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    6 Reviews
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      25.05.2012 16:17



      Awesome camera, perfect for the 'want to be' professional photographer!

      This Nikon D300 camera is my first ever DSLR camera. I got it at the end of March 2012 and am still learning about it and finding new things to do with it. Firstly, the body is perfect (to me), it is of a substantial weight so that you can feel it's sturdy and not flimsy but not so heavy that it makes your arms ache!
      The lcd screen is crystal clear and the colours are perfect on it. It has many different settings so you can change it to whichever one you want with the dial on the top, but one of the best and most useful features is the 'GUIDE' feature which when you turn the dial to this, it comes up on the screen and step by step takes you through what kind of picture/look you want to achieve then explains a little about what settings you need but automatically sets it to the correct setting you need to capture the shot you want. It's very very simple to move off this feature too and manually set the camera- you literally just turn the dial to something else.
      The shots are crisp, clear and very professional, they upload to a computer very well and so far I haven't noticed any grain or pixellation on my pictures.
      I used my camera late at night to take some pictures of my flowers using the flash and the colour was perfect even though it was dark outside and I was shooting in artificial light.
      So far I am extremely happy with my purchase, and even got a £30 cashback card from Nikon a couple of months later! Bonus.


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      25.08.2011 18:24
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      For professional and amateurs alike I couldn't recommend the D300 enough.

      The D300 is a camera that's taken all the positives from the D200 and improved it by even more if it ever seemed possible.

      Like every new Nikon the Camera get's a pixel increase, this time to 12 million pixels. This when printing out large posters (the biggest i've done are 43" SHORTEST side) comes in handy as there is very little if any pixelation or resolution images even when images are blown up to those kind of proportions.

      The HD movie feature is simply a gimmick, there's no need to use it, buy a camcorder if you want to shoot professional videos even amateur videos i'd opt for a stand-alone camcorder. Even so for some this will be an additional feature that will draw you in.

      The 51 point AF system I particularly enjoy using, doing lot's of sports photography the subject will shoot from one end of your frame to the other in a matter of seconds. A few simply thumb swipes and you have the exact point where you wish to focus. This right here is why you pay for a professional camera as oppose to a point and click amateur camera.

      The camera also performs well on continuous High & Low settings (shooting at 7 frames per second), with the auto focus tracker more often than not hitting it's target. Sadly at times it will drift off and pick the wrong subject to focus on, but hey something to work on for the D400.

      Image processing is another major issue perfectly mastered by Nikon. From image capture, to process, to download your talking mere seconds and you can have your image up on screen ready for editing. It means when you have to sift through a 1000 shots and need to send out images in a short timeframe there is little issue when using the D300.

      The D300 also has the magnesium alloy body, much better than the plastic seen on lesser models. Not only does it look nice, it is also very durable and I would go as far as to say rain proof from my own experience. It is also very light considering the size and content of the camera. It also performs remarkably well in low light, going to ISO 1600 with little image problems.

      The large 3" LCD screen is both crystal clear and perfect to 'chimp' or review your images. Although it does as with most Nikons suffer from glare, making sunny days a little harder to deal with. The built in flash is also a nice addition, but you're always going to want to use a Nikon SB900 or 800 to get your images looking less flat. Even so it's nice to know you have a fall back plan which you don't get with the D3's.

      In all this is a near perfect camera, great to use, quick, durable I mean there's little you can say against it. For professional and amateurs alike I couldn't recommend the D300 enough.


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      05.03.2010 14:50
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      High end kit but user friendly to the developing photographer

      Sweating and shaking, I handed my credit card over to the sales assistant. Moving from my previously reliable Fuji S5500 zoom camera to a Nikon D300 seemed like a huge jump in class and not one that was a cheap option either.

      I wasn't sure if I'd be up to the standard, or if I would know what all the buttons did, but I knew I was hugely enthusiastic and had been told I had an eye for a good shot.

      I need not have worried.

      The D300 is everything and anything you want it to be. In the time that I have had it, I've left the fearful keen Fuji-toting amateur status behind and am now semi-professional, earning money covering weddings, christenings, and pet and child photography.

      The beauty of the D300 is that its complexity is enough that you can continue to develop you interest in photography for many years without needing to upgrade, yet as you are learning it is user friendly and so relatively easy to produce fantastic results.

      There are still a myriad of options that are available that I haven't even touched, but 2 years on I find that exciting rather than overwhelming. Every time I take the camera out I learn something else, which I wouldn't have done with a more basic camera in the Nikon series.

      So for those considering a serious step into photography, stop sweating, stop shaking and hand over the credit card.


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      07.01.2010 21:23
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Excellent all-rounder camera for the serious enthusiast or professional

      I use the D300 as a professional photographer. Slightly above amateur level this camera removes a lot of the hand-holding of the cheaper cameras (D5000 / D90 etc). It also doesn't hold up to the top-end Nikon cameras with the full frame sensor, however it is very easy to produce excellent A3 quality prints on this DX sensor camera.

      This camera sits well between the two ends of the Nikon range and provides a rugged, hard wearing upgrade while providing features not found on the professional bodies such as on-camera flash.

      There are enough megapixels here to allow for cropping and printing large. Additionally there are numerous options to increase the quality such as RAW file output and 14-bit files.

      It should be noted that this camera uses the Compact Flash memory cards which are often slightly more expensive than SD cards found in other cameras.

      The camera body also sits well in the hand and the buttons are easily accessible (although this may not be the case for those with small hands).
      Being a semi-pro camera it offers quick access to nearly all of the essential controls and has an incredible amount of in-camera options available (wait till you get the manual!). Screen is also easy to view and preview photos.


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      01.07.2009 22:59
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Brilliant semi pro, or even pro camera, possibly the only dSLR you'll ever need or want!

      The Nikon D300 is a premium camera targeted at a semi professional level, and is ideal for wildlife photographers owing to it's high speed focusing, good resolution and 1.5x multiplication of the DX sensor. It has a very good build quality and is very solid in the hand.

      In specification terms this camera is most comparable to the outgoing d2x, and now sits below the full frame (FX) D3 and D3x, both of which are now the nikon top spec pro cameras.

      One of the best features of this camera is the 51 focus points that are very accurate and very fast focusing. The 1.5x crop also means that the 70-200 lens that is also very popular with wildlife photographers behaves like a 105-300mm lens on a 35mm camera.

      Image quality is excellent, even when you turn up the iso to deal with lower light, or to boost the shutter speed. Anything up to iso800 I would say is usable, although as with all digital cameras, lower iso is better if possible.

      The frame rate of 6fps feels like you are firing a machine gun, and there is a low speed setting so that you can set the fps yourself. If you use the mb-d10 grip with enel-3a or aa batteries this goes up to 8fps.

      The menu system is good and easy to navigate, although for some more complex operations you will need the instruction manual to guide you! Also has dust off to keep the sensor clean, although doesn't shift everything.

      The price of this lens compares very favourably with canon competition and the rest of the nikon line up. Nikon and £vs$ price fluctuations mean all nikon stuff has gone back up to the price it was over a year ago which is a real shame.

      This camera is perfect for anyone wanting that little bit more from their camera, and would like to be able to produce proffesional results.

      Some people may find it big and heavy if they are used to a compact, especially if you have the grip attached and a decent f2.8 lens too.


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      09.09.2008 18:34
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      Over-all Perfect

      Hi Friends....
      Here is brief Description about Nikon D300, in my opinion it is perfect
      Lets have some discuss...

      Nikon Digital SLR cameras... I think the best SLR cameras available in the market.
      But...in these cameras...
      Nikon has some extra-ordinary DSLR cameras...like D300, D80 and newly launched Nikon D90.
      two years ago when Nikon launched D80 in the market it has changed the photographers minds..
      why we should go for Nikon DSLR...
      Because maximum share of DSLR camera in market is under canon.
      and that was tough time to compete with canon's DSLR, but Nikon handled it well and entered in
      Canon owned DSLR market as well.
      Nikon's both model D300 and D80 have won the camera of the year awards.
      Both are excellent camera, but here I will discuss about D300, my favorite (But I don't have this at a moment).
      My photography teacher has this.
      Points that I like in this camera and you also might like this. Without any doubt.

      1) First and first point which I like very much in DSLR is its capability to capture better picture
      In higher ISO setting.
      D300 deals excellent with heighest ISO setting, you will get no detail loss till ISO-800, but even in ISO-1600
      The picture quality is very good.
      On ISO-3200 there is much noise visible but picture is still usable.
      Overall ISO performance is excellent
      You won't find this kind of quality on non-DSLR camera.

      2) Solid Built quality, you feel very comfortable with D300, Superb handling.

      3) Ultra-sharp 3" LCD screen good resolution display.

      4) Nikon D-lighting feature for better detain and lighting (Very useful feature).

      5) 51 Points auto focus system, excellent.

      6) Inbuilt help menu, Fast continuous shot performance.

      7) High Speed USB 2.0 support.

      8) 6 types of raw format.

      9) And battery back-up is also excellent, 1000 shots per charge, more enough,
      And it also has a grip for external battery support.(You won't need this because
      Inner battery has back-up more than you need average daily).

      10) Vast manual control available and it is perfect for professional photographers.

      Points that I don't like.....

      ..........There is nothing which I can write in this column.....
      Means it is perfect professional camera...
      But.....I can say that price is bit higher.
      it is some costly....general people cant afford it.

      What you can get in package... (may defer according to country)
      *The 12.3 Mega pixel Nikon D300 camera body

      *18 - 135 mm lens
      18 - 200 mm lens

      *lithium-ion rechargeable battery
      *Battery charger

      *Shoulder strap

      *USB cable

      *Video cable

      *Software Suite CD-ROM

      *camera manual


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    • Product Details

      Introducing the D300 — the ultimate blend of image quality, quick response and go-anywhere mobility. A new 12.3 effective-megapixel DX-format CMOS image sensor, Nikon's original EXPEED digital image processing concept, Scene Recognition System and the new Picture Control System advance all aspects of system performance. Setting the standards for the next-generation, the D300 achieves the best overall system balance of any DX-format D-SLR.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Nikon D300 - digital camera
      Product Type: Digital camera - SLR with Live View mode
      Memory Card Slot: CompactFlash Card
      Image Processor: EXPEED
      Sensor Resolution: 12.3 Megapixel
      Camera Flash: Pop-up flash
      Viewfinder: Optical - fixed eye-level pentaprism
      Display: LCD display - 3"
      Supported Battery: 1 x Li-ion rechargeable battery ( included )
      AV Interfaces: Composite video/audio, HDMI
      Microsoft Certification: Certified for Windows Vista
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 14.7 cm x 7.4 cm x 11.4 cm
      Weight: 0.825 kg