchange big presents. I always gave all the children a stocking which i made for each of them with chocolates and fruit and nuts in them. They remember that more than their main gifts each year. I think it is the family traditions that make memories. The photo we take in front of the fire of the five of them growing up and changing over the years. We have now added in partners and grandchildren into that tradition. Despite the fact that all of our own children are over 5 they still ask for the stockings!! So it is not about the size or expense of the gift but more the meaning, memory and family tradition behind it.

                            So in answer to the question it is not the actual gift but the memory that goes with the gift that gives the most lasting pleasure and therefore becomes the best present.

                            Thanks for allowing me to share these memories and make me smile thinking about them all over again. I just hope my children have as happy and simple memories of some of the childhood Christmases.


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