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Samsung S1050

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    5 Reviews
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      06.08.2013 11:56
      1 Comment


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Dont buy

      When I was looking for a simple camera to take on those days out to the beach I simple bumped into this one . The simple looking point and shot nature of it particular drew me toward it,this tagged along with the fact that I picked it up for 80 pounds made it seem like a bargain for a 10.1 megapixel and a 5xs zoom made it seem perfect for me.

      When generally take the first shot you do come across a variety of positives and negatives. The huge 3 inch display is a great addition to the piece for both taking pictures and videos. But when it come to actually taking pictures it a shame that the camera isn't very good.

      The is due to a variety reasons although the quality of resolution is very high,the lens seems to be very poor and the general quality is simple not up to what user will expect from a 10 mega pixel camera.
      The camera does have a very good spec as it has a xs zoom but the if you choose to use all 5xs the picture start to become incredible distorted and blurred. This as a result means to me personally that I think that it only has around 3mp that are usable. I also found the shutter speed incredible slow and this can easily lead to you missing those action shots.

      One great feature is the video which 640x480 which isn't the greatest but I personally love it. And I think that although being fairly bad quality on paper I think it looks much better once uploaded onto the computer.

      The only advise other than not to buy this with this camera would be to buying a sd card is essential and due to having a particularly small internal memory I think that my choice to buy a £10 pound 2gb memory stick from currys was a great buy. But the build quality on the piece I found was particularly good so although not being very good it will last which is at least something to smile about.


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        17.06.2009 01:04
        Very helpful
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        • Reliability
        • Reliability


        Brilliant cameral for the money

        My Samsung S1050 was my very first Digital Camera, it won't be my last. I bought it because I was about to take (I mean teach) a Digital Photography class and I had never even owned one!

        How hard could it be? Not very. With this camera taking really good quality photos is a piece of cake. Very little skill is needed the camera will take care of most of the settings for you when you start off. When you get a bit more experienced, experiment with some of the settings. Try websites like Webshots and Cnet for helpful tutorials on composition, shutter speed and ISO settings.

        The screen at 3 inches is one of the largest you'll get, this is really useful as there is no viewfinder. The camera has automatic settings for different kinds of subject, like landscape or macro close ups of flowers. Photograph people using the face detection or catch children (harder than you think) on the special children setting. Use the night time settings, the snow settings, and the fireworks settings which are self explanatory.

        It has a regular 3* digital zoom which will naturally make things blurred it you zoom right in. What is impressive is the 5*optical zoom. By using this feature you can zoom right in and not get the blurred pixelated effect.

        When you have taken your pictures, you can apply all sorts of special effects like black and white, sepia, area of colour with part black and white background. Experiment and have fun with this.

        The camera cost me £80 from Argos. It is very heavy on batteries, it will always run out right when you see a rare car, rare bird, your baby's first step etc. So buy a set of rechargeable batteries. I bought a set of 12 from Maplins along with a recharger for about £28 total. It has saved me a fortune.

        The 10 Megapixels produce nice photos, with big file sizes, so when you have taken about 20, your camera won't hold any more. I ordered a 16Gb memory card from ebay for £16. This holds as many photos and bits of video as I need (a lot).

        There is one downside to this camera, because it is quite feature heavy, it is very slow. You press the button, and it takes ages to capture your picture. Sometimes your subject has gone by the time the picture is taken! You can use a Digital photography technique to counteract this. When you are ready to take pictures, press the button down halfway this shows a green rectangle on the screen around the focus area. Just focus and press down fully when your subject is ready.

        It's the best £80 I ever spent!


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          24.02.2009 01:18
          Very helpful



          Good for the price

          I've had the Samsung S1050 for around perhaps two years which I bought from Argos. Originally the camera was £200, which I got for £100 and is now reduced down to £80.

          Unfortunately the camera doesn't come with a memory card, so you can't hold a lot of pictures on the camera so I would suggest you buy a memory card separate to be able to hold more pictures - it's annoying when your outside and you don't have room left.

          You can get it in silver, pink and I didn't know it was available in black but the one in the picture is black. I have the pink one, it's not overly pink its a very light pink which I wasn't sure it would be when I got it.
          10.1 mega pixels, 5x zoom and 3.0 large lcd

          Personally I think it zooms in far too much - so much that everything at some point ends up a complete blur you've zoomed that far.
          The quality of the pictures are good but when you take videos, its quite fuzzy but not that bad, sadly the volume of the microphone for videos is really low that you can't hear it at all on the computer - can on the camera, but not computer.
          To take pictures is really annoying, you have to press the button and hold it down till it takes and alot
          When you take the flash off the pictures go blurry for some reason so you need to change it to ASR
          Personally when the flash is on I think pictures turn out great, but a of the time it takes forever and you need to keep pressing it. and even then its not that great. lot of other people with this camera don't. But if you think about it for £80 its pretty good.
          Also, battery's run out really fast on this, I suggest using chargeable ones al thought not sure how long they would last as I use normal ones, but they run out really quickly which irritates me.
          You get a cable with it to connect the camera to the computer, sadly the camera needs to be on using even more battery power. Unless you buy a box for the memory card to go into and that will connect memory card to computer.

          So for the price it's a good camera, picture quality isn't bad, video quality isn't very good and battery power is quite bad.
          But if you just want a camera for fun with friends or you don't have much money then buy it :).


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            22.08.2008 14:59
            Very helpful



            What A Shame

            At first Glance the Samsung s1050, A 10 mp Camera and 5x optical zoom for about 80 pounds(From Argos ,email me if you find it any cheaper) . What A great deal!!!!! But looks can be deceiving.

            Design- From First glace the camera looks great, the large screen, a mass of setting and great resolution. But the Samsung does lack a view finder. But although it has a huge screen (76mm) this does not make up for the lack of a view finder. AS it has a huge screen it is essential you have decent batteries ( I usually use rechargeable as they work out cheaper after a few charges although they are expensive, usually costing around five pound in Argos) as otherwise the camera will cost you a fortune in batteries. You can usually get around 100 shots but this can depend on the batteries and if you use the movie function as this uses more power. But the camera does have very small button which are difficult to use and could do with being larger and spaced out more. And this makes the camera very difficult to use.

            Features -The Samsung s1060 has a huge number of features which means that there is huge selection of setting for every situation. But for the average person the Auto setting is fine for most still shot but I do occasionally find the other setting good for some situations. The camera also has a built in advanced shake reduce electronic image stabilisation which boast the Iso sensitivity and quicken the shutter speed so there is less time for the picture to distort. Although it does work well you still can't beat a good tripod. The Camera Also has the ability to record video but they are very poor quality (640x480) but this is quiet common for digital cameras to have poor quality video capacity.

            Performance-The camera does suffer from terrible slow shutter from speed for shot-to-shot. Taking 2.4 seconds on shot -to -shot mode this is even slower than its previous model as the Samsung S600 takes 2.3 second on shot-to-shot mode. Compared to its rivals the Casio Exilim which only takes 1.4 seconds per shot. Although the Samsung is slightly better on continuous shots taking 0.8 seconds (per frame), it's still not what it should be

            Overall The Camera is very disappointing and Samsung has almost gone downhill on this model. The lack of viewfinder makes it difficult to take a good picture and to me it would have been great if they had made the screen small and put a view finder. The picture quality is fuzzy and distorted at times and I would not recommend buying this camera as the lack of viewfinder and bad design makes this a very difficult camera to use.

            *10.1 MP Camera
            * 5x Optical Zoom
            * 2.7" LCD Screen
            * Face Detection
            * 14 scene modes
            * Red Eye Fix
            * Function Description
            * Photo Help Guide
            * Self portrait
            * Movie Recording
            * Digital Image Stabilisation (DIS)
            * High Sensitivity ISO 1600
            * Low Battery Consumption

            I Hope You find the Useful


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              20.07.2008 21:18
              Very helpful



              A useful inexpensive little camera from samsung

              I will start this review off by saying that the Samsung S1050 knows what it is and does not try to be something that it is not and that I think is what makes it as good as it is. What I mean by that is simply that a lot of point and shoot digital cameras these days are trying to get results above their station and usually they fall flat on their faces. With the Samsung S1050 you get a good point and shoot camera that knows its boundaries and performs inside them very, very well.

              The camera does have lots of useful settings but it knows that it cannot compete with top of the range Cybershots or DSLR cameras so it does not try to it simply offers you a lot of good settings that mostly work very well. Amongst the settings on this camera are things like; ASR (advanced shake reduction), this allows you to get steady pictures even with a bit of a shaky hand, Face Recognition, a function which detects faces within the shot and optimises focus and brightness and a 5x optical zoom which allows you to zoom in on the subject you are shooting which is very useful for trips to the zoo and the likes when you cannot physically get close to the animals.

              The zoom on this camera impressed me because even when fully deployed the image hardly suffered whereas some cameras reach about three quarter zoom and the picture quality decreases dramatically. The ability to use the zoom to its maximum capacity really impressed ma and went a long way to me being really impressed with the camera overall.

              Another thing firmly in this cameras favour is the scene modes and their effectiveness. DSLR cameras offer scene modes and when used you can clearly see the difference in the images taken but all too often with point and shoot digitals the difference is unnoticeable or very slight. The options of scene modes on this camera is a bit limited but they do all work fairly well.

              The Scene modes that the camera offers are; night, portrait, children, landscape, beach & snow, dawn, sunset and fireworks. The only one I was really disappointed with was the beach and snow setting which is supposed to offer crystal bright whites when used in snow and keep sunburst (a bright circle on the image) at bay when used in bright sunshine. It failed to produce brilliant white images when used in a pure white studio setting produced to emulate snow and certainly did nothing to prevent sunburst when shooting in bright sunlight. That setting aside though the scene modes performed admirably and in particular the night setting which is usually the setting to let most cameras down worked brilliantly for such an inexpensive camera.

              The night setting is to allow you to capture images in poor light without the use of a flash so you can encapsulate the dark surroundings as well as the lights and the subject being shot. It does this by automatically slowing down the shutter speed to let in as much light as possible (just like your eyes getting used to the dark). The problem with this setting on cameras is that you have to keep your arms still for longer because any movement when the shutter is open will be captured on the image causing trails. The shake reduction on this camera eliminates a lot of the movement allowing for clear crisp night shots that really impress.

              This is one of the few point and shoot cameras that offers semi professional setting for adults like, manual white balance and adjustable ISO settings as well as offering a selection of fun add on`s for kids like; colour changing, digital framing and cartoonizer which can all be used to alter the image whilst still on the camera. The large 3 inch screen allows you to use the digital enhancement technology with ease and also allows you to get a very good look at the image to decide if it is good enough to be kept or whether there are better shots.

              This camera is available in silver, black or pink, whilst the black version is very plain and a bit boring looking the silver and pink are very bright and a lot more attractive. The pink one is quite limited in availability but it is available right now from Argos at the reasonable price of £79.99 but there are better offers to be had online for the silver or black model with the lowest I have encountered so far being a mere £61.99 for the silver one from Amazon.

              Even at the more expensive price this camera is good value for money in my opinion. Having used it for a full 4 hour test session and put it thoroughly through its paces using every setting and even using it for a portrait shoot that I would normally do with a DSLR costing over £1000 I come to the decision that I was using a good piece of equipment for a person wishing to progress in their photography and also a camera that could be a great option for teenagers as a first camera.

              This camera was one of many I have tested over a week or so as you will know if you have been reading my reviews from the last ten days. This camera impressed me more than a good few that cost twice its price and it produced some exquisite images under studio conditions that to the untrained eye could have been taken as professional. The 10.1 mega pixels that this tiny camera boasts go a long way to making it the camera that it is giving you the option to zoom in on final images and crop them to suit. You could also enlarge the images taken by this camera to as large as poster size without losing any clarity, we did this with three images and they compared with images taken from the Fujifilm s5700 (a very useful bridge camera costing around £120).

              This little unit runs on two AA batteries, I would suggest using Energizer lithium's which will outlast anything else on the market. It takes a SD memory card and can cope with one up to a 4Gb giving you plenty space to store your images. The camera also takes video footage but as with other reviews I will not go into this too much because I a reviewing it as a camera for shooting stills and as that it is very good as a video camera it is poor but almost all cameras are.

              I would give this camera an overall 7/10 and I would recommend it to people who are just getting to grips with photography and looking to improve or to people who are confident with their capabilities at amateur level and would like to have a camera that they can use in manual as well as auto mode.

              If you are looking for a camera to get you to a stage ready to think about stepping up to DSLR¬s then this camera will fall short with a lot of settings not available but as I said at the start it knows what it is and does not try to be more and I admire it for that.

              Samsung S1050 Specifications & Features

              10.1 Megapixels
              5 x Optical Zoom
              5 x Digital Zoom
              25 x Smart Zoom
              1cm Focusing Distance
              Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent H, Fluorescent L, Tungsten and Custom White Balance Settings
              2.5" TFT, 230,000 pixels
              Scene choices of night, portrait, children, landscape, beach & snow, dawn, sunset and fireworks.
              Auto, Auto and Red-eye reduction, Fill-in flash, Slow sync and Off Flash Settings
              Maximum Image Size 3648 x 2736 Pixels
              800 x 600, 30fps Movies
              Secure Digital, MMC Memory Card, with 45MB Internal memory

              As well as the camera itself being very good and easy to use, the software with it is also easy to use and simple to install. The user's manual is fairly clear and understandable and if read in full should set you well on your way to understanding the controls you have at your fingertips.

              Thanks for reading!

              ©2008 thebigc1690


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