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    3 Reviews
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      09.07.2010 23:27
      Very helpful
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      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      The Samsung i8 is a camera that takes great pics at the same time as looking very modern

      I went to Boots this time last year to buy a camera when one of my friends broke my camera on a night out and the screen got smashed (which obviously was very annoying...even more so that my friend never offered to give me any money towards a new one!) However I did want a new camera so it did give me the excuse to buy one.

      I bought this Samsung i8 for £85.64, this was 20% off the original price and I got my boots points as well... so quite a bargain.

      It comes in several colours i.e. blue, black, white and pink. I of course being a girl who loves pink things bought it in the stylish pink!

      ***What came in the box?***

      - USB cable which connects to the pc to transfer photos and it also doubles up to make part of the charger by connecting to the wall end of the charger
      - Instructions manual
      - CD
      - Li ion battery
      - Wrist strap
      - Headphones (for videos)
      - Wall part of the charger


      - 8.2 megapixels (which I know isn't as many as you can get on cameras now...but to me this gives great quality pictures without the need for any more mp).
      - Red eye fix
      - 3x optical zoom
      - Slide show
      - High sensitivity
      - Setting changes (outdoors, background, fireworks, children, indoors etc)
      - Flash
      - Movie mode
      - Face detection (for close up and clear photos with DIS- digital image stabilisation)
      - 2.7 inch screen

      ***My opinion***

      This is a great camera for day to day photography. I use mine for family pictures, days and nights out, ebay photos and many other things... all of which it performs to my expectations on. The only downfall I can think of is that the camera didn't come with a case which I had to buy separately at approximately £10. 00. But this is not a problem with the actual camera. I am very pleased I bought it and will not be buying another one until the day it dies on me!


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        02.06.2010 19:24



        Brilliant value for money

        I bought this camera brand new last year for our holidays for a very good price.

        For about 8 months the camera was brilliant. I am not a photographer but the quality of the pictures was very good for the price I paid. The menus where a little clunky and hard to use but once I was used to them it was a pretty good and the options available are very useful for an amateur like myself.

        After 8 months of use I had a couple of major issues with the camera: the buttons located in the upper right corner (zoom and the take picture button) ceased to function! I fixed this a month later by dropping the camera accidentally whilst taking to Samsungs warranty division over the telephone!

        Overall though I would definitely recommend the camera as i believe my issues where a one off and the quality and value of the camera over shone this fact. The camera is still going strong as i type this!


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        04.11.2008 10:36
        Very helpful
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        nice gadget

        I am the official photographer and videographer of the family since my brother left, he is now working in Singapore. Since he wants to be updated with what are his family and our family's celebration, he bought Samsung i8 digital camera and left it with her wife. Her wife is not into gadget stuff and so my brothe assign me to handle it and be the one to take pictures and video of our celebration. I love gadgets, its like a wonderful feeling to me to have something that's very helpful in just a simple push or click, let's say its one of my reason why I'm here at dooyoo..LOL

        Now I want to share to you the functions and features of this product...

        first the design
        It comes into two colors, the white one and the black one, what we own is a black one. Black color I believe is an elegant color and this gadget suits the color, with its light weight you can have it in one hand. The control is on the back of the cam beside the screen and at the front is the lens, the control are the zoom button, click buttons for taking pictures and video and the menu buttons. Also on the back is the screen which I like because its wide that you can take wide range of good views.

        The features of the camera

        Zoom in, zoom out

        As I said it has a button that controls the zoom in and out, its a push button. If you want to zoom in it push the button up and if yo want to zoom out push it down. I feel that the zoom in and out distance is enough, because I'm not aiming for a perfect view, a good one is enough.


        Here you can see the features of this camera, the camera, videos, mp3 and the movie etc. If you choose one features just push the button "ok" and its down.

        Camera and Video

        Ok this one I think is the most important features of this gadget, the camera is very good. The picture quality is very nice and even if you zoom it in or out the camera it's still clear plus in the menu of the camera had a handshake control. Usually when our hands are shaking and we took pictures, the effect is blur pictures and bad result.This feature means that if your hand are shaking when taking pictures and you choose this feature the picture will not be affected by the shaking of the hands..

        The video is also very good, it has almost one hour duration. Its very clear the sound is very nice, doesn't have that crazy sound when you play it again. And because of its wide screen you can take all the action in the place, like you can shoot in two people in it.

        What is really good is it automatically saves all your pictures and videos. Once your done taking one picture or video the camera will process the pictures or videos that you did and then saves it. You don't have to put file name or something just push,push and push.

        It has also special features like Mp3 and also you can watch movie on it. Just buy an SD card for additional storing of the pictures and videos, just any other digital cam you can transfer all the things you did in your computer.


        All in all this camera is very helpful and very handy. I'm recommending it to everyone, very handy, easy to use you don't have to worry about the control. I think this camera suits everyone, and a must gadget for those who loves to keep memories of all the good things that had happen to us.


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      • Product Details

        The i8 obtains high picture quality by employing an 8.1 mega pixel 1/2.5" high resolution CCD sensor. Clear picture quality can be achieved even for images larger than A2. A robust mounted image processor allows for rich gradation, fast and high quality picture processing.

        3x optical inner zoom lens supports impressive picture expression. The mounted inner zoom lens allows for a slim design and efficient operation. This results in enhanced usability and portability. Outstanding picture quality is achieved by the multi-coating on both sides of all lenses that effectively prevents chromatic aberration and distortion.

        Playback of video files such as movies and music videos are supported. PMP video playback functions include play previous file, continuous play, high speed play, pause and mute are fully supported.

        The image is continuously pictured twice so that color information is extracted from one and shape information is extracted from the other one to present the clear image of natural color and minimized hand tremble. Hand tremble that can occur in outdoor or indoor shooting is minimized to present the natural color and clear image (relatively better quality image in high sensitivity). The moving object is automatically detected to enable shooting of fast moving objects.