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Fujifilm Finepix Z90

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    3 Reviews
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      05.06.2012 23:21
      Very helpful



      Wide range of features for a reasonable price, available in a wide range of colours

      I got this camera in an exchange for my previous, shoddy camera. This camera was 90 pounds from Boots when I bought it about 3 months ago, however I have since been sent an e-mail from the money saving company Groupon with a discount to get this for 50 pounds!

      This camera has a 14.2 megapixel sensor and 5 x optical zoom. The zoom is so easy to use, it is a little knob on the shutter button which you just pull or push to zoom in or out. It has a 3 inch touch screen which is really easy to use and not too sensitive which I like. It has digital image stabilisation, a vertical sliding lens cover and easy web upload. It comes with many different flash modes, which include Red-eye removal OFF : Auto, Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Slow Synchro. Red-eye removal ON : Red-eye Reduction Auto, Red-eye Reduction & Forced Flash, Suppressed Flash, Red-eye Reduction & Slow Synchro.
      The photography functions include Face Detection, Photobook assist, Image search, Erase selected frames, Slide show, Auto red-eye removal, Protect, Crop, Resize, Image rotate, Mark for upload, Multi-frame playback, Dual image display, Favourite and Panorama. It has an internal memory size of 38 MB. It is very easy to switch between the still image and video functions, by simply pressing a button next to the shutter button. The camera does not take batteries, but comes with a rechargeable battery which makes life a whole lot easier! You simply take the battery out of the camera, pop it into the plug provided and plug it in. I give the functions 9/10.

      This camera is so pretty! I have to admit, the fact that it was bright pink and shiny was the main reason I bought it. It comes in six different colours: pink, purple, silver, black, blue and red. It looks like an envelope when the shutter is closed. The thing that I don't like is the sliding shutter often slides down when it is in my bag, so it is probably best to purchase a case with this camera. However, it does it make extremely easy to turn on and off. I give the design 8/10 (subtract 2 for it always 'unsliding' in my bag)

      I have to say, the image quality is a bit hit and miss in my experience. I tend to have the camera on the auto function, which is supposed to select the best function based on the conditions of the current environment you are in. Outdoor pictures are usually great, but indoor ones can be a bit blurred. I should probably have a bit more of a play with the different features to find the best one, but if you are like me and just want to 'shoot and go', then you're probably better of getting a more basic camera. I give the image quality 6/10.

      There is a way to upload pictures directly from this camera to the computer without the need for wires, as stated in the functions section, which is meant to be easy, but I have not worked it out yet! Perhaps this is because I am a simpleton. There is also a way to upload the pictures to Facebook directly from the camera. However, I just use the cord and plug it in, or take the memory card out the camera and put it in the computer, I find this much simpler and it is very quick. I give ease of upload 5/10 (only because I havn't worked out this elusive easy web sharing feature yet!)

      Overall, I really like this camera and would certainly recommend it. It has such a vast number of features that I would say this is probably best for somebody who is bothered with using them! Rather than paying nearly 100 pounds like me when you're not using them (or perhaps use the Groupon voucher to get it for 50 pounds instead).


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      12.01.2012 14:11
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability


      So to sum up, easy to use, fast and reliable camera, amazing value for money, Long battery life.

      Behold the Fujifilm z90, why so excited you may say? well i'll tell you why.
      Firstly in my humble opinion, this is one of the best if not the best Fujifilm camera ever!

      The picture and video quality on this camera is amazing,it's unbelievably clear and detailed. It has a few options for customizing that perfect picture you want, for example the options to photography in black and white or maybe something a little more old fashioned is your thing? well there is also an option for sepia photography.

      Now lets talk zoom. The zoom option on this camera it pretty good, you can cover a fair distance,the only downfall being that you can either use the touchscreen which is slightly awkward or use the the flicker which is part of of the push to take button on the top, it's a little bit fiddly as it is so small trying to push it left to right to zoom in or out, you can sometimes over shoot the aim a little but the quality is not massively reduced (which you see alot in other main market "digi" cameras)

      So the display what options do i have you may be asking? Well pushing the display button on the touchscreen either brings up or removes the options you have on, so you can easily check before snapping that shot your wanting , what options you have selected for example whether you have flash activated the timer etc. If you have the grid on, by which i mean if you have gone into the menu and turned on the option for best framing pushing the display also brings this up, which actually a really handy tool as it allows you to see the juxta position of the subject in the picture and what is going off in different parts of the background.

      What else does it do your asking? well by entering in the menu you have options a plenty to customize how you like to take pictures. Options included are exposure, ISO, image size, image quality, finepix color (black and white,sepia etc) white balance, continuous, face detection,set up,movie quality,best framing and shutter sound/volume. so lets look at a few of those in detail.

      Set-up, choosing this gives you the option for image display you can alter how long after taking a picture the image is shown straight after like an instant review. frame number you can chose from either continuous or renew (not an option i tend to use). Digital Is whether you want it on or off. Digital zoom, Date and time review and change the date and time for your time/date stamp on the pictures, in this set up menu there are also options for volume,sound lcd brightness the list goes on and on.

      Extra points i should make about the camera, you have the option to use automatic scene recognition which puts in in night mode if its dark etc which is always handy. Scene position numerous options to get the best possible shot ranging from action shots to winter shots infact their is 12 options! Panorama/panoramic option which i have to say is pretty damn good, awesome for creating three part scenery canvasses off the print. Their is a touch and track option and of course there is the flash options, natural light retains the natural "ambiance" without flash and natural with flash, which takes two continuous shots one with and one without flash. Face recognition option to capture that perfect smile, i should also mention the timer option which is useful if your trying to get a family portrait or something similar done on your own. Also next to the push to take button there is a button for switching it into video mode which avoids all the trawling through the menu to find the video option, by which time you missed the moment you wanted to capture. Their is also a picture review button so you can trawl through all those pictures with ease and delete there and then the ones you don't need.

      Accessories, yes us women love accessories now if you visit the Fuji website there is not much option available, except for the standard replacement charger etc however a little use of Google means you can find cases spare USB leads spare chargers and batteries, this camera can also be easily used with a universal style gorilla type tripod. While at this part i should mention this camera comes with a flat pack battery that is charged via a plug into a socket style charger, which avoids having to carry spare and time consuming batteries around with you. You can also buy a lot of memory for this camera and it can handle a varied variety (see manufacturer for full detail)

      Design, i couldn't write a review of this product without mentioning of course the sleek and modern design of this camera. I have the limited addition white version, however there are many colours to chose from hot pink to black. What i find most intriguing about the design however is how you turn it on and off, you do this by sliding down the front of the camera, which is slightly retro but in a good way (not the horrendous 60's wallpaper kind of way)

      So to recap, this product is amazing has a few low points but not many, the ease of use of this camera is amazing which makes it particularly good if your buying this for a first digital camera for yourself or a loved one. I tested this theory by giving this to my 4 year old daughter who was able to use this with ease and capture some great shots! Lots of customization so you can take the pictures the way you want them and best of all a sleek design. As for price as always shop around, maybe pick one up second hand but if your buying it new it's in the mid price range as far as digital cameras so, so it's not to budget busting! So in finishing I would highly recommend this product to anyone that asked, i don't think you could go far wrong with this as a gift, perfect starter camera for anyone.

      That is all from me for now, as always check your facts before you buy and shop around, for more technical product info please see the manufacturer.

      have a nice day,
      Snowflake jones x

      (all comments in this review are purely opinion based)


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      26.05.2011 17:11
      Very helpful


      • Reliability
      • Reliability



      I'm an aspiring photographer (more of a hobbie than anything!), and post vintage style photos on flickr and tumblr, aswell as simple face and bodyshots on my facebook, and have recently matured from grainy, disposable camera pictures scanned on to my computer, to stunningly clear digital photos. Although the disposable camera pictures have a unique, vintage look (aswell as bein cheap at £2 a pop), i thought it was time to move on and buy myself a new, good quality digital camera.

      I'm a student and cut back wherever possible, but cheap isn't always best. I learnt this a few months ago after buying a £30 camera from Amazon that turned out to be awful quality and worthy for the bin.

      After a while of saving up, i'd reached a £150 budget and decided to buy myself a new, more expensive, this time decent quality camera. I looked around for a while and read reviews online, and after seeing the Fujifilm Finepix Z90 review and picture quality, set off in search of one. This time, i wanted to buy one instore so that if it was awful quality, i'd have the receipt. I ended up seeing them on display in my local Sainsburys, and after seeing how lightweight and stylish it was in the flesh (so to speak!) decided this was the camera for me. Although it was expensive, it was below my budget and seemed good quality, so i was happy with paying the £130 price tag.

      The Fujifilm Finepix Z90 has a massive 14 mega(million) pixels (most cameras on the market are 6-10 megapixels) and includes a 5x optical zoom.

      The camera has a very modern, sleek appearence and the fact it's available in so many colours makes it that bit more attractive as there's something for everyone. I chose the black, as it's much more sleek. I was tempted to get the purple but decided against it because i think sometimes coloured cameras can look a bit tacky. The other colours available were red, silver, dark blue and flamingo pink.

      This camera's actually one of the best i've ever seen, let alone owned! I'm really pleased with it and the features are incredible. The 3 inch LCD touch screen on the back of the camera makes it unique, as it's the first touch screen camera i'm aware of. The screen is used when you're getting the position of the camera right or telling the person you're about to photograph how to pose. Looking at the screen shows you precisely how the picture will look if you take the photo at that very second. The colours and shades on the camera are all clear and accurate, as some cameras display red as pink etc. This one doesn't and the pictures are just amazing quality.

      The touch screen is just right and isn't overly sensetive and responds well, any fingerprint marks are easily wiped off with a dry, soft cloth.

      The camera has a range of features that it states in the instruction book which has plenty of instructions on how to activate them. One of my favourites is the ability to edit pictures ready to be uploaded onto the internet - the editing options include resizing, removing red-eye, cropping, adjusting the brightness and generally touching the picture up. Once edited, it's possible to upload the pictures on to Facebook via my camera via the web upload option. I'm still not completely understanding of this and am in the process of learning!

      As the camera is also able to record HD 720p movies, it's possible to load these on to Youtube. I have various videos on my camera already and they're amazing quality, i tried uploading one to youtube a few days ago but as it was taking so long i gave up after 35minutes, but to be fair the video was 27 minutes long and i'm impatient! The movies are in the .AVI format making them viewable in Windows media player once uploaded to my laptop.

      The camera also has auto focus feature built in to it which is extremely handy and simple to use (activated by half pressing the shutter button, and once ready to take the photo fully press the shutter button) and keeps intense focus on a moving object ensuring it is kept in perfect focous. I find this is handy when taking pictures of my dogs running or playing. There's no blurriness to the pictures and they capture every detail, even slobber flying everywhere!

      Other features include:
      - Auto Flash
      - Image Stabilizer
      - Face Detection

      The dimentions of the camera, according to the box, are:
      Width: 95.4mm x Height: 56.9mm x Depth: 20.1mm.

      Overall i'd reccomend it for anyone who wants a camera that's great quality - it's a camera for everyone who enjoys photography and would be brilliant for family pictures and holiday snaps due to the brilliantly high quality pictures it produces. It's easy to slip into my handbag and is sturdy but lightweight, discreet, and considering the amount of features it has, in my opinion it was worth every penny!

      It comes with instructions, but no batteries (1 Lithium ion battery is required) and no memory card. I've got an 8GB memory card which i bought seperately and i also bought the battery seperately, which lasts usually up to 8 hours after constant use.

      Available online and instore at many shops including Currys, PC World, Amazon, etc.


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    • Product Details

      FinePix Z90 automatically detects how you are holding the camera and rotates the display of portrait or landscape view. Hold it sideways and the view automatically switches to landscape view. Hold it vertically and the display changes to portrait view. You can also manage versatile settings by simply touching the screen.

      Able to capture both photos and movies in high-definition 16:9 format, the FinePix Z90 lets you discover the impact of full-screen HDTV image display.

      Technical Data

      Product Description: Fujifilm FinePix Z90 - digital camera
      Product Type: Digital camera - compact
      Memory Card Slot: SD card
      Sensor Resolution: 14.2 Megapixel
      Max Video Resolution: 1280 x 720
      Lens System: Fujinon 5 x zoom lens - 5 - 25 mm - f/3.9-4.9
      Focus Adjustment: Automatic
      Min Focus Range: 60 cm
      Digital Zoom: 6.8 x
      Image Stabiliser: Electronic
      Camera Flash: Built-in flash
      Display: LCD display - 3"
      Supported Battery: 1 x Li-ion rechargeable battery - 720 mAh ( included )
      Colour: Silver
      Dimensions (WxDxH): 9.5 cm x 2 cm x 5.7 cm
      Weight: 133 g